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Location: UP.1.218
University of Manchester Building: University Place, First Floor Oxford Road
Date: Wednesday, 21/Aug/2019
RN17_01a: European Social Dialogue
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Ylva Ulfsdotter Eriksson, University of Gothenburg

Multi-National Enterprises and European Social Dialogue After Enlargement – Opportunism In Asymmetric Relationships

Barbara Bechter1, Thomas Prosser2, Sabrina Weber3, Larsson Bengt4, Galetto Manuela5

1: Durham University, United Kingdom; 2: Cardiff University, united Kingdom; 3: Pforzheim University, Germany; 4: Gothenburg University, Sweden; 5: Warwick University, United Kingdom

Visible and Invisible Hands in the Transnational Wage Setting in Europe

Aarron Jason Jake Toal

Durham University, United Kingdom

Representativeness Of Social Partners In The Public Sector.

Peter Kerckhofs

Eurofound, Ireland

Regulation At Work: From Europe To The Shop Floor. The Case Of Telework In Belgium

Michel Ajzen, Evelyne Léonard

UCLouvain, Belgium

RN17_02a: Perspectives of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Work
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Barbara Bechter, Durham University

Rethinking Situated Learning: Participation and Communities of Practice in the UK Fire and Rescue Service

James Brooks, Irena Grugulis, Hugh Cook

Leeds University, United Kingdom

The Workplace Challenges And Opportunities Of Supporting Employees Who Balance Employment With Unpaid Care

Mandy Cook

University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

The Outcomes of Increasing Managerial Control in Academic Work: A Case from Social Sciences in Turkey

Selin Atalay

Izmir Bakircay University, Turkey

Young People Imagining the Future of Work

Miia Pauliina Lähde1, Päivi Honkatukia2

1: University of Tampere, Finland; 2: University of Tampere, Finland

RN17_03a: Human Resource Management and Pay
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Barbara Bechter, Durham University

To Get Or Not To Get A Yearly Pay Increase – And Other Peculiarities In Performance Based Pay Raise In Sweden

Dr. Ylva Ulfsdotter Eriksson1, Dr. Petra Adolfsson2

1: Dept. of Socioogy and Work Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden; 2: Dept. of Business Administration, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Pressures To Perform? A Comparative Analysis Of The Role Of National Institutions On Performance Appraisal Practices In Hospitals In Europe

Alexandra Elizabeth Stroleny

University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Motivating and Demotivating Effects of Performance Appraisals – Performance-based Pay in Swedish Public Sector Organisations

Bengt Larsson, Ylva Ulfsdotter Eriksson, Petra Adolfsson

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Declining Gender Differences in Low-Wage Employment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Nina-Sophie Fritsch, Roland Verwiebe, Bernd Liedl

Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

RN17_04a: Work and Employment: Behaviour and Perceptions
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Bengt Larsson, University of Gothenburg

Trust Relationships in Employment Relationships

Bernd Brandl

Durham University, United Kingdom

Matching Job Preferences with Job Qualities for Job Satisfaction: How Institutions matter for Matching Across 24 Countries

Tomas Berglund2, Ingrid K Esser1

1: Stockholm University, Sweden; 2: Gothenburg University

Relevance of Cooperative Work Environments for Social Creations

Mar Joanpere1, Teresa Morlà-Folch2, Liviu Catalin Mara1

1: Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain; 2: Universitat Rovira i Virgili

The Effects of Organizational Commitment on Emotional Labor of Restaurant Workers

Vladan Vidicki

Faculty of Philosophy Novi Sad

Date: Thursday, 22/Aug/2019
RN17_05a: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Alex Lehr, Radboud University

Organizational Responses To Active Labour Market Policies

Petra Hiller

University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen, Germany

Feasible Work as a New Perspective on Employment Mutations. Exploring the Experiences of the Unemployed People

Didier Demaziere1, Marc Zune2

1: Sciences Po, France; 2: Université de Louvain

A Conceptual Model For Understanding Meaning In Working Life

André Sebastian Alvinzi

Örebro university, Sweden

RN17_06a: Change in Work and Labour: Changing Environment and Context
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Bengt Larsson, University of Gothenburg

Old Company’s New Leaders: Employment Proposition for Millennial Leadership in Luxury Retail

Mark Gibbons, Joanna Karmowska

Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Reforming Small Occupations: Continuity and Change

Carmen Baumeler, Sonja Engelage, Alexandra Strebel

Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Switzerland

Employer Changes After Childbirth: Can Family Friendly Arrangements Bind Mothers?

Corinna Frodermann, Ann-Christin Bächmann

Institute for Employment Research, Germany

Analysis of Social Situation in Relation to the Car Manufacturing at Technological Zone, East Bohemia Region” (CEE)

Michal Tošner

University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

RN17_07a: Trade Unions and Employers' Organizations
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Valeria Pulignano, KU Leuven

Employers’ Organizations And Their Policies And Discourses Since the 1970s – The Dutch Case

Saskia Boumans

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

Court Ban on Strike Action and Its Possible Consequences for Trade Unions

Katarzyna Rakowska

University of Warsaw, Poland

Firms Resistance to Unionism and its Determinants: Evidence from a Field Experiment

Patrick Nüß1,2

1: Kiel University, Germany; 2: Hans-Böckler-Foundation

Public Service trade Unions and Employment Relations in a Context of Crisis. The Case of NHS Midwifery.

Cecile Guillaume1, Gill Kirton2

1: University of Roehampton, United Kingdom; 2: Queen Mary University of London

RN17_08: Development of the Sociology of Work in Europe
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Valeria Pulignano, KU Leuven
Book presentation: Meet the authors

Development of the Sociology of Work in Europe: theories, methods, politics.

Robert Stewart

Grenoble Ecole de Management, United Kingdom

Labour Sociology in Italy: Resisting Erosion Through Transformation and Dynamism

Valeria Pulignano

KU Leuven, Belgium

Swedish Sciology of Work

Bengt Furåker

Dept. of Sociology and Work Science,University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Toward a Sociology of Work in the UK

Carol Stephenson

Northumbria University, United Kingdom

RN17_BM: RN17 Business Meeting
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Bernd Brandl, Durham University
Chair: Valeria Pulignano, KU Leuven
Date: Friday, 23/Aug/2019
RN17_09a: Migration and the Implications for the World of Work, Employment and Industrial Relations
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Joanna Karmowska, Oxford Brookes University

Negotiating Moral Boundaries in Workplaces through the Lens of Work Experiences

Selin Sivis

University of Essex, United Kingdom

Perceived And Real Insecurity. Attitudes To Migrant Workers In Denmark, 2007-2018

Troels Fage Hedegaard, Christian Albrekt Larsen

Aalborg University, Denmark

Liquid Migration And Precarization Of Work. Professional Experiences Of Young Migrants From Selected Medium-sized Cities In Poland

Dominika Maria Winogrodzka

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland

Including Migrant And Precarious Workers In The Care Sector: Comparing Union Strategies And Labour Market Outcomes In The UK And The Netherlands

Stefania Marino, Arjan Keizer

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

RN17_10a: Changing Work and Labour Relations
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Peter Kerckhofs, Eurofound

The Map Is Not The Territory. Contested Space In Food Delivery Work

Heiner Heiland

Technical University Darmstadt, Germany

How Much or Little Work is Good for You? A Shorter Working Week, Well-being and Mental Health

Daiga Kamerāde1,2, Senhu Wang2, Brendan Burchell2, Ursula Balderson2, Adam Coutts2

1: University of Salford, United Kingdom; 2: University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Social Perception Towards Automation In Spanish Labour Market

Salvador Manzanera-Román

University of Murcia, Spain

Factors of Successful Formation of New Employment Segments of the Population on the Depressive Labor Market

Nina Arsentyeva

Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, Russian Federation

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