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Session 11B: Utility Management
Tuesday, 10/Sep/2019:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Hunter Bennett-Daggett, Tetra Tech;
Location: D136

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10:30am - 11:15am

How Lean Can You Go? – Alternatives Analysis for $60M Project in 18 Months

MaryBeth Gilbrough1, Bob Jacobsen2, Kirsten Weber2

1King County; 2Brown and Caldwell; ,

King County (County) determined that their Coal Creek Trunk Sewer currently only has a five-year level of service and that the system will be 11 MGD over capacity by 2060. The sewer runs through a wooded, prized park in the City of Bellevue, and along a salmon bearing stream. What are the options for providing the required capacity? The County has spent millions of dollars over a two- to three-year options analysis phase to answer this question for other projects.

To better serve their rate payers, the County implemented a new planning process to expedite time and reduce cost of alternatives analysis. This new process, called Lean, is a County-wide initiative to solve problems, address issues, and deliver more value to their customers efficiently. Using Lean, the project team gathered existing information from desktop studies, including investigating environmental conditions, geotechnical data, cultural resources, and topography. Subject matter experts developed reports on each of their subjects, presented concerns to the team, and identified data gaps. 32 plausible alternatives were developed, along with a matrix to compare the alternatives with a simple ranking system of easy, medium, or hard. The three alternatives with the most “easy” rankings were selected for further analysis.

Embracing Lean methodology, these alternatives were investigated sufficiently to understand the benefits and challenges of each, but not to the traditional level of detail. At a second workshop a trenchless option was identified as the preferred alternative. This alternative had been developed assuming horizontal direction drilling (HDD) technology based on desktop study information and preliminary alignment concepts. The Lean process identified an alternative and some high-risk unknowns but left the details, including technology selection and alignment, open for refinement.

In the design phase for the trenchless alternative, the initial HDD concept was further investigated. Concerns arose over the risks of HDD not meeting the required line and grade. Embracing the Lean method once again, the project team nimbly changed course to Direct Pipe™ method as the trenchless technology. The selection process was complete in about half the time and at half the price of previous similar projects.

11:15am - 12:00pm

Spanning Planning and Project Management

Michael Comeskey, Josh Baker

City of Boise Public Works, United States of America; ,

The City of Boise is embarking on a decade or more of significant capital projects at its Lander Street Water Renewal Facility. The Lander Street WRF was built in the early 1950s, predating the Clean Water Act. As the facility aged, the City completed a business case evaluation that determined reinvesting in the Lander Street WRF was more cost-effective than consolidating treatment at the City’s West Boise WRF. As a result, the Lander Street Program team needed to plan significant capital projects to repair or rebuild existing plant infrastructure while maintaining plant operations. We will talk about the challenges we faced in planning this work, managing parallel planning and project delivery at the facility, and how we maintained close alignment with the rest of the utility’s planning efforts. We will also present our lessons learned, the improvements we made to our business processes, how we used business case evaluations to make project decisions, and changes we made to our project management style.

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