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Session Overview
Date: Tuesday, 27/Mar/2018
1.1: Opening Session
Mtg. Room: Magellan

Welcome Address

Yves-Louis Desnos


Sentinel-1 Mission Status

Pierre Potin


Sentinel-2 Mission Status

Ferran Gascon


Sentinel-3 Mission Status

Susanne Mecklenburg


Detection of water bodies with multi-temporal Sentinel-1 SAR observations: examples from West Africa and Greenland

Maurizio Santoro1, Oliver Cartus1, Andreas Wiesmann1, Urs Wegmüller1, Josef Kellndorfer2, Pierre Defourny3, Olivier Arino4

1: Gamma Remote Sensing, Switzerland; 2: Earth Big Data LLC, USA; 3: Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium; 4: ESA ESRIN, Italy

Global water surface dynamics: toward a near real-time monitoring using Landsat and Sentinel data.

Jean-Francois Pekel1, Alan Belward1, Noel Gorelick2, Luca De Felice1

1: European Commission - JRC, Italy; 2: Google Earth Outreach

Coffee Break
Mtg. Room: Old Reception
1.2: Global Products & Applications
Mtg. Room: Magellan

A Long-Term, Dynamical, High-Spatial Resolution Inundation Extent Dataset at Global Scale, from the Combination of Multiple Satellite Datasets

Filipe Aires1,2, Catherine Prigent1,2, Bernhard Lehner3, Dai Yamazaki4, Etienne Fluet-Chouinard5, Jean-Francois Pekel6, Philippe Bousquet7, Carlos Jimenez2

1: LERMA, France; 2: Estellus, France; 3: McGill University; 4: Univ. of Tokyo, Japan; 5: University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA; 6: Europe Commission – Joint Research Centre; 7: LSCE/CEA, France

Service cases and service lines of SWOS (Satellite based Wetland Observation Service) for wetland monitoring from local to global level

Kathrin Weise1, Rene Hoefer1, Michael Schwarz1, Eric van Valkengoed2, Jonas Franke3, Susanne Thulin4, Jonas Eberle5, John Truckenbrodt5, Franziska Zander5, Dania Abdul Malak6, Antonia Sanchez6, Christoph Schroeder6, Adrian Strauch7, Javier Muro7, Eleni Firoka8, Anis Guelmami9, Eric Mino10, Stephan Flink11, Lammert Hilarides11, Anouska Plasmeijer12, Matthew Ling13, Brian o'Conner13

1: Jena-Optronik GmbH, Germany; 2: TerraSphere BV, Netherlands; 3: RSS - Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH, Germany; 4: Brockmann Geomatics Sweden AB, Sweden; 5: Friedrich Schiller University of Jena , Germany; 6: University of Malaga, Spain; 7: University of Bonn, Germany; 8: Greek Biotope Wetland Centre (EKBY), Greece; 9: Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory Tour du Valat , France; 10: SEMIDE / EMWIS, France; 11: Wetlands International, Netherlands; 12: European Regional Office IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), Belgium; 13: UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre UNEP-WCMC, Great Britain

A surface water body dataset with daily temporal resolution – Selected examples and application potential of the Global WaterPack

Igor Klein, Ursula Gessner, Andreas Hirner, Andreas Dietz, Stefan Dech, Claudia Kuenzer

DLR-DFD, Germany

Taking advantage of ESA’s Grid Processing On Demand to generate a European flood record based on 10 years of ENVISAT ASAR imagery

Patrick Matgen1, Marco Chini1, Renaud Hostache1, Ramona Pelich1, Jie Zhao1, José Manuel Delgado2,3, Giovanni Sabatino2,3

1: Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology; 2: Progressive Systems Srl; 3: ESA Research and Service Support

Industrial Mapping Of Water Bodies And Wetlands Using Algorithms Of Big Data Analytics In A Cloud-Based DIAS Environment

Alberto Lorenzo1, Gediminas Vaitkus2

1: Indra Sistemas SA; 2: GEOMATRIX UAB

Mtg. Room: ESRIN Canteen
1.3: National & Regional Applications (I)
Mtg. Room: Magellan

Using the Sentinels for Maintaining and Updating Topographic Map Features: The Case of Lakes in the Danish Natural Environment Portal

Christian Tottrup, Mikkel Rasmussen, Lotte Nyborg

DHI GRAS, Denmark

Potentials of the Copernicus Program for Detection and Monitoring of Tropical Wetlands. Examples from Rwanda.

