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Date: Thursday, 22/Aug/2019
SP06: Nationalism, Europe and Brexit - with Michaela Benson, Gurminder K. Bhambra, Max Haller and Vanessa E. Thompson
Location: The Bridgewater Hall
Chair: Susan Halford, University of Bristol
Chair: Sue Scott, Newcastle University

Brexit and Britain’s Overseas Citizens: Reframing Britishness from Beyond the Borders

Michaela Caroline Benson

Goldsmiths, United Kingdom

European Cosmopolitanism and Atavistic Nationalism: The Twin Conditions of Brexit

Gurminder K Bhambra

University of Sussex, United Kingdom

The European Union – The Failure of a Dream? An Ambitious Scenario Disproved by the Brexit

Max Haller

University of Graz, Austria

Identity Politics and the Crisis of Europe: On Current Articulations of White Reconstructions and the (Im-) Possibilities of an Intersectionality of Struggles

Vanessa Eileen Thompson

Goethe University, Germany

SP07: Ageing in Europe: Agency, Citizenship and the Dynamics of Power - with Clary Krekula and Bernhart Weicht
Location: BS.G.36
Chair: Dirk Hofaecker, University of Duisburg-Essen
Chair: Edward Tolhurst, Staffordshire University

Ageing, Time and Embodied Relatedness

Clary Krekula

Karlstad University, Sweden

Agency, Choice And Control Until The End: Investigating The “Good Death”

Bernhard Weicht

University of Innsbruck, Austria

SP08: Symbolic Boundaries: Barriers or Belonging(s)? - with Sabine Trittler and Gert Verschraegen
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Anna-Mari Almila, University of the Arts London
Chair: Peter Holley, University of Helsinki

Religious Boundaries of Belonging as a Source for Perceived Discrimination Among Religious Minorities: A Specific Case of Muslims in Secular Europe?

Sabine Trittler

University of Konstanz, Germany

Status Struggle, Belonging and Symbolic Boundary Work Among Refugees, Established Immigrants and Belgian Natives

Gert Verschraegen

University of Antwerp, Belgium

SP09: Social Mobilisations and the Shape of the Future: To the Left, Right, or Nowhere - with Lauren Langman and Sylvia Walby
Location: BS.G.27
Chair: Tova Benski, College of Management
Chair: Lorenzo Bosi, Scuola Normale Superiore

Justice or Vengeance? Capitalism, Crises and the Contemporary Social Movements

Lauren Langman

Loyola University of Chicago, American Sociological Association, International Sociological Association, Global studies Association

Rethinking Concepts for Social Mobilisations around Brexit and the EU: Projects, Violence and the Political Economy of the World System

Sylvia Walby

City University of London, United Kingdom

SP10: Understanding Risk and Uncertainty in the Anthropocene - with Linsey McGoey and Jens Zinn
Location: BS.G.26
Chair: Matthias Gross, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Chair: Aiste Balzekiene, Kaunas university of technology

The Hierarchy of Ignorance: Corporate Impunity in Historical Context

Linsey McGoey

University of Essex, United Kingdom

The Production of Nature: Towards a Risk-Taking Society

Jens Oliver Zinn

University of Melbourne, Australia

CB3: Coffee Break
JS_RN04_RN13_05: Meanings of 'child welfare' and 'good parenting'
Location: GM.333
Chair: Ellie Jane Lee, University of Kent

Social Investment in Childhood: Arguments in the Academic and Institutional Arenas

Claude Martin

CNRS, France

“Good Parents” and “Beloved Children”: Child Welfare Services, State Intervention and Intensive Parenting

Alexandra Szőke

Institute for Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

Children’s Perspectives and Interaction as Starting Points for Reflections on ‘Child well-being’ and ‘Parenting’

Aytüre Türkyilmaz1, Lars Alberth2

1: Wuppertal University, Germany; 2: Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

Casas de Pensamiento Indígena (CPI): Being an Indigenous Children in Bogota

Carmen María Sanchez caro

Université Paris 13, France

JS_RN07_RN09_05: The Economics, Politics and Cultures of Dark Networks
Location: BS.4.06A
Chair: Sebastian Koos, University of Konstanz
Chair: Mark Jacobs, George Mason University

“See, ‘Trust’ Is a Word Rarely Used in Here…”: Mistrust, Credibility and Collaboration among Anonymous Hacktivists

Philip K Creswell

Uppsala University, Sweden

Bad Banks? Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Irresponsibility in Times of Economic Turmoil

Sebastian Koos

University of Konstanz, Germany

Non-Enforcement As Informal Pact: Towards a Political Economy of Illegality

Matías Dewey

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Germany

Towards An Elementary Theory of Dark Networks

Mark Jacobs

George Mason University, United States of America

From The Outskirts To Urban Peripheries: National Criminal Collectives In North And Northeast Brazil

Fernando de Jesus Rodrigues

Universidade Federal de Alagoas (Brazil) London School of Economics (Visiting Fellow), United Kingdom

JS_RN09_RN17_05: The Gig Economy: Bright and Dark Sides of the Future Labour Market I
Location: BS.4.06B
Chair: Bernd Brandl, Durham University
Chair: Alberto Veira-Ramos, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Can The Gig Economy Be Compatible With Standard Employment? A Case Study Of Food Delivery Platform In Belgium

Agnieszka Piasna, Jan Drahokoupil

European Trade Union Institute, Belgium

Between the Old and the New – the Gig Economy and Its Characteristics

Bartosz Mika

University of Gdańsk, Poland

Recruitment Devices in the Gig Economy: How a Labour Supply Takes Shape in the Market for Food Deliveries

Luca Perrig

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Thriving Or Just Surviving: Divergent Inequalities In London’s Gig Economy

George Maier

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), United Kingdom

RN01_05a: Social inequalities and social exclusion in older age
Location: UP.3.204
Chair: Kathrin Komp-Leukkunen, University of Helsinki

Social Exclusion and Mental Wellbeing in Older Romanians

Iuliana Precupetu1, Marja Aartsen2, Marian Vasile3

1: Research Institute for Quality of Life, Romanian Academy, Romania; 2: NOVA Norwegian Social research / Oslo Metropolitan University, Oslo, Norway; 3: Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest, Romania

