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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
Na, YuqiUniversity of Westminster, United KingdomDigital Movements, Activism and Protest
Experts and Audiences in the Digital Age  Session Chair
Naclerio, EmanuelaUniversity of Milan, Italy, University of Turin, ItalyYoung workers under precarious conditions
Nadelnyuk, OleksandrVoxUkraineGovernmentality and Society (II)
Naderi, RobertFederal Institute of Population Reserach (BiB), GermanyComparing Survey Modes
Nadezhdina, EvgeniyaNational Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian FederationUrban change and local sustainability
Nadolu, BogdanWest University of Timisoara, RomaniaDigitalization, Data and Everyday Life 1
Nadolu, DeliaWest University of Timisoara, RomaniaDigitalization, Data and Everyday Life 1
Naeimi, MohammadVerona University, ItalyNegotiating sexual identities
Nagel, ChristophTechnical University of Berlin, GermanyReligion and integration
Nagy, ImreUniversity of Novi Sad, Faculty of ScienceMigration Between Natural Disasters and Cultural Heritage
Nagy, ZsófiaEötvös Loránd University, HungarySocial Politics
Nakanishi, MachikoChukyo University, JapanRefigurations, Reflexivity and Rebellion
Nal Akcay, AyseUniversity of Washington, SeattleThe impact of collective action
Political violence and social movements  Session Chair
Nampoothiri, AparnaIndian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, IndiaRoundtable: Discourse, Comunities & Users: Critical perspectives
Narbut, NikolaiRUDN University, Russian FederationMeasuring, Automation, Diagrams, Podcasts: Extending Qualitative Data Analysis
Nartok, Esra ElifThe University of Manchester, United KingdomCapitalist Crises, Elites, Experts and the Role of the State
Natalia, MagnaniUniversity of Trento, ItalySustainability and Environmental Conflicts
Sustainability and Environmental Conflicts  Session Chair
Workshop: Sustainable Food Practices and Socio-Technical Innovation  Session Chair
Natalier, KristinFlinders University, AustraliaParent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices I
Emotions in Intimate Relationships and Emotional Reflexivity
Naudi, MarcelineUniversity of Malta, MaltaMotherhood and narratives
Navalón-Mira, AlbaUniversity of Alicante, SpainWork and employment I: Pathways from education
Navratil, JiriMasaryk University, Czech RepublicEconomic grievances and labor movement
Nayak, MedhaNational Institute of Science Education and Research, IndiaHuman-Animal Relations
Nazio, TizianaWZB Berlin Social Science Center, GermanyAgeing and the Life Course
Nazroo, JamesUniversity of Manchester, UKChallenges for Health Care Organisation
Co-creation/production/design in health and healthcare: Cutting-edge approach or smart branding?
Necef, ÜmitUniversity of Southern Denmark, DenmarkRelating to Research Participants: The Self and its Boundaries in Qualitative Research
Necel, RichardAdam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, PolandThe Variety of Work and Labour
Nedelcu, MihaelaUniversity of Neuchâtel, SwitzerlandWork and Retirement
Nedyak, Irina LeonidovnaFederal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian FederationCitizenship and Civil society (II)
Nefedova, AlenaNational Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian FederationNew Empirical Studies in Economic Sociology
Neff, RiccardaFachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, SwitzerlandSpaces of sexuality
Negrea, Oana-ElenaUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaPolicy Discourses
Neiva Ganga, RafaelaLiverpool John Moores University, United KingdomFormal and informal care I: Care Recipients - situations
Sociology of Culture: Place and territory
Nelson, Rosie BethUniversity of Bristol, United KingdomTrans/sexualities and Intimate Relations.
