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ST43: 5.3 Travel and Transportation Planning
Wednesday, 18/Apr/2018:
5:00pm - 6:30pm

Session Chair: Anastasios Tsakalidis, European Commission
Location: Lehar 3+4

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Passenger-oriented optimization of lines in a mass transit system

Lucile Brethomé1,3, Rémy Chevrier1, Niels van Oort2, Joaquin Rodriguez3

1SNCF Innovation & Research, Paris, France; 2Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands; 3IFSTTAR - ESTAS, Lille, France


Comparison of microscopic and macroscopic approaches to simulating the effects of infrastructure disruptions on railway networks

Markus Zinser2, Torsten Betz2, Jennifer Warg1, Emma Solinen3, Markus Bohlin1

1KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden; 2Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany; 3Trafikverket, Sweden


Effects of the mandatory validation on bus commercial speed: case study in Torino (Italy)

Cristina Pronello1,2, Valentina Rappazzo2, Jean Baptiste Gaborieau3, Veronica Martino4, Alberto Forchino5

1Sorbonne Universités - UTC, Italy; 2Politecnico di Torino; 3Politecnico di Torino; 4Politecnico di Torino; 5Gruppo Torinese Trasporti - GTT


A New Approach to Integrated Cross-Modal Transport – the FOX and USE-iT Experience

Ewa Zofka1, Adam Zofka1, Sarah Reeves2, Isabela Erdelean3, Martin Lamb4, Ursula Blume5, Migle Paliukaite6, Thierry Goger6

1IBDiM, Poland; 2TRL, UK; 3AIT, Austria; 4Maple Consulting, UK; 5Bast, Germany; 6FEHRL, Belgium


Modeling Urban Mobility at a Metropolitan Scale: a Comparison of Paris Transportation Models

Mallory Trouve, Fabien Leurent

Université Paris-Est, LVMT, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France


Integration of vehicle sharing systems into an intermodal journey planner

Andreas Partusch

Verkehrsauskunft Österreich VAO GmbH, Austria


An integrated behavioural model for active transport mode choices

Emmanuelle Dupont1, Tim De Ceunynck1, Gert Jan Wijlhuizen2

1Vias institute, Belgium; 2Institute for road safety research SWOV


Beyond speed: a new outlook on mass transport systems in megalopoleis

Marcelo Blumenfeld Mendonca, Clive Roberts, Felix Schmid

University of Birmingham, United Kingdom


Determination of potentials for drivers and passengers of integrated ride-sharing services in rural areas

Carsten Sommer, Jonas Harz

Chair of Transportation Planning and Traffic Systems, University of Kassel, Germany


Fitting strategy and structure: implementing integrated transport policies in Dutch national and regional PPB Systems

Marijn Thomas van Geet1, Sander Lenferink1, Wim Leendertse1,2, Jos Arts1

1University of Groningen, Faculty of Spatial Planning, The Netherlands; 2Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands


Improvement of rail accessibility especially for eastern European countries

Bernhard Rüger1, Goran Simic2, Peter Tauschitz3, Marion Wendelken4

1Vienna University of Technology, Austria; 2Belgrade University, Serbia; 3BB-Infrastruktur AG; 4Palfinger Tail-Lifts


Processing of passenger data for zone estimation

Viktor Nagy, Balázs Horváth

Széchenyi István University, Hungary


Providing Intermodal Route Alternatives

Matthias Prandtstetter1, Clovis Seragiotto1, Markus Straub1, Babis Magoutas2, Efthimios Bothos2, Luka Bradesko3

1AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria; 2Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Athens, Greece; 3Institut Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Strategic Multimodal Assessment of Suburban Transport Infrastructure

Martin Smoliner1, Karl Hofer2, Stefan Walter3, Martin Fellendorf2

1Graz University of Technology - Institute of Railway Engineering and Transport Economy, Austria; 2Graz University of Technology - Institute of Highway Engineering and Transport Planning, Austria; 3Province of Styria, Department of Transport and Structures, Austria


TRIMODE: integrated transport model for Europe

angelo martino1, ian williams1, davide fiorello1, klaus noekel2, pantelis capros3, pelopidas siskos3, georgios zazias3, ioannis charalampidis3, panagiotis karkatsoulis3, wolfgang schade4

1TRT Trasporti e Territorio, Italy; 2PTV GROUP, Germany; 3E3MLab - National Technical University of Athens, Greece; 4M-Five Mobility, Futures, Innovation, Economics, Germany

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