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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
Haagsman, KarlijnUniversity Maastricht, Netherlands, TheRelatives at a distance: Understandings of family in post-migration constellations
Current challenges of survey research
Haapajarvi, LindaCentre Maurice Halbwachs, FranceMigration and Integration Reconsidered I
Haarmans, MariaUniversity of Manchester, Sociology, UKCo-creation/production/design in health and healthcare: Cutting-edge approach or smart branding?
Habib, Filip EliasOtto-von-Guericke- Universität Magdeburg, GermanyMethodological Frontiers: Mapping Migration Realities
Hackl, ElisabethJohannes Kepler University, AustriaMental Health: Discourses on depressions and other forms of suffering
Mental Health and inequality
Hacısalihoğlu, ElifTrakya University, TurkeyOpportunity Structures
Hadjar, AndreasUniversity of Luxembourg, LuxembourgContextual factors in education
Hadzibulic, SabinaUppsala University, SwedenMaintenance and re-invention in celebration
Hafner, JohannUniversity of Potsdam, GermanyComparing and contrasting the religious landscape in the European context
Hagen Ford, Courtney EmmaRoyal Holloway University of London, United KingdomCouple formation in digital age
Hagen, Målfrid IreneMI Hagen, NorwayBarriers and Opportunities in the Arts
Hahn, KorneliaUniversity of Salzburg, AustriaRefigurations, Reflexivity and Rebellion
Haines-Doran, ThomasSOAS, United KingdomA Critical Political Economy of Finance-led Accumulation
Coercion, Surveillance and the Disciplining of Labour under Authoritarian Capitalism  Session Chair
Halawa, MateuszInstitute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences, PolandFinancialisation and its Impacts on Everyday Life I
Haldar, MaritOsloMet, NorwayHealthcare policies and provision
Halford, SusanUniversity of BristolNationalism, Europe and Brexit - with Michaela Benson, Gurminder K. Bhambra, Max Haller and Vanessa E. Thompson  Session Chair
Halkier, BenteUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkFood and stratification
Sustainable food  Session Chair
Hall, MelanieManchester Metropolitan University, United KingdomWellbeing and inequalities
Migration III: Mobilities and immobilities  Session Chair
Haller, MaxUniversity of Graz, AustriaNationalism, Europe and Brexit - with Michaela Benson, Gurminder K. Bhambra, Max Haller and Vanessa E. Thompson
Halrynjo, SigtonaInstitute for Social Research, NorwayWork-family balance and work-family conflicts I
Marriage and cohabitation  Session Chair
Parent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices II  Session Chair
Halvorsrud, KristofferQueen Mary University of London, Centre for Psychiatry, UKCo-creation/production/design in health and healthcare: Cutting-edge approach or smart branding?
Hameister, NicoleGerman Centre of Gerontology, GermanyUsing Methods of Quantitative Analysis in Ageing Research
Hammarsten, Maria JennieJönköping University Sweden, SwedenChildren in space and place
Hammer, RaphaëlUniversity of Applied Sciences and the Arts, Western SwitzerlandRisk and Uncertainty in Everyday Life
Hanafi, SariAmerican University of Beirut, Lebanon (Lebanese Republic)Plenary 3 - Closing
Hanbury, AliThe Proud TrustRelationship practices and the everyday
Hancock, DavidUniversity of Salford, United KingdomGender, Identity and the Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Video Game Culture(s)
Handulle, AyanUniversity of Stavanger, NorwayChild and youth welfare
Hannikainen, PietariUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandDiscussing old and new religious topics II
Hans, SilkeGeorg-August-Universität Göttingen, GermanyHealth and Migration, Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Hansen, Anders RhigerAalborg University, DenmarkProsumption
Hansen, Christian SandbjergAarhus University, DenmarkSpatial segregation in cities
Hansen, Lasse SchmidtDepartment of Political Science, Aarhus University, DenmarkSocial Politics
Hansson, KristoferLund University, SwedenSituatedness and Data Collection I: The Power of Situations and Going Along
Hanzlik, JanCharles University, University of Economics in PragueBoundaries for Artists and Audiences
Hardardottir, EvaUniversity of Iceland, IcelandMulti-local, multicultural and transnational families
Harju, Anu A.University of Helsinki, FinlandConsumption and inequalities
Media, Patriarchy and Gender. Perspectives on (in)visible violence
Harkness, SusanUniversity of Bristol, United KingdomWork History and women's progression
Harrebye, SilasRoskilde University, DenmarkEconomic grievances and labor movement
Harries, TimKingston University, United KingdomDisaster Management and International Responses
Hartmann, EvaUniversity of Cambridge, United KingdomDigitalization, Data and Everyday Life 2
Hartmann, JenniferFreie Universität Berlin, GermanyResilience: Concepts and Perspectives
Haru, Ashley ElisabethUppsala University, SwedenFeminist knowledge and theorizing: Opportunities and Dialogues
Hashem, ShadiUniversity College Cork, IrelandWorkshop: Sustainable Food Practices and Socio-Technical Innovation
Hashemi, MortezaUniversity of Edinburgh, United KingdomMigration and Integration Reconsidered I
Haskova, HanaCzech Academy od Sciences, Czech RepublicFamily planning and fertility I
Hassan, Claudia GinaUniversity of Rome Tor Vergata Italy, Universiy of Castell Sant'Angelo ItalyAntisemitism in Context
Discriminatory Practices in Europe: Case Studies  Session Chair
