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Date: Friday, 22/Feb/2019
S01.05: Multi-body dynamics
Location: HS 16
Chair: Michael Krommer
S02.08: Biomechanics
Location: HS 01
Chair: Alexander E. Ehret
S03.08: Damage and fracture mechanics
Location: HS 50
Chair: Stephan Wulfinghoff
S04.15: Structural mechanics
Location: Audimax
Chair: Malte von Scheven
S06.14: Material modelling in solid mechanics
Location: BIG HS
Chair: Thomas Antretter
Identification and Calibration
S07.13: Coupled problems
Location: HS 21
Chair: Detlef Kuhl
S07.14: Coupled problems
Location: SR 07
Chair: Andreas Zilian
S08.10: Multiscales and homogenization
Location: HS 41
Chair: Abbas Davud Tutcuoglu
S08.11: Multiscales and homogenization
Location: SR 03
Chair: Massimiliano Gei
S11.08: Interfacial flows
Location: HS 02
Chair: Marcus Schmidt
S12.08: Waves and acoustics
Location: HS 34
Chair: Manfred Kaltenbacher
S14.11: Applied analysis
Location: HS 32
Chair: Patrick Dondl
S15.09: Uncertainty quantification
Location: HS 07
Chair: Hanno Gottschalk
S16.07: Nonsmooth optimization II
Location: HS 06
Chair: Christian Clason
S17.07: Applied and numerical linear algebra
Location: Elise-Richter HS
Chair: Alexander Heinlein
S18.12: Numerical methods of differential equations
Location: HS 31
Chair: Ilaria Perugia
S19.08: Optimization of differential equations
Location: HS 30
Chair: Kevin Sturm
S21.05: Mathematical signal and image processing
Location: SR 06
Chair: Clemens Kirisits
S22.08: Scientific computing
Location: HS 42
Chair: Jens Saak
Coffee Break
Location: Festsaal, Hof 8
PL7: Plenary Lecture 7
Location: Audimax, streaming to BIG HS
Chair: Detlef Kuhl
Location: Audimax

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