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Author(s) Session
Lackey, Lacy R.Stormwater: Metals Treatment  Presenter
Lafitte, DanResource Recovery: Gas and Energy  Session Chair
Lal, HarbansPlanning, Resiliency, Climate Science: Planning  Presenter
Lancaster, AliceStormwater: Modeling  Presenter
Lane, DougOperations and Maintenance  Presenter
Laney, BrettResource Recovery: Phosphorus  Presenter
Larson, ChrisDemonstration—Collections Manhole Rehabilitation  Presenter
Collection, Pump Stations, and Conveyance  Presenter
Demonstration—Collections Manhole Rehabilitation  Session Chair
Lawler, AaronCollection, Pump Stations and Conveyance: Pump Stations  Presenter
Lawrance, EricInnovation and the Future: Pilot Testing Results
Resource Recovery: Reclaimed Water
Lawrence, SueConstruction /Alternative Delivery  Presenter
LeBret. Jr., DeanOperations and Maintenance: Collection Systems  Presenter
Leaf, WilliamOperations and Maintenance  Presenter
Facility Operations and Maintenance: Process Optimization
Lee, JamesThe Activated Sludge Process and How to Use Lab Data to Monitor & Troubleshoot Your Treatment Process  Presenter
Lee, RobertDemonstration—Collections Manhole Rehabilitation
Planning, Resiliency, Climate Science: Planning  Presenter
Opening Session: Bridging the Gaps in Bridgetown  Session Chair
Collections 101  Presenter
Collection, Pump Stations, and Conveyance
Construction /Alternative Delivery  Presenter
Li, GuangyuResource Recovery: Phosphorus
Lindbo, TorreyStormwater
Lindsey, StephenCollection, Pump Stations and Conveyance
Liner, BarryAsset Management  Presenter
Asset Management  Presenter
WEF Biosolids Listening Session  Presenter
WEF Biosolids Listening Session  Session Chair
Linn, MikeConstruction /Alternative Delivery  Presenter
Lopez Boschmans, VictoriaFacility Operations and Maintenance: Process Optimization  Presenter
Asset Management  Session Chair
Asset Management  Session Chair
Lopez, Rose AnnLeadership, Social Equity and Workforce Development: Social Equity  Presenter
Leadership, Social Equity and Workforce Development: Leadership  Presenter
Lu, TingAsset Management  Presenter
Asset Management  Presenter
Lundt, Jeffrey AMath for Operators (Part 2)  Presenter
Math for Operators (Part 1)  Presenter
Math for Operators (Part 1)  Session Chair
Math for Operators (Part 2)  Session Chair
Lusch, StephenOperations and Maintenance: Collection Systems  Session Chair