Konrad Hentze1, Adrian Strauch1, Jonas Franke2, Frank Thonfeld1, Javier Muro1, Stefanie Steinbach1

1: University of Bonn, Germany; 2: Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH, Germany

Development of a 16-year Surface Water Fraction Dataset from MODIS Data for the Mediterranean

Linlin Li1, Anton Vrieling1, Andrew Skidmore1,2, Tiejun Wang1

1: ITC, University of Twente, The Netherlands; 2: School of Environmental Sciences, Macquarie University, Australia

Water storage variations in densely impounded catchments in NE Brazil from 2009 -2016 using TanDEM-X and RapidEye satellite data

Shuping Zhang1,2, Saskia Foerster1, José Miguel Delgado3, Martin Schuettig3, Pedro Medeiros4, José Carlos de Araújo5, Bjoern Waske2

1: GFZ Potsdam, Germany; 2: Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin), Berlin, Germany; 3: University of Potsdam; 4: Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará (IFCE), Maracanaú, Brazil; 5: Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Fortaleza,Brazil

Large Scale Water and Wetness Detection using a Multi-Sensor and Multi-Temporal Approach

Michael Riffler, Andrew Moran, Björn Dullek, Christian Schleicher, Andreas Walli, Jürgen Weichselbaum

GeoVille Information Systems and Data Processing GmbH, Austria

1.4: Poster Session & Welcome Drink
Mtg. Room: Big Hall

SAR Based Mapping of Flooded Areas for the Validation of Short-term Flood Forecasting

Maria Ponomarenko, Ilya Pimanov

St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS), Russian Federation

A 10-day Mean Surface Water Extent at Global Scale at 0.25°x0.25° Spatial Resolution, from 1993 to Present: the Global Inundation Extent from Multi-Satellites 2.0 (GIEMS 2.0)

Carlos Jimenez1,2, Catherine Prigent2,1,3, Filipe Aires2,1,3

1: Estellus, France; 2: LERMA, Observatoire de Paris, France; 3: Department of Earth & Environment Engineering, Columbia University, USA

Rheticus® Marine: Sentinel and Copernicus data for operative and continuous monitoring of coastal waters and resources

Giulio Ceriola, Daniela Drimaco

Planetek Italia s.r.l., Italy

Monitoring of Climate Change Effects on Water Surface Temperature of the Bracciano Lake

Davide De Santis, Fabio Del Frate

University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy

High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Water Surface Extent in Tropical Regions Using SMOS, MERIT and GSWO

Ahmad Al Bitar, Marie Parrens

CESBIO, Université de Toulouse (CNES, CNRS, IRD), France

The Production of HR Water Masks with Sentinel-1, their Verification with Sentinel-2 Images and their Use in Sentinel-3 Alti-Hydrology

Pierre Laurent Fabry1, Moein Zohary1, Nicolas Bercher1, Américo Ambrozio2, Marco Restano3, Jérôme Benveniste4

1: ALONG-TRACK SAS, France; 2: DEIMOS, Italy; 3: SERCO, Italy; 4: ESA/ESRIN, Italy

An Image Classification and Geoprocessing Workflow to Facilitate Network Analysis of Multichannel Rivers

Gabriel Connor-Streich, Alex Henshaw, Gemma Harvey

Queen Mary College, University of London, United Kingdom

Glacial Lake Dynamics of Eastern and Western Himalaya: possible signature of climatic variability over the region

Ajanta Goswami


Enhanced Flood Maps Using Remote Sensing, Hydraulic Modeling And Social Media

Vincenzo Scotti1,2, Domenico Grandoni2, Marco Corsi2, Barbara Pernici3, Chiara Francalanci3, Francesco Cioffi1

1: La Sapienza di Roma, Roma, Italy; 2: e-GEOS, Roma, Italy; 3: Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy

Sentinel-2 and MODIS Land Surface Temperature Based Evapotranspiration for Computing Irrigation Efficiency

Daniel Kiluu Kyalo1, Vekerdy Zoltan2, Rogier van der Velde2, Vincent Omondi Odongo3,4

1: Machakos county, Kenya; 2: University of Twente, ITC; 3: Egerton University, Kenya; 4: Wageningen University

Development of a Concept for Correcting Artifacts in Sunglint Originating from the Sentinel 2 Acquisition Mode.

