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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
Cabaço, SusanaNetherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), NetherlandsComparing Survey Modes
Cabrera-Álvarez, PabloUniversity of Salamanca, SpainCurrent challenges of survey research
Cacciari, JosephUniversité Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, France;
Laboratoire Ville Mobilité transport
Spatial Mobilities: Practices and Decision-Making Process
Cada, KarelCharles University, Czech RepublicThe Long Summer of Migration and Its Aftermath
Caetano, AnaInstituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (CIES-IUL), Portugal;
ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal
Relating to Research Participants: The Self and its Boundaries in Qualitative Research
Biographical Methods in the Qualitative Research
Caetano, Pedro JorgeNew Lisbon University, PortugalStrangers, Barriers and Bridges as Social Forms of Collective Life
Strangers, Barriers and Bridges as Social Forms of Collective Life  Session Chair
Beyond the Social: Life, Spirituality and Individuality  Session Chair
Cai, ChangNankai University, China, People's Republic ofHealthcare policies and provision
Cai, LiexuSchool of Education, University of Glasgow, United KingdomSociology of Culture: Appropriation and othering
Calderón Figueroa, FernandoUniversity of Toronto, CanadaCities and Populism (URBPOP)
Caliandro, AlessandroUniversity of Bath, United KingdomAgeing and Technology II
Calvi, CristinaBruno Kessler Foundation, ItalyGender and digital space
Calvo, NagoreKing's College London, United KingdomComparing Capitalisms: Industrial Policy, Progressive Protectionism, Fiscal Stability to Overcome Asymmetries?
Caminis, DespoinaUNIVERSITY OF PIRAEUS, GreeceAspects of Southern European Societies
Camorrino, AntonioUniversity of Naples Federico II, ItalyMotherhood and narratives
Camozzi, IlenyaUniversity of Milano-Bicocca, ItalySociology of Culture: Cosmopolitanism and heritage
Migration II: Attitudes and identities
Campdepadros, RogerUniversity of Girona, SpainThe impact of collective action
Campdepadrós, RogerUniversity of Girona, SpainIdentities, values and religious attitudes III
Campelo, PatriciaUNIVERSITY OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY, SpainGentrification and displacement
Consequences of digitalization on urban life and urban spaces  Session Chair
Campion, KarisUniversity of Manchester, United KingdomUrban inequalities: Ethnicity, gender and age
Campos Lima, Maria da PazDINÂMIA'CET-IULCollective Bargaining and Labour Market Regulations
Camps Calvet, ClaraUniversidad de BarcelonaSexuality, Abuse and Violence
University of Barcelona, Spain
Anti-Roma Racism in Context
Methods of Analysis of Biographical Data
Cangiano, CiroUniversity of Naples Federico II, ItalyPerceptions and beliefs of the future
Cappellini, BenedettaRoyal Holloway University of London, United KingdomMusic and taste
Cara, ChantalUniversité de MontréalChallenges for Health Care Organisation
Carbajo, DiegoDept. of Sociology 2. University of the Basque Country, SpainCitizenship and self
Carbone, DomenicoUniversity of Eastern Piedmont ItalyPolicy Discourses
Cardano, MarioUniversity of Turin, ItalyMental Health: Styding Traditional and innovative approaches
Cardoso, AntónioInstituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo, Portugal;
Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais (CICS.Nova_UMinho)
Social Inequalities and Social Welfare
Cardozo Sarli, AndréUniversity of Geneva, SwitzerlandApproaching capabilities in diverse childhoods
Caredda, MartaLDF Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin, ItalyMental Health: Styding Traditional and innovative approaches
Carezana, ClaudioDsm To1, Turin ItalyMental Health: Styding Traditional and innovative approaches
Carleheden, MikaelUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkKnowledge, Ideology and Method
Reason, Recognition and Ideology Critique  Session Chair
Carletti, ElenaUniversity of Bari "Aldo Moro", ItalyParallel Sessions I - Group A
Carlo, SimoneUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, ItalyAgeing and Technology II
Carlsen, Hjalmar BangUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkMicro-foundations of protest
Carlson, SörenEuropa-Universität Flensburg, GermanyRe-thinking Migration: Conceptual Challenges and Innovative Perspectives I
