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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
Tafakori, SaraLondon School of Economics, United KingdomThe Nation, the State and Emotion
Taillandier, ApollineSciences Po, FranceScience and Technology (Open Session) II
Taipale, SakariUniversity of Jyväskylä, Finland;
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Online disconnection, Resistance and Refusal in the Post-digital Age
Experts and Audiences in the Digital Age
Takacs, JuditCentre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, HungaryMapping and understanding sexual attitudes
LGBTQI+ intersectional experiences  Session Chair
Takahashi, KaoriRikkyo University, JapanMusic Practices and Access
Takahashi, KaoruGoldsmiths, University of London, United KingdomUnderstanding change in relational processes in the context of wider networks over time
Takeda, NaokoWaseda University, Japan(Post)modern urban transformations
Tallarita, Loredana maria annaUNIVERSITY KORE OF ENNASport as a social tool
Tan, Carl Julius DeeAteneo de Zamboanga UniversityLGBTQI+ intersectional experiences
Tangelad, TorvaldOslo Metropolitan University/SIFO, NorwaySustainable consumption and consumer behaviour
Digital food  Session Chair
Taranowicz, Iwona JaninaUniversity of Wrocław, PolandGender-arrangements and the division of work within couples
Tarasova, EkaterinaLinköping University, SwedenEnergy, climate change & sustainability
Tarkkala, HetaUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandHealth, bio-medicine & social context
Scientific careers and practices  Session Chair
Gender in/equality in science and technology  Session Chair
Science and Technology (Open Session) II  Session Chair
Tartari, MariaIULM, ItalyNeighbourhoods and neighbouring as a conceptual and empirical challenge 2
Tartari, MorenaFISPPA Department, University of Padova, ItalyIntergenerational relationships and kinship networks I
Family dissolution and post-divorce families I  Session Chair
Taru, MartiTallinn University, EstoniaParticipation III: Inclusion and empowerment
Work and employment III: Guidance and intergration  Session Chair
Tasheva, GallinaUniversity of Muenster, Germany;
Religion,Secularity and Global Modernity
Techno-Scientific Civilisation and its Consequences  Session Chair
Tassinari, AriannaUniversity of WarwickPlatform Work: Needs, Activation and Representativeness in the Era of Digital Labour  Session Chair
Tawodzera, ObertUniversity of Sheffield, United KingdomUrban Ageing: Towards an enhanced spatial perspective
Multi-local family life: Challenging normative constructions of the family
Taylor, ZackUniversity of Western Ontario, CanadaCities and Populism (URBPOP)
Teichler, NilsInstitute for Employment Research (IAB), Germany‘Precarious families’
Teigen, Helene MariaOslo Metropolitan University, NorwayDigitalization, Data and Everyday Life 1
Teixeira de Andrade, LucianaPontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, BrazilGentrification and displacement
Tejero, AroaUniversity of Oviedo, SpainMobillity, Work and Education in Europe
Teles, NunoUniversidade Federal da BahiaCollective Bargaining and Labour Market Regulations
Telešienė, AudroneKaunas University of TechnologyRN12 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Sustainable Mobilities  Session Chair
Sociology and Climate Change  Session Chair
Public Discourses and Media Representations of Risk
Media and Environmental Communication
Teli, MaurizioAalborg University, DenmarkLabour and Employment in Platform Capitalism
Teltemann, JannaUniversity of Hildesheim, GermanySocial inequality in primary and secondary education
Teney, CélineUniversity of Göttingen, GermanyEveryday Europe: Evaluating recent research on social transnationalism and horizontal europeanisation
Terek, LidiaUniversity of Novi Sad, SerbiaMulticultural Societies, Social Cohesion and Discrimination
Terracher-Lipinski, AudreyMartin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, GermanyMorality, Sustainability and Responsibility
Terral, PhilippeToulouse 3, FranceClass, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities in Health
Tervävä, JohannaUniversity of Jyväskylä, FinlandParent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices III
Terzioglu, AysecanSabanci University, TurkeyThe Long Summer of Migration and Its Aftermath
Thaa, Helene FranziskaAlbert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, GermanyDigital Movements, Activism and Protest
Thapa, UrikaTribhuvan University, Saraswati Multiple Campus, NepalParties, Politics, and Societies
Theodorakopoulou, IriniAgricultural Economics Research Institute Hellenic Agricultural Organization-DEMETERScience, Technology and Disaster Studies
Theodoridis, KonstantinosManchester Metropolitan University, United KingdomProsumption