Reallocation of Resources between Gender and Generations in Ageing Society

Martin Holub, Anna Stastna

Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs, Czech Republic

Consequences Of Employment Inequality For Living Condition In Old Age

Tatjana C Mika

German Pension Insurance, Germany

Precarious Pathways Into Retirement and New Risks for Gendered Economic Exclusion in Sweden 1990-2015

Andreas Motel-Klingebiel, Susanne Kelfve, Lina Homman

Linkoping University, Sweden

RN01_05b: Formal and informal care I: Care Recipients - situations
Location: UP.3.205
Chair: Regina Ilona Gerlich, Careum School of Health LTD
Chair: Mareike Ariaans, University Mannheim

“Some Days are Better than Others”: Older Persons and Everyday Life in an Institutional Setting

Zdenko Zeman, Marija Geiger Zeman

Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Croatia

“Does It Matter What I Think?” Care Preferences Of Older People In Finland.

Jiby Mathew Puthenparambil, Paula Helena Vasara

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Hazardous Human Waste

Noa Vana

Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Public Policy and Cultural Value in Museum-led Dementia Care. The case study of House of Memories

Rafaela Neiva Ganga, Kerry Wilson, Gayle Whelan

Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom

RN02_05: Barriers and Opportunities in the Arts
Location: GM.306
Chair: Victoria D. Alexander, Goldsmiths, University of London

Barriers and Opportunities in Culture - Access to Art in Europe

Tal Feder

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Experiences of Discrimination and Harassment among Artists: The Case of Finnish Visual Artists

Sari Karttunen

Center for Cultural Policy Research CUPORE, Finland

Liberator For The Oppressed, Or A Useful Tool For The Dictatorship? Analysing Controversial Art Projects In North Korea, In Light Of Goffman

Målfrid Irene Hagen

MI Hagen, Norway

Mapping Accessibilities Of Art Institutions

Dagmar Pelger, Séverine Marguin

Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

RN04_05: Approaching capabilities in diverse childhoods
Location: GM.327
Chair: Cath Larkins, University of Central Lancashire
Time allocation: 15' presentation directly followed by 5' consecutive discussion on the paper presented, and at the end of the session 10' general discussion of all papers presented in the session.

Barriers, Boundaries and Belongings: Complementary Angles on the Participatory Capability of Children in Street Situations

Daniel Stoecklin, Quentin Fayet, André Cardozo Sarli

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Economies of Belonging: Conceptualising Child Care Under Neoliberalism

Chiara Alfano1, Patrizia Kokot-Blamey2

1: Kingston, United Kingdom; 2: Queen Mary, University of London

"We Are Here To Improve San Jerónimo, Aren’t We?" TekeLab, a Neighborhood Technology Project

Lucía del Moral-Espín1, Macarena Madero-Silva2, Alicia Pérez-García3

1: University of Cadiz; 2: Tekeando - Tramallol; 3: University Pablo de Olavide

Boundaries Inside The Hearth: When Our Parents Mustn't Be The Ones We Grow Up With. The Case Of Foster Children In France

Helene Oehmichen

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France

RN05_05a: Eating in different cultures
Location: BS.G.34
Chair: Eivind Jacobsen, OsloMet

Do we eat out ? : A socio-economic analysis for Colombian households between 1993 and 2014

Giselle Torres Pabón

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile

Alternative food qualities and practices in Beijing and Guangzhou

I-Liang Wahn

Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Russia’s Food Revolution: A Solution or Challenge for Food Security?

Irina Trotsuk

Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Russian Federation

RN05_05b: Ethical consumption
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Marlyne Sahakian, University of Geneva

Enabling Citizen Organising for Sustainable Transitions

Mikko Laamanen1, Francesca Forno2

1: Royal Holloway University of London; 2: University of Trento, Italy

Becoming a Reclaimer, Doing Reclamation: The Intersecting Lives of Practices, Practitioners and their (Un)wanted Things

Mike Foden

Keele University, United Kingdom

Understanding Ethical Consumption in the Reshaping of Consumer - Producer Relations

Kirsten Gram-Hanssen

Aalborg University, Denmark

An Exploration of the Emancipated Nature of Ethical Consumption

MinHye Lee

University of Winchester, United Kingdom

RN05_05c: Food and taste
Location: BS.G.36
Chair: Lotte Holm, University of Copenhagen

Brazilian Chefs And Their Aesthetic Work: Mixing Popular Food And Global Patterns Of Taste

Mauricio Piatti Lages

University of São Paulo, Brazil

Emerging Patterns Of Food Taste In A Cross-Cultural Perspective: Some European Countries Under The Scrutiny Of TASC Survey.

Maria Giovanna Onorati1, Francesco Domenico d'Ovidio2

1: University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy; 2: University of Bari "Aldo Moro" , Italy

Unpacking omnivorousness: locating the British ‘foodie’

Jessica Paddock1, Alan Warde2, Jennifer Whillans1

1: University of Bristol; 2: University of Manchester, UK

Taste, The Senses, And Cultural Openness. An Empirical Exploration Of The Role Of Embodied Affect In Multicultural Consumption Experiences.

Cristiano Smaniotto

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

RN06_05: A Critical Political Economy of Finance-led Accumulation
Location: GM.332
Chair: Yuliya Yurchenko, University of Greenwich
Chair: Bernd Bonfert, Roskilde University

The Good Financial(ised) Citizen? 'Resilience' As A Disciplinary Mechanism In The Financialisation Of The Welfare State

Matthew Donoghue

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

The Financialisation of Car Dependency

Thomas Haines-Doran

SOAS, United Kingdom

Compact with Africa – the German Contribution to lLberalization of Investment and Financialisation in Africa

Frauke Banse

University of Kassel, Germany

Revisiting the M-Pesa ‘market miracle’: a historical materialist analysis of the Financialisation Of Remittances In Kenya

Julia Kristina Maisenbacher

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

RN07_05: Sociology of Culture: Cultural consumption and stratification
Location: GM.335
Chair: Dominik Zelinsky, University of Edinburgh

Cultural Capital and Emerging Culture: The case of meditation, yoga, and vegetarianism in the U.K.

