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Session Overview
Date: Monday, 03/Sep/2018
Plenary 1: The Democracy and Legitimacy Challenge and the Future of Europe
Coffee Break
Panel 101: The Endless Quest for Coherence in the Face of Crisis: European Policy Nexuses & International Development Cooperation
Panel 102: External Perceptions of the Brexit and their Influence on EU Foreign Policy I
Panel 103: The EU-Transatlantic Relationship in the Age of Trump & Brexit
Panel 104: Brexit and the Environment: Managing Environmental, Fisheries and Agricultural Policy
Panel 105: Disintegration in the EU & the UK: Irredentism & Citizenship
Panel 106: European Space Policy I
Panel 107: Policies & Controls on Migration & Asylum
Panel 108: UACES CRN: The Europeanization of Gender Norms: Contestation and Backlash in Times of Crisis
Panel 109: Multi-Level Governance in Southern Europe
Panel 110: Entrepreneurship, Budgetary Policy & Political Finance
Panel 111: Public Opinion & Representation of the EU in Individual States
Panel 112: Multi-Level Discourses on the EU
Panel 113: UACES CRN: New Trends and Contradictions in the Governance of Financial Accountability in the EU (EUFINACCO I)
Panel 114: In the Round: EU-Russia Relations and Scholarship. Questions or Accusations? Answers or Propaganda? How Can Scholarship Transcend Political Tensions?
Panel 115: UACES CRN: Effective Enforcement of EU Law and Policy I
Panel 116: The European Parliament & its MEPs I
Panel 117: EU Lobbying: Regulation, Ethics and Transparency
Panel 201: Theorising European Foreign Policy: Taking Stock, Moving Forward
Panel 202: External Perceptions of the Brexit and their Influence on EU Foreign Policy II
Panel 203: Determinants of Trade Policy: Shifting Ideas, Values, Interests and Actors
Panel 204: EU Energy Policy inside & beyond the Neighbourhood
Panel 205: Multi-Level Climate Governance & Diplomacy: Actors & Institutions
Panel 206: UACES CRN: EU and the Everyday: Contestation, Integration and Conflict Sensitivity
Panel 207: European Space Policy II
Panel 208: Representations of Migration & Asylum in Policy, Politics & the Media
Panel 209: UACES CRN: EU Gender Policies in Times of Economic Crisis
Panel 210: Economic Policies & the European Monetary Union I
Panel 211: Press, Public and Parties in the Brexit debates I: British Debates
Panel 212: Teaching & Constructing Knowledge of the European Union
Panel 213: NGOs, Local Authorities & Europe - Framing Civic Engagement
Panel 214: UACES CRN: New Trends in the Governance of Financial Accountability in the EU – the Evolving Role of the European Court of Auditors (EUFINACCO II)
Panel 215: Building a European Identity
Panel 216: Illiberal Democracy, the Rule of Law & EU Solidarity
Panel 217: EU Citizens, Civil Society & Public Opinion
Coffee Break
Panel 301: Assessing the EU's Normative Power in Central & East Asia
Panel 302: EU Diplomacy in Moldova, Ukraine & Belarus
Panel 303: Trade Politicization and EU Trade Policy and Politics
Panel 304: Lobbying & Relational Power: Environmental Policy inside & outside the EU
Panel 305: Integration in European Energy Governance I: Theory and Mechanisms
Panel 306: The External Consequences on Brexit : EU, Foreign Policy and the Brexit Challenge
Panel 307: UACES CRN: Cybersecurity in Europe: Issues and Challenges
Panel 308: Racism, Xenophobia & Nationalism in the EU
Panel 309: UACES CRN: Gender on the Agenda? Gendered Policy-making in the EU and its Outcomes
Panel 310: Economic Policies & the European Monetary Union II
Panel 311: Press, Public and Parties in the Brexit debates II: European Debates
Panel 312: Democratic Transformation through Accession?
