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Location: GM.331
Manchester Metropolitan University Building: Geoffrey Manton, Third Floor 4 Rosamond Street West Off Oxford Road
Date: Wednesday, 21/Aug/2019
RS08_01: Enviromentalism, Green space, and organic production
Location: GM.331
Chair: Eeva Kristiina Luhtakallio, University of Tampere
Chair: Veikko Eranti, Tampere University

Possibilities Of Green Publicity? Justifications And Critiques In Debates Over Organic Agriculture And Food

Tomi Henrik Lehtimäki

University of Helsinki, Finland

Pragmatic Sociology And The Environmentalism Of Everyday Life

Laura Centemeri

CNRS, France

Communities Of Green Collaboration: Composing Commonalities In Collaborative Planning Of Public Urban Green Space

Anette Gravgaard Christensen

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Politics of Urban Greenspace Engagements

Troels Krarup

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Ways of Building Commonality for Environmental Justice. About Current Academic Debates in Human Sciences

Gildas Renou

University of Lorraine, France

RS08_02: Social movements and the sociology of engagements
Location: GM.331
Chair: Veikko Eranti, Tampere University
Chair: Eeva Kristiina Luhtakallio, University of Tampere

Plural Engagements and Social Movement Studies: Theoretical Reflections and Post-Socialist Cases

Mischa Gabowitsch

Einstein Forum, Germany

Building Translocal Commons: Climate Justice Networks in Turkey and Germany

Hande Paker

Bahçeşehir University, Turkey

Historical Background of the Gezi Protests and the Justice and Development Party's Policies

Tülay Yılmaz

Tampere University, Finland

The Russian “Vatniki” And The French “Yellow Vests”: An Attempt To Understand The We-Lower Class People

Karine Clément

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), France

RS08_03: Class, critique & participation in the sociology of engagements
Location: GM.331
Chair: Anders Blok, University of Copenhagen

Critique as a Practice of Equality

Taina Meriluoto

Tampere University, Finland

The Different Worths of the Unemployed - Everyday Discourses on Unemployment in Denmark and UK

Mathias Herup Nielsen

Aalborg University, Denmark

Occupying Political Space? Minority Youth And Their Political Participation

Anna Elisa Suni, Reetta Mietola

University of Helsinki, Finland

The Middle Classes’ Cultural Repertoires and Political Emotions of Citizenship in Finland

Roosa Helmi Henriikka Tuukkanen

University of Tampere, Finland

RS08_04: Public space and common-places
Location: GM.331
Chair: Eeva Kristiina Luhtakallio, University of Tampere

Urban Walking Tours As Operators Of Communality And Enchanted Experiences

Rachel Brahy

University of Liege, Belgium

Politics of Space : Notes for a Pragmatic of the Common

Luca Pattaroni

EPFL, Switzerland

Festivalization of Minority Claims for Public Belonging: Civically Engaged Festivals in Central European Cities

Ivana Raposova

Masaryk University, Slovenia

Common-place as a Public Site for Plurality

Maija Elina Jokela

University of Tampere, Finland

Date: Thursday, 22/Aug/2019
RS05_05: Multi-local family life: Challenging normative constructions of the family
Location: GM.331
Chair: Lenka Formankova, Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences

Transnational Families of LGB Migrants: Negotiating Familyhood Across Different Socio-Institutional Contexts

Tanja Vuckovic Juros

University of Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Transnational Connectedness; Ageing Migrants’ Physical and Virtual Connectedness to Family and Place

Obert Tawodzera, Louise Ryan, Majella Kilkey, Magdolna Lorinc

University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

The Spatiality of Doing Family in Multilocal Living Arrangements Through Nine Analytical Dimensions: between Barriers, Distance, Belonging and intermittent Coexistence

Cédric J. Duchêne-Lacroix

University of Basel, Switzerland

The Role Of Local Cultural-Normative Constructions Of Children And Their Best Interests In Shaping The Lived Experiences Of Shared Custody Arrangements In Belgium And Italy

Laura Merla, Sarah Murru, Berengère Nobels

UCLouvain, Belgium

RS05_06: Multi-local family life: Children’s experiences
Location: GM.331
Chair: Laura Merla, UCLouvain

Home Without Family? Young Migrants’ Experiences of Home, Place and Relationships in the City of Brussels.

Shannon Damery

University of Liège, Belgium

Transnational Families’ “Habitus”: A Research On Generations Of Italians Living In Belgium

Marta Scocco, Isabella Crespi

University of Macerata, Italy

Merging the Separated: Odor as a Medium of Cohesion and Belonging in Multi-local Families

Tino Schlinzig

Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

RS05_07: Multi-local family life: Work-family balance and attachment to place(s)
Location: GM.331
Chair: Cédric J. Duchêne-Lacroix, University of Basel
Chair: Majella Kilkey, Univ of Sheffield

Childcare Arrangements in Context of Transnational Families

Lenka Formankova

Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Place Attachment And Employers Ties Of Multi-local Knowledge Workers – The Case Of Stuttgart, Germany

Lisa Stadtler

ILS - Research Institute for Regional and Urban development, Germany

Economic Migration - Divides or Connects Families?

Markéta Švarcová, Romana Marková Volejníčková

Institut of Sociology of Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

Date: Friday, 23/Aug/2019
RN25_09b: Performative repertoires of social movements
Location: GM.331
Chair: Katerina Vrablikova, University of Bath

Protesting and Having Fun: Humor in the 2017 Romanian Anti-Corruption Grassroots Mobilization

Delia Dumitrica

Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Facing Collapses and Expressing Emotions through ARTIVISM in Genova, Marseille and Yaoundé

Monika Salzbrunn, Raphaela von Weichs, Federica Moretti

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Impact of Protest Events. From the Visual to the Artifactual

Bartosz Ślosarski

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

Feminist Politics In Neoconservative Russia

Inna Perheentupa

University of Turku, Finland

RN25_10b: The interaction and structure of social movement organizations
Location: GM.331
Chair: Mattias Wahlström, University of Gothenburg

Policy Professionals In Civil Society: Power on the Members' Mandate?

Joanna Mellquist

Södertörn University, Sweden

Organizing the Polish and Swedish Women's Movements

Eva Karlberg

Södertörn University, Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research (SCORE)

Contemporary Processes of Social Self-Organization in Spain: Movements of the Multitude

Alvaro Malaina

University Complutense of Madrid, Spain

EU Legacies: A Panel Study Of Czech Social Movements

Katerina Vrablikova

University of Bath, United States of America

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