Adam Gemar

Durham University, United Kingdom

Political Power Of The Private: Celebrity Discourse And Deserving Elites

Breda Luthar

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Canon Formation in a Polarised Cultural Elite - Results from a Social Network Analysis

Luca Kristóf, Dorottya Kisfalusi, Eszter Vit

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

The Constituents of Audience Affordances: A Cultural Sociological Approach to the Success of Turkish Soap Operas in Croatia

Mirko Petric, Zeljka Zdravkovic

University of Zadar, Croatia

RN08_05: Social Dimensions of Disaster Preparedness and Response
Location: UP.4.214
Chair: Eugenia Petropoulou, University of Crete, Greece

Emergence and Volunteerism in Disaster Response Operations

Roine Johansson1, Erna Danielsson1, Linda Kvarnlöf1, Kerstin Eriksson2

1: Mid Sweden University, Sweden; 2: RISE The Research Institute of Sweden

Disasters, Invisible Citizenship and the Role of Victims’ Associations

José Manuel Mendes

University of Coimbra, Faculty of Economics, Centre for Social Studies, Portugal

Adaptation to Climate Change: Instrumentalisation and Narratives

Julie Gobert1, Florence Rudolf2

1: Ecole nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, France; 2: INSA, Strasbourg, France

The Missing Link in Building Resilience for Disasters: Social Vulnerability

Hediye Sibel Kalaycioglu1, Kezban Celik2, Sinan Turkyılmaz3, Umit Celen4, Emin Yahya Mentese5, Sema Kara6

1: Middle East Technical University, Turkey; 2: TED Unıversity, Ankara Turkey; 3: Hacettepe Unıversıty, Ankara Turkey; 4: Amasya Unıversıty, Amasya Turkey; 5: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Turkey; 6: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Turkey

RN09_05: Markets, Digitalization and Innovation
Location: BS.3.16
Chair: Andra Maurer, University

“Herif/Dude”: Personifying High-Frequency Trading in an Emerging Stock Market

M. Fatih Karakaya

Istanbul University, Turkey

Towards Platform Pluralism? Professional Organizations, Regulation Struggles And The Development Of Corporatist Platforms

Philip Balsiger1, Nicola Cianferoni1, Thomas Jammet1, Muriel Surdez2

1: University of Neuchatel, Switzerland; 2: University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Contractless Cooperation on Anonymous Online Markets. Why Actors Choose Advance Payments

Rasmus Munksgaard2, Meropi Tzanetakis1

1: University of Essex, United Kingdom; 2: Université de Montréal, Canada

Risks and Innovation In Public Procurement

Luis Osorio1, Maria Manuel Serrano2, Paulo Neto3, Paula Urze4

1: ISEL - Engineering Institute of Lisbon,Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, POLITEC&ID; 2: University of Évora – Department of Sociology, CICS.NOVA, SOCIUS/ISEG-UL and UMPP; 3: University of Évora – Department of Economics, CICS.NOVA, CEFAGE-UÉ and UMPP; 4: FCT, NOVA University, CIUHCT_ Interuniversity Center for the History of Science and Technology

RN10_05a: Education and migration (1)
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Jannick Demanet, Ghent University

The Complexities of Policy Landscape, Psychosocial Well-being and Academic Achievement of Young Unaccompanied Refugees in the UK

Harsha Nishadi Wilkinson

Independent researcher, United Kingdom

Understanding Learning through the Lens of Acculturation and school Belonging: Life Histories of Syrian Refugee Students in the UK.

Jumana A. Al-Waeli

Institute of Education- UCL, United Kingdom

Stuck In The "In-Between”? High-achieving Roma And The Costs Of Social Mobility.

Judit Durst1,2, Ábel Bereményi3

1: HAS, Institute for Minority Studies; 2: UCL, United Kingdom; 3: UAB, Spain

Muslim Home Schoolers InThe UK: Narratives Of Risk And Radicalisation

Martin Myers1, Kalwant Bhopal2

1: University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom; 2: University of Birmingham

RN10_05b: Perceptions and constructions of vulnerability
Location: UP.3.211
Chair: Mieke Van Houtte, Ghent University

Interactive Constructions of Youth Vulnerability

Xavier Rambla

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Sense of Futility as Subject of Disciplinary Action: do Students with Negative Attitudes toward the Educational System get disciplined more often?

Emma Degroote, Mieke Van Houtte

Ghent University, Belgium

“Excessive” Bodies In The Secondary Classroom: (Short) Stories Of Students With Restricted Growth Of Their Secondary Education In The United Kingdom

Antonios Ktenidis

University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Compensation of Educational Disadvantages as Social Service?

Éva Perpék1,2, Márta Kiss1,2

1: Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Social Sciences, Hungary; 2: Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

RN11_05a: Emotions in Welfare and Care
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Mary Holmes, University of Edinburgh

Respecifying ‘Worry’: How Clients Manage the ‘Subjective Side’ of Welfare Service-Seeking

Marie Flinkfeldt

Umeå University, Sweden

Care(ful) Relationships: Supporting Children in Secure Care

Katie Ellis, Penny Curtis

University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Messing with the Emotions of the Other: Exploring Affective Intergenerational Encounters at a Residential Care Institution for Young People

Hanne Warming

Roskilde University, Denmark

RN11_05b: Collective Identity, Belonging and Emotion
Location: BS.3.27
Chair: Nina Margies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Longing for Belonging: DIY Practices And Emotionalities In (Post)mining Landscape

Hana Daňková

Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Emotional Urban Territories: Ephemeral Practices, Social Control and the Role of the Emotions.

Fabio Bertoni

University of Padua, Italy

Being Soviet and Lithuanian: Emotional Regimes as the Bridge between the Opposites

Nerija Putinaitė

Vilnius University, Lithuania

RN12_05a: Renewable and Non-renewable Energies
Location: BS.3.21
Chair: Aleksandra Wagner, Jagiellonian University

Energy Platforms and the Future of Energy Citizenship

Sanneke Kloppenburg, Marten Boekelo

Wageningen University, Netherlands, The

Factors Explaining Energy Consumption Behaviour Intentions in Lithuania

Vidas Vilčinskas, Agnė Budžytė

Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Digital deliberation as advocacy: the case of the New Energy Policy campaign in Finland

Arho Toikka

University of Helsinki, Finland

Low Income Households’ Energy-related Attitudes in the Focus of Climate Change

Zoltán Ferencz, Adrienne Csizmady, Lea Kőszeghy

Center for Social Sciences at Hunagarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

RN12_05b: Environmental Perception, Consciousness, and Action
Location: BS.3.22
Chair: Ana Horta, University of Lisbon

Resource Extraction in Germany–Survival of Which Technological Future?