Hatos, AdrianUniversity of Oradea, RomaniaPopulism and welfare chauvinism
Haugrønning, VildeOslo Metropolitan University, NorwayMaintenance and re-invention in celebration
Havlin, TetianaUniversity of Siegen, GermanyNew Politics of Identity
Lived Citizenship and Humanitarianism in Practice  Session Chair
Migration and Integration Reconsidered I  Session Chair
Haycox, HannahThe University of Manchester, United KingdomFamily and Gender Relations in Current Migration Contexts
Hayudini, Shareen UsmanAteneo de Zamboanga UniversityLGBTQI+ intersectional experiences
Hayward, GeoffCambridge University, United KingdomVocational education and training
Head, EmmaKeele University, United KingdomFood safety
Parenting, Childhood, Scheduling and Time
Heaney, Jonathan G.Queen's University Belfast, United KingdomThe Nation, the State and Emotion
RN11 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Emotion Management in Intercultural Contexts  Session Chair
Theorizing Emotion  Session Chair
Hebrok, MarieOslo Metropolitan University, NorwayWorkshop: Sustainable Food Practices and Socio-Technical Innovation
Hedegaard, Troels FageAalborg University, DenmarkMigration and the Implications for the World of Work, Employment and Industrial Relations
Heegemann, PatrickKU Leuven, BelgiumMapping and understanding sexual attitudes
Heers, MariekeFORS, University of LausanneParent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices IV
Work-family balance and work-family conflicts II
Hegna, KristinnFaculty of Educational Science, University of Oslo, NorwayUnderstanding change in relational processes in the context of wider networks over time
Hegnes, Atle WehnNorwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, NorwaySustainable consumption and consumer behaviour
Heidenstrøm, NinaOslo Metropolitan University, NorwayPractice Theories
Workshop: Sustainable Food Practices and Socio-Technical Innovation
Heikkilä, RiieTampere University, FinlandConspicuous consumption
Music and taste  Session Chair
Situatedness and Data Collection I: The Power of Situations and Going Along
Heiland, HeinerTechnical University Darmstadt, GermanyChanging Work and Labour Relations
Heimo, Lauri JuhaniTampere University, FinlandGlobal Models, Glocal Practices (2)
Heinz, AndreasUniversity of Luxembourg, LuxembourgAdolescents and Obesity in Context: Moving Beyond Individual Choice
Heinz, JanaTechnical Universtity Munich, GermanyICT in education
Held, NinaUniversity of Sussex, United KingdomSpaces of sexuality
Helland, HåvardOsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University, NorwayInternationalisation
Helland, HåvardSPS, OsloMet, NorwayGrade retention and dropout
Hellman, MatildaUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandLeisure
Helsing, Daniel LarsLund University, Sweden; University College London, United KingdomScience and the public I
Hemmingsson, Olov MikaelMid Sweden university, SwedenSports, risk and health
Henchoz, CarolineUniversity of Fribourg, SwitzerlandEconomic Sociology and Social and Economic Inequality II
Hendrickx, JefKU Leuven, BelgiumMapping and understanding sexual attitudes
Henkens, KeneNetherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, Netherlands, TheUsing Methods of Quantitative Analysis in Ageing Research
Henriksson, Erik AndreasKarlstad University, SwedenMen and Masculinities in a Changing Europe III: Constructing masculinities today
Hense, AndreaSociological Research Institute Goettingen (SOFI), GermanyIntergenerational relationships and kinship networks II
Methodological innovations
Herbrand, CathyDe Montfort University, United KingdomHealth Technologies and Biomedicine
Herda, DanielMerrimack College, United States of AmericaMulticultural Societies, Social Cohesion and Discrimination
Hering, LindaTechnical University Berlin, Germany;
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Food and stratification
Crossing Methodological Boundaries: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Economic Sociology
Herman, AleksandraUniversity of Warsaw, PolandGlobal Knowledge and Inequality
Hermane, AgneseLatvian Academy of Culture, LatviaArts Organisation and Strategies
Herrera Belzunces, JúliaUniversity of Barcelona, SpainMental Health and inequality
Herrera, JuliaUniversity of Barcelona, SpainThe Social Shaping of Research: Adequacy, Impact and Elites
Herrlein, JannahCatholic University of Applied Sciences, Paderborn/GermanyIdentities, values and religious attitudes II
Herzog, BennoUniversity of Valencia, SpainReason, Recognition and Ideology Critique
Social Contradictions and Social Pathologies  Session Chair
Hess, StephanieOtto-Von-Guericke University Magdeburg, GermanyParent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices I
Heusinger, JosefineInstitute fuer Gerontologische Forschung, GermanyFormal and Informal care II: Care recipients - needs and access
Heuvel, Swenne G. van denNetherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), Hoofddorp, The NetherlandsWork and Retirement
Hildingsson, RogerLund University, Dept of Political Science, SwedenUrban Futures: Visions, imaginaries and narratives (1)
Hiller, PetraUniversity of Applied Sciences Nordhausen, GermanyTheoretical and Methodological Challenges
Hilsen, Anne IngaFafo - Institute for Labour and Social ResearchEmployment in Later Life
Hilário, Ana PatríciaInstituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de LisboaTrans/sexualities and Intimate Relations.
