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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
O Toole, Jacqueline Anne MarieInstitute of Technology Sligo, IrelandGender Struggles, Places and Bodies
ONeill, MaggieUCC, IrelandPerformative and Arts-Based Methods in Biographical Research
Methods of Analysis of Biographical Data  Session Chair
O' Loughlin, DeirdreUniversity of Limerick, IrelandConsumption and the family
O'Connell, RebeccaUCL, United KingdomFamilies in the context of economic problems and crises I
O'Donohoe, StephanieUniversity of Edinburgh Business School, UKIntergenerational relationships and kinship networks II
O'Flaherty, MartinUniversity of Queensland, AustraliaFamily planning and fertility III
O'Halloran, PaulLa Trobe University, AustraliaIdentities in sports
O'Leary, Erin NicoleUniversity of Chester, United KingdomThe Crisis of Legitimacy in Law and Justice
O'Mahony, Patrick JosephUniversity College Cork, IrelandReason, Recognition and Ideology Critique
O'Mahony, Patrick JosephUniversity College CorkStructure and Action; Lifeworld and Systems  Session Chair
O'Neill, ClaireUniversity College Cork, IrelandWorkshop: Sustainable Food Practices and Socio-Technical Innovation
O'Reilly, LouiseUniversité de SherbrookeChallenges for Health Care Organisation
O'Riordan, JacquiUniversity College Cork, IrelandConsumption and the family
Obiol Francés, SandraUniversity of Valencia, SpainGender and education
Obrovska, JanaMasaryk University, Czech RepublicBiography and Identities
Ockander, MarleneJönköping University, SwedenCo-creation/production/design in health and healthcare: Cutting-edge approach or smart branding?
Oddone, CristinaUniversity of Strasbourg, FranceMen and Masculinities in a Changing Europe II: Antifeminism and toxic masculinity
Odenbring, YlvaUniveristy of Gothenbrug, SwedenEducation, gender and class
Oehmichen, HeleneEcole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, FranceApproaching capabilities in diverse childhoods
Oeltjen, MareikeUniversity of Bremen, GermanyNeighbourhoods and neighbouring as a conceptual and empirical challenge 1
Oeser, AlexandraUniversité Paris Nanterre, FranceMobilisation, Resistance and Emotion
Offer, ShiraBar-Ilan University, IsraelFamily forms and their change in historical time or across the life-course I
Oinas, TomiUniversity of Jyväskylä, FinlandParent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices I
Ojamo, Hanna Maija PäivikkiUniversity of the Arts Helsinki, FinlandArts Organisation and Strategies
Okay-Somerville, BelginUniversity of Glasgow, United KingdomSymposium: ‘From education to employment: Transitions to employment among university students and graduates.’
Oksanen, AtteUniversity of Tampere, FinlandCurrent Research in Risk Perception and Representation
Olaciregui-Rodríguez, PazUNIVERSIDAD DE ZARAGOZA, SpainGetting surrogate offsprings
Olafsdottir, SigrunUniversity of Iceland, IcelandRisk - Donation - Mental health
Olah, Livia Sz.Stockholm University, SwedenIntroducing (Under-Utilised) Surveys for European Family Research
Olakivi, AnteroUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandAutonomy despite Hybridization?
Culture, Values and Images in the Field of Ageing I
Law and Legitimization  Session Chair
Olazaran, MikelUniversity of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), SpainMobillity, Work and Education in Europe
Olcoń-Kubicka, MartaInstitute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences, PolandFinancialisation and its Impacts on Everyday Life I
Financialisation and its Impacts on Everyday Life II  Session Chair
Money, Finance and Society II  Session Chair
Money, Finance and Society I  Session Chair
Oliva, JesusPublic University of Navarre, SpainReconfiguring territories: Mobilities, representations and belonging
Oliveira, Nuno FilipeCIES-IUL ISCTE Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, PortugalUrban Futures: Visions, imaginaries and narratives (1)
Oliver, EstherUniversity of Barcelona, SpainThe Social Shaping of Research: Adequacy, Impact and Elites
Violence, legal practices and oppositions
Knowledge, Ideology and Method  Session Chair
Olivos, FranciscoThe Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)Gender and education
Olofsson, AnnaMid Sweden University, SwedenTheoretical Advancements in Risk and Uncertainty Studies
Risk and Uncertainty in Everyday Life  Session Chair
Olofsson, GunnarLinnaeus University, SwedenNew Dynamics in Academia
Olofsson, Jennie KristinaFaculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, SloveniaSituatedness and Data Collection I: The Power of Situations and Going Along
Olofsson, TobiasUppsala University, SwedenPolitical Economy, Policies and Coordination
