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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
D. Aguayo, AitorUniversity of Barcelona, SpainDesire for Happiness
Dagnes, JoselleUniversity of Turin ItalyPolicy Discourses
Dahinden, JanineUniversity of Neuchâtel, SwitzerlandBorders and Boundaries
Concepts of Belonging in Migration Contexts  Session Chair
Migration in Public Perception and Discourse  Session Chair
Dahlgren, JosefineÅbo Akademi University, FinlandEthnic Minorities and Identity
Dahlstedt, MagnusLinköping University, SwedenSport as a social tool
Wellbeing and inequalities
Dahlvik, JuliaFH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences, AustriaContested Boundaries of Humanitarianism. Refugee Movements and the Global Crisis of Asylum Systems - with Julia Dahlvik and Dimitris Parsanoglou
Dahmen-Adkins, JenniferRWTH Aachen University, GermanyGender in/equality in science and technology
Dambrosio Clementelli, Alinaindipendent researcher, ItalyConsequences of digitalization on urban life and urban spaces
A Feminist Political Economy of Precarisation and Indebtedness
Damelang, AndreasFriedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, GermanyMeasuring social inequality in Europe
Measuring social inequality in Europe
Damery, ShannonUniversity of Liège, BelgiumMulti-local family life: Children’s experiences
Damianidou, EleniUniversity of Cyprus, CyprusParticular contexts
Damman, MarleenNetherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), The Hague, The Netherlands;
University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), Groningen, The Netherlands
Work and Retirement
Danbi, HongYonsei University, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)Leisure
Danielsson, ErnaMid Sweden University, SwedenSocial Dimensions of Disaster Preparedness and Response
Disaster Planning and Practice
Danilova, ElenaInstitute of Sociology, FCTAS, Russian Academy of SciencesRN36 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Paths of Transformations in Central and Eastern Europe: Boundaries, Barriers and Belonging  Session Chair
Dannefjord, PerLinnaeus University, SwedenToo cool for School? Changing Professionalism in the Educational Field
Dannemann, EttaHelmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, GermanyEnvironmental Risks and Conflicts
Danner, MagaliUniversité de Bourgogne Franche-Comté, FranceToo cool for School? Changing Professionalism in the Educational Field
Darmon, IsabelleUniversity of Edinburgh, United KingdomSociology of Culture: Music
Daugavietis, JanisInstitute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of LatviaEnvironmental Perception, Consciousness, and Action
Environmental Risks and Conflicts
Davenport, ChristianUniversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USRe-thinking Migration: Conceptual Challenges and Innovative Perspectives II
David-Kacso, AgnesBabes-Bolyai University, RomaniaLived experiences of generational relations
David, MartinHelmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, GermanyScience, Technology, and the Environment
Environmental Perception, Consciousness, and Action
Energy, climate change & sustainability
Environmental Risks and Conflicts  Session Chair
Davidenko, MariaHigher School of Economics, Russian FederationViolence, legal practices and oppositions
Davidson, Joe Peter LionelUniversity of Cambridge, United KingdomSolidarity, Imagination, and Real Utopias
Davies, KatherineThe University of Sheffield, United KingdomCreating 'community' or social division?
Dawkins, NataliaQueen Mary University of London, Centre for Psychiatry, UKCo-creation/production/design in health and healthcare: Cutting-edge approach or smart branding?
