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Session Overview
S08.05: Multiscales and homogenization
Thursday, 21/Feb/2019:
8:30am - 10:30am

Session Chair: Helmut J. Böhm
Location: HS 41

8:30am - 8:50am

Simulation of dual-phase steel using the finite cell method and voxel-based microstructure data

Y. F. Fangye, N. Miska, D. Balzani

Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

8:50am - 9:10am

Goal-oriented adaptivity on mean-field and full-field homogenization methods considering hierarchical unit cells

X. Ju, R. Mahnken

University of Paderborn, Germany

9:10am - 9:30am

Homogenization of cementitious materials: stiffness, creep, strength

B. Pichler, C. Hellmich

TU Wien - Vienna University of Technology, Austria

9:30am - 9:50am

Multiscale analysis of heterogeneous materials in boundary representation

M. Praster, R. Reichel, S. Klinkel

RWTH Aachen, Germany

9:50am - 10:10am

Influence of specific core reinforcement designs on the stiffness behaviour of hybrid core sandwich panels

I. C. Skrna-Jakl1, D. H. Pahr1,2

1TU Wien, Austria; 2Karl Landsteiner Private University of Health Sciences, Austria

10:10am - 10:30am

Laminate-based modeling of semicrystalline polymers

J. Ruck, P. Kloza, S. Gajek, T. Böhlke

Karlsruhe Institute of Technologie, Germany