Olsen, Wendy KayUniversity of Manchester, United KingdomGender and Resource Management: Households, Negotiations and Strategies
Work History and women's progression
Olt, GergelyHungarian Academy of Sciences, HungaryUrban movements: Resistance and solidarity
Omizzolo, MarcoTempi Moderni - net, ItalyForced Migration and Global Social Inequalities
Oncini, FilippoUniversity of Trento, ItalyWorkshop: Sustainable Food Practices and Socio-Technical Innovation
Stratification 2
Oncu, AhmetSabanci University, TurkeyLumpenproletariat, Artistic Precariat and the Radical Left
Oner, AysunAnkara University, TurkeyParallel Sessions II - Group A
Onorati, Maria GiovannaUniversity of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, ItalyFood and taste
Oonk, GijsbertErasmus University, Netherlands, TheBoundaries, Barriers, and (Multiple) Belongings through Sport
Oosterlynck, StijnDepartment of Sociology, University of Antwerp, BelgiumUrban inequalities: Ethnicity, gender and age
Oosterveer, PeterWageningen University, Wageningen, The NetherlandsSustainable food
Food Production and Consumption
Environmental Sociology and Sustainable Development  Session Chair
Human-Animal Relations  Session Chair
Opermann, SigneUniversity of Tartu, EstoniaSocial Media, Identity and the Personal
Oral, AyçaMimar Sinan Fine Arts University, TurkeyReligion and integration
Youth culture
Orange, SophieUniversity of Nantes, FranceSpatial Immobilities
Orekh, EkaterinaSt.-Petersburg State University, Russian FederationScience and Technology (Open Session) II
Parent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices II
Orekhovskaya, NataliaFinancial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation(Dis)Trust and cultural and political changes
Orišková, DominikaInstitute for Sociology Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak RepublicDigital and Analogue Discourses
Orru, KatiUniversity of Tartu, EstoniaEnvironmental Dilemmas and Paradoxes
Orsholits, DanNCCR LIVES;
University of Geneva, Switzerland
Labour Market Segregation II
Orsini, GisellaUniversity of Malta, MaltaMotherhood and narratives
Ortiz Monera, RosaUniversitat de Barcelona, SpainCommodification of bodies
Ortiz, GuadalupeUniversity of Alicante, SpainSustainability and Environmental Conflicts
Oscarsson, OlofMid Sweden University, SwedenDisaster Management and International Responses
Osipova, NadezdaLomonosov Moscow State University, Russian FederationParticipation I: Political engagement
Oso, LaiLagos State University, NigeriaMedia, Patriarchy and Gender. Perspectives on (in)visible violence
Oso, LauraESOMI, Universidade da Coruña, SpainMigration and Refugee Flows
Work and Education
Negotiation, Boundary-Making and Social Relationships in Migration Processes: Cultural, Ethnic and Religious Challenges in Southern European Societies", with Maurizio Ambrosini and Camille Schmoll  Session Chair
Migration and Refugee Flows  Session Chair
Osorio, LuisISEL - Engineering Institute of Lisbon,Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, POLITEC&IDMarkets, Digitalization and Innovation
Ossmann, Stefan F.University of Vienna, AustriaMedia representations and online sexual subjectivities
Ostapchuk, DmytroDataRobotGovernmentality and Society (II)
Osterbrink, JürgenParacelsus Medical University Salzburg, AustriaAdressing Older People in Survey Research: Potentials and Limitations
Ostojic, JelenaUniversity of Zagreb, CroatiaResisting Authoritarian Neoliberalism
Otero, BeatrizUniversity of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), SpainMobillity, Work and Education in Europe
Otrar, MustafaMinistry of National EducationInequalities in urban space
Ots, IngridUniversidad Autonoma Metropolitana, MexicoMulti-local, multicultural and transnational families
Otte, GunnarJohannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, GermanyStratification 1
Otto, MichaelFriedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, GermanyMeasuring social inequality in Europe
Ou-Salah, LoubnaUniversity of Antwerp, BelgiumMigration Between Natural Disasters and Cultural Heritage
Labour Market Segregation I
Ozcurumez, SaimeBilkent University, TurkeyFamily and Gender Relations in Current Migration Contexts
Ozer Tekin, Nazli BerilOkan University, TurkeySustainability and Environmental Conflicts
Ozimek, Anna MariaTallinn University, EstoniaWork, Labour and the Politics of Video Game Making and Playing
Oztimur, NeseSoas, University of London, United Kingdom,Cities in times of migration "crises"
Öhman, SusannaMid Sweden University, SwedenTheoretical Advancements in Risk and Uncertainty Studies
Östman, LillemorÅbo Akademi University, FinlandEthnic Minorities and Identity
Özcan Cive, YağmurIzmir Institute of Technology, TurkeyEnvironmental Justice