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ST29: 10.2 Response to Extreme Events & Climate Change
Wednesday, 18/Apr/2018:
8:30am - 10:00am

Session Chair: Andrea Nowak, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Location: Lehar 1+2

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Tools and guidance to help National Road Administrations address climate change

Sarah Jane Reeves1, Ewa Zofka2, Andreas Leupold3, Matthias Schlögl4, Marek Skakuj5, Arne Spekat6

1TRL, United Kingdom; 2IBDiM, Poland; 3Alfen Consult, Germany; 4AIT, Austria; 5Heller Ingenieurgesellschaft, Germany; 6Climate & Environment Consulting Potsdam, Germany


Assesing the resilience of land transport networks against extreme rainfall events

Kalliopi Anastassiadou1, Ingo Kaundinya1, Harald Kammerer2, Evangelos Mitsakis3, Iraklis Stamos4

1Federal Highway Research Institute, Germany; 2ILF Consulting Engineers Austria GmbH, Austria; 3Hellenic Institute of Transport - Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece; 4World's Road Transport Organisation, Belgium


Adapting the German transport system to climate change and extreme weather events – First case study results connected to extreme precipitation

Stephanie Hänsel1, Nils Schade2, Enno Nilson3, Martin Helms3, Christoph Brendel1, Hartmut Heinrich2, Carina Herrmann4, Martin Klose5, Elise Lifschiz6, Monika Rauthe1, Annegret Gratzki1

1Deutscher Wetterdienst, Germany; 2Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, Germany; 3Federal Institute of Hydrology, Germany; 4Federal Railway Authority, Germany; 5Federal Highway Research Institute, Germany; 6Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute, Germany


Safety and availability of road infrastructure during extreme natural and man-made events

Jennifer Harder1, Jörg Finger2, Kalliopi Anastassiadou1, Kai Fischer2, Alexander Stolz2

1Federal Highway Research Institute, Brüderstraße 53, 51427 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany; 2Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-Institut, Am Klingelberg 1, 79588 Efringen-Kirchen, Germany


First steps towards a modelling toolbox suitable for evaluating resilience of German inland waterways in context of climate change

Alexander Kikillus, Regina Patzwahl, Marie Brunel, Nils Huber

Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute, Germany


Compilation of a geo-hazard map for slope instabilities and landslides along the German railway infrastructure

Andreas Knobloch4, Enrico Kallmeier4, Markus Forbriger1, Carina Herrmann1, Eckhard Roll1, Jens Kirsten2, Christoph Brendel3, Stephanie Hänsel3

1Federal Railway Authority, Germany; 2Federal Highway Research Institute, Germany; 3Deutscher Wetterdienst, Germany; 4Beak Consultants GmbH, Germany


A preparedness system for natural hazard management on Norwegian roads

Martine Holm Frekhaug, Lene Lundgren Kristensen, Tore Humstad

Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norway


Assessment of the impacts of extreme weather events upon the pan-European infrastructure to the optimal mitigation of the consequences

Maria Nogal1, Alan O'Connor1, Pieter Groenemeijer2, Peter Prak7, Maria Luskova3, Milenko Halat4, Pieter van Gelder6, Ciaran Carey5, Kenneth Gavin6

1Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; 2European Severe Storms Laboratory, Germany; 3University of Žilina, Slovakia; 4Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada, Spain; 5Roughan & O'Donovan Innovative Solutions, Ireland; 6Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; 7PSJ, IJsselstein, Netherlands


Climate Adaption of Road Infrastructure – A comparison of the implementation of the CEDR ROADAPT and the FHWA Framework for Vulnerability Assessment in The Netherlands and Washington State

Kees van Muiswinkel1, Tina Hodges2, Simon Page3, Amy Plovnick4, Mike Woning5

1Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands, The; 2Federal Highway Administration, Washington DC, USA; 3Washington State Department of Transportation, USA; 4US Department of Transportation Volpe Center, Cambridge Massachusetts; 5Deltares, Delft, The Netherlands


Exploring user needs for climate risk assessment in the transport sector: how could global high-resolution climate models help?

Erika Jane Palin, Galina Guentchev, Julia Lockwood

Met Office, United Kingdom


Development of a climate adaptive Strategy for the InnovA58 Highway in The Netherlands

myrthe leijstra1, kees van muiswinkel1, wim leendertse3,1, thomas bles2

1Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment, Netherlands, The; 2Deltares; 3University of Groningen, Faculty of Spatial Sciences


Extreme weather exposure identification for road networks in heterogeneous landscapes

Matthias Schlögl1, Gregor Laaha2

1Transportation Infrastructure Technologies, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), Austria; 2Institute of Applied Statistics and Computing, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Austria


Management tools to study and to deal with the effects of climate change on inland waterways

Pablo Segovia1,2, Guillaume Desquesnes1, Arnaud Doniec1, Eric Duviella1, Guillaume Lozenguez1, Fatiha Nejjari2, Vicenç Puig2, Lala Rajaoarisoa1

1IMT Lille Douai; 2Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)


Water management for road authorities in the face of climate change

Thomas Bles1, Lise Foucher2, Janette Bessembinder3, Robert Corbally4, John Paul Rooney4, Christian Axelsen5, Mark Tucker4

1Deltares, Netherlands, The; 2Egis, France; 3KNMI, Netherlands, The; 4ROD-IS, Ireland; 5Danish Road Directorate, Denmark

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