Sebastian Riedel1,2, Peter Gege2, Natascha Oppelt1

1: Kiel University; 2: German Aerospace Center (DLR)

The Use of Research and User Support for Sentinel Core Products (RUS) for Artic Lake Ice Monitoring

Tereza Šmejkalová1, Miguel Castro Goméz1, Francesco Palazzo1, Sylvie Remondiere1, Eric Guzzonato2, Brice Mora2, Eric Jeansou3, Isabelle Soleilhavoup3, Pierre Fabry4

1: Serco SPA, Italy; 2: CS, France; 3: Noveltis, France; 4: Aʟᴏɴɢ-Tʀᴀᴄᴋ, France

The influence of the incidence angle over the backscattering values for SAR-based flood mapping

Jie Zhao1,2, Marco Chini1, Ramona Pelich1, Renaud Hostache1, Patrick Matgen1, Wolfgang Wagner2

1: Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg; 2: Technische Universität Wien

SURF-WATER : A High-Resolution and Near Real Time Monitoring of Surface Water Extent using a Multi-Sensor & Multi-Temporal Approach

Santiago Peña Luque1, Vanessa Pedinotti2, Olivier Hagolle3, Alice Andral1

1: CNES, 18 avenue Edouard Belin , SI/2A Team, 31401 Toulouse cedex 9, France; 2: Magellium, 24 Rue Hermès, 31520 Ramonville Saint-Agne, Toulouse; 3: CESBIO, 18 avenue Edouard Belin ,31401 Toulouse cedex 9, France

GlobWetland Africa: Implementing Sustainable Earth Observation Based Wetland Monitoring Capacity in Africa and Beyond

Christian Tottrup1, Michael Riffler2, Yiwen Sun3, Kerstin Stelzer4, Cecile Kittel5, Tiejun Wang3, Kenneth Grogan1, Christina Ludwig2, Peter Bauer-Gottwein5, Jonas Blüthgen Sølvsteen1, Jan Wevers4, Daniel Odermatt6, Andrew Skidmore3, Zoltan Verkedy3, Andreas Walli2, Paul Ouedraogo7, Marc Paganini8

1: DHI GRAS, Denmark; 2: GeoVille, Austria; 3: ITC, University of Twente, The Netherlands; 4: Brockmann Consult GmbH, Germany; 5: DTU Environment, Denmark; 6: Odermatt & Brockmann GmbH, Switzerland; 7: Ramsar, Switzerland; 8: European Space Agency, ESRIN, Italy

Global Lake Water Products within the Copernicus Global Land Service

Kerstin Stelzer1, Stefan Simis2, Carsten Brockmann1, Laura Carrera3, Francois Steinmetz4

1: Brockmann Consult GmbH, Germany; 2: PML, UK; 3: University of Reading; 4: HYGEOS

Sahelian ponds and lakes seen by SWOT

Manuela Grippa1, Cyprien Rouzies1, Sylvain Biancamaria2, Denis Blumstein2, Laetitia Gal3, Marielle Gosset1, Laurent Kergoat1

1: Géosciences Environnement Toulouse (GET), France; 2: Laboratoire d'études en géophysique et océanographie spatiales (LEGOS); 3: Laboratoire d’étude des Interactions entre Sol-Agrosystème-Hydrosystème (LISAH)

Pan-sharpening Methods Applied on Sentinel-2 Imagery for Mapping Inland Water Bodies

Giulia Ronchetti, Giovanna Sona

DICA (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Object Based Image Analysis of Sentinel Data

Giuliana Bilotta1,2

1: IUAV University of Venice, Italy; 2: DICEAM Department, Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Italy

Mapping Phytoplankton Abundance and Diatom Fraction in the Chesapeake Bay

Guangming Zheng1,2, Paul M DiGiacomo1

1: NOAA, United States of America; 2: GST, Inc.

Orbital Grain Size Mapping From Sentinel 2 Images

Giulia Marchetti1, Simone Bizzi1, Barbara Belletti1, Patrice Carbonneau2, Andrea Castelletti1

1: Politecnico di Milano, Italy; 2: Durham University, UK

Medium Sized Rivers Wet Channel Probabilistic Mapping from Short Time Sentinel-1 Data Stack

Francesco Asaro1, Claudio Maria Prati1, Barbara Belletti1, Simone Bizzi1, Patrice Carbonneau2

1: Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy; 2: Department of Geography, Durham University

Mapping of water permanence and fluctuations for updating the Ramsar Information Sheets using optical and radar data: A case study for two Greek Ramsar Sites and their catchments.

