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Session 32A: Math for Operators (Part 1)
Wednesday, 11/Sep/2019:
8:00am - 10:15am

Session Chair: Jeffrey A Lundt, King County Wastewater Treatment Division;
Room Monitor: Doug Berschauer, Parametrix;
Location: D134

This is a Training-in-a-Box program intended to be used by other seasoned professionals to bring training to the operators in their communities. To recieve CEUs you must attend both Part 1 and Part 2 of Math for Operators

Session Abstract


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Math for Operators (Part 1)

Jeffrey A Lundt1, Doug Berschauer2

1King County Wastewater Treatment Division, United States of America; 2Parametrix, United States of America; ,

Water and Wastewater Operator Certification tests continue to show one of the weaker skills in operators is math. Competent math skills are required for operators in setting pumping rates, process control, chemical feed and maintenance activities. This presentation will start with the basics of arithmetic, algebra and trigonometry, and spend a significant amount of time in developing the important skills of tracking and changing units.

A wide range of relevant problems will be worked through step-by-step to show and reinforce the process. The session will conclude with operators working through several problems on their own and then checking their results and process against the instructor’s in a step-by-step review so attendees can see errors or alternative approaches to getting to the correct result.

Problems used have been taken from example tests and actual facility needs.

Each attendee will be given a copy of the ABC Professional Operator Formula/Conversion Table. A segment of the workshop is set aside to review this tool and discuss other references available to the operator in their daily routine.

The material presented is applicable for both water and wastewater operators. Examples and problems from each will be used in the presentations and the attendee problem solving.

One goal of this presentation is to teach others to be able to take the material back to their communities and provide training for operators who are not able to attend regional conferences. All presentations and other materials will be available to attendees for use in teaching in the Sections or utilities.

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