Re-thinking Migration: Conceptual Challenges and Innovative Perspectives II  Session Chair
Carmichael, DonnaLondon School of Economics, United KingdomEconomic Sociology and Social and Economic Inequality I
Carmo, Renato MiguelInstituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), PortugalYoung workers under precarious conditions
(De)Constructing precariousness: Theoretical and policy considerations  Session Chair
‘Precarious families’  Session Chair
Young workers under precarious conditions  Session Chair
Emerging forms of precariousness: Hybrids between employment and self-employment  Session Chair
Who is at risk of precariousness and where?  Session Chair
Carpenter, Jenae MichelleThe University of Melbourne, AustraliaRisk and agency
Carradore, RobertoUniversity of Milano Bicocca, ItalyBiological Diversity and Nature Conservation
Carreira da Silva, FilipeUniversidade de Lisboa, PortugalExamining Populism (II)
Carrà, ElisabettaUniversità Cattolica di Milano, ItalyCouple formation in digital age
Carstensen, JohannGerman Center for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW), GermanyMigration, Education, and Inequality III
Carvalho, AntónioUniversity of Coimbra, PortugalEnvironmental Risks and Conflicts
Carvalho, DianaCIES-IUL /ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal;
ISCTE-IUL, Portugal
Intergenerational relationships and kinship networks I
Work and employment II: Precarity
Carvalho, HelenaCIES-IUL /ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon, PortugalIntergenerational relationships and kinship networks I
Carvalho, HelenaISCTE-IUL, PortugalWork and employment II: Precarity
Carvalho, Rui F.Brown University, United StatesDiverse cities and neighbourhoods and their dynamics of change
Cities in times of migration "crises"  Session Chair
Carvalho, TeresaUniversity of Aveiro, CIPES PortugalNew Dynamics in Academia
Clinic in Change  Session Chair
Research Networks Council Meeting  Session Chair
Casagrande, GaiaLa Sapienza University of Rome, ItalyAlgorithm, Artificial Intelligence and Technology
Casanova, GeorgiaGolgi Cenci Foundation, ItalyLoneliness in Old Age
Casanovas Caparros, PolUniversitat de Barcelona, SpainThe Current State of Cultural Professionalism
Casas, LidiaCentre for Environment and Health – Department of Public Health and Primary Care, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium;
Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), Brussels, Belgium;
ISGlobal, Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Spain
Class, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities
Casassas, DavidUniversity of Barcelona, SpainPrefiguring Real Life Utopias in Dystopian Times
Caselli, MarcoUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, ItalyGoing Beyond Methodological Nationalism
RN15 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Boundaries, Barriers, and (Multiple) Belongings through Sport  Session Chair
Local Experiences of Globalization  Session Chair
Casey, Emma HelenNorthumbria University, United KingdomConsumption and inequalities
Theories of markets and consumption  Session Chair
Cassibba, RosalindaUniversity of Bari, ItalyParenthood and family support
Castagnino, FlorentTelecom ParisTech, FranceRisk Governance and Emergency Preparedness
Castellanos Quintana, Juan VicenteUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid.Economic Sociology and Social and Economic Inequality II
Castro Seixas, EuniceUniversity of Lisbon, ISEG, CSG, PortugalLived experiences of generational relations
Castro Seixas, PauloUniversity of Lisbon, CAPP, ISCSP, PortugalLived experiences of generational relations
Castrén, Anna-MaijaUniversity of Eastern Finland, FinlandUnderstanding change in relational processes in the context of wider networks over time
Gender-arrangements and the division of work within couples  Session Chair
Family planning and fertility II  Session Chair
Cataldi, SilviaSapienza University of RomeHealth Professions
Decolonizing social research: Practices and reflections on the democratization of social research  Session Chair
Pedagogy and Research Ethics  Session Chair
Cattani, LorenzoUniversity of Bologna, ItalyPolicy Practices
Cattani, LucaUniversity of Bologna, ItalySymposium: ‘From education to employment: Transitions to employment among university students and graduates.’
