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Paul van Geert: Complex dynamic systems approaches in education and development
Mittwoch, 13.09.2017:
14:00 - 15:00

Chair der Sitzung: Joscha Kärtner
Ort: F1
Fürstenberghaus, Domplatz 20-22

Zusammenfassung der Sitzung

Although complex dynamic systems approaches are gaining momentum in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, they are still not widely embraced in the educational and developmental sciences. In this presentation I will start with an introduction on complex dynamic systems, what their properties are, and what they mean for theory building, research questions and research methods in education and development. I will illustrate these properties and their implications with developmental and educational studies done in our lab. Based on these examples, I will also address more fundamental issues such as the relationship with agency models, including aspects of enactment, embodiment and situatedness, and the question of causal explanation and generalization.

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Veranstaltung: PAEPSY 2017
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