Martin David, Henriette Rutjes, Alena Bleicher

Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research - UfZ, Germany

Toward Proactive Environmental Action: Evidence from China’s EMS Adopters

Yuan Zheng Li

Université Laval, Canada

Local Values Versus Urban Growth: Living Nearby Riga Port

Kristine Abolina1, Janis Daugavietis2, Agnese Zile-Veisberga2

1: University of Latvia, Latvia; 2: Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of the University of Latvia

Mental Wellbeing, Air Pollution And The Ecological State

Paola Eleonora Signoretta1, Veerle Buffel2, Piet Bracke3

1: Loughborough, United Kingdom; 2: Ku Leuven; 3: Ghent University

RN13_05a: Family dissolution and post-divorce families I
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Baptiste Coulmont, Université Paris 8
Chair: Morena Tartari, University of Padova

Does Fathers’ Involvement in Childcare and Housework Affect Couples’ Relationship Stability?

Helen Norman, Mark Elliot, Colette Fagan

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

The Role of Emotions in Defining High Conflict Divorce

Inge Pasteels

PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Belgium

Who Cares? The Effect Of Post-Separation Life Course And Labor Force Dynamics On Co-Parenting

Elke Claessens, Dimitri Mortelmans

University of Antwerp, Belgium

Long-term Trends of Remarriage in Lithuania

Ernesta Platukyte

Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

RN13_05b: Work-family balance and work-family conflicts I
Location: UP.2.219
Chair: Kimmo Juhani Jokinen, University of Jyväskylä
Chair: Agnieszka Maria Furmańska-Maruszak, Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland

The Joint Influence of Family and Occupational Trajectories on Retirement Timing in Four European Countries: a Life Course Approach

Jacques-Antoine Gauthier1, Thierry Rossier1,2, Nicky Le Feuvre1, Boris Wernli3

1: University of Lausanne, Switzerland; 2: Copenhagen Business School; 3: Swiss centre of expertise in the social sciences

Temporary Employment and Work‐Family Balance in Australia

Inga Laß, Mark Wooden

University of Melbourne, Australia

“Icts And Professional Work: Activities And Perspectives Of Portuguese And Italian Women Who Live As A Couple And Have Children”

Silvia Di Giuseppe

University of Lisbon (Institute of Social Sciences), Portugal

When the Career Window Closes at 40: Exploring the Intersection of Gender, Age and Family Building in the Business Sector.

Sigtona Halrynjo1, Mary Blair-Loy2

1: Institute for Social Research, Norway; 2: University of California, San Diego

RN13_05c: Families in the context of economic problems and crises I
Location: UP.2.220
Chair: Vida Česnuitytė, Mykolas Romeris University & Vilnius University
Chair: Malgorzata Sikorska, University of Warsaw, Institute of Sociology

What Challenge Do Family Transitions launch To The Work Context Today? A Mix Method Research in Italy

Sara Mazzucchelli, Maria Letizia Bosoni


Anticipation And The Financial Consequences Of Relationship Dissolution For Women

Gert Thielemans, Dimitri Mortelmans

Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium

Lone Parent Families and Food Poverty in three European Countries: A Mixed Methods Approach

Rebecca O'Connell

UCL, United Kingdom

Influence Of The State Social Policy On Consumer Behaviour Of Family With Different Number Of Children

Svetlana Sivoplyasova1,2

1: Institute of Social and Political Reserches Russian Accademy of Scienses; 2: Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

RN14_05: Work-life Balance and Care for a Better World
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Susan Eileen Cohen, University of Bristol

The Role of Gender, Occupational Status and Family Responsibilities for the Association of Work Related ICT Use and Blurring Boundaries Between Work and Private Life

Timothy Rinke, Ines Entgelmeier

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Work-life Balance Strategies among Hungariam Mompreneurs from Romania

Reka Geambasu

Babes-Bolyai University, Romania

Career Aspirations and Work-life Balance Strategies of Women in Protestant Ministry

Emőke Török, Emese Biró

Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Hungary

Actual Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing: A Preliminary Overview For The UK

Pierre Walthery1, Heejung Chung2

1: University of Oxford, United Kingdom; 2: University of Kent, United Kingdom

RN15_05: Global Models, Glocal Practices (2)
Location: BS.4.04A
Chair: Pierluca Birindelli, Gonzaga University / International Studies Institute

Science And Non-science In Political Reassurance Work: Trends In International Recommendations And The Justifications Used By OECD, 1961–2018

Marjaana Rautalin, Jukka Syväterä, Eetu Vento

Tampere University, Finland

The Conditional Cash Transfer Narrative: Construction Of A Global Policy Model

Lauri Juhani Heimo, Jukka Syväterä

Tampere University, Finland

Rationality, Romantics and the Makings of a Global "Supermodel"

Valtteri Vähä-Savo, Jari Luomanen, Pertti Alasuutari

Tampere University, Finland

Rethinking Global Power: The Space of States

Will Atkinson

University of Bristol, United Kingdom

RN16_05a: Class, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities in Health
Location: UP.4.204
Chair: Trude Gjernes, Nord universitet

Ethnicity and Health Participation on Social Media: A Test and an Extension of Social Diversification Hypothesis

Dennis Rosenberg, Rita Mano, Gustavo Mesch

University of Haifa, Israel

Patient Participation In A Therapeutic Education Program (TEP) In Oncology And Social Inequalities: A Selection Linked To The Proximity Of Patient’s And Caregiver’s Disposition

Lucie Forté, Emilie Gaborit, Philippe Terral

Toulouse 3, France

Barriers to Accessing Dementia Care by Minority Ethnic Groups in Norway

Elzbieta Anna Czapka

Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

RN16_05b: Health Care Organisations and Policy
Location: UP.4.205
Chair: Guido Giarelli, 'Magna Graecia' of Catanzaro

Sociology For Transdisciplinar Innovation: Useful R&D For Improving Intensive Care Units dynamics in 2019.