Cavallotti, RitaUniversitat Internacional de Catalunya, SpainIntergenerational relationships and kinship networks I
Cañarte, DavidDepartment of Sociology and Criminology & Law, University of Florida, United States of AmericaMigration, Social Justice, and Social Inclusion
Cea D'Ancona, Mª AngelesUniversidad Complutense de Madrid, SpainSocial Inequalities and Social Welfare
Cebrián Enrique, BernardinoCEU Cardenal Herrera UniversityExperts and Audiences in the Digital Age
Cebula, MichałUniversity of Wrocław, PolandConspicuous consumption
Ceccherelli, AlessioTor Vergata, ItalyRoundtable: Social Sciences, and Digital environment. From theory to practice
Crises and Conflicts in Society
Celardi, ElviraSapienza University of Rome, ItalyRoundtable: Discourse, Comunities & Users: Critical perspectives
Celen, UmitAmasya Unıversıty, Amasya TurkeySocial Dimensions of Disaster Preparedness and Response
Celik, KezbanTED Unıversity, Ankara TurkeySocial Dimensions of Disaster Preparedness and Response
Centemeri, LauraCNRS, FranceEnviromentalism, Green space, and organic production
Making Sense of Belonging: Nature, Culture and Space  Session Chair
Cepo, DarioUniversity of Zagreb / Faculty of Law, CroatiaViolence, legal practices and oppositions
Cerati, GabrieleUniversity of Milan-Bicocca, ItalyAgeing and Technology I
Cernic Istenic, MajdaUniversity of Ljubljana, SloveniaWho is at risk of precariousness and where?
Cerroni, AndreaUniversity of Milano Bicocca, ItalyBiological Diversity and Nature Conservation
Cerva, DanielaUniversidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, MEXICO, MexicoMotherhood and narratives
Champy, FlorentNational Centre for Scientific Research, FranceClinic in Change
Chan, RalphUniversity of Vienna, AustriaTransitions and social change
Intergenerational relations  Session Chair
Chang, Ju-HuiNational Taitung University, TaiwanParticular contexts
Sociology of Culture: Migration, ethnicity and origin
Chang, Yung HanUniversity of Kang Ning, TaiwanHousing transitions
Chantseva, VictoriaUniversity Paris 13, FranceBoundaries and Generationing
Charalambous, GiorgosUniversity of Nicosia, CyprusDiscursive Articulations of the Social
Charles, NickieWarwick University, United KingdomHuman-Animal Relations
Charnley-Parry, IoanUniversity of Central Lancashire, United KingdomUrban Futures: Visions, imaginaries and narratives (2)
Sociology and Climate Change
Chassagne, AlineUniversity of Besançon, France, LASALived experiences of generational relations
Chatzinakos, GeorgeManchester Metropolitan University, GreeceNeighbourhoods and neighbouring as a conceptual and empirical challenge 1
Urban change and local sustainability  Session Chair
Chekar, Choon KeyThe University of LeedsOpen Session
Chen, HongeyNational Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, Taiwan;
National Taiwan University
Disasters, Traumas and Opportunity?
Chen, JiexiuUniversity College London, United KingdomParallel Sessions I - Group B
Chen, MengShanghai University, ChinaParenting, Childhood, Scheduling and Time
Chen, TianhongGuangdong Institute of Public Adminstration, ChinaAge Discrimination
Chen, Wei-PingEHESS Paris (École des hautes études en sciences sociales), FranceThe transformative and regressive potentialities of new social forms
Cheng, QiuxianUniversity of Sydney, AustraliaHealthcare policies and provision
Chernilo, DanielUniversity Adolfo Ibáñez, ChileReligion,Secularity and Global Modernity
Chernova, ZhannaHigher School of Economics, RussiaWellbeing and inequalities
Chesta, Riccardo EmilioScuola Normale Superiore, ItalyWorker Participation, Industrial Democracy and Labour Relations
Chew, Matthew M.Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong KongMigration and Integration Reconsidered II
Chi, ZhenheChina Institute of Industrial RelationsPlaces and local communities
Chmielewska-Szlajfer, HelenaKozminski University, PolandRoundtable: Discourse, Comunities & Users: Critical perspectives
Choi, Susanne Y PThe Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)Marriage and cohabitation
Choonara, JosephUniversity of Leicester, United Kingdom(De)Constructing precariousness: Theoretical and policy considerations
Choroszewicz, MartaUniversity of Eastern Finland, FinlandLaw and Legitimization
Chowdhry, SueThe University of EdinburghOpen Session
Chowdhuri, Joy PrakashShri Venkateshwara University, Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaGlobal changes and international comparison