Nery Fiocchi Rodrigues, Joao VictorUniversity of Pennsylvania, United States of AmericaEthnic Minorities and Identity
Nesporova, OlgaResearch Institute for Labour and Social Affairs, Prague, Czech RepublicWork-family balance and work-family conflicts II
Nessel, SebastianUniversity of Graz, AustriaPolitical Economy, Policies and Coordination
Money, Finance and Society II
Financialisation and its Impacts on Everyday Life II  Session Chair
Money, Finance and Society I  Session Chair
Nestik, TimofeiInstitute of psychology, Russian academy of sciences, Russian FederationCurrent Research in Risk Perception and Representation
Neto, PauloUniversity of Évora – Department of Economics, CICS.NOVA, CEFAGE-UÉ and UMPPMarkets, Digitalization and Innovation
Nettleton, SarahUniversity of York, United KingdomCare
European Health Policy and Ageing Societies: Challenges and Opportunities
Neuberger, FranzGerman Youth Institute, MunichParent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices III
Neuhofer, SabineUniversity of Vienna, AustriaCrossing Methodological Boundaries: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Economic Sociology
Neuman, NicklasUppsala University, SwedenFood sociology
Neumann, Cecilie BasbergOslo Metropolitan University, NorwayChildhoods and Children's Rights
Neumann, CecilieOslo Metropolitan UniversityGendered Responsibilities and Family Idealizations
Neumann, DenisFreie Universität Berlin, GermanyPlatform Work: Needs, Activation and Representativeness in the Era of Digital Labour
Micro-foundations of protest
Nevradakis, MichaelDeree-The American College of Greece, GreeceArtificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet Culture
Neyer, GerdaStockholm University, SwedenIntroducing (Under-Utilised) Surveys for European Family Research
Nicheèle, VéroniqueINRA, France, ALISSStratification 1
Nicholson, MatthewLa Trobe University, AustraliaIdentities in sports
Nico, MagdaISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon, PortugalBiographical Methods in the Qualitative Research
Intergenerational relationships and kinship networks I
Nico, MagdaISCTE-IUL, PortugalWork and employment II: Precarity
Nicolau, Anca IoanaUniversity of Galati, RomaniaFood safety
Food safety
Nicoletta, Gerardo CostabileUniversity of Naples Federico II, ItalyThe Political Economy of Neoliberal Transformations
A Feminist Political Economy of Precarisation and Indebtedness  Session Chair
Lumpenproletariat, Artistic Precariat and the Radical Left  Session Chair
Niekrenz, YvonneUniversity of Rostock, GermanyFutures, identities and biographies
Nielsen, ChantalThe Danish National Centre for Social Research, DenmarkCurriculum design and development
Nielsen, JacobUniversity of Liverpool, United KingdomParallel Sessions II - Group B
Nielsen, Mathias HerupAalborg University, DenmarkClass, critique & participation in the sociology of engagements
Nikander, PirjoTampere University, FinlandActive Ageing and Social Participation in Old Age
Nilsen, AnnUniversity of Bergen, NorwayFuture aspirations
Nilsen, Randi DyblieNTNU, NorwayBorders and Theory in Childhood Studies I
Boundaries and Generationing  Session Chair
Nilsson, AdrianaUniversty of LiverpoolFinance, Debt, Bubbles, and Critical Theories of Money
Nimrod, GalitBen-Gurion University of the Negev, IsraelIntergenerational relationships and kinship networks III
Nina Pazarzi, EleniUniversity ofPiraeus GreeceEducational Policies in Southern Europe
RN27 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Parallel Sessions II - Group A  Session Chair
Democratic Deficit and the Judiciary  Session Chair
The Impact of the Crisis in Southern European Societies  Session Chair
Niska, MiiraTampere University, FinlandActive Ageing and Social Participation in Old Age
Nissen, Stine KarenAarhus University, DenmarkBoundaries and Generationing
Nissim, GadiRuppin Academic Center, IsraelDigitalization in and of the Work and Employment
Niva, MariUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandEnvironmental Sociology and Sustainable Development
Sustainable food
Food safety  Session Chair
Niziołek, KatarzynaUniversity of Białystok, PolandPerformative and Arts-Based Methods in Biographical Research
Nobels, Bérengère Marie-EvelyneUCLouvain, Belgium;
Université catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Multi-local family life: Challenging normative constructions of the family
Parallel Sessions II - Group B
Nocenzi, MariellaSapienza University of Rome, ItalyTechno-Scientific Civilisation and its Consequences
Nogueira, Maria Alice de FariaUniversidade Estácio de Sá (UNESA), Brazil;
Centro de Pesquisa e Documentação de História Contemporânea do Brasil (CPDOC), Brazil
Sports management and globalization
Nolas, MelissaGoldsmiths, University of London, United KingdomSituatedness and Data Collection III: Comparing and Extending (Ethnographic) Cases
New Understandings of Children and Young People's Activism - with Sevasti-Melissa Nolas and Ilaria Pitti
Nollert, MichaelUniversity of Fribourg, SwitzerlandSocial Spheres and Its Boundaries: From the Secrecy to the Public
Noordegraaf, MirkoUtrecht University, Netherlands, TheAutonomy despite Hybridization?