Challenges for Health Care Organisation
Health Technologies and Biomedicine  Session Chair
Health Behaviour  Session Chair
Hirseland, AndreasInstitute for Employment Research, GermanyLabour Market Segregation I
Employment Relations and Labour Market Network Perspectives
Hirsh, DavidGoldsmiths, University of LondonAntizionism and Antisemitism
Hirth, SteffenThe University of Manchester, United Kingdom(Not) eating meat
Hirvonen, HelenaUniversity of Eastern Finland, FinlandDigitalization in the Field of Professional Work
RN19 Business Meeting  Session Chair
New Dynamics in Academia  Session Chair
Autonomy despite Hybridization?  Session Chair
Hitters, ErikErasmus University Rotterdam, the NetherlandsThe role of culture and creativity in urban transformation
Ho, Yu-ChinErasmus University Rotterdam, The NetherlandsSociology of taste
Hofaecker, DirkUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, GermanyAgeing Societies and the Welfare State
Ageing in Europe: Agency, Citizenship and the Dynamics of Power - with Clary Krekula and Bernhart Weicht  Session Chair
Employment in Later Life  Session Chair
Quality of Life, Life Satisfaction and Well-being in Older Age  Session Chair
RN01 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Hoffman, Andrew StaverData Ecologies Lab, University of Washington, United States of AmericaWays forward: Advancing the theory of sociology of engagements
Hoffmann, Maria-AnnaTechnische Universität Dresden, GermanyUrban inequalities: Ethnicity, gender and age
Hofreiter, RomanMatej Bel University, Slovak RepublicTransitions and social change
Hofäcker, DirkUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, GermanyGender-arrangements and the division of work within couples
Hogg, MargaretLancaster University, United KingdomConsumption and the family
Hohmeyer, KatrinInstitute for Employment Research, GermanyPolicy Practices
Holley, PeterUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandGoing Beyond Methodological Nationalism
RN15 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Symbolic Boundaries: Barriers or Belonging(s)? - with Sabine Trittler and Gert Verschraegen  Session Chair
Globalising Cultures: Globalised Territorialism and Transnational Anti-Cosmopolitanism  Session Chair
Hollin, GregUniversity of Leeds, United KingdomPhysical activity and health condition
Holm, LotteUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkFood and stratification
Food and taste  Session Chair
Holmes, HelenUniversity of Manchester, United KingdomTheories of markets and consumption
Holmes, MaryUniversity of Edinburgh, United KingdomEmotions in Intimate Relationships and Emotional Reflexivity
Emotions in Welfare and Care  Session Chair
Holmwood, JohnUniversity of Nottingham, United KingdomDiscussing old and new religious topics II
Holub, MartinResearch Institute for Labour and Social Affairs, Czech RepublicSocial inequalities and social exclusion in older age
Holubek, StefanUniversity of Bremen, GermanyRisk, Uncertainty and Inequality
Holz, Manuel MichaelChemnitz University of Technology, GermanyNew Directions in the cross-national measurement of quality of life
Holzinger, FlorianJoanneum ResearchNational & regional specificities and differences in science and technology
Homanen, RiikkaHelsingin Yliopisto, SuomiDigitalization, Data and Everyday Life 2
Homman, LinaLinkoping University, SwedenSocial inequalities and social exclusion in older age
Honkatukia, PäiviTampere University, FinlandParticipation III: Inclusion and empowerment
Perspectives of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Work
Hoolohan, ClaireTyndall Centre for Climate Change Reserach, University of Manchester, United KingdomNegotiating Futures
Hoppania, Hanna-KaisaAge Institute, FinlandAdressing Older People in Survey Research: Potentials and Limitations
Horeni, KarinaCharles University, Czech RepublicThe Long Summer of Migration and Its Aftermath
Horgan, DeirdreUniversity College Cork, IrelandAdolescents and Obesity in Context: Moving Beyond Individual Choice
Horn, LauraRoskilde UniversityFinance, Debt, Bubbles, and Critical Theories of Money  Session Chair
Lumpenproletariat, Artistic Precariat and the Radical Left  Session Chair