Eleni Fitoka1, Antonis Apostolakis1, John Truckenbrodt2, Maria Tompoulidou1

1: Greek Biotope Wetland Centre, Greece; 2: Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Institute of Geography Department for Earth Observation

Mapping Submerged Aquatic Vegetation by Using a Sentinel-2A Time Series at Lake Starnberg (Germany)

Christine Fritz1, Thomas Schneider1, Katja Dörnhöfer2, Natascha Oppelt2

1: TU München, Germany; 2: CAU Kiel

Operational Monitoring of Water Bodies Areas as Precursor for Landslides Activities

Hristo Stoianov Nikolov1, Mila Stoyanova Atanasova2

1: Space research and technology institute - BAS, Bulgaria; 2: National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography - BAS, Bulgaria

Monitoring of water bodies areas and soil moisture content in risky areas of Bulgaria

Hristo Stoianov Nikolov1, Mila Stoyanova Atanasova2, Toma Shishkov3

1: Space research and technology institute - BAS, Bulgaria; 2: National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography - BAS, Bulgaria; 3: NIKOLA PUSHKAROV” INSTITUTE OF SOIL SCIENCE AND AGROECOLOGY

GIS and Remote Sensing based Feature Extraction for Topographic Map updating in Sylhet city, Bangladesh

SM Suja Uddin Pathan Shiblee1, Tan Yumin2

1: Survey of Bangladesh, Bangladesh, People's Republic of; 2: Beihang University, China, People's Republic of

Change detection of the Lake Naser: a modified integrated approach using Landsat images

Samy ELmahdy, Mohamed Mohamed

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), United Arab Emirates

Database for Hydrological Time Series of Inland Waters (DAHITI)

Christian Schwatke, Denise Dettmering

DGFI-TUM, Germany

Using Radar Data For Monitoring Flooded Areas in Greece

Temenuzhka Georgieva Spasova

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

The Sentinels in Support of Water Transfer Mapping on Wetlands and Meadows

Magdalena Mleczko1, Marek Mróz1, Magdalena Fitrzyk2

1: Institute of Geodesy; Faculty of Geodesy, Geospatial and Civil Engineering; University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn; Poland; 2: RSAC c/o ESA-ESRIN; Frascati, Italy

New perspectives for Sentinel-2 to support Arctic research

Marcel König, Natascha Oppelt

Kiel University, Germany

From Simulations to Reality – Sentinel-2A for retrieving Water Constituents and Benthos in Lakes

Katja Dörnhöfer, Natascha Oppelt

Kiel University, Germany

Estimation of water coverage in lenitic systems by combining remote sensing and genetic programing. Application to lakes in the Mediterranean basin of the Iberian Peninsula.

Carolina Doña1, Daniel Morant1, Ana García Picazo1, Juan M. Sánchez2, Antonio Camacho1

1: Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, University of Valencia, E-46980 Paterna, Valencia, Spain.; 2: Department of Applied Physics, Regional Development Institute, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Campus Universitario S/N, 02017 Albacete, Spain.

Comparison of Sentinel Water Mask and other indices for water mapping on Sentinel-2 images

Anna Robak, Marta Milczarek, Alicja Gadawska

Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Science, Poland

Comparing Existing Lake Databases in the SWOT Context

Cécile Cazals1, Claire Pottier2, Hervé Yésou3

1: C-S, 5 rue Brindejonc des Moulinais, 31500 Toulouse; 2: CNES, 18 avenue Edouard Belin, 31400 Toulouse; 3: ICube - SERTIT, 300 Bd Sébastien Brant, 67412 Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France

Testing A Flood Mask Correction Method Of Optical Satellite Imagery Over Irrigated Agricultural Areas

Emmanouil Michail1, Anastasia Moumtzidou1, Ilias Gialampoukidis1, Konstantinos Avgerinakis1, Maria Gabriella Scarpino2, Stefanos Vrochidis1, Guido Vingione2, Ioannis Kompatsiaris1, Kamal Labbassi3, Massimo Menenti4, Fatima-ezzahra Elghandour3

