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Session 09B: Leadership, Social Equity and Workforce Development: Workforce Development
Tuesday, 10/Sep/2019:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Lara Kammereck, Carollo;
Location: F150

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10:30am - 11:15am

Diversity and Inclusion: Playing the Long Game or Missing the Boat?

Heather Stephens


Diversity and inclusion are hot topics in nearly every organization these days. Boards and Management Teams track performance metrics, initiatives abound, and from local coffee shops to Fortune 500 gatherings, well-intentioned business leaders strive to make their workforce more diverse and their workplace more inviting. So why is progress so slow? Why do so many initiatives sparkle then fade?

Part of the problem is that many organizations fail to put “I before D.” Though they mean well, organizations that focus on diversity first can fail to recognize the underlying organizational obstacles that can hinder their success or affect their ability to recruit and retain employees across a broad spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, and identities. By focusing on the outcomes they want to achieve, they fail to fully assess, understand, or acknowledge the problem in their organization. Focusing first on inclusivity helps to remove organizational barriers and promote respect as a core value.

Many of the barriers to inclusion are so ingrained in our lives, our vocabulary, and our communities that we don’t realize when we exclude people – and, conversely, how easily we can make small adjustments that have a big impact. This presentation will examine how to avoid situations that can hamper Diversity and Inclusion efforts, and how “Leading with I” can create an environment where all people are comfortable and welcomed, and diversity is celebrated for its ability to foster unique, productive, and innovative teams.

11:15am - 12:00pm


Brittany Burch

Isle Utilities, United States of America;

PNCWA will be launching the first iteration of the InFLOW (Introducing Future Leaders of Water) Program at the PNCWA Conference in 2019. The purpose of this program is to engage with underrepresented segments of our communities and the water and wastewater sector, in the form of a sponsorship to attend the PNCWA Annual Conference. If time allows, and it suits the audience, I'd like to suggest that the Program Committee carves out one or two time slots for the participants to present on school research projects or other relevant topics.

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