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Radniecki, TylerOregon State Univeristy, United States of AmericaStormwater: Metals Treatment
Resource Recovery: Gas and Energy
Raheem, YacoubAECOM, United States of AmericaStormwater  Presenter
Rahman, Sheikh MokhlesurNortheastern University, United States of AmericaResource Recovery: Phosphorus
Rajagopalan, GaneshKennedy Jenks Consultants, United States of AmericaResource Recovery: Gas and Energy
Rambin, AustinMurraysmith, Inc.Planning, Resiliency, Climate Science: Biosolids Planning  Presenter
Ramirez, JoyClean Water Services, United States of AmericaOperations and Maintenance  Presenter
Randolph, PamelaCity of EdmondsFind The Leader Within You  Presenter
Regulatory Challenges  Presenter
Utility Management:: Performance Contracting  Presenter
Utility Management:: Performance Contracting  Presenter
Leadership, Social Equity and Workforce Development: Leadership  Presenter
Reed, Maria ClaudiaBrown and CaldwellWastewater 101: Secondary Treatment and Disinfection  Presenter
Reid, TerryAqua-Aerobics Systems, Inc.Innovation and the Future: Pilot Testing Results
Resource Recovery: Reclaimed Water
Reininga, KristaBrown and CaldwellPlanning, Resiliency, Climate Science: Resiliency  Presenter
Reisinger, DanielCarolloConstruction /Alternative Delivery  Presenter
Retzlaff, RyanBrown and Caldwell, United States of AmericaStormwater: Modeling  Presenter
Reynolds, HaydnStreamlineAM, United States of AmericaUtility Management: Infrastructure Planning
Reynolds, ShannonCity of Portland Bureau of Environmental ServicesPlanning, Resiliency, Climate Science: Resiliency  Presenter
Reynolds, ToddKennedy JenksResource Recovery: Reclaimed Water
Rice, TrishCity of Sweet Home, OregonPlanning, Resiliency, Climate Science: Biosolids Planning  Presenter
Rinner, JessicaClackamas County Water Environmental ServicePlanning, Resiliency, Climate Science: Planning  Presenter
Roe, PatrickHDR Engineering, Inc., United States of AmericaWastewater 101: Membrane Treatment  Presenter
Roundy, EricKeller Associates, Inc., United States of AmericaWastewater 101: Solids Treatment  Presenter
Regulatory Challenges  Session Chair
Regulatory Challenges  Session Chair
Roundy, ShadJacobsPlanning, Resiliency, Climate Science: Planning  Presenter
Rubstello, LesCity of LynnwoodConstruction /Alternative Delivery  Presenter
Ryan, BillCity of Portland, Bureau of Environmental ServicesUtility Management  Presenter
Rybel, VinceJacobs, United States of AmericaLeadership, Social Equity and Workforce Development: Workforce Development  Presenter