Too cool for School? Changing Professionalism in the Educational Field  Session Chair
Architecture as/of a Profession  Session Chair
Nordberg, Camilla CUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandLived Citizenship and Humanitarianism in Practice
Nordbø, Hanna VangenNOVA, OsloMet, NorwayIntergenerational Relations in Times of Ageing Societies
Nordquist, CeciliaUppsala University, SwedenEmotions in Intimate Relationships and Emotional Reflexivity
Nordqvist, PetraUniversity of Manchester, United KingdomRisk - Donation - Mental health
Norkus, ZenonasVilnius University, Faculty of Philosophy, LithuaniaPerception of Equality and Boundaries – Class, work, life
(Dis)Trust and cultural and political changes  Session Chair
Norman, HelenUniversity of Manchester, United KingdomFamily dissolution and post-divorce families I
Parent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices IV  Session Chair
Intergenerational relationships and kinship networks I  Session Chair
Norocel, Ov CristianUniversité Libre de BruxellesRN32 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Governmentality and Society (I)  Session Chair
Discursive Articulations of the Social  Session Chair
Examining Populism (II)
Norton, WendyDe Montfort University, Leicester, United KingdomFertility and reproductive technologies
Nosal, PrzemyslawAdam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, PolandSports management and globalization
Identities in sports  Session Chair
Notko, MarianneUniversity of Jyväskylä, FinlandParent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices I
Novak, ChristophUniversity of Vienna, AustriaDiverse cities and neighbourhoods and their dynamics of change
Novikova, GalinaInternational Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC), University of Giessen, GermanyManaging religious rights in multicultural societies II
Novkunskaya, AnastasiiaEuropean University at Saint-Petersburg, Russian FederationHealth Care Organisations and Policy
Nowc, MatthiasUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, GermanyEmployment in Later Life
Age Discrimination  Session Chair
Nowicka, EwaCollegium Civitas, PolandReligious values in a globalized world
Nowicka, MagdalenaGerman Center for Integration and Migration Research (DeZIM)Gender, Migration and Care
Ntouraki, StellaNational Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA), GreeceThe Impact of the Crisis in Southern European Societies
Nugin, RailiTallinn University, EstoniaSpatial Mobilities: Practices and Decision-Making Process
Citizenship and self
Numerato, DinoCharles University, Czech RepublicSocial movements and health
Health Professions  Session Chair
Donation and Death  Session Chair
Nunes de Almeida, AnaInstituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de LisboaHuman-Animal Relations
Borders and Theory in Childhood Studies I
Borders and Theory in Childhood Studies I  Session Chair
Nunes, CristinaUniversity of Lisbon, PortugalFood safety
Nunes, NunoCIES-IUL, ISCTE-IUL, PortugalNew Directions in the cross-national measurement of quality of life
Nurmi, JohannaUniversity of Turku, FinlandChallenges for Health Care Organisation
Nurse, LyudmilaDepartment of Education, University of Oxford, United Kingdom,;
Oxford University, UK
Doing research with children and parents
Performative and Arts-Based Methods in Biographical Research
RN03 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Performative and Arts-Based Methods in Biographical Research  Session Chair
Biography and Identities  Session Chair
Nygård, MikaelÅbo Akademi University, FinlandProtecting and promoting children's rights and well-being
Nylander, ErikLinköping University, SwedenArts Education
Nyman-Kurkiala, Pia Elisabeth WaldemarsdotterÅbo Akademi University, FinlandEthnic Minorities and Identity
Nyqvist, FredricaÅbo Akademi University, FinlandProtecting and promoting children's rights and well-being
Nábelek, FruzsinaCorvinus University of Budapest, HungaryPolitics of Boundaries (SOSEM)
Näre, Lena MargaretaUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandCare Practicies, Emotions and Markets.
Populism, Racism and Everyday Life in Europe - with Miranda Christou, Christian Fuchs and Farzana Shain  Session Chair
Parallel Sessions II - Group B  Session Chair
Gender Equality, Work and Families  Session Chair
Meet the Editors: How to Write a Journal Article and Get It Published  Session Chair
Author-Meets-Critics: Refugees, Civil Society and the State - by Ludger Pries  Session Chair
Närvi, JohannaNational Institute of Health and Welfare, FinlandParent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices III
Näsänen, VirpiHanken School of Economics, FinlandMusic and taste
Némoz, SophieUniversity of Bourgogne / Franche-Comté, France, Laboratory of Sociologie and Anthropology, MSHE Claude Nicolas Ledoux CNRS USR 3124Social Theory and the Environment
Participation, Acceptance, and Environmental Governance  Session Chair
Science, Technology, and the Environment  Session Chair
Nøjgaard, MikkelUniversity of Southern Denmark, DenmarkEnacting Futures
Nüß, PatrickKiel University, Germany;
Trade Unions and Employers' Organizations