Horstman, KlasienMaastricht University, Netherlands, TheNeighbourhoods and neighbouring as a conceptual and empirical challenge 1
Horta, AnaUniversity of Lisbon, PortugalEnvironmental Justice
Environmental Perception, Consciousness, and Action  Session Chair
Horvath, KennethUniversity of Lucerne, SwitzerlandMethodological Frontiers: Researching Migration in the Digital Era
RN35 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Contested Boundaries of Humanitarianism. Refugee Movements and the Global Crisis of Asylum Systems - with Julia Dahlvik and Dimitris Parsanoglou  Session Chair
Relatives at a distance: Interrelations and doing of migrants' families  Session Chair
Bordering and policing  Session Chair
Re-thinking Migration: Conceptual Challenges and Innovative Perspectives I  Session Chair
Migration, Education, and Inequality II  Session Chair
Methodological Frontiers: Mapping Migration Realities  Session Chair
Horváth, ÁgnesCorvinus University of Budapest, HungaryDigitalization in and of the Work and Employment
Horzsa, GergelyCorvinus University of Budapest, HungaryReconfiguring territories: Mobilities, representations and belonging
Hossu, Iulia-ElenaROMANIAN INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH ON NATIONAL MINORITIES, RomaniaUrban Futures: Resisting marginality
Hosszu, Ramona AlexandraUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaDigitalization, Data and Everyday Life 2
Science and Technology (Open Session) II
Hovdhaugen, ElisabethNIFU, NorwayGrade retention and dropout
Howell, JudeThe London School of Economics and Political Science, United KingdomEngaging with the migrant question across sectors
Hristova, IvelinaLondon School of Economics and Political Science, United KingdomMigration and the Labour Market
Hristova, Svetlana HristoforovaSouth-West University "Neofit Rilsky", BulgariaSociology of Culture: Place and territory
Hrženjak, MajdaThe Peace Institute, Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, SloveniaFamily dissolution and post-divorce families II
Hsu, ChiehHeidelberg University, GermanyThe Local Production of Borders
Huang, ZhuojunHong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)Sociology of Culture: Cultural production
Huber, Johanna ClaraUniversity of Geneva, SwitzerlandPolitcal consumption
Hudson, NickyDe Montfort University, United KingdomHealth Technologies and Biomedicine
Hughes, GerardTrinity College Dublin, IrelandAge Discrimination
Huke, NikolaiEberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, GermanyReclaiming the Left in Dystopian Times
Resisting Authoritarian Neoliberalism  Session Chair
Hultqvist, ElisabethStockholm University, SwedenMigration, Education, and Inequality III
Humbert, Anne LaureOxford Brookes, UKThe Emergence of new data sources - Critical reflection
Gender in/equality in science and technology
Humer, ŽivaThe Peace Institute, Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, SloveniaFamily dissolution and post-divorce families II
Humphris, RachelUniversity of Birmingham, United KingdomParental interpretations of children's 'best interests'
Hunt, WilUniversity of Warwick, United KingdomSymposium: ‘From education to employment: Transitions to employment among university students and graduates.’
Hurdiel, RémyUniversity of the Littoral Opal Coast, URePSSS EA 7369 (Unité de Recherche Pluridisciplinaire Sport Santé Société), Dunkirk, France.Sports, risk and health
Hurenkamp, MennoUniversity of Humanistic Studies, Netherlands, TheLocal Experiences of Globalization
Power and Authority Today
Hustinx, LesleyGhent University, BelgiumDonation and Death
Engaging with the migrant question across sectors
Health, bio-medicine & social context
Huszár, ÁkosHungarian Academy of Sciences, HungaryPoverty and inequality
Huysmans, JefQueen Mary University of LondonSocial Politics
Hänninen, RiittaUniversity of Jyväskylä, FinlandExperts and Audiences in the Digital Age
Högbacka, RiittaUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandLocal Experiences of Globalization
Høyen, MarianneAarhus University, DenmarkMeasuring, Automation, Diagrams, Podcasts: Extending Qualitative Data Analysis