Conference Agenda

S18.06: Numerical methods of differential equations
Wednesday, 20/Feb/2019:
4:30pm - 6:30pm

Session Chair: Ilaria Perugia
Location: SR 08

4:30pm - 5:10pm

hp-FEM for the spectral fractional Laplacian in polygons

J. M. Melenk, L. Banjai, C. Schwab

TU Wien, Austria

5:10pm - 5:30pm

A reduced basis method for fractional diffusion operators

T. Danczul, J. Schöberl

TU Wien, Austria

5:30pm - 5:50pm

Exponential convergence of an hp-FEM approximation for parabolic fractional diffusion

A. Rieder, J. M. Melenk

TU Wien, Austria

5:50pm - 6:10pm

Numerical homogenization of heterogeneous fractional Laplacians

D. L. Brown1, J. Gedicke2, D. Peterseim3

1The Equity Engineering Group, USA; 2University of Vienna, Austria; 3University of Augsburg, Germany

6:10pm - 6:30pm

Optimal adaptivity and preconditioning for the fractional Laplacian

M. Faustmann, J. M. Melenk, M. Parvizi, D. Praetorius

TU Wien, Austria