Day, Chris RobsonCoventry University, United KingdomEmotions and Collective Action
Daňková, HanaInstitute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech RepublicCollective Identity, Belonging and Emotion
De Araújo, LunaUniversity of Geneva, SwitzerlandPractising Medical Futures
De Backer, CharlotteUniversity of Antwerp, BelgiumFood Production and Consumption
De Baere, MathijsUGent, BelgiumSociology of taste
De Botton, LenaUniversity of Barcelona, SpainIdentities, values and religious attitudes III
De Castro, GonzaloEduco Foundation, SpainProtecting and promoting children's rights and well-being
De Falco, Ciro ClementeDepartment of Social Sciences - University of Naples Federico II, ItalyUrban social movements
De Feo, AntoniettaRoma Tre University, Italy;
University of Roma 3, Italy
Sociology of Culture: Music
Life-long learning
De Frantz, MonikaCharles University Prague, University of ViennaCities and Populism (URBPOP)
Cities and Populism (URBPOP)  Session Chair
De Graeve, KatrienGhent University, BelgiumEmotions in Intimate Relationships and Emotional Reflexivity
De Luca, EnricoSapienza University of RomeHealth Professions
De Moortel, DeborahVrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium;
Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, Germany
Emerging forms of precariousness: Hybrids between employment and self-employment
De Paoli, StefanoAbertay University, United KingdomInformation Technologies and Society
De Prez, VincentGhent University, BelgiumSocial Inequalities
De Sabbata, KevinVrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands, TheHealth, bio-medicine & social context
De-Gracia-Soriano, PabloUniversity of Alicante, Spain;
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Comparing and contrasting the religious landscape in the European context
DeVereaux, ConstanceUniversity of Connecticut, United States of AmericaArts Organisation and Strategies
Arts Management  Session Chair
Dechant, AnnaFederal Institute for Population Research (BiB), GermanyWork-family balance and work-family conflicts III
Degens, PhilippUniversity of Hamburg, GermanyNew Empirical Studies in Economic Sociology
Degli Esposti, Piergiorgiouniversity of bologna, ItalyConsumption and space: Tourism, mobility and the urban
Leisure  Session Chair
Degroote, EmmaGhent University, BelgiumPerceptions and constructions of vulnerability
Deindl, ChristianHeinrich Heine University Duesseldorf, GermanyHealth in Old Age
Intergenerational Relations in Times of Ageing Societies
Deisner, Jana KatrinaTechnische Universität Berlin, GermanyAgeing and Technology II
Dekeyser, LorenzUniversiteit Gent, BelgiumTeacher turnover
Del Fabbro, MatteoSciencesPo, FranceLocal elections: Agenda, policies and risks
Delaruelle, KatrijnGhent University, BelgiumSocial Inequalities
Delaunay, CatarinaCICS.NOVA – Interdisciplinary Centre for Social Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PortugalMaking Sense of Belonging: Nature, Culture and Space
Delhey, JanOtto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, GermanyGeneral Session (2)
Delibas, KayhanAydin Adnan Menderes Universitesi, TurkeyRisks in Health and Social Care
Delica, Kristian NagelRoskilde University, DenamrkSpatial segregation in cities
Delicado, AnaInstituto de Ciências Sociais ULisboa, PortugalEnergy, climate change & sustainability
Science, Technology & Education  Session Chair
Science and Technology (Open Session) I  Session Chair
Science policy & national research systems  Session Chair
Deliu, AlexandraRomanian Academy, RomaniaReligion, Feminism and Sexism
Delli Zotti, GiovanniUniversity of Trieste, ItalyMigration and Health
Migration and Health
Delmas, PhilippeLa Source School of Nursing, HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland, SwitzerlandChallenges for Health Care Organisation
Demanet, JannickCuDOS, Ghent University, BelgiumGrade retention and dropout
Aspiration, choice, selection in secondary education (1)
Grade retention and dropout  Session Chair
Education and migration (1)  Session Chair
Inclusion and participation  Session Chair
Demaziere, DidierSciences Po, FranceTheoretical and Methodological Challenges
Demir, Ferhunde DilaraRutgers, the State University of New Jersey, United States of AmericaPrefiguring Real Life Utopias in Dystopian Times
Demoli, YoannPrintemps, Université Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines, FranceEnvironmental Values and Attitudes
Demory, MatthieuAix-Marseille Univ, LAMES, CNRS, Aix-en-Provence, FranceICT in education
Dempsey, DeborahSwinburne University, AustraliaSocial Spheres and Its Boundaries: From the Secrecy to the Public
Dencik, LarsRoskilde University, SwedenAntisemitism in Context
Deng, Chuan-ZhongNational Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, TaiwanDisasters, Traumas and Opportunity?