Christensen, Anette GravgaardUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkEnviromentalism, Green space, and organic production
Christodoulaki, IoannaBoston university, United States of AmericaEU(ropean) constructions
Christoph, BernhardInstitute for Employment Research (IAB), GermanyLabour administration and activation policies
Christou, MirandaUniversity of Cyprus, CyprusPopulism, Racism and Everyday Life in Europe - with Miranda Christou, Christian Fuchs and Farzana Shain
Chung, HeejungUniversity of Kent, United KingdomWork-life Balance and Care for a Better World
Chung, Wei-YunNational University of Singapore, SingaporeSexual citizenship: Current challenges
Chursina, AnnaFederal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian FederationLife-long learning
Chzhen, YekaterinaUNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti, ItalySocial inequality in primary and secondary education
Chłoń-Domińczak, AgnieszkaSGH Warsaw School of Economics, PolandLabour Market Segregation II
Cialdea, LauraISTAT, ItalyPhysical activity and health condition
Ciammella, FabioSapienza University of Rome, ItalyRoundtable: Discourse, Comunities & Users: Critical perspectives
Cianferoni, NicolaUniversity of Neuchatel, SwitzerlandMarkets, Digitalization and Innovation
Ciaputa, EwelinaJagiellonian University in Kraków, PolandArt, New Ideas and Cultural Challenges
Ciccia, RossellaQueen's University Belfast, Scuola Normale SuperioreThe impact of collective action
Ciceri, PaolaUniversity of Milano Bicocca Department of Sociology and Social Research ItalyMeasuring social inequality in Europe
Cindoglu, DilekHbkuMigration, Integration, and the Role of Language  Session Chair
Intersectional Migration Orders  Session Chair
Migration in Longitudinal Perspective  Session Chair
Care Practicies, Emotions and Markets.  Session Chair
Cineli, Cemile BeydaUniversitat Pompeu Fabra, SpainGender and Resource Management: Households, Negotiations and Strategies
Cini, LorenzoScuola Normale Superiore, ItalyNew and Old Forms of Industrial Conflict
Ciobanu, OanaUniversity of Geneva, SwitzerlandAgeing and the Life Course
Health in Old Age
Ciornei, IrinaUniversity of BernEveryday Europe: Evaluating recent research on social transnationalism and horizontal europeanisation
Citroni, SebastianoUniversity of Milan Bicocca, ItalyCitizenship and Civil society (II)
Ciziri, NubinUppsala University, SwedenMigration, Education, and Inequality I
Claessens, ElkeUniversity of Antwerp, BelgiumFamily dissolution and post-divorce families I
Clancy, LauraLancaster University, United KingdomDynamics of territories: Rural visions, identities and social innovation
Clark, TerryUniversity of Chicago, United States of AmericaCities and Populism (URBPOP)
Clayton-Hathway, Kate JulieOxford Brookes University, United KingdomPublic Services and Gender Equality
Climent-Gil, EmilioUniversity of Alicante, SpainSustainability and Environmental Conflicts
Clément, KarineEcole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), FranceSocial movements and the sociology of engagements
Cocco, MariantoniettaUniversità di Sassari, ItalyDecolonizing social research: Practices and reflections on the democratization of social research
Coco, AntonellaUniversity of Calabria, ItalyKnowledge and Digitalization
Coelho, Manuel PachecoSOCIUS; ISEG/University of Lisbon, PortugalMaritime Economy
Coffin, JackUniversity of Manchester, United KingdomConsumption and the body
Cohen, Bruce MacfarlaneUniversity of Auckland, New ZealandRethinking mental health
Mental Health: Styding Traditional and innovative approaches  Session Chair
Mental Health: Discourses on depressions and other forms of suffering  Session Chair
Cohen, Susan EileenUniversity of Bristol, United KingdomPolicy Practices
Work-life Balance and Care for a Better World  Session Chair
Cois, EsterUniversity of Cagliari, ItalyFutures, identities and biographies
Cole-Wright, JenniferUniversity of Leicester, United KingdomDigital food
Colella, ChristianUniversity of Milano Bicocca, ItalyBiological Diversity and Nature Conservation
Coleman, Royuniversity of liverpool, United KingdomThe Nation, the State and Emotion
Conde Espejo, PalomaFaculty of Medicine. University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain.Class, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities in Health
Condom Bosch, Josep LLuisUniversitat de Barcelona, SpainThe Current State of Cultural Professionalism
Condom, Josep LluísUniversity of Barcelona, SpainFamily forms and their change in historical time or across the life-course II
Condon, Roderick AnthonyUniversity College Cork, IrelandStructure and Action; Lifeworld and Systems
Conley, HazelUniversity of the West of England, United KingdomState Regulation of Equality
RN14 Business Meeting  Session Chair
State Regulation of Equality  Session Chair
Gender and Intersectionality in Labour Markets/Welfare States  Session Chair
Connelly, LauraUniversity of Salford, United KingdomBrexit
Consoli, Maria TeresaUniversità di Catania, ItalyDemocratic Deficit and the Judiciary
Migration and Refugee Flows
Social Inequalities and Social Welfare  Session Chair
Constantin, Sandra ValerieUniversity of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES.SO), SwitzerlandPolicy Discourses
Contini, PaoloFacoltà Teologica Pugliese, ItalyBiography and Memory
Contini, Rina ManuelaUniversity of Chieti-Pescara, ItalyMigration, Education, and Inequality II
Migration, Education, and Inequality I  Session Chair
Migration, Education, and Inequality III  Session Chair
Migration, Social Justice, and Social Inclusion  Session Chair
Cook, HughLeeds University, United KingdomPerspectives of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Work
Cook, MandyUniversity of Sheffield, United KingdomPerspectives of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Work
Copete, EstherUniversity of Greenwich, United KingdomMaritime Professions
Coppola, NicolamariaSapienza - Università di Roma, ItalyMuslims and social cohesion I
Corradi, ConsueloLumsa University, ItalyMotherhood and narratives
RN33 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Sociology, Feminisms and the Future of Global Gender Research - with Elisabetta Ruspini & Rassa Ghaffari and Katarina Giritli Nygren & Angelika Sjöstedt Landén  Session Chair
Getting surrogate offsprings  Session Chair
Feminist knowledge and theorizing: Opportunities and Dialogues  Session Chair
Feminist Movements: Mobilizations and limitations  Session Chair
Corrêa Nunes, MafaldaInstituto de Ciências Sociais, PortugalUrban movements: Resistance and solidarity
Corte-Real, MadalenaCICS.NOVA, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PortugalUrban movements: Resistance and solidarity
Costa, AnaISCTE-IUL and DINÂMIA'CET-IULCollective Bargaining and Labour Market Regulations
Costa, Rosário CoutoUniversity Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL), CIES-IUL, Lisbon, PortugalGeneral Session (2)
Coste, TristanUniversity of Fribourg, SwitzerlandEconomic Sociology and Social and Economic Inequality II
Coulangeon, PhilippeOSC, Sciences Po, Paris, FranceEnvironmental Values and Attitudes
Coulmont, BaptisteUniversité Paris 8, France;
Parent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices V
Family dissolution and post-divorce families I  Session Chair
Family planning and fertility I  Session Chair
Courtin, IrèneUniversité de Genève, FrancePolitcal consumption
Cousin, BrunoSciencesPo, FranceLocal elections: Agenda, policies and risks
Coutts, AdamUniversity of Cambridge, United KingdomChanging Work and Labour Relations
Prefiguring Real Life Utopias in Dystopian Times
Coveney, KatieLoughborough University, United KingdomHealth Technologies and Biomedicine
Cox, PatUniversity of Central Lancashire, United KingdomConcepts of Belonging in Migration Contexts
Cox, PeterUniversity of Chester, United KingdomUrban social movements
Cratsborn, SjoerdIndependentNeighbourhoods and neighbouring as a conceptual and empirical challenge 1
Craveiro, DanielaCIS-IUL, ISCTE-IUL, Portugal;
SOCIUS-UL, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
New Directions in the cross-national measurement of quality of life
Crawford, GarryUniversity of Salford, United KingdomGender, Identity and the Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Video Game Culture(s)
Crescenti, MartinaUniversity of Macerata, ItalyIdentities, values and religious attitudes II
Crespi, IsabellaUniversity of Macerata, ItalyMulti-local family life: Children’s experiences
Identities, values and religious attitudes II
Work-family balance and work-family conflicts III
Intergenerational relationships and kinship networks II  Session Chair
Crespo, MiguelISCTE-IUL Lisbon University Institute, Portugal;
CIES-IUL Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia
Who is at risk of precariousness and where?
Creswell, Philip KUppsala University, SwedenThe Economics, Politics and Cultures of Dark Networks
Crettaz von Roten, FabienneUniversity of Lausanne, SwitzerlandNational & regional specificities and differences in science and technology
RN24 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Crettaz, Eric A.University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland, SwitzerlandWork and Retirement
Cristobal, Jethro OrejanaPsychology Department, College of Liberal Arts, De La Salle University-Manila, PhilippinesLGBTQI+ intersectional experiences
Croitoru, AlinLucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania;
University of Bucharest (CeSMig), Romania
The Study of Labour and Labour Markets
Crone, StephenUniversity of Liverpool, United KingdomSociology of Culture: Place and territory
Crook, Deborah JaneUniversity of Central Lancashire, United KingdomProtecting and promoting children's rights and well-being
Cruickshank, JustinUniversity of Birmingham, United KingdomTechno-Scientific Civilisation and its Consequences
Cruz, RestoUniversity of Manchester, United KingdomMethodological innovations
Cruz, RuiCentro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais (CICS.Nova_UMinho)Social Inequalities and Social Welfare
Csanády, Márton TamásKároli Gáspár University, HungaryManaging religious rights in multicultural societies II
Cserni, Robert T.SUNY at Stony Brook, United States of AmericaMedia representations and online sexual subjectivities
Csizmady, AdrienneCenter for Social Sciences at Hunagarian Academy of Sciences, HungaryRenewable and Non-renewable Energies
Csoba, JuditUniversity of Debrecen, HungaryPlaces and local communities
Cucu-Oancea, OzanaInstitute of Sociology, RomaniaMaintenance and re-invention in celebration
From margins to the focus. Metamorphoses of celebration  Session Chair
Politics and identity in celebration  Session Chair
Cuenca, JaimeUniversity of Deusto (Spain)Science, technology, innovation & society I
Cullati, StéphaneInstitute of Sociological Research, University of Geneva, Switzerland;
Department of General Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation and Geriatrics, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Social Inequalities
Cullen, PaulineMaynooth University, IrelandEU Institutions and Populism
RN32 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Citizenship and Civil society (I)  Session Chair
EU(ropean) constructions  Session Chair
Culley, LorraineDe Montfort University, United KingdomHealth Technologies and Biomedicine
Cunningham-Burley, SarahThe University of EdinburghOpen Session
Curtis, PennyUniversity of Sheffield, United KingdomEmotions in Welfare and Care
Custers, GijsErasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, TheExplaining urban structurisation and urban class
Cuthbert, KarenUniversity of Leeds, United KingdomEmbodiments and (hetero)sexual norms
Cuzzocrea, ValentinaUniversity of Cagliari, ItalyIntergenerational relations
Future aspirations  Session Chair
Cveticanin, PredragUniversity of Nis, SerbiaSociology of Culture: Migration, ethnicity and origin
Sociology of Culture: Cultural production  Session Chair
Sociology of Culture: Appropriation and othering  Session Chair
Cvetković, VladimirSSA, SerbiaKnowledge and Digitalization
Czapka, Elzbieta AnnaOslo Metropolitan University, NorwayClass, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities in Health
Czapska, JaninaJagiellonian University in Kraków, PolandIntegration and country borders
Czerniawska-Szejda, DominikaUniversity of ManchesterPolicy Practices
Czymara, ChristianGoethe University Frankfurt, GermanyXenophobia and Anti-Immigrant Resentment
Czyżewski, AndrzejUniversity of Lodz, PolandBiography and Memory
, LuisISEG/University of Lisbon, PortugalMaritime Economy
Çabuk Kaya, NilayUniversity of Ankara, TurkeyViolence, legal practices and oppositions
Çelik, KezbanTED University, TurkeyPoverty and inequality
Čehovin Zajc, JožicaUniversity of Ljubljana, SloveniaCollective Bargaining and Labour Market Regulations
Čehulić, MatejaUniversity of Zagreb / Faculty of Law, CroatiaViolence, legal practices and oppositions
Česnuitytė, VidaMykolas Romeris University, Lithuania ;
Vilnius University, Lithuania
Relatives at a distance: Interrelations and doing of migrants' families