1: Centre for Research and Technology Hellas - Information Technologies Institute, Greece; 2: Serco SpA, Italy; 3: Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco; 4: Technical University Delft, Netherlands

Spatial and Temporal Variability of Optical Water Types in Largest Latvian and Estonian Lakes in 2017

Tuuli Soomets1, Dainis Jakovels1, Kristi Uudeberg2

1: Institute for Environmental Solutions, Latvia; 2: Tartu Observatory, Estonia

SAR based change detection for mapping changes in water table levels

Javier Muro1, Adrian Strauch1, Frank Thonfeld1,2

1: Center for Remote Sensing of and Surfaces, Germany; 2: Remote sensing Research Group

Quantifying Distributed Water Availability in Small Dams in the State of Ceará, Brazil

José Miguel Delgado1, Shuping Zhang2, Martin Schuettig1, Saskia Foerster2

1: University of Potsdam, Germany; 2: GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Piezometer wells and groundwater level as indicators of subsidence in the Varamin plain

Mehrnoosh Ghadimi

University of Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Mapping the Seagrass and coastal Habitats of Mediterranean Islands using the new HR satellite Multispectral sensors

Flavio Borfecchia1, Carla Micheli1, Luigi De Cecco1, Gianmaria Sannino1, Maria Vittoria Struglia1, Alcide Giorgio Di Sarra1, Carlo Gomez3, Giuliana Mattiazzo2

1: ENEA,Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, Italy; 2: Polytechnic University of Turin, Mechanical Engineering Dep. Turin Italy; 3: Cantieri Navali Esposito S.n.c, Pantelleria-Italy

Mapping Biomass Of Macroalgae In The Mar Piccolo Of Taranto (Southern Italy, Mediterranean Sea) By Means Of High Resolution Satellite Remote Sensing

Carla Micheli1, Ester Cecere2, Tamara Cibic3, Luigi De Cecco1, Antonella Petrocelli2, Vito Pignatelli1, Giuseppe Portacci2, Fernando Rubino2, Flavio Borfecchia1

1: ENEA, Italian National Agency for New technologies, Energies and Sustainable Economic Environment. Research Centre Casaccia 2400/00123 Roma, Italy.; 2: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Istituto per l’Ambiente Marino Costiero IAMC, 74123 Taranto, Italy; 3: OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale), Sezione Oceanografia, Via A. Piccard 54, 34151 Trieste, Italy.

Inner-annual Dynamic Mapping of Inland Water Bodies from Multi-spectral Imagery with Google Earth Engine Platform

Xiucheng Yang

University of Strasbourg, France

Implementing Different Methodologies for the Delineation of Mediterranean Wetlands

Daniel Morant, Carolina Doña, Antonio Picazo, Carmen Ferriol, Anna C. Santamans, Carlos Rochera, Antonio Camacho

Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, University of Valencia, Spain

Estimation of Wind Speed over Lakes with Sentinel-1 – Limitations and Application Potential

Timea Katona1, Annett Bartsch2,3

1: TU Wien, Austria; 2: b.geos, Korneuburg, Austria; 3: Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik, Austria

Environmental Monitoring of the Wetlands in the network RAMSAR using techniques of Observation of the Earth with Sentinel 2

Miguel Angel García Fernández1,2, Maria Eugenia Perez Gonzalez1

1: Complutense University of Madrid, Spain; 2: Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain

Mapping suspended particulate matter in West African water bodies with Sentinel2

Manuela Grippa1, Elodie Robert1, Jean-Michel Martinez1, Cindy Gosset1, Sylvain Pinet1, Nogmana Soumaguel2, Amadou Abdourahamane Touré3, Laurent Kergoat1

1: Géosciences Environnement Toulouse (GET), France; 2: Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), Bamako, Mali; 3: Université Abdou Moumouni (UAM) de Niamey , Niger

Copernicus Downstream Services for the Mapping of Water Bodies in Europe: the Eugenius Approach

Nadine Tholey, Mathias Studer, Jérôme Maxant, Mathilde Caspard, Hervé Yésou, Paul de Fraipont

ICube / SERTIT, Université de Strasbourg, 300 bd Sébastien Brant, CS 10413, 67412 Illkirch Cedex, France

Date: Wednesday, 28/Mar/2018
2.1: National & Regional Applications (II)
Mtg. Room: Magellan

