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Location: BS.G.35
Manchester Metropolitan University Building: Business School, Ground Floor Oxford Road
Date: Wednesday, 21/Aug/2019
SP05: Contested Boundaries of Humanitarianism. Refugee Movements and the Global Crisis of Asylum Systems - with Julia Dahlvik and Dimitris Parsanoglou
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Kenneth Horvath, University of Lucerne

On Governing Protection-Seeking People in Europe

Julia Dahlvik

FH Campus Wien University of Applied Sciences, Austria

Volunteering for Refugees and the Repositioning of State Sovereignty and Civil Society: The Case of Greece

Dimitris Parsanoglou

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Greece

RN05_01b: Prosumption
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Stefan Wahlen, Wageningen University

'Prosumption' At Night: Are ’Prosumers’ More Likely To Time-shift Everyday Practices To Reduce Peak Electricity Demand?

Anders Rhiger Hansen, Mette Hove Jacobsen

Aalborg University, Denmark

Employee Branding as ‘Class’ Consumption: Towards a Reframing of Employee Agency from ‘Pro-sumption’ to ‘Refor-sumption’

Ayman Mohamed Ragaa El-Amir

Trent University, Canada

Prosuming Lifestyles: Young People's Prosumption as a Means of Establishing and Evaluating Lifestyles.

Konstantinos Theodoridis

Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Smart Home Technologies Enabling Energy Flexibility: The Importance Of Embodied Know-how

Simon Peter Aslak Kondrup Larsen

Aalborg University, Denmark

MD06: Paths of Transformations in Central and Eastern Europe: Boundaries, Barriers and Belonging
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Elena Danilova, Institute of Sociology, FCTAS, Russian Academy of Sciences
RN05_02b: Sustainable food
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Bente Halkier, University of Copenhagen

Challenges and Potential of Interdisciplinarity in the Study of Healthy and Sustainable Food Consumption

Laurence Godin1, Marlyne Sahakian1, Alexi Ernstoff2

1: University of Geneva, Switzerland; 2: Quantis International, Switzerland

How Can Sociology of Consumption Contribute to Sustainable Food Transformation?

Piia Jallinoja1, Johanna Mäkelä2, Mari Niva2

1: Tampere University, Finland; 2: University of Helsinki, Finland

Feeding The Melting Pot: Inclusiveness in accessing healthy and sustainable food in multicultural cities

Anke Brons1,2, Peter Oosterveer2, Sigrid Wertheim-Heck1,2

1: Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Almere, The Netherlands; 2: Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Food Waste Reduction Practices in the Digital Age

Lucia Marciante

University of Bologna, Italy

RN05_03b: Digital food
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Torvald Tangelad, Oslo Metropolitan University

When Digital Devices Come Home for Dinner - Devising Food Consumption

Emma Samsioe, Christian Fuentes

Lund University, Sweden

The “Digitalization Of Food Practices (DiFPra) Project”: Understanding How Digital Tools Intertwine With Daily Food Practices

Margot Dyen

University of Neuchâtel, France

Meat Porn: Considering Practice / Discourse Formations

Stefan Wahlen

Wageningen University, Netherlands, The

Food Bloggers: The Role of Immaterial Labour in Shaping Cultural Values Around Sustainable Food Consumption

Jennifer Cole-Wright

University of Leicester, United Kingdom

RN05_04b: (Not) eating meat
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Piia Jallinoja, Tampere University

Effects Of A Documentary On Consumer Perception Of The Environmental Impact Of Meat Consumption

Andreas Bschaden, Eduardo Mandarano, Nanette Stroebele-Benschop

University of Hohenheim, Germany

Everyday Meat Eating Practices as Multiple Relations of Care

Outi Hannele Marikki Koskinen

University of Helsinki, Finland

Purity and Imperfection: Re-Negotiating Vegan Identity

Eva Haifa Giraud

Keele University, United Kingdom

Food that Matters: Exploring the Material-Discursive Boundaries Between Animal-Sourced and Vegan Food Practices

Steffen Hirth

The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Transformative Change towards a Sustainable Meat Consumption

Sacha Manik

Roskilde University, Denmark

Date: Thursday, 22/Aug/2019
SP08: Symbolic Boundaries: Barriers or Belonging(s)? - with Sabine Trittler and Gert Verschraegen
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Anna-Mari Almila, University of the Arts London
Chair: Peter Holley, University of Helsinki

Religious Boundaries of Belonging as a Source for Perceived Discrimination Among Religious Minorities: A Specific Case of Muslims in Secular Europe?

Sabine Trittler

University of Konstanz, Germany

Status Struggle, Belonging and Symbolic Boundary Work Among Refugees, Established Immigrants and Belgian Natives

Gert Verschraegen

University of Antwerp, Belgium

RN05_05b: Ethical consumption
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Marlyne Sahakian, University of Geneva

Enabling Citizen Organising for Sustainable Transitions

Mikko Laamanen1, Francesca Forno2

1: Royal Holloway University of London; 2: University of Trento, Italy

Becoming a Reclaimer, Doing Reclamation: The Intersecting Lives of Practices, Practitioners and their (Un)wanted Things

Mike Foden

Keele University, United Kingdom

Understanding Ethical Consumption in the Reshaping of Consumer - Producer Relations

Kirsten Gram-Hanssen

Aalborg University, Denmark

An Exploration of the Emancipated Nature of Ethical Consumption

MinHye Lee

University of Winchester, United Kingdom

MD11: Author-Meets-Critics: Refugees, Civil Society and the State - by Ludger Pries
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Lena Margareta Näre, University of Helsinki
RN05_06b: Politcal consumption
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Luke Yates, University of Manchester

Collective Action, Consumption Practices And Prefiguration In The Animalist Movement

Irène Courtin

Université de Genève, France

Alternative Food Organizations in Geneva: At the Interplay of Market and Democracy

Johanna Clara Huber, Jasmine Lorenzini

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Voluntary Simplicity in Consumer Capitalism

Renata Dopierała

University of Lodz, Poland

Are Political Attitudes Associated with Participation in Cultural Heritage? Lifestyles and Class Divisions in the UK And Continental Europe

Andrew Graham Miles2, Adrian Leguina1

1: University of Loughborough, United Kingdom; 2: University of Manchester, United Kingdom

RN05_07b: Sustainable consumption and consumer behaviour
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Margit Keller, University of Tartu

Differences In Willingness To Change Consumption Patterns Between Consumer Groups When The Global Temperature Is Increasing

Torvald Tangelad

Oslo Metropolitan University/SIFO, Norway

Saving The World With Meat Alternatives: Social Media Voices Between Material Change and Cultural Continuity

Malte B Rödl

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Transformative Practices and Socio-Cultural Change: The Case of Sustainable Food Consumption and Cultures

Atle Wehn Hegnes1, Virginie Amilien2

1: Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway; 2: Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

Exploration of the Sociological and Cognitive-Affective Factors, And Medias on Unsustainable Consumer Behaviour

Johanna Maksimainen, Terhi-Anna Wilska

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Exploring The Temporal Ordering, Sequencing And Synchronization Of British Residential Energy Demand

Máté Lőrincz

University of Reading, United Kingdom

RN11_08: Emotions in National and European Politics
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Christian von Scheve, Freie Universität Berlin

The Contrasting Emotional Bases Of Political Populism: Comparing Brazil’s 2013 Protests And The United Kingdom’s 2016 Brexit Vote

Gavin Brent Sullivan

Coventry University, United Kingdom

How to Research Polish Contexts and Effects of Group Ressentiment?

Piotr Werynski

Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Managing Feelings Within European Institutions? The Case Of Emotion Work In European Union Politics

Rosa Sanchez Salgado, Alice Vogel

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

RN11_BM: RN11 Business Meeting
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Jonathan G. Heaney, Queen's University Belfast
Chair: Monika Verbalyte, Freie Universität Berlin
Date: Friday, 23/Aug/2019
RN05_09b: Collaborative consumption
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Mikko Laamanen, Royal Holloway University of London

Digital Cultural Consumption As ‘Online’ Cultural Capital. The Use Of Online Sources For Active And Receptive Cultural Participation

Mart Willekens

Ghent University, Belgium

Repair and Do-It-Yourself Urbanism in two Vienna districts

Michael Jonas, Segert Astrid

Institute for Advanced Studies, Austria

In Constant Tension between Markets and Movements. A Field-Theoretical Perspective on Platform-Based Collaborative Consumption

Christian Flick

TU Berlin, Germany

Consumption Patterns And A Relational Space Of Social Networks For Pre And Teenagers: To Be Popular Or Tumblr.

María Dolores Martín-Lagos López1, Marta Donat López2

1: University of Granada, Spain; 2: Instituto de Salud Carlos III Madrid (Spain)

RN05_10b: Consumption, media and the digital
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Terhi-Anna Wilska, University of Jyväskylä

Digitalization And Sociology – A Literature Review.

Arne Dulsrud1, Bendik Bygstad2

1: Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway; 2: University of Oslo, Norway

Domesticating Home-IoT – A research Framework for Studying Connected Homes

Dag Slettemeås, Ardis Storm-Mathisen

OsloMet, Norway

Towards New Forms of Organizing the Production in Creative Industries

Yasaman Sadeghi1,2

1: Grenoble Ecole de Management; 2: Univ Grenoble Alpes ComUE

The Reflexive Mediatization of Consumption

Paul Eisewicht

Technical University Dortmund, Germany

Representations vs Actions in Online Behavior: First Results from an Academic Online Panel of Internet Users

Filipe M. Montargil1,2, Cristian Ruiz1,2, Branco Di Fátima2

1: School of Communication and Media Studies, Portugal; 2: Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (CIES-IUL)

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