Theologou, KostasNational Technical University of Athens, GreeceJournalism and Political Representation
Thiel, Christian AlexanderUniversity Augsburg, GermanyRisk and Uncertainty in Everyday Life
Thielemans, GertUniversiteit Antwerpen, BelgiumFamilies in the context of economic problems and crises I
Work-family balance and work-family conflicts III  Session Chair
Thiem, AlrikUniversity of Lucerne, SwitzerlandPotentials and boundaries of analytical techniques
Thijs, JochemUtrecht UniversitySocial Identities
Thill, PatrickLuxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER), LuxembourgWork and employment III: Guidance and intergration
Work and employment II: Precarity  Session Chair
Thing, Ida FriisUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkSports, risk and health
Thing, Lone FriisUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkSports, risk and health
Tholen, GerbrandCity, University of London, United KingdomLocal, Sectoral, National, and European Labour Market Institutions and Processes in Flux
Thomas, GarethCardiff University, United KingdomDisability
Thomas, Marina F.Radboud University, Netherlands, ThePedagogies of sexuality
Thomas, Nigel PatrickUniversity of Central Lancashire, United KingdomBorders and Theory in Childhood Studies II
New Understandings of Children and Young People's Activism - with Sevasti-Melissa Nolas and Ilaria Pitti  Session Chair
Borders and Theory in Childhood Studies II  Session Chair
Thomas, StefanUniversity of Applied Sciences Potsdam, GermanyThe right to housing 1
Thompson, Vanessa EileenGoethe University, GermanyNationalism, Europe and Brexit - with Michaela Benson, Gurminder K. Bhambra, Max Haller and Vanessa E. Thompson
Thomsen, Jens-PeterVIVE - The Danish Center for Social Science Research, DenmarkPerceptions and beliefs of the future
Thomson, RachelUniversity of Sussex, United KingdomTransitions and social change
Thorbjørnsrurd, KjerstiInstitute of Social Research, NorwaySocial movements and health
Thorén, ClaesUppsala university, SwedenOnline disconnection, Resistance and Refusal in the Post-digital Age
Thualagant, NicoleUniversity of Roskilde, DenmarkHealth Professions
Thurnell-Read, ThomasLoughborough University, United KingdomConsumption and the body
Tiefenthal,, Dortmund, GermanyExplaining urban structurisation and urban class
Tietje, OlafUniversity of Kassel, GermanyMethodological Frontiers: Mapping Migration Realities
Timmons, StephenUniversity of Nottingham, United KingdomNational & regional specificities and differences in science and technology
Health Professions
Timor-Shlevin, ShacharBar Ilan University, Israel;
Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel;
Ashkelon College, Israel
Adjustments and Ambivalences in professional work
Tinkler, PennyUniversity of Manchester, United KingdomMethodological innovations
Tippel, CorneliaILS - Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development, GermanySpatial Mobilities in the Life Course and Mobility Biographies
Tischer, HagenFreie Universität Berlin, GermanyNegotiating Futures
Tlcimukova, PetraUniversity of Hradec Kralove, Czech RepublicTheoretical and methodological challenges in studying sociology of religion
Toal, Aarron Jason JakeDurham University, United KingdomEuropean Social Dialogue
The Gig Economy: Bright and Dark Sides of the Future Labour Market II  Session Chair
Tobiasiewicz, EdytaJagiellonian Uniwersity in Krakow, PolandEconomic Relations: Work, Gender Equality and Empowerment
Tocher, JenniferThe University of Edinbrugh, United KingdomWork-Related Challenges and Emotional Labour
Todd, NicolasMax Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock, Germany;
Centre Roland Mousnier, Sorbonne Université, France
Parent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices V
Toepoel, VeraUtrecht University, NetherlandsComparing Survey Modes
Togni, CarolaUniversity of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES.SO), SwitzerlandPolicy Discourses
Toikka, ArhoUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandRenewable and Non-renewable Energies
Toikka, Enna SinikkaUniversity of Turku, FinlandChildren navigating economic inequalities
Tolhurst, EdwardSchool of Health Studies, Staffordshire University, United KingdomPotentials and boundaries of analytical techniques
Ageing in Europe: Agency, Citizenship and the Dynamics of Power - with Clary Krekula and Bernhart Weicht  Session Chair
European Health Policy and Ageing Societies: Challenges and Opportunities  Session Chair
Loneliness in Old Age  Session Chair
Ageing and Technology I  Session Chair
RN01 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Tolonen, Tarja-RiittaUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandYouth culture
Education, gender and class  Session Chair
Toma, LauraUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaParallel Sessions III - Group A
