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Author(s) Session
A. Prodnik, JernejAlgorithm, Artificial Intelligence and Technology
AL Ajlan, AhmadMigration, Integration, and the Role of Language
AL Ruwaithi, Abdulhadi A.Disaster Management Policy
Aaltonen, SannaMethodological innovations
RN30 Business Meeting  Session Chair
New Understandings of Children and Young People's Activism - with Sevasti-Melissa Nolas and Ilaria Pitti  Session Chair
Work and employment I: Pathways from education  Session Chair
Aapola-Kari, SinikkaYouth culture
Aartsen, MarjaSocial inequalities and social exclusion in older age
Abad-Miguélez, BegoñaAnti-Roma Racism in Context
Abalde, NazaretAspects of Southern European Societies
Abbas, Madeline-SophieContextualizing Racism
Abbing, HansArts Management
Abdelhady, DaliaMigration, Education, and Inequality II
Abolina, KristineEnvironmental Perception, Consciousness, and Action
Abouelenin, Mariam HamadaMarriages, Rituals and Gendered Negotiations.
Abram, SimoneResilience: Concepts and Perspectives
Abramczuk, KatarzynaScience, Technology & Education
Science, Technology and Disaster Studies
Abramowski, RuthMigration in Public Perception and Discourse
Abuan, Mariane Amor Romina TorralbaLGBTQI+ intersectional experiences
Achermann, ChristinThe Local Production of Borders
Adams, Tracey L.Autonomy despite Hybridization?
Law and Legitimization
Adams, TracySociology of Culture: Cosmopolitanism and heritage
Adem, ÇigdemUrban Natures
Renewable and Non-renewable Energies  Session Chair
Biological Diversity and Nature Conservation  Session Chair
Adeniran, RaheematMedia, Patriarchy and Gender. Perspectives on (in)visible violence
Adili, KushtrimAgeing and the Life Course
Adolfsson, Dr. PetraHuman Resource Management and Pay
Adolfsson, PetraHuman Resource Management and Pay
Adriaenssens, StefMapping and understanding sexual attitudes
Sex, money and work(s)  Session Chair
Aeby, GaëlleParent-child relations, mothering and fathering practices III
Affuso, OlimpiaKnowledge and Digitalization
Agevall, OlaNew Dynamics in Academia
Agodi, Maria CarmelaScientific careers and practices
Health Technologies and Biomedicine
Art, New Ideas and Cultural Challenges  Session Chair
Gendered Responsibilities and Family Idealizations  Session Chair
The Impact of the Crisis in Southern European Societies  Session Chair
Aguado-Bloise, EmparResistance is everywhere
Aguilera, AnneSpatial Mobilities: Practices and Decision-Making Process
Agustoni, AlfredoJournalism and Political Representation
Ahijo, Tukur MohammedUrban Futures: Visions, imaginaries and narratives (2)
Ahlstrand, RasmusLocal, Sectoral, National, and European Labour Market Institutions and Processes in Flux
Ahmed, HumayunHealth Care Organisations and Policy
Ahmed, SaleemHealth Care Organisations and Policy
Ahmed, SohaibHealth Care Organisations and Policy
Ahrens, JörnSociology of Culture: Migration, ethnicity and origin
Aiello, EmiliaAnti-Roma Racism in Context
Identities, values and religious attitudes III
Ainz-Galende, AlexandraScience and Technology (Open Session) II
Identities, values and religious attitudes II
Ajzen, MichelEuropean Social Dialogue
Akahori, SaburoStructure and Action; Lifeworld and Systems
Akarçeşme, SümeyraParticipation III: Inclusion and empowerment
Akhmedova, Muslimat GazievaSociology of Culture: Theory and concepts
Akkerman, AgnesCitizenship and Civil society (I)
Aksakal, MustafaGovernmentality and Society (II)
Aktan, OktayBoundaries, Barriers, and (Multiple) Belongings through Sport
Aktaş, PürenHealth Professions
Akyuz, SelinFamily and Gender Relations in Current Migration Contexts
Al-Waeli, Jumana A.Education and migration (1)
Alami Fariman, MahsaGender Struggles, Places and Bodies
Alanko, AnnaLeisure
Alarcon, AmadoNew Perspectives on the World of Work and Labour
Alasuutari, MaaritEarly Childhood, Parenting and Education
Early Childhood, Parenting and Education
Alasuutari, PerttiGlobal Models, Glocal Practices (1)
Global Models, Glocal Practices (2)
Alatalo, Aino Iiris ElenaMuseums, Arts Education and Population Imagination
Albert Blanco, VíctorIdentities, values and religious attitudes III
Alberth, LarsMeanings of 'child welfare' and 'good parenting'
Albertson, KevinScience Fiction and Alternatives to Trade Wars, Inequality and Transnational Production Networks
Albizu, EnekaMobillity, Work and Education in Europe
Albrecht, YvonneTransnational Emotions and Migration Experiences
Albrecht, YvonneMobilisation, Resistance and Emotion  Session Chair
Alcaire, RitaLGBTQI+ intersectional experiences
Alexander, Victoria D.Theoretical Development in Arts Sociology and Cultural Studies
Barriers and Opportunities in the Arts  Session Chair
Alexandrescu, Filip MihaiSociology and Climate Change
Alfano, ChiaraApproaching capabilities in diverse childhoods
Algostino, AlessandraMental Health: Styding Traditional and innovative approaches
Ališauskienė, MildaReligious values in a globalized world
Alkan, AybikeDecolonizing social research: Practices and reflections on the democratization of social research
Allard, Camille VictoireWho is at risk of precariousness and where?
Allaste, Airi-AlinaCitizenship and self
Parallel Sessions I - Group B  Session Chair
Transitions and social change  Session Chair
Alldred, PamSociology and Climate Change
Allen, KatherineRelationship practices and the everyday
Allington, DanielAntizionism and Antisemitism
Allison, IanSymposium: ‘From education to employment: Transitions to employment among university students and graduates.’
Allmer, ThomasNeoliberalism and the Political Economy of Culture Today
Boundaries, Barriers and Belonging in Digital Labour Capitalism - with Phoebe Moore and Jamie Woodcock  Session Chair
Roundtable: Social Sciences, and Digital environment. From theory to practice  Session Chair
Almack, KathrynFormal and Informal care II: Care recipients - needs and access
Family forms and their change in historical time or across the life-course I
Fertility and reproductive technologies  Session Chair
Gender-arrangements and the division of work within couples  Session Chair
Almeida, JoanaCare
Almenara-Barrios, JoseClass, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities
Almila, Anna-MariSociology of Culture: Wine
RN07 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Symbolic Boundaries: Barriers or Belonging(s)? - with Sabine Trittler and Gert Verschraegen  Session Chair
Sociology of Culture: Theory  Session Chair
Almpani, Chrysa K.Managing religious rights in multicultural societies I
Altreiter, CarinaSocial Politics
Alvarez-Galvez, JavierClass, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities
Alves, AdrianaSociology and Climate Change
Alves, Nuno de AlmeidaWork and employment II: Precarity
Alvinzi, André SebastianTheoretical and Methodological Challenges
Amador, JerusalenAnti-Roma Racism in Context
Ambrosini, MaurizioNegotiation, Boundary-Making and Social Relationships in Migration Processes: Cultural, Ethnic and Religious Challenges in Southern European Societies", with Maurizio Ambrosini and Camille Schmoll
Amilien, VirginieSustainable consumption and consumer behaviour
Amine Khaddar, MohamedRoundtable: Discourse, Comunities & Users: Critical perspectives
Amitai, AmaTeacher turnover
Anand, JanetMethodological innovations
Anantharaman, ManishaSustainable Consumption and Wellbeing
Anastasiei, Iolanda-GeorgianaCultural Policy and Cultural Participation
Anciaux, AmélieConsumption and the family
Andell, Kia KaarinaScience and the public I
Andersen, GisleEnvironmental Values and Attitudes
Andersen, Henrik KennethEnvironmental Values and Attitudes
Andersen, Nina BlomPublic Discourses and Media Representations of Risk
Andersen, Sidse SchoubyeTheories of markets and consumption
Anderson, ElijahWhat Boundaries Are (Not) Needed For: Conceptualising Boundaries Beyond the Metaphor - with Ruth Wodak and Elijah Anderson
Anderson, John LCare
Andersson Gäre, BoelCo-creation/production/design in health and healthcare: Cutting-edge approach or smart branding?
Andersson Malmros, RobinCrises and Conflicts in Society
Andersson, Ann-ChristineCo-creation/production/design in health and healthcare: Cutting-edge approach or smart branding?
Andersson, Erik MartinPolitical Economy, Policies and Coordination
Andersson, MetteScience and the public I
Andic, TanjaHousing transitions
Andishmand, BaharanChildren in space and place
Andrade, Stefan BastholmClass, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities in Health
Andrei, FilippoPlatform Work: Needs, Activation and Representativeness in the Era of Digital Labour
Angel, StefanPlaces and local communities
Anghel, IonuțSociology and Climate Change
Anna, GawlewiczLGBTQI+ intersectional experiences
Annandale, EllenHealth Professions
Antal, ImolaLived experiences of generational relations
Antić Gaber, MilicaLanguages, Identities and Masculine Dominations
Gender, Migration and Care  Session Chair
Antonini, MatteoChallenges for Health Care Organisation
Antonowicz, DominikGender and football
Antonutti, MarcoRoundtable: Discourse, Comunities & Users: Critical perspectives
Anving, TereseGender, Migration and Care
Ančić, BrankoEnvironmental Values and Attitudes
Aplowski, AukeGeneral Session (2)
Appleford, KatherineAdolescents and Obesity in Context: Moving Beyond Individual Choice
Arat, AlpHealth Care Organisations and Policy
Araujo, EmiliaSociology of Culture: Events and identity
Araya Lopez, AlexanderInequalities in urban space
Araújo, EmíliaRodriguesScience, Technology & Education
Arcidiacono, DavidePlatform Work: Needs, Activation and Representativeness in the Era of Digital Labour
Platform Work: Needs, Activation and Representativeness in the Era of Digital Labour  Session Chair
Ardissone, AlbertoHealth Technologies and Biomedicine
Arenales, AlbaEmotions and Collective Action
Arenas, DanielDigital activism and social media
Areskoug Josefsson, KristinaCo-creation/production/design in health and healthcare: Cutting-edge approach or smart branding?
Ariaans, MareikeFormal and informal care I: Care Recipients - situations  Session Chair
Formal and Informal care II: Care recipients - needs and access  Session Chair
Formal and informal care III: Consequences of care giving and receiving  Session Chair
Armano, EmilianaLabour and Employment in Platform Capitalism
Arminen, IlkkaGlobal Knowledge and Inequality
Arnold, Annika UlrikeSustainable Mobilities
Aromatario, AurélieQualitative Research in the Field of Sport and Embodiment
Arsentyeva, NinaChanging Work and Labour Relations
Arslan Avar, AdileEnvironmental Justice
Artiaga Leiras, AlbaClass, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities in Health
Aruldoss, VinnarasanSituatedness and Data Collection III: Comparing and Extending (Ethnographic) Cases
Aschauer, WolfgangRN21 Business Meeting  Session Chair
Crossing Methodological Boundaries: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Economic Sociology  Session Chair
The Challenge of Measuring Antisemitism  Session Chair
New Directions in the cross-national measurement of quality of life  Session Chair
Aslan, Devrim UmutConsumption and space: Tourism, mobility and the urban
Aslan, Remziye GulMoney, Finance and Society II
Assolent, MikaelaPedagogies of sexuality
Astrid, SegertCollaborative consumption
Atalay, SelinPerspectives of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Work
Atkinson, MichaelSociology of Culture: Place and territory
Atkinson, PaulDrawing (New) Boundaries In Qualitative Research Methodologies  Session Chair
Atkinson, WillGlobal Models, Glocal Practices (2)
Atzmüller, ChristianeGender and digital space
Aubert, AdrianaMethods of Analysis of Biographical Data
Social inequality in education - General considerations  Session Chair
Contextual factors in education  Session Chair
Life-long learning  Session Chair
Augusto, Fábio RafaelParallel Sessions III - Group A
Aureliani, ThomasParallel Sessions III - Group B
Ausserladscheider, ValentinaFinancialisation and its Impacts on Everyday Life I  Session Chair
Autto, JanneSocial Politics
Avilés, LissetteWork-Related Challenges and Emotional Labour
Avola, MaurizioLabour Market Segregation I
Awad, IsabelNeoliberalism and the Political Economy of Culture Today
Ayan Musil, PelinParties, Politics, and Societies
Ayar, Merve(Post)modern urban transformations
Ayuandini, SherriaAdolescents and Obesity in Context: Moving Beyond Individual Choice
Azevedo, LilianaWork and Retirement
Åberg, EricaConsumption and the body
Women's Activism and Leadership for Securing Change
Ågren, Susanna MarjaEducation, gender and class
Āboliņa, KristīneEnvironmental Risks and Conflicts