Conference Agenda

S07.12: Coupled problems
Thursday, 21/Feb/2019:
5:40pm - 6:40pm

Session Chair: Tim Ricken
Location: SR 07

5:40pm - 6:00pm

Multiphysics modeling and simulation of fluid-saturated porous ferrogels at finite strains

P. Gebhart, T. Wallmersperger

TU Dresden, Germany

6:00pm - 6:20pm

A coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical model with double porosity for plant tissues

L. Eurich1, S. Shahmoradi1, A. Wagner1, R. Borja2, W. Ehlers1

1University of Stuttgart, Germany; 2Stanford University, USA

6:20pm - 6:40pm

Modelling of ice formation and brine flow in Antarctic sea ice in the framework of the extended Theory of Porous Media (eTPM)

A. Thom, T. Ricken

University of Stuttgart, Germany