Mapping of River Bodies and Ice Cover with Sentinel-1

Beata Weintrit, Michał Kubicki

Astri Polska Sp. z o.o., Poland

Mapping Small Reservoirs in Semiarid Environment Using Multitemporal Synthetic Aperture Radar Data

Donato Amitrano1, Gerardo Di Martino1, Antonio Iodice1, Francesco Mitidieri2, Maria Nicolina Papa2, Daniele Riccio1, Giuseppe Ruello1

1: University of Napoli Federico II, Napoli, Italy; 2: University of Salerno, Fisciano, Italy

Remote Sensing Estimation and Analysis of Lake Water Storage in Tibetan Plateau

Shanlong Lu

Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, CAS, People's Republic of China

Mapping Sea Surface Dynamics In The Context Of Displaced Persons - The Case Of Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh

Andreas Braun, Volker Hochschild

University of Tübingen, Germany

Surface Water Detection from Long Term Time Series of Earth Observation Data

Dale Roberts2, Norman Mueller1, Andreia Siquera1

1: Geoscience Australia, Australia; 2: Australian National University

Coffee Break
Mtg. Room: Old Reception
2.2: Methods of Water Body Mapping (I)
Mtg. Room: Magellan

Automatic Water Mapping Algorithm using Sentinel-1 Data within the ESA Hydrology Thematic Exploitation Platform

Javier Garcia Robles1, Pablo Blanco1, Xavier Balagué1, Albert Gili1, Fifame Koudogbo1, Fabrizio Novali2

1: TRE Altamira, Spain; 2: TRE Altamira, Milano

Synergies of Landsat, Sentinel-2, and -1 for improved characterization of surface water dynamics

Chengquan Huang1, Ben DeVries1, Wenli Huang1, Megan W. Lang2, John W. Jones3, Irena F. Creed4, Mark L. Carroll5,6

1: University of Maryland, United States of America; 2: US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Wetlands Inventory, USA; 3: US Geological Survey, USA; 4: University of Saskatchewan, Canada; 5: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA; 6: Science Systems and Applications Inc., USA

Water Body Mapping and Monitoring in Arid Wetlands Based on Optical Satellite Imagery. A Case Study of the Lower Volga

Maria Vladimirovna Kozlova1, Muhammad Hasan Ali Baig2, Alexander Vladimirovich Kozlov3

1: State Oceanographic Institute, Russian Federation; 2: Institute of Geo-Information & Earth-Observation (IGEO), Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan; 3: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Russian Federation

Hyper-temporal Water Body Dynamics Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Time Series Clustering

John Truckenbrodt1, Christiane Schmullius1, Kathrin Weise2

1: Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena, Germany; 2: Jena-Optronik GmbH, Jena, Germany

Inundation mapping with the L-band radiometer for carbon studies and flood mapping

Seungbum Kim

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, United States of America

Mtg. Room: ESRIN Canteen
2.3: Methods of Water Body Mapping (II)
Mtg. Room: Magellan

Lake monitoring in Siberia with Sentinel-1 and 2 data

Annett Bartsch1,2, Georg Pointner1, Barbara Widhalm2

1: b.geos, Korneuburg, Austria; 2: Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik, Vienna, Austria

Using SAR images time series for an efficient management of surficial infiltration basins

Marco Masetti1, Simone Pettinato2, Son V. Nghiem3, Simonetta Paloscia2, Daniele Pedretti4, Emanuele Santi2

1: Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra “A. Desio”, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy; 2: Institute of Applied Physics (IFAC), National Research Council of Italy, Italy; 3: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, CA, USA; 4: Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), Espoo, Finland

Automated Extraction of Time-Variable Water Surfaces based on Google Earth Engine

Christian Schwatke, Daniel Scherer

DGFI-TUM, Germany

Mapping temporary excess water ponding on agricultural fields with Sentinel-1 & 2

Zoltán Vekerdy1,2, Yun Qiu1, Arno van Lieshout1, Edina Czakó-Gál2

1: ITC Faculty of University of Twente, the Netherlands; 2: Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Szent István University, Hungary

Dynamic Water Surface Detection Algorithm Applied on PROBA-V Multispectral Data

Luc Bertels, Ruben Van De Kerchove, Ils Reusen, Bruno Smets, Davy Wolfs

VITO, Belgium

Coffee Break
Mtg. Room: Old Reception
2.4: Wrap-up and Conclusions by Session Chairs
Mtg. Room: Magellan

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