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Location: BS.4.04B
Manchester Metropolitan University Building: Business School, Fourth Floor, North Atrium Oxford Road
Date: Wednesday, 21/Aug/2019
JS_RN01_RN13_01: Intergenerational Relations in Times of Ageing Societies
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, University of Lausanne
Chair: Katarzyna Suwada, Nicolaus Copernicus University

Great-grandparent: a non-existing family role? A French example

Veronika Kushtanina

University of Burgundy Franche-Comté, France

Social Inequalities in Support Patterns Between Multiple Generations in Europe Over Time

Nekehia Quashie3, Martina Brandt1, Christian Deindl2

1: TU Dortmund, Germany; 2: HHU Duesseldorf, Germany; 3: TU Dortmund, Germany (from April 2019)

The Relationship Between Childhood Socio-Economic Circumstances And Intergenerational Solidarity In Later Life: Socialisation Versus Resources.

Margot Maes, Jorik Vergauwen, Dimitri Mortelmans

University Of Antwerp, Belgium

The importance of Relationship History for Provision of Informal Care to Parents. A 10-year Follow-up of Middle-aged Daughters and Sons in Norway

Hanna Vangen Nordbø

NOVA, OsloMet, Norway

Multi-Generational Care, Intergenerational Ambivalence and Prioritisation of Care.

Junko Yamashita1, Naoko Soma2

1: University of Bristol, United Kingdom; 2: National Yokohama University, Japan

RN27_02: The Impact of the Crisis in Southern European Societies
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Eleni Nina Pazarzi, UNIVERSITY OF PIRAEUS
Chair: Maria Carmela Agodi, Università di Napoli Federico II

Politicized By Crisis: Ideological Currents And Attitudinal Dynamics Amid the Greek Youth

Angelos Kontogiannis-Mandros1, Constantinos Zafeiris2, Stella Ntouraki3, Mania Sotiropoulou4

1: King's College London, U.K; 2: University of the Aegean, Greece; 3: National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA), Greece; 4: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain

Indicators and Consequences Of Tertiary Education Impoverishment In A Country Being Led To Bankruptcy. The Case Of Greece.

Antigoni Alba Papakonstantinou

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Gender, childcare and the crisis in (post)austerity Southern European societies. A cross-national comparison between France and Spain.

Julie Jarty

Toulouse 2, France

The Gender Impact of The Crisis in Southern European Countries: So Similar, So Different?

Olga Salido

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

RN27_03: Migration and Refugee Flows
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Laura Oso, Universidade da Coruña
Chair: Apostolos G. Papadopoulos, Harokopio University

Spain Italy and Greece: the migratory routes to Europe and the AMIF Fund

Teresa Consoli, Francesco Mazzeo

University of Catania, Italy

Protection Of The Rights Of Unaccompanied Refugee Children In Greece Of the Socio - Economic Crisis

Pangiota Tsiami, Angeliki Dreliozi, Foteini Tzavella

Laboratory of Integrated Health Care, Nursing Department, University of Peloponnese, Greece

Transnational Strategies of Welfare Provision of Ecuadorian Migrants in Spain

Laura Oso, Raquel Martínez-Buján

ESOMI, Universidade da Coruña, Spain

Networking Mobility: An Analysis Of The Interrelation Between Transnational Migration And Social Capital

Màrius Domínguez i Amorós1, Laura Suárez-Grimalt2


RN27_04: Mobillity, Work and Education in Europe
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Ana Romão, Military Academy
Chair: Sandro Giachi, University of Sussex

Relationships Between Spanish Industrial SMEs And Vocational Education Centres

Cristina Lavía, Beatriz Otero, Mikel Olazaran, Eneka Albizu

University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Spain

Europe and Beyond: Professional Trajectories From The Army To International Organizations

Ana Romão1,3,4, Maria da Saudade Baltazar1,2,3,4, David Pascoal Rosado1,3,5, Dinis Fonseca3,4, Helga Santa Comba Lopes1,3

1: Military Academy, Portugal; 2: Universidade de Évora, Portugal; 3: CINAMIL; 4: CICS.NOVA; 5: Universidade Europeia

Cultural Differences in Worktime Flexibility: A Comparison between Northern and Southern European Countries

Sandro Giachi1, Alberto Vallejo-Peña2

1: University of Sussex, United Kingdom; 2: Universidad de Málaga, Spain

Being Employed is no longer Enough? Labour Participation and Poverty Risks in Southern Europe

Aroa Tejero, Rodolfo Gutiérrez Palacios

University of Oviedo, Spain

Date: Thursday, 22/Aug/2019
RN27_05: Work and Education
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Paola Borgna, University of Turin (Italy)
Chair: Fiorella Vinci, eCampus University

From the Semi-periphery to the Centre: Transnational Migration in the Context of the Greek Crisis

Sokratis Koniordos

University of the Peloponnese, Greece

Romanian Migration and Territorial Inequalities in Greece in the Era of Austerity

Loukia - Maria Fratsea, Apostolos G. Papadopoulos

Harokopio University, Greece

"New Emigrants or New Spaniards? A typology of Spanish emigration to America in the wake of the economic crisis"

Montserrat Golías, Laura Oso

University of A Coruña, Spain

Constructing The Spanish Higher Education Student: Evidence From A Six-Nation Comparative Study

Sazana Jayadeva, Anu Lainio

University of Surrey, United Kingdom

RN27_06: Social Inequalities and Social Welfare
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Teresa Consoli, University of Catania
Chair: Matilde Masso, Universidade da Coruña

Multiple Discrimination: From Perceptions and Experiences to the Proposal of Anti-discrimination Policies

Mª Angeles Cea D'Ancona, Miguel S. Valles Martínez

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Objective Life Conditions And Interethnic Relations/Representations Between Gypsies and Non-Gypsies In Santa Tecla Neighbourhood, Braga, Portugal

António Cardoso3,5, Manuel Carlos Silva1,2,4,5, Rui Cruz5

1: University of Minho, Portugal; 2: National University of Brazilia, Brasil; 3: Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo, Portugal; 4: Centro de Estudos Multidisciplinares Avançados (CEAM,PDSCI), Brasil; 5: Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais (CICS.Nova_UMinho)

Living standards inequality in the European Union between 2004 and 2016 : Multidimensional convergence and fragmentations

Pierre Blavier1, Frédéric Lebaron2

1: CNRS; 2: University of Paris Saclay

The Transformation of the Italian Third Sector Between Marketisation and New Politicization

Emanuele Polizzi

University of Milan Bicocca, Italy

RN27_07: Educational Policies in Southern Europe
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Manuel Fernández-Esquinas, CSIC - Institute for Advanced Social Studies
Chair: Ana Romão, Military Academy

Neoliberal Policies and Education Models in Europe: Possibilities, Boundaries and Barriers of the “Competence Society”

Elena Gremigni

University of Pisa, Italy

Management Of HEIs: A Holistic Approach In The Context Of Greece

Sofia Mastrokoukou1, Irene Fafaliou2

1: University of Milano Bicocca, Italy; 2: University of Piraeus

Drama and Theatre in Education: Theoretical Considerations and Policies in Southern European countries Countries

Eleni Nina Pazarzi1, Iliana Pazarzi2

1: University ofPiraeus Greece; 2: OkypousTheater Company

Mapping the Institutional Quality of Innovation Systems: A methodological outline and its implications for southern European countries

Paula Espinosa Soriano

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Spain

RN27_08: Aspects of Southern European Societies
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Foteini Tzavella, University of Peloponnese
Chair: Sokratis Koniordos, University of the Peloponnese

Education-“Quality”-Assessment: The Greek case

Eleni Ioannou Tsiknakou

Panteion University of Athens, Greece

Corporate Governance in the Contemporary Corporation

Despoina Caminis1, Victoria Pekka-Economou1, Georgia Pazarzi2,3


For a Theory of “Paramafia”. When Non-Mafiosi Act as Mafiosi

Luca Bonzanni

Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

The Social Construction Of Healthy Times And Spaces In A Mediterranean City

Pablo de-Gracia-Soriano1, María Jiménez-Delgado2, Diana Jareño-Ruiz2, Antonio Jiménez-Delgado2

1: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain; 2: Universidad de Alicante, Spain

Determinants of indebtedness in Southern European countries

Matilde Massó, Nazaret Abalde

University of A Coruña, Spain

RN27_BM: RN27 Business Meeting
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Eleni Nina Pazarzi, UNIVERSITY OF PIRAEUS
Chair: Manuel Fernández-Esquinas, CSIC - Institute for Advanced Social Studies
Date: Friday, 23/Aug/2019
JS_RN11_RN13_09: The transformative and regressive potentialities of new social forms
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Lynn Jamieson, University of Edinburgh
Chair: Julie Brownlie, University of Edinburgh

Single Life and Happiness

Henrik Lauridsen Lolle

Aalborg University, Denmark

Overseas Pre-wedding Photography, Consumerist, and Female Individualism

Wei-Ping Chen

EHESS Paris (École des hautes études en sciences sociales), France

Intimate Matters: Entangled Spaces and Embodied Rhythm in Communal Housing

Maria Törnqvist

Uppsala university, Sweden

Smart Technology and Education of the Emotions. The Family as the Community of Practice

Fiammetta Fanizza

University of Foggia, Italy

RS20_10: Education and Political Participation in Eastern Europe
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Lígia Ferro, University of Porto / Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Tolerance in Russia: Street-Level Bureaucracy and Implementation of Ethnic Policy

Nikolay Sarkisyan

University of Oslo, Norway

Loosing The Binding Force Of Democratic Norms In Eastern Europe. A Case Study Of The Justice Reform In Poland.

Henning de Vries

Bielefeld University, Germany

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