Toma, StefaniaRomanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, RomaniaStrangers, Barriers and Bridges as Social Forms of Collective Life
Tomczyk, JustynaPedagogical University of Cracow, PolandPublic Services and Gender Equality
Tomic-Koludrovic, IngaInstitute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, CroatiaGender-arrangements and the division of work within couples
Tomić-Koludrović, IngaInstitute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Split, CroatiaPerception of Equality and Boundaries – Class, work, life
Tomás, CatarinaInstituto Politécnico de Lisboa; CICS.NOVA.FCSH NOVA, PortugalLived experiences of generational relations
Tonkens, EvelienUniversity of Humanistic Studies, Netherlands, TheGlobal changes and international comparison
Power and Authority Today
Topates, HakanPamukkale University-Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, TurkeyIntersectional Migration Orders
New Politics of Identity
Topic, MartinaLeeds Beckett University, United KingdomLabour markets, workplaces and occupational issues
Topo, PäiviAge Institute, FinlandAdressing Older People in Survey Research: Potentials and Limitations
Torras-Gómez, ElisabethUniversity of Barcelona, SpainThe Social Shaping of Research: Adequacy, Impact and Elites
Torras, ElisabethUniversity of Barcelona, SpainRethinking mental health
Torres Pabón, GisellePontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, ChileEating in different cultures
Torres, SandraDepartment of Sociology, Uppsala University, SwedenCulture, Values and Images in the Field of Ageing II
Torunczyk-Ruiz, SabinaUniversity of Warsaw, PolandMigration: Belonging and Social Ties
Tota, Anna LisaRoma Tre University, Italy;
University of Rome III, Italy
Sociology of Culture: Music
Culture and Public Memory
Toth, CosminUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaHealth Behaviour
Toubøl, JonasUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkMicro-foundations of protest
Tourlidas, DimitrisNational Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, GreeceComparative Perspectives on Socio-Economic Crisis
Townsend, ScottNorth Carolina State University, College of Design, USAEnacting Futures
Townsend, SusanCalderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation TrustHealth Professions
Tošner, MichalUniversity of Hradec Králové, Czech RepublicChange in Work and Labour: Changing Environment and Context
Trajtenberg, GracielaThe Academic College of Tel Aviv Yafo, IsraelBoundaries for Artists and Audiences
Arts Education  Session Chair
Boundaries for Artists and Audiences  Session Chair
Tran, KienGerman Youth Institute (Deutsches Jugendinstitut), GermanyMigration I: Migration and mobilities
Migration II: Attitudes and identities  Session Chair
Trappenburg, MargoUniversity of Humanistic Studies, Netherlands, TheGlobal changes and international comparison
Power and Authority Today
Trappmann, VeraLeeds University BUsiness SchoolMicro-foundations of protest
Platform Work: Needs, Activation and Representativeness in the Era of Digital Labour
Young workers under precarious conditions
Travers, AnnSimon Fraser University, CanadaGender and digital space
Tremčinský, MartinCharles University in Prague, Czech RepublicMoney, Finance and Society I
Trenz, Hans JoergUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkPopulism, Institutions and Counter-reactions
Parties, Politics, and Societies  Session Chair
Established and Emerging Cleavages  Session Chair
Tretjakova, VaidaLithuanian Social Research Centre, LithuaniaFamily planning and fertility II
Family planning and fertility I  Session Chair
Trevisan, Gabriela De PinaInstitute of Education/University of Minho, Portugal&ESEPFBorders and Theory in Childhood Studies II
Triga, VasilikiCyprus University of Technology, CyprusThe subjectivities of societal exclusion and belonging
Trittler, SabineUniversity of Konstanz, GermanySymbolic Boundaries: Barriers or Belonging(s)? - with Sabine Trittler and Gert Verschraegen
Triventi, MorisDepartment of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento, ItalyStratification 2
Trochymiak, Mateusz RobertWarsaw University, PolandParenthood and family support
Trofimova, IrinaFederal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian FederationCitizenship and Civil society (III)
Life-long learning
Troncoso, PatricioThe University of Manchester, United KingdomEarly Childhood, Parenting and Education
Troost, Agata A.Delft University of Technology, the NetherlandsNeighbourhoods and neighbouring as a conceptual and empirical challenge 2
Troszynski, MarekCollegium Civitas, PolandMigration and Media
Trotsuk, IrinaRussian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russian Federation;
RUDN University, Russian Federation
Eating in different cultures
Measuring, Automation, Diagrams, Podcasts: Extending Qualitative Data Analysis