María Elena Fabregat Cabrera, Diana Jareño Ruiz, Raúl Ruiz Callado

University of Alicante.

Communication Within a Perinatal Center: Effectiveness Proposed and Barriers Experienced

Anastasiia Novkunskaya

European University at Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Patient-Centeredness in European G7 Nations' Healthcare Regulation: Current Patterns and Future Directions

Humayun Ahmed1, Jovana Vukcevic1, Sohaib Ahmed1, Sophia Glisch1, Saleem Ahmed2,3,4,5

1: University of Toronto, Canada; 2: Sindh Medical College, Pakistan; 3: College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan, Pakistan; 4: Aga Khan University, Pakistan; 5: Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre, Pakistan

Are Clinical Guidelines An Effective Means Of Achieving “Disruptive Innovation” In Healthcare? Lessons From A Recent NICE Guideline Controversy In The English NHS

Alex Rushforth, Trisha Greenhalgh, Sietse Wieringa

University of Oxford , United Kingdom

RN16_05c: Health and Migration, Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Location: UP.4.206
Chair: Francesca Sirna, CNRS EHESS

Proximity and Gender Violence Against Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Health, Healthcare and Good Practice in the Milan and Brescia Areas

Lia Lombardi

University of Milan, Fondazione ISMU

The Well-being of Undocumented Migrants. Baseline Results of a Longitudinal Study in Geneva, Switerland

Claudine Burton-Jeangros, Aline Duvoisin, Yves Jackson

CIGEV-LIVES, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Communicative Constructions Of Refugees In The Treatment Of Tuberculosis

Tamara Pascale Schwertel

Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany

Mental Distress among Current Refugees: Assimilation or Stress-Proliferation?

Silke Hans, Coline Kuche

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany

RN17_05a: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Alex Lehr, Radboud University

Organizational Responses To Active Labour Market Policies

Petra Hiller

University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen, Germany

Feasible Work as a New Perspective on Employment Mutations. Exploring the Experiences of the Unemployed People

Didier Demaziere1, Marc Zune2

1: Sciences Po, France; 2: Université de Louvain

A Conceptual Model For Understanding Meaning In Working Life

André Sebastian Alvinzi

Örebro university, Sweden

RN17_05b: New and Old Forms of Industrial Conflict
Location: UP.1.219
Chair: Ylva Ulfsdotter Eriksson, University of Gothenburg

Threat of Strike: Notice of Industrial Action and Strikes in Sweden 1980-2015

Jenny Jansson, Katrin Uba

Uppsala University, Sweden

The Italian Labor-Capital Conflict During and after the Crisis. Between Trade Unionism and Social Movement unionism

Margherita Sabrina Perra1, Federica Frazzetta2, Katia Pilati3

1: University of Cagliari, Italy; 2: University of Catania; 3: University of Trento

The Displacement Hypothesis Revisited: Insights from the Italian Logistics Sector

Lorenzo Cini, Bartek Goldmann

Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

RN18_05a: Social Media, Identity and the Personal
Location: UP.4.209
Chair: Magdalena Kania-Lundholm, Uppsala University

“Tindered” Romance: Identity, Sexuality, and Gender on Mobile Dating Applications

Yvonne Alexia Kosma

American College of Thessaloniki, Greece

Bodies in Digital Space: “Grindr Tourism” in Tel Aviv, Israel

Rachel A. Katz

The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

From Self-representation To Self-repression: The Silent WeChat Users

Jiaxun Li

University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Personal Time Capital in the Digital Society: An Alternative Look at Social Stratification Among Three Generations of Highly Skilled Professionals in Estonia

Signe Opermann, Veronika Kalmus

University of Tartu, Estonia

RN18_05b: Migration and Media
Location: UP.4.210
Chair: Raluca Petre, Ovidius University of Constanta

Online Migrant Communities And Transnational Digital Communication Networks: Italians Of London

Ivana Matteucci

University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy

The Objectification Of Migrants In Television News Discourse On Slovenian Public Television

Rok Smrdelj

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Slovenia

On Migration in the Media. Comparison of Media Discourses in Poland, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Albania and the Czech Republic

Marek Troszynski

Collegium Civitas, Poland

RN19_05: New Dynamics in Academia
Location: BS.3.28
Chair: Helena Hirvonen, University of Eastern Finland

The Development of Academic Community in Portugal-The Relevance of Internal Segmentation

Teresa Carvalho, Anabela Queirós, Sara Diogo

University of Aveiro, CIPES Portugal

The Academic Profession In The Context of NPM. Empirical Evidences From The German University System

Melike Janßen

University of Bremen, Germany

The Ecology of a Professional Field: Higher Education in Sweden

Ola Agevall, Gunnar Olofsson

Linnaeus University, Sweden

One or Many? Scholarly Profession Inside and Outside Academia

Taru Siekkinen1, Elias Pekkola2

1: University of Jyväskylä, Finland; 2: Tampere University, Finland

RN20_05: Situatedness and Data Collection I: The Power of Situations and Going Along
Location: UP.3.209
Chair: Uwe Flick, Freie Universität Berlin

Going Along Strained Creativity

David Wästerfors1, Hanna Egard2, Kristofer Hansson1

1: Lund University, Sweden; 2: Malmö University, Sweden

Towards a Situational Understanding of Qualitative Interviews

Marte Mangset1, Anders Vassenden2

1: Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway; 2: University of Stavanger, Norway

Expanding The Concept Of Situatedness Through The Notion of Temporality.

