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Location: GM.302
Manchester Metropolitan University Building: Geoffrey Manton, Third Floor 4 Rosamond Street West Off Oxford Road
Date: Wednesday, 21/Aug/2019
RN30_01a: Work and employment I: Pathways from education
Location: GM.302
Chair: Sanna Aaltonen, University of Eastern Finland

Young People's Pathways From Education To Employment: Contexts, Methods, Policy and Explanation

Sarah Irwin

University of Leeds, United Kingdom

The Impact of Lifelong Learning Policies on Youth Life Projects

Siyka Kostadinova Kovacheva

University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Routes Through Education Into Employment As England Enters The 2020s

Ken Roberts

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Use Of New Technologies And Family Sociodemographic Characteristics. A Descriptive Study Of University Youth

Alba Navalón-Mira, Pablo de-Gracia-Soriano, Raúl Ruiz-Callado

University of Alicante, Spain

Learner Identity: Young Chinese People and Their Path-keepers in School Transition

Ziyu Wang

University of Helsinki, Finland

RN30_02a: Education, gender and class
Location: GM.302
Chair: Tarja-Riitta Tolonen, University of Helsinki

Sisterhood and Respectability: Muslim Girls’ Perceptions of Sexual Harassment in an Urban Secondary School

Ylva Odenbring1, Thomas Johansson2

1: Univeristy of Gothenbrug, Sweden; 2: University of Gothenburg, Sweden

“I Am No Longer Tough”. Minority Danish Boys Changing Paths in Danish Schools.

Laura Gilliam

Aarhus Universitet, Denmark

Vocational Education Students and Labour Market Citizenship

Susanna Marja Ågren

Tampere University, Finland

Parental Influence on Students’ Educational Trajectories: Overemphasis on Academic Track at the Cost of Vocational Education

Heidur Hrund Jonsdottir, Kristjana Stella Blondal

University of Iceland, Iceland

RN30_03a: Work and employment II: Precarity
Location: GM.302
Chair: Patrick Thill, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research LISER

Exploring the Concept of "Long Term Precariousness": Towards a New Indicator

Magda Nico, Nuno de Almeida Alves, Helena Carvalho, Diana Carvalho

ISCTE-IUL, Portugal

The Dynamics of Youth Employment Precarity: Drivers, Trajectories, and Life-Course Outcomes

Anna Kiersztyn

University of Warsaw, Poland; Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences

Graduates’ Over-qualification. Performing the Border of Precarious Employment in Romania’s call centres

Maria-Carmen Pantea

BBU, Romania

Living on the Brink: Enforced Liminality in the Lives of Young University-educated EU Migrants with Precarious Paths

Anna Maria Simola

University of Helsinki, Finland

RN30_04a: Work and employment III: Guidance and intergration
Location: GM.302
Chair: Marti Taru, Tallinn University

Young People’s Employment Paths and Working Life Guidance in Scope

Mirja Tuulikki Määttä1, Frida Westerback2

1: Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finland; 2: University of Helsinki

The Micro of Shifting Young Refugees through Castle’s Zones – Labour Market Integration of Young Refugees in Germany

Thomas Verlage, Kristina Seidelsohn

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Staying True to the Self: Young Women and Commodification of Personality in New Media Work

Emma Maria Lamberg

University of Turku, Finland

Title Case: Youth unemployment and the crisis in Luxembourg: what social partnership?

Patrick Thill

Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER), Luxembourg

Date: Thursday, 22/Aug/2019
RN30_05a: Religion and integration
Location: GM.302
Chair: Jolanta Grotowska-Leder, University of Lodz

Raising a Religious Generation as a Primary Target: Quran Kindergartens in Turkey

Ece Cihan Ertem

Lund University, Sweden

Studying "integration" among unaccompanied Syrian refugee youth in Germany: Alfred Schütz applied in ethnography

Ingmar Zalewski

University of Applied Science Potsdam, Germany

Challengers or Moderators of fundamentalist Islamic perspective? The "Woman to Woman Concert Group".

Ayça Oral

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

Disengagment Among Young Adults from the Salafist-Jihadist Scene, Supported by Preventive Interventions

Christoph Nagel, Mika Josephine Moeller

Technical University of Berlin, Germany

RN30_06a: Youth culture
Location: GM.302
Chair: Dragan Stanojevic, Faculty of Philosophy Belgrade

“Ordinary life is so surprising that(*)”… : Youth formations in daily life. Goblin Game House in Istanbul

Saim Buğra Kurban, Ayça Oral

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

How Does The City Become A Place Of One’s Own? City Capital and Young People’s Different Relations to City Spaces

Tarja-Riitta Tolonen, Sinikka Aapola-Kari

University of Helsinki, Finland

Perceptions Of Culture and Cultural Practices Among Students in Georgia: Declared And Actual Engagement In Urban And Rural Settlements

Tamar Khoshtaria, Rati Shubladze

CRRC-Georgia, Georgia

Creating Co-operative Leadership As A Community Youth Worker To Challenge Power within corporations.

Brett Elizabeth Blake1, Yasaman Yaghubzad2

1: St. John's University, New York, United States of America; 2: University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland

RN30_07a: Gender and digital space
Location: GM.302
Chair: Julia Zimmermann, Deutsches Jugendinstitut/ German Youth Institute

Young Online Heroes? Differences Between Girls’ And Boys’ Bystander Strategies In Dealing With Observed Digital Violence

Ulrike Zartler, Christiane Atzmüller

University of Vienna, Austria

“Your Mother Has Been on the Street for Too Long… That's Why You Were Born”: Gender Stereotypes and Gendered Slurs in Cyberbullying Role Playing

Cristina Calvi, Enrico Maria Piras, Ludovica Rubini

Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy

Umwelt: Exploring and Experiencing Trans Kids' Lives via Video Gaming

Jennifer A Marchbank, Ann Travers, Nadine Boulay, Sharalyn Jordan

Simon Fraser University, Canada

Partnerlessness And Anti-Liberal Ideology In The Online Discourse Of Marginalized Male Youth

Artti Ilari Kellokumpu

University of Helsinki, Finland

Date: Friday, 23/Aug/2019
RN30_09a: Intergenerational relations
Location: GM.302
Chair: Ralph Chan, University of Vienna

The Dynamics of Systemic Preferences in Polish Society (An Intergenerational Perspective)

Krystyna Szafraniec

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Behavioral Models of the Last Soviet Generation in Post-Soviet Lithuania

Laima Zilinskiene

Vilnius University, Lithuania

‘If I Compared Them To Myself At Their Age…’: Discourses Of Youth Futures And The Generational Bias

Valentina Cuzzocrea

University of Cagliari, Italy

Adolescents’ Attitudes Towards The Ideal Division Of Housework Tasks Among Couples: The Impact Of Socialization Experiences

Janine Bernhardt, Leonie Kleinschrot

German Youth Institute, Germany

RN30_10a: Wellbeing and inequalities
Location: GM.302
Chair: Laura Gilliam, Aarhus Universitet

Subjective Well-being and Agency of Young Adults Leaving Care in the Russian North

Meri Susanna Kulmala1, Zhanna Chernova2

1: University of Helsinki, Finland; 2: Higher School of Economics, Russia

Youth Participation In Times Of Neoliberal Urbanism - Expert Discourses On The Effects Of Social Stratification And Unequal Living Conditions In The City Of Gothenburg

Zulmir Becevic1, Magnus Dahlstedt2

1: University of Gothenburg, Sweden; 2: Linköping University

'I've missed out on being young': The Construction of Young People's Life Courses in the Context of Parental Dementia

Melanie Hall1, Pat Sikes2

1: Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom; 2: University of Sheffield

Anime Youth Scene In A Muslim Region of Russia: (Sub)cultural Identities, Global trends and Local Barriers

Alina Vladimirovna Maiboroda

National Research University Higher School of Economics St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

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