Trowsdale, JoUniversity of Warwick, United KingdomCurriculum design and development
Trucco, DanielaUniversity of Nice Sophia Antipolis, FranceThe Local Production of Borders
Truda, GiovannaUniversity of Salerno, ItalyDemocratic Deficit and Judicial Rower: The Context for Justice
Truninger, MonicaUniversity of Lisbon, Portugal;
Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa
Food safety
Food safety
Human-Animal Relations
Consumption and the body  Session Chair
Special session: Advancing Practice Theoretical Applications in the Sociology of Consumption?: Debating Childhood and Markets: Infants, Parents and the Business of Child Caring  Session Chair
Trusson, CliveLoughborough University, United KingdomDigitalization in and of the Work and Employment
Trusson, DianeUniversity of Nottingham, United KingdomClinic in Change
Trąbka, AgnieszkaSWPS University, Jagiellonian University, PolandMethodological Frontiers: Researching Migration in the Digital Era
Tsai, Po-FangGraduate Institute of Humanities in Medicine, TMU, TaiwanClinic in Change
Tsao, Chia RongShih Hsin University, TaiwanRoundtable: Social Sciences, and Digital environment. From theory to practice
Tsedendemberel, OtgonbaatarCorvinus University, HungaryMedia representations and online sexual subjectivities
Tsiami, PangiotaLaboratory of Integrated Health Care, Nursing Department, University of Peloponnese, GreeceMigration and Refugee Flows
Tsiganou, JoannaNational Centre for Social Research, Athens, GreeceComparative Perspectives on Socio-Economic Crisis
Tsiknakou, Eleni IoannouPanteion University of Athens, GreeceAspects of Southern European Societies
Tsui, Ying TungHong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)Roundtable: Discourse, Comunities & Users: Critical perspectives
Tuider, ElisabethUniversity of Kassel, GermanyMethodological Frontiers: Mapping Migration Realities
Tuma, RenéTU Berlin, GermanyKnowledge and Digitalization
Sociology of Sociological Knowledge  Session Chair
Tumeltshammer, MarkusUniversity of Klagenfurt, AustriaScientific careers and practices
Tumminelli, Santa GiuseppinaUniversity of Palermo, Ass. Nahuel, ItalySocial Identities
Tumminello, MicheleUniversity of Palermo, ItalyConsumption and the family
Tuomaala, VaulaUniversity of Eastern Finland, FinlandFamily forms and their change in historical time or across the life-course I
Tupasela, AaroUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandArtificial Intelligence and machine learning
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning  Session Chair
Health, bio-medicine & social context  Session Chair
Turan, Büşraİstanbul University, Turkey(Post)modern urban transformations
Turba, HannuUniversity of KasselRN26 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Populism and welfare chauvinism  Session Chair
Poverty and inequality  Session Chair
Turek, KonradNetherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, Netherlands, TheUsing Methods of Quantitative Analysis in Ageing Research
Turkowski, Andrzej MarekUniversity of Warsaw, PolandPolitical field: Politicians, institutions and masses
Turkyılmaz, SinanHacettepe Unıversıty, Ankara TurkeySocial Dimensions of Disaster Preparedness and Response
Turner, JohnPension Policy Center, Washington DC, USAAge Discrimination
Tusini, StefaniaUniversity for Foreigners of Perugia, ItalyBorders and Boundaries
Tuukkanen, Roosa Helmi HenriikkaUniversity of Tampere, FinlandClass, critique & participation in the sociology of engagements
Twigger-Ross, ClaireCollingwood Environmental Planning, United KingdomDisaster Management and International Responses
Tyldum, GuriFafo, NorwayForced Migration and Global Social Inequalities
Tyler, PhilippaMigration Yorkshire, United KingdomBrexit
Tzanakou, CharikleiaUniversity of Warwick, United KingdomSymposium: ‘From education to employment: Transitions to employment among university students and graduates.’
Tzanetakis, MeropiUniversity of Essex, United KingdomMarkets, Digitalization and Innovation
Tzavella, FoteiniLaboratory of Integrated Health Care, Nursing Department, University of Peloponnese, GreeceMigration and Refugee Flows
Aspects of Southern European Societies  Session Chair
Törnberg, AntonUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenPolitical violence and social movements
Törnqvist, MariaUppsala university, SwedenThe transformative and regressive potentialities of new social forms
Törnqvist, NinaUppsala University, SwedenEmotions and the Law
Törrönen, Jukka AnteroStockholm University, SwedenRisk and agency
Social Politics
Török, EmőkeKároli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, HungaryWork-life Balance and Care for a Better World
Türkyilmaz, AytüreWuppertal University, GermanyMeanings of 'child welfare' and 'good parenting'
Tüzü, Elifİzmir Katip Çelebi University, TurkeyNew Perspectives on the World of Work and Labour