Jennie Kristina Olofsson

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Passivity and Resistance in Focus Groups: Analysing Power Relations and Identity Performances in Interview Settings

Anu Katainen1, Riie Heikkilä2

1: University of Helsinki, Finland; 2: University of Tampere, Finland

RN22_05: Public Discourses and Media Representations of Risk
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Maria Grazia Galantino, Sapienza University of Rome

Narrating Risk or Debating International Relations? Critical Analysis of Media Discourses on Climate Change

Audronė Telešienė, Eimantė Zolubienė

Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Framing Safety in Nuclear Waste Disposal: Comparing Finland and France

Matti Kojo1, Markku Lehtonen2, Tapio Litmanen3, Mika Kari1,3, Tuija Jartti1,3

1: Tampere University, Finland; 2: University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain; 3: University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Threats, Violence, Anger and Attacks in Institutions of Education – Public Discourses on Probability, Reasons and Solutions

Nina Blom Andersen

University College Copenhagen, Denmark

"Risk Communication In The Social Space: The Reconstruction Of The Risk Communication In The Local Community"

Efim Fidrya, Olga Fidrya

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Russian Federation

RN23_05a: Sexual citizenship: Current challenges
Location: BS.3.24
Chair: Roman Kuhar, University of Ljubljana

A common European identity through LGBTI rights?

Laura Eigenmann

Universität Basel, Switzerland

Entitlement to Marriage, Entitlement to Fully-Recognised Family Membership and Citizenship: Discussion on Taiwan’s Case of Same-Sex Union Legislation

Wei-Yun Chung

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Rethinking Sexual Citizenship: Embodying A Model That Includes People With Learning Disabilities.

Ruth Garbutt

University of Leeds, United Kingdom

What’s Queer Got to Do with it? Queernormativity & Heterobrasilidade in Brazil’s QueerMuseu

Steven Fred Butterman

University of Miami, United States of America

RN23_05b: Media representations and online sexual subjectivities
Location: BS.3.25
Chair: Liliia Pankratova, Saint Petersburg State University

Dating and Rating on Grindr: Trade and Exchange Practices in a Virtual Sexual Market

Robert T. Cserni

SUNY at Stony Brook, United States of America

Cybjectivities: The Experimentation, Formation, and Regulation of Online Subjectivies in India LGBTQI+ Cyberspaces

Zoey Njaia Martin-Lockhart

University of Illinois at Chicago, United States of America

It’s Not About the Sex, Stupid: The Importance of Sexuality in Polyamorous Relationships by Self-perception and Media Representation.

Stefan F. Ossmann

University of Vienna, Austria

Shamed Citizens: Lived Experiences of Mongolian Queers in Media

Otgonbaatar Tsedendemberel

Corvinus University, Hungary

RN24_05a: Scientific careers and practices
Location: UP.3.213
Chair: Heta Tarkkala, University of Helsinki

“Science Is Still Important…” A Qualitative Study On (Age-Related) Retirement Of University Professors In Germany

Oliver Berli, Julia Reuter

University of Cologne, Germany

Presenting and Valuating the Academic Self with the CV – Tracing historical contexts

Markus Tumeltshammer

University of Klagenfurt, Austria

New Techno-Scientific Governance: Time Regimes and Scientific Trajectories

Ilenia Picardi, Maria Carmela Agodi

University of Naples Federico II, Italy

RN24_05b: National & regional specificities and differences in science and technology
Location: UP.3.214
Chair: Franc Mali, University of Ljubljana/ Faculty of Social Sciences

When Grand Vision Meets Peer Review: Untangling “Research Impact” in a National Funding Agency

Kalpana Shankar, Junwen Luo

University College Dublin, Ireland

EFFORTI: Comparative Findings of 19 Case Study Interventions for a Greater Gender Equality in R&I across 6 European Countries

Rachel Palmén1, Susanne Bührer2, Evanthia Kalpazidou Schmidt3, Sybille Reidl4, Dora Groo5, Clemens Striebing6, Florian Holzinger4

1: Open University of Catalonia; 2: Fraunhofer ISI; 3: Aarhus University; 4: Joanneum Research; 5: NaTE: The Association of Hungarian Women in Science; 6: Fraunhofer CeRRI

Big Databases and the Uncertainties of Financialising Technoscientific Knowledge in Healthcare

Paraskevas Vezyridis, Stephen Timmons

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Controversy Over Animal Experimentation : A Waltz In Five Steps

Fabienne Crettaz von Roten

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

RN25_05: The impact of collective action
Location: GM.330
Chair: Lorenzo Bosi, Scuola Normale Superiore

Social Impact Solidarity Components in European Current Social Movements

Roger Campdepadros1, Marta Soler2, Susana León-Jiménez2

1: University of Girona, Spain; 2: University of Barcelona, Spain

The Dynamics Of Redistributive Social Policy In Latin America. Protest, Electoral Politics And Institutions

Cesar Guzman-Concha1, Rossella Ciccia2

1: University of Geneva; 2: Queen's University Belfast, Scuola Normale Superiore

Three Rivers Three Struggles: Contemporary Water Conflicts and Resistance Movements in Turkey

Ayse Nal Akcay

University of Washington, Seattle

How the Social Movement Actors Assess Social Change: An Exploration of the Consequences of Ukraine’s Local Maidan Protests

Olha Zelinska

Graduate School for Social Research, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

RN26_05: Healthcare policies and provision
Location: GM.307
Chair: Ingrid Fylling, Nord University

What is Social Isolation? Exploring Isolation as Theoretical Concept and Empirical Phenomenon in Science

Erik Børve Rasmussen, Lars E. F. Johannessen, Marit Haldar

OsloMet, Norway

Government-market Conflict in Chinese Health Policy Development: A focus on Public-Private-Partnerships

Qiuxian Cheng

University of Sydney, Australia

Regulatory Challenges in Turkish Internal Market in Health Care: The Case of Financial Protection of Patients

Volkan Yilmaz

Bogazici University, Turkey

How Public Perception And Expectation Affect Welfare Evaluation: An Empirical Study Of The Chinese Public Healthcare Provision

Chang Cai

Nankai University, China, People's Republic of

RN27_05: Work and Education
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Paola Borgna, University of Turin (Italy)
Chair: Fiorella Vinci, eCampus University

From the Semi-periphery to the Centre: Transnational Migration in the Context of the Greek Crisis

Sokratis Koniordos

University of the Peloponnese, Greece

Romanian Migration and Territorial Inequalities in Greece in the Era of Austerity

Loukia - Maria Fratsea, Apostolos G. Papadopoulos

Harokopio University, Greece

"New Emigrants or New Spaniards? A typology of Spanish emigration to America in the wake of the economic crisis"