Dermott, EstherUniversity of Bristol. United KingdomUnderstanding change in relational processes in the context of wider networks over time
Devadason, Ranji ElizabethKeele University, United KingdomGeneral Session (1)
Devisme, LaurentENSAN, AAU-CRENAU, France(Un)making urban development
Dewey, MatíasMax Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, GermanyThe Economics, Politics and Cultures of Dark Networks
Di Bianco, SoazigEcole Supérieure d'Agricultures d'Angers, France;
INRA, UMR CESAER, Dijon, France
Adjustments and Ambivalences in professional work
Di Chiacchio, CarloInvalsi (ITALY)Aspiration, choice, selection in secondary education (2)
Di Francesco, GabrieleUniversity of Chieti-Pescara, ItalyMigration, Education, and Inequality II
Di Fátima, BrancoCentro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (CIES-IUL)Consumption, media and the digital
Di Giulio, AntoniettaUniversity of Basel, SwitzerlandSustainable Consumption and Wellbeing
Di Giuseppe, SilviaUniversity of Lisbon (Institute of Social Sciences), PortugalWork-family balance and work-family conflicts I
Family dissolution and post-divorce families II  Session Chair
Di Pasquale, LauraTor Vergata, ItalyRoundtable: Social Sciences, and Digital environment. From theory to practice
Crises and Conflicts in Society
Diabaté, SabineFederal Institute for Population Research (BiB), GermanyWork-family balance and work-family conflicts III
Diamond, AurelHebrew University of Jerusalem, IsraelScience, Technology & Education
Dianoux, RobinNASP / University of Milan, Italy;
GSPR / EHESS, France
Biological Diversity and Nature Conservation
Dias, Alfrancio FerreiraFederal University of Sergipe, BrazilPedagogies of sexuality
Dias, TayrineUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya, SpainDiscourse and social movements
Diatlova, AnastasiaUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandSex, money and work(s)
Didier, PierrineINRA / G-ESA, FranceFood safety
Food safety
Diekmann, AndreasETH Zurich;
University of Leipzig
Environmental Dilemmas and Paradoxes
Dietrich, MarcMagdeburg-Stendal, GermanyMedia Transposition II: Acoustic, Olfactory, and Visual Data
Digennaro, PierluigiUniversity of Milan, ItalyEmerging forms of precariousness: Hybrids between employment and self-employment
Dilaver, GönülUtrecht University/University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands, TheSegregation, choice and enrolment
Diliberto, SimonaUniversity of Palermo, ItalyConsumption and the family
Dimitrova, VenetsiyaHafenCity University Hamburg, GermanyArchitecture as/of a Profession
Dingeldey, IreneUniversity of Bremen, Germany, Institute Labour and EconomyLocal, Sectoral, National, and European Labour Market Institutions and Processes in Flux
Dinçer, PelinHacettepe University, TurkeyLanguages, Identities and Masculine Dominations
Diogo, Maria PaulaFCT/UNL, CIUHCTScience and the public II
Diogo, SaraUniversity of Aveiro, CIPES PortugalNew Dynamics in Academia
Ditlevsen, KiaUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkTheories of markets and consumption
Class, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities in Health
Dittmann, JoergUniversity of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern SwitzerlandInequalities in urban space
Dittmer, CordulaDisaster Research Unit (DRU), Freie Universität Berlin, GermanyDisaster Management Policy
Comparative Perspectives on Socio-Economic Crisis
Dixon, JeremyUniversity of Bath, United KingdomRisk, Healthcare and Professional Work
Risk, Uncertainty and Inequality  Session Chair
Djoric, GoranaFaculty of Philosophy University of Nis, SerbiaPerception of Equality and Boundaries – Class, work, life
Dobigny, LaureUniversity of GenevaSustainable Consumption and Wellbeing
Doblytė, SigitaUniversity of Oviedo, SpainMental Health: Discourses on depressions and other forms of suffering
Dochow, StephanGoethe University Frankfurt, GermanyXenophobia and Anti-Immigrant Resentment
Dolenec, DanijelaUniversity of Zagreb, CroatiaUrban social movements
Dolley, JonathanUniversity of Sussex, United KingdomFood Production and Consumption
Domaneschi, LorenzoUniversity of Milan, ItalyFuture aspirations
Domazet, MladenInstitute for Political EcologyEnvironmental Values and Attitudes
Dominguez Aguayo, AitorUniversity of Barcelona, SpainFamily forms and their change in historical time or across the life-course II
Dominguez Folgueras, MartaSciences Po, FranceParental interpretations of children's 'best interests'
Domnanovich, JuliaUniversity of Vienna, AustriaMorality, Sustainability and Responsibility
Domínguez Amorós, MàriusUniversitat de Barcelona, SpainCommodification of bodies
Domínguez i Amoròs, MàriusUniversitat de Barcelona, SpainDe-colonizing sexual knowledge
Domínguez i Amorós, MàriusUNIVERSITAT DE BARCELONA, SpainMigration and Refugee Flows
Donat López, MartaInstituto de Salud Carlos III Madrid (Spain)Collaborative consumption
Donato, SilviaCatholic University Of Milan ItalyWork-family balance and work-family conflicts II
Donato, StellamarinaLUMSA University, ItalyGlobal changes and international comparison
Donetto, SaraKing's College London, United KingdomCo-creation/production/design in health and healthcare: Cutting-edge approach or smart branding?
Donnelly, MichaelUniversity of Bath, United KingdomInternationalisation
Methodological Frontiers: Mapping Migration Realities
Donoghue, MatthewUniversity of Oxford, United KingdomA Critical Political Economy of Finance-led Accumulation
Dopierała, RenataUniversity of Lodz, PolandPolitcal consumption
Dorgeist, MatthiasRWTH Aachen University, GermanyGender in/equality in science and technology
Dos Santos Silva, MartaSCIENCES PO, FranceInclusion and participation
Downey, JohnLoughborough University, United KingdomSociology of taste
Drabina-Różewicz, AleksandraUniversity of Wroclaw, PolandRestructuring Labour Markets and Welfare States for Gender Equality
Drahokoupil, JanEuropean Trade Union Institute, BelgiumThe Gig Economy: Bright and Dark Sides of the Future Labour Market I
Dreliozi, AngelikiLaboratory of Integrated Health Care, Nursing Department, University of Peloponnese, GreeceMigration and Refugee Flows
Dremel, AnitaUniversity of Osijek, CroatiaEveryday Sexism, Abuse and Violence
Drevon, GuillaumeFederal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, SwitzerlandSpatial Mobilities in the Life Course and Mobility Biographies
Drewski, DanielFreie Universität Berlin, GermanyGeneral Session (1)
Driezen, AriadneUniversity of Antwerp, BelgiumManaging religious rights in multicultural societies II
Dryzaite, IevaVytautas Magnus University, Lithuania‘Precarious families’
Dubey, AmareshJawaharlal Nehru UniversityWork History and women's progression
Ducci, GeaUniversity of Urbino Carlo Bo, ItalyMobilisation, Resistance and Emotion
Duch, DanutaThe Maria Grzegorzewska University, PolandComparative Perspectives on Socio-Economic Crisis
Duchêne-Lacroix, Cédric J.University of Basel, SwitzerlandMulti-local family life: Challenging normative constructions of the family
Multi-local family life: Work-family balance and attachment to place(s)  Session Chair
Dudley-Smith, RussellUCL Institute of Education;
UCL, United Kingdom
Measuring, Automation, Diagrams, Podcasts: Extending Qualitative Data Analysis
Qualitative Research in the Field of Sport and Embodiment
Dudova, RadkaCzech Academy od Sciences, Czech RepublicFamily planning and fertility I
Family planning and fertility III  Session Chair
Dueñas, MariaUniversity of Cadiz, SpainClass, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities
Duffy, MelDublin City University, IrelandPedagogies of sexuality
Dujisin, ZoltanErasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, TheOnline disconnection, Resistance and Refusal in the Post-digital Age
Dulsrud, ArneOslo Metropolitan University, NorwayConsumption, media and the digital
Digitalization, Data and Everyday Life 2  Session Chair
Consumption and inequalities  Session Chair
Duman, BetülYıldız Teknik University, TurkeyInequalities in urban space
Dumitrascu, LoredanaDunarea de Jos University of Galati, RomaniaFood safety
Dumitraşcu, LoredanaUniversity of Galati, RomaniaFood safety
Dumitrica, DeliaErasmus University Rotterdam, The NetherlandsPerformative repertoires of social movements
Dunk-West, PriscillaFlinders University, AustraliaParent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices I
Duprat-Kushtanina, VeronikaUniversity of Besançon, France, LASALived experiences of generational relations
Durbin, SusanUniversity of West of England, United KingdomWomen's Activism and Leadership for Securing Change
Resistance is everywhere
Opportunity Structures  Session Chair
Durst, JuditHAS, Institute for Minority Studies;
UCL, United Kingdom
Education and migration (1)
Dutour, JulienUniversity of Versailles Saint Quentin, FranceScience Fiction and Alternatives to Trade Wars, Inequality and Transnational Production Networks
Duvant, GregoireUniversité d'Artois, URePSSS, Atelier SHERPAS, FranceSports management and globalization
Duvoisin, AlineCIGEV-LIVES, University of Geneva, SwitzerlandHealth and Migration, Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Dvořák, TomášCharles University, Prague, Czech RepublicExamining Populism (I)
Dyen, MargotUniversity of Neuchâtel, FranceDigital food
Dyrvig, TheresaCopenhagen, DenmarkSex, money and work(s)
Dziedziczak-Foltyn, Agnieszka EwaUniversity of Lodz, PolandThe Variety of Work and Labour
Décieux, Jean PhilippeUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, GermanyConcepts of Belonging in Migration Contexts
Dębska, KatarzynaUniversity of Warsaw, Institute of Sociology, PolandMarriages, Rituals and Gendered Negotiations.
d'Ovidio, Francesco DomenicoUniversity of Bari "Aldo Moro" , ItalyFood and taste
de Almeida Alves, NunoISCTE-IUL, PortugalParticipation I: Political engagement
de Benedittis, MarioUniversità degli Studi di Milano, ItalySociology of Culture: Wine
de Botton, LenaUniversity of Barcelona, SpainChildhoods and Children's Rights
de Graaff, BertErasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Erasmus University RotterdamRisks in Health and Social Care
de Koster, WillemErasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, TheClass, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities in Health
de Paiva Lareiro, CristinaUniversity of Education, FreiburgMigration, Education, and Inequality I
de Saille, SteviennaiHuman, University of Sheffield, United KingdomScience, technology, innovation & society II
de Valk, HelgaNetherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), Netherlands,TheGender Equality, Work and Families
de Vries, HenningBielefeld University, GermanyEducation and Political Participation in Eastern Europe
de Wilde, MandyUniversity of Edinburgh, United KingdomGender and consumption
de la Banquise, BalthazarCornell University, United States of AmericaPower and Authority Today
de-Gracia-Soriano, PabloUniversidad Complutense de Madrid, SpainAspects of Southern European Societies
de-Gracia-Soriano, PabloUniversity of Alicante, SpainWork and employment I: Pathways from education
del Moral-Espín, LucíaUniversity of CadizApproaching capabilities in diverse childhoods
della Porta, DonatellaScuola Normale Superiore, FirenzeUrban social movements
dos Santos Veloso, ClarissaPontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, BrazilGentrification and displacement