Panel 313: Enlargement & Integration: Historical Perspectives
Panel 314: Identities, Democracy and Brexit
Panel 315: UACES CRN: Effective Enforcement of EU Law and Policy II
Panel 316: The European Parliament & its MEPs II
JCMS Annual Lecture: Immigration, Race and Populism: Politics & Policy from Colonialism to Brexit

Terri Givens (Provost, Menlo College, Texas University)

Date: Tuesday, 04/Sep/2018
Plenary 3: Transatlanticism in the Times of Trump and the UK’s Withdrawal from the EU
Coffee Break
Panel 401: EU External Relations in Asia
Panel 402: European Union Led Interventions in Ukraine
Panel 403: Institutional and Regulatory Cooperation and Tensions in Trade
Panel 404: Sanctions & Assistance: The Role of the EU as an International Actor
Panel 405: Brexit: Theories, Perspectives, Policies
Panel 406: Brexit outside British Politics: Experiences from Central and Eastern Europe
Panel 407: (Dis)Uniting Europe? The EU Member States & Migration Policy
Panel 408: UACES CRN: Advances in Unmanned-vehicle Research in a European Security Context
Panel 409: EU Studies & Erasmus+: The Impact of the EU on Higher Education
Panel 410: Democracy & Neoliberalism in Southern Europe & Latin America
Panel 411: Welfare & Social Rights in the EU
Panel 412: Representations of the EU in Print & Social Media
Panel 413: Refounding Europe? Aftershocks of Emmanuel Macron's Election I
Panel 414: Contested European Political Identities: Rights, Trade & Development
Panel 415: EU Citizenship & Freedom of Movement: Legal Perspectives
Panel 416: Assessing the Impact of Euroscepticism on Institutions: EU Policies
Panel 417: UACES CRN: Gender and European Studies: the State of the Discipline
Panel 501: EU-China Relations
Panel 502: Seen from the Outside: EU-Russia Relations
Panel 503: Internet Governance & Cyber Security inside & outside the EU
Panel 504: NATO, the EU & Member State Cooperation in the Age of Brexit & Trump
Panel 505: Integration in European Energy Governance II: Actors
Panel 506: Sketching Europe’s Future: Diverse Perspectives from the EU and its Member-States
Panel 507: Security & Defence: A Europe-Wide Approach
Panel 508: Evaluating the EU’s Role in Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding
Panel 509: Solidarity Reloaded: Towards a Multidisciplinary Approach
Panel 510: EU Trade Policy I
Panel 511: The Changing Face of Democracy: Populism, Euroscepticism, Nationalism
Panel 512: Mechanisms Affecting Voting Behaviour in Europe
Panel 513: Refounding Europe? Aftershocks of Emmanuel Macron's Election II
Panel 514: Power Relations, Integration & Leadership
Panel 515: Researching Brexit: between Activism, Engagement and the Perils of Neutrality
Panel 516: Work & Welfare in EU Law
Panel 517: The EU as an Ethical Actor? State Aid, Migration Policy & Countering Racism
Coffee Break
Panel 601: REF 2021: Insights from 2014 and Key Challenges for the Future
Panel 602: Democracy Promotion & Migration in EU-Africa Relations
Panel 603: European Union and Eastern Dimension of External Relations: From Ukraine Crisis to Central Asia’s Great Game
Panel 604: Assessing the EU's Normative Power outside its Neighbourhood
Panel 605: The European Union, United States of America and Foreign Policy
Panel 606: The Role of the European Union in a Future Sustainable World: Greening the Economy
Panel 607: The Transformation of European Security and Defence
Panel 608: Differentiated Integration in a Post-Brexit European Union: The Impact of EU Policies on Non-EU Partner States
Panel 609: 'Beyond the 'crisis': Continuing the Conversation on Critical Narratives of Migration, Refuge and Asylum in the European Union
Panel 610: Managing the European Union's Borders and Public Responses to the Refuge Crisis
Panel 611: The Europeanization of Gender Norms and their Contestation in the Mediterranean
Panel 612: Assessing the Impact of Euroscepticism on Institutions: The EU Arena
Panel 613: Transatlantic Trade and Investment Perspectives: Trade Relations between the EU and the US
Panel 615: Culture, Identity and Memory in the European Union
Panel 616: EU Law's Normativity and Member State Interests
Panel 617: Democracy Promotion vs Capacity-Building in the Neighbourhood: How to Make Use of Resilience?
Coffee Break
Panel 701: European Foreign Policy Cooperation: An Institutionalist Perspective
Panel 702: Visions of Europe Past and Present: Competing Legal and Emotional Beliefs
Panel 703: EU-Turkey Relations and Patterns of Europeanization
Panel 704: Democracy & Security in Ukraine, Moldova & Belarus
Panel 705: Feminist Power Europe? Gender in the EU's External Relations
Panel 706: Networks & Parliaments in EU Security and Foreign Policy
Panel 707: Integration and Contestation in Environmental Policy within and beyond the European Union
Panel 708: Differentiated Integration in a Post-Brexit European Union: What Future for UK-EU Relations?
Panel 709: Policymaking & the Politics of Migration
Panel 710: The European Court of Justice
Panel 711: Assessing the Impact of Euroscepticism on Institutions between National & EU Arenas
Panel 712: Trade & EU External Relations
Panel 713: Economic Policies & Policy-Making within the European Union
Panel 714: From Domestic to Global: The Politics of EU-Turkey Relations
Panel 715: EU Enlargement, Member State Building & the Eastern Neighbourhood
Panel 716: Economic Policies & the European Monetary Union III
Panel 717: The EU and Trade in Turbulent Times
Date: Wednesday, 05/Sep/2018
Panel 801: The European Union, Conflict, Secession and Recognition
Panel 802: The EU & Contested Statehood in its Near Abroad: Europeanization, Actorness & State-Building
Panel 803: Relations with and between Britain, the EU and NATO after Brexit
Panel 804: Transnational Networks & the European Neighbourhood Policy
Panel 805: European Security & Defence: Facing New Challenges
Panel 806: UACES CRN European Energy Policy I: Diffuse Authority & Contestation in the Making of the EU Energy Market
Panel 807: Differentiated Integration in a Post-Brexit European Union: Explaining Differentiated Disintegration
Panel 808: EU Health Policy from Legal, Governance and Economic Perspectives
Panel 809: Book panel: Reformation, Revolution and Crisis in European History, Culture and Political Thought
Panel 810: The Refugee Crisis & Migration: Views from Member States
Panel 811: The Rule of Law & Human Rights in the European Union
Panel 812: Populism & Racism in EU Political Systems
Panel 813: Brexit: Politics & Negotiations
Panel 814: The Financial Crisis & Theories of Populism
Panel 815: Planned Regional Development: The EU Experience & beyond?
Panel 816: Women Working: Gender Equality (?) in the EU, Turkey & Russia
Panel 817: Asymmetries between Democracy & the Rule of EU Law
Coffee Break
Panel 901: Democratising Global Governance: The EU's Role in Promoting Multistakeholderism in External Relations
Panel 902: Europe and the World: Foreign Policy Developments within & outside the EU
Panel 903: The EU and Contested Statehood in its Near Abroad: Europeanisation, Actorness and State-Building I
Panel 904: Individual or Collective Security among the EU, Member States & NATO
Panel 905: Working towards Multi-Level Accountability
Panel 906: Counter-Terrorism: The EU & Other Actors
Panel 907: UACES CRN: European Energy Policy II: Diffuse Authority & Contestation in the EU Energy Transition
Panel 908: Differentiated Integration in a Post-Brexit European Union: Consequences of Brexit on Other States
Panel 909: Migration, Freedom of Movement & the Refugee Crisis
Panel 910: The Financial Crisis, Trade & the Reshaping of the EU
Panel 911: Responses to Austerity & Recession from the EU, Industry & Unions
Panel 912: Leadership in the Council and the Commission
Panel 913: Implementing EU Law at Multiple Levels
Panel 914: Current Reform of EMU - Improving or Derailing Social Justice?
Panel 915: Roundtable: The UK after Brexit and the Challenges of De-Europeanization
Panel 916: EU Enlargement & the Integration of the Visegrad Countries

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