Montserrat Golías, Laura Oso

University of A Coruña, Spain

Constructing The Spanish Higher Education Student: Evidence From A Six-Nation Comparative Study

Sazana Jayadeva, Anu Lainio

University of Surrey, United Kingdom

RN28_05: Physical activity and health condition
Location: BS.1.25
Chair: Enrico Michelini, TU Dortmund

Physical Activity in the Different Domains of Daily Life

Laura Iannucci, Emanuela Bologna, Laura Cialdea, Manuela Michelini

ISTAT, Italy

Relationship between sports and persistence among Higher Education students in Central and Eastern Europe

Klara Kovacs

University of Debrecen, Hungary

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: Head Trauma and Sporting Subjectivity

Greg Hollin

University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Eudaimonic Happiness in the Biographies of Amateur Athletes

Kaja Rożdżyńska

University of Warsaw, Poland

RN29_05: Structure and Action; Lifeworld and Systems
Location: GM.325
Chair: Patrick Joseph O'Mahony, University College Cork

Latour and Anti-Dualist Social Theory: The Case of Structure and Agency

Stephen Kemp

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The World Society as an Observer: In Search of Revitalization through Sociological Systems Theory

Saburo Akahori

Tokyo Woman's Christian University, Japan

Reconsidering Habermas’s System-Lifeworld Distinction

Roderick Anthony Condon

University College Cork, Ireland

Critical Theory as Social Practice

Frank Welz

University of Innsbruck, Austria

RN30_05a: Religion and integration
Location: GM.302
Chair: Jolanta Grotowska-Leder, University of Lodz

Raising a Religious Generation as a Primary Target: Quran Kindergartens in Turkey

Ece Cihan Ertem

Lund University, Sweden

Studying "integration" among unaccompanied Syrian refugee youth in Germany: Alfred Schütz applied in ethnography

Ingmar Zalewski

University of Applied Science Potsdam, Germany

Challengers or Moderators of fundamentalist Islamic perspective? The "Woman to Woman Concert Group".

Ayça Oral

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

Disengagment Among Young Adults from the Salafist-Jihadist Scene, Supported by Preventive Interventions

Christoph Nagel, Mika Josephine Moeller

Technical University of Berlin, Germany

RN30_05b: Migration III: Mobilities and immobilities
Location: GM.303
Chair: Melanie Hall, Manchester Metropolitan University

Young Peoples’ Aspirations. Social And Spatial (Im) Mobility In A Rural Context.

Giuliana Mandich

University of Cagliari, Italy

Fixing Your Gaze On The Sea. Young People, Place and Intergenerational Relations in a Faroe Islands Village

Firouz Gaini

University of the Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands

Aspirations, Place and Belonging: Young Adults’ Imagining the Future in a Swedish Industrial Locality

Hanna Uddbäck

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

“I've Been Here My Whole Life. I'll Just Stay Here”. Young Women’s Narratives of Place-Making, (Im-)mobility and Imagined Futures.

Signe Ravn

University of Melbourne, Australia

RN31_05: Brexit
Location: UP.4.213
Chair: David Seymour, City Law School, University of London

Brexit And The ‘Post-Racial’ Fallacy

Laura Connelly, Tina G. Patel

University of Salford, United Kingdom

Moving Bodies: The impact of Brexit on Roma in South Yorkshire

Tina Girishbhai Patel1, Phillip Martin1, Phillip Brown1, Philippa Tyler2

1: University of Salford, United Kingdom; 2: Migration Yorkshire, United Kingdom

‘Go Back to Auschwitz, You Polish Bastards’: Everyday Experiences of Xenophobia and Racism among White Racialized Young EU Nationals in Brexit Britain

Daniela Sime

University of Strathclye, United Kingdom

RN32_05a: EU Institutions and Populism
Location: GM.338
Chair: Oscar Mazzoleni, University of Lausanne

Religion, civil society and the European Court of Human Rights

Alberta Giorgi

University of Bergamo, Italy

The Populist Radical Right, Exclusionary Political Frames and their Impact on EU-level Civil Society

Carlo Ruzza

University of Trento, Italy

From Benign Neglect To Threat: The Rise Of Populism And Mobilization On Gender Equality In The European Union.

Pauline Cullen

Maynooth University, Ireland

Socio-Economic Changes, the European Parliament and Gender Equality Organisations

Alison E. Woodward, Ahrens Petra

Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

RN32_05b: Governmentality and Society (I)
Location: GM.339
Chair: Ov Cristian Norocel, Université Libre de Bruxelles

The Innovative State: Policy-Making Under Conditions of Uncertainty

Hanna Ylöstalo

University of Helsinki, Finland

Navigating Coercion in Political Rhetoric: Shifting Strategies to Cope with Intervention by the Troika in Portugal

Laia Pi Ferrer, Hanna Rautajoki

Tampere University, Finland

Politics and Administration: Civil Service in Poland in the New Institutional Perspective

Kaja G. Gadowska

Jagiellonian University, Poland

A Permanent “State Of Exception”: The Condition Of Migrants Between Humanitarian Emergency And Exclusion Policies In Italy.

Maria Cristina Marchetti1, Emanuele Rossi2

1: Sapienza University of Rome, Italy; 2: University of RomaTre, Italy

RN33_05a: Labour markets, workplaces and occupational issues
Location: BS.3.14
Chair: Felizitas Sagebiel, Bergische University of Wuppertal

‘Let’s Have Some Coffee First!’ Drinking Coffee at Workplace in Finland

Merja Kinnunen1, Kirsti Maria Lempiäinen1, Virve Peteri2

1: University of Lapland, Finland; 2: University of Tampere, Finland

Blokes of all Genders? The Experiences of Women Journalists in UK Media

Martina Topic, Carmen Bruegmann

Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom

Challenges Facing Women Entrepreneurs In Lithuania

Julija Mazuoliene

Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Lithuania

The Effect of Unemployment Experience to First Birth Fertility

Jitka Slabá

Charles University, Faculty of Science, Czech Republic

What’s Next? Athletes Reporting Opportunities In Their Sports After Their Sport Carrier

Piroska Boglárka Béki1, Beatrix Farago2

1: Eszterházy Károly University, Hungary; 2: Széchenyi István University, Hungary

RN33_05b: Violence, legal practices and oppositions
Location: BS.3.15
Chair: Nilay Çabuk Kaya, University of Ankara

Combating Domestic Violence Against Women in Service Providers Perception of Gender Equality in Turkey

Nilay Çabuk Kaya

University of Ankara, Turkey

Gender Stereotypes in Judicial Judgments: Analyzing Sexual Violence Cases in Croatia

Dario Cepo, Mateja Čehulić

University of Zagreb / Faculty of Law, Croatia

Sexual Consent And Gender-Based Violence

Esther Oliver1, Ana Vidu2, Guiomar Merodio3

1: University of Barcelona, Spain; 2: University of Deusto, Spain; 3: University of Barcelona, Spain

The Work Of Anti-Violence Organizations In Russia: Overcoming Legal Barriers By Building A Knowledge-Based Network

Maria Davidenko

Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation

RN34_05: Muslims and social cohesion II
Location: BS.4.05A
Chair: Roberta Ricucci, University of Turin

"Abogida" - Social-Religious Encounters of Eritrean Asylum Seekers in Israel

Dolly Eliyahu-Levi1, Michal Ganz-Meishar2

1: Levinsky Collge of Education, Israel; 2: Levinsky College of Education, Israel

Religiosity and Support for the Welfare State in 18 European Countries, 2008-2016

Heikki Ervasti

University of Turku, Finland

Boundaries of Solidarity

Annette Schnabel

University Duesseldorf, Germany

RN35_05a: Migration, Education, and Inequality III
Location: BS.G.26
Chair: Rina Manuela Contini, University of Chieti-Pescara

Devalued Education and the Health of Migrants in Germany

Johann Carstensen

German Center for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW), Germany

Education as a Lifebuoy: Newly Arrived Academics and Establishment Programmes

Ida Lidegran1, Elisabeth Hultqvist2

1: Uppsala University, Sweden; 2: Stockholm University, Sweden

The Role Of Extra-curricular Youth Work For Integration

Manfred Zentner

Danube-University Krems, Austria

RN35_05b: Contested Politics of Migration II
Location: BS.G.27
Chair: Lena Kahle, Stiftung Universität Hildesheim

Screening the Refugee: Freedom Stories and the Performance of Empathy in an “Emotional Community”

Sukhmani Khorana

University of Wollongong, Australia

The European Borders Pressed to the Global South: Notes on the Externalization of Borders through the Politics of Agreements for Refugees and Migrants between the European Union and ‘Safe Third Countries’

Ingrid Berns Pavezi

Albert-Ludwgis-Universität Freiburg, Germany

Media Discourse Rebordering The Post-Brexit UK

Agnieszka Radziwinowiczówna1,2, Aleksandra Galasińska1

1: University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom; 2: University of Warsaw, Poland

Asylum Reforms, Discrimination of Refugees with Special Needs and Practices of Resistance in Local Contexts of Europe

Ignazia Bartholini

University of Palermo, Italy

RN35_05c: Migration and Integration Reconsidered I
Location: BS.G.33
Chair: Tetiana Havlin, University of Siegen

On The Importance Of Playing House. The Paradox Of The Domestic Attachment Mode In Finnish Immigrant Integration Policies

Linda Haapajarvi

Centre Maurice Halbwachs, France

Contact Theory and Integration Policy: Intergroup Peer Interaction between Young Children in two Danish Desegregated Schools

Sidsel Vive Jensen

VIVE - The Danish Center for Social Science Research, Denmark

Multi-focal Integration. A Theoretical Synthesis On Immigrant Integration With An Empirical Application

Laura Kemppainen, Teemu Kemppainen

University of Helsinki, Finland

Integration through Blood Donation: Post-Secular Implications of British Shia Immigrants’ Civic Engagement

Morteza Hashemi

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

RN36_05: Modernity and urban context
Location: GM.304
Chair: Tea Golob, School of Advanced Social Studies

Sociocultural Modernization and a Civilizational Complex of a Local Urban Territory

Vladimir Kozlovskii

Sociological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation

Urban regimes in small Russian towns

Valeri Ledyaev

National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation

Modernity, First or Second? Individualisation and Youth culture among Gurjar’s (Caste) in an Urban Village of Delhi

Vishesh Pratap Gurjar

IIT Delhi, India

Man In The New Reality: Does Informatization Lead To The Transformation Of The Individual And Society?

Dariya Kushnir

Financial University uder the Government of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation

RN37_05a: Urban inequalities: Ethnicity, gender and age
Location: BS.3.19
Chair: M. Victoria Gómez, University Carlos III Madrid

Understanding Attitudes Toward Immigration in Cities with High and Low Immigrant-Population: Empirical Results of a Postal Survey from Two German Cities

Jan Starcke, Maria-Anna Hoffmann

Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

A Study on the Meaning and Value of Housing for Migrant Workers

Sang Ji LEE

Seoul National University, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

Incorporating Ethno-cultural Diversity In Local Civil Society In Superdiverse Urban Neighbourhoods. The Case Of Borgerhout In Antwerp.

Stijn Oosterlynck, Fatima Laoukili

Department of Sociology, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Rap Music as a Tool Against Urban Exclusion and Racism: the Portuguese case

Pedro Varela

Center for Social Studies - University of Coimbra, Portugal

Centring Place In The Analyses Of Black Mixed Race Identity

Karis Campion

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

RN37_05b: The right to housing 2
Location: BS.3.20
Chair: Patricia Pereira, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Local Variations In Housing Affordability – How Do Cities Use Their Power To Alleviate Housing Affordability Problems In A Nordic Country?

Elina Sutela1, Jutta Juvenius2, Jarkko Rasinkangas1

1: University of Turku, Finland; 2: University of Helsinki, Finland

Neoliberalization of Social Housing in Turkey: The Case of Kayaşehir

Duygun Ruben

Boğaziçi University

Earthquake, Class Reconstruction and Pro-housing Resistance. From Shack to Landmark, a Case Study in Sicily

Pier Paolo Zampieri

university of messina, Italy

RS01_05: Work, Labour and the Politