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Location: UP.4.212
University of Manchester Building: University Place, Fourth Floor Oxford Road
Date: Wednesday, 21/Aug/2019
RN22_01: Current Research in Risk Perception and Representation
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Aiste Balzekiene, Kaunas university of technology

Social Trust And Representations About Risks Of The Introduction Of Artificial Intelligence Into Everyday Life

Timofei Nestik

Institute of psychology, Russian academy of sciences, Russian Federation

European Parents’ Risk Perception Of Online Hazards: Identifying Cognitive Styles

Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri

University of Trento, Italy

Beyond Information Control – The Enabling Qualities of Fatalism

Kathrin Englert, Wolfgang Ludwig-Mayerhofer, David Waldecker

University of Siegen, Germany

Threat Response Over Time: Political Compartmentalization Of Terrorism Risk Perception

Pekka Räsänen1, Aki Koivula1, Teo Keipi1, Atte Oksanen2

1: University of Turku, Finland; 2: University of Tampere, Finland

RN22_02: Theoretical Advancements in Risk and Uncertainty Studies
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Jens Oliver Zinn, University of Melbourne
Chair: Patrick Brown, University of Amsterdam

Analytical Perspectives in Risk Theory: Actor, Structure and Ambivalence

Anna Olofsson, Katarina Giritli Nygren, Susanna Öhman

Mid Sweden University, Sweden

On The Relationality Of Risk: Insights From Cross-Field Interactions Between Finance and Politics

Christian von Scheve, Markus Lange

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Responding To Violent Radicalization: Risk-Focused And/Or Context-Sensitive Prevention In Europe

Evelyne Baillergeau1, Gabe Mythen2

1: University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The; 2: University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Theorizing Inequalities and Emotion in the Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty: a Bourdieuan and Mannheimian Perspective

Judith Eckert

TU Darmstadt, Germany

RN22_03: Risk and Uncertainty in Everyday Life
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Anna Olofsson, Mid Sweden University

The Fabrication Of Certainty: How Impostors Manipulate Everyday Risk-taking

Christian Alexander Thiel

University Augsburg, Germany

Couples’ Construction of Boundaries of Risk and Responsibility during Pregnancy

Irina Radu1, Solène Gouilhers2, Raphaël Hammer2, Yvonne Meyer2, Jessica Pehlke-Milde1

1: Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland; 2: University of Applied Sciences and the Arts, Western Switzerland

Risk Perceptions In Relation To Threats, Violence And Attacks On Higher Education Institutions In Denmark

Nina Baron

University College Copenhagen, Denmark

From the Problematization of Uncertainty in Iranian Films to the Uncertainty of a Traumatic Everyday Life

Habib Allah Moghimi

University of Sydney

RN22_04: Risks in Health and Social Care
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Patrick Brown, University of Amsterdam

Severe Asthma Patients’ Risk Work and the Use of Biologicals: Navigating the Risks and Uncertainties of State-of-the-art Medication in Everyday Life

Bert de Graaff, Hester van de Bovenkamp, Roland Bal

Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

The Formation and Perceptions of Food- Related Risks: Aspects of Food- related Risks in Turkey

Kayhan Delibas

Aydin Adnan Menderes Universitesi, Turkey

Date: Thursday, 22/Aug/2019
RN22_05: Public Discourses and Media Representations of Risk
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Maria Grazia Galantino, Sapienza University of Rome

Narrating Risk or Debating International Relations? Critical Analysis of Media Discourses on Climate Change

Audronė Telešienė, Eimantė Zolubienė

Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Framing Safety in Nuclear Waste Disposal: Comparing Finland and France

Matti Kojo1, Markku Lehtonen2, Tapio Litmanen3, Mika Kari1,3, Tuija Jartti1,3

1: Tampere University, Finland; 2: University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain; 3: University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Threats, Violence, Anger and Attacks in Institutions of Education – Public Discourses on Probability, Reasons and Solutions

Nina Blom Andersen

University College Copenhagen, Denmark

"Risk Communication In The Social Space: The Reconstruction Of The Risk Communication In The Local Community"

Efim Fidrya, Olga Fidrya

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Russian Federation

RS11_06: ‘Precarious families’
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Renato Miguel Carmo, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)
Chair: Annalisa Murgia, University of Milan

The Gendered Experience of Fixed-Term Employment: Putting the Consequences of Precarious Employment in Context of Gender and Household

Nils Teichler1, Nicolas Morgenroth2, Brigitte Schels1,3

1: Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Germany; 2: Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), Germany; 3: Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU), Germany

Working Families And Precarious Life

Ieva Dryzaite

Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

Precarious Working Lives, Precarious Family And Social Lives? A Qualitative Study Investigating The Interrelationship Of Life Spheres.

Kim Bosmans

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Precariousness in the Memoirs of the Unemployed. Boundaries, Strategies and Trajectories.

Pawel Kubicki1, Lukasz Grzegorz Posluszny1,2

1: Warsaw School of Economics, Poland; 2: Wroclaw Univeristy, Poland

RS11_07: Young workers under precarious conditions
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Annalisa Murgia, University of Milan
Chair: Renato Miguel Carmo, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)

Portraits of Young Workers: for a Sociological Understanding of Precariousness

Renato Miguel Carmo1, Ana Rita Matias2

1: Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Portugal; 2: Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade Lisboa, Portugal

Trapped in Precariousness? State Dependence of Employment Precariousness among Young People in Germany

Kerstin Jahn

Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Germany

Living with Precarity in Germany and Poland. Comparing the experiences of Young Workers

Vera Trappmann1, Adam Mrozowicki2

1: Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom; 2: University of Wrocław

Being Artist in Milan: Young Women Between Entrepreneurship and Precariousness

Emanuela Naclerio

University of Milan, Italy, University of Turin, Italy

Date: Friday, 23/Aug/2019
RN14_09b: Gender and Intersectionality in Labour Markets/Welfare States
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Hazel Conley, University of the West of England

“Just Take It Off, Where’s The Problem?” The Neoliberal Logic Of Intersectional Labour Market Discrimination Against Women Wearing Headscarves

Julia Schuster

Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

An Intersectional Analysis of UK Self-Employment in the Digital Era

Angela Martinez Dy1, Dilani Jayawarna2, Susan Marlow3

1: Loughborough University London, United Kingdom; 2: University of Liverpool, United Kingdom; 3: Nottingham University Business School, United Kingdom

Underemployment vs. Relocation: Coping Mechanisms of Palestinian Women in Israel with Patriarchal and Spatial Impositions

Tal Meler

Zefat Academic College, Israel

Postcolonial Feminism, Intersectionality And The Lived Experience Of The British Born Black Caribbean Female Nurse.

Beverley Helena Brathwaite

University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

RN14_10b: Women's Activism and Leadership for Securing Change
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Tessa Wright, Queen Mary University of London

Challenging Male Dominance: Critical Actors Building Critical Mass Through a Women's Mentoring Scheme

Susan Durbin1, Ana Lopes2, Stella Warren1

1: University of West of England, United Kingdom; 2: Newcastle University

All’s Fair in Love and Labour? – The Gendered Discourses of Benefiting from Physical Appearance in Working Life

Iida Kukkonen, Tero Pajunen, Erica Åberg, Outi Sarpila

University of Turku, Finland

Dynamics and Consequences of De-feminisation of Care

Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela, Branko Bembič

University of Ljubljana Faculy of Social Sciences, Slovenia

Women and Trade Unions in Sherry Area. From the invisible participation to the need of leadership.

Eva Bermúdez-Figueroa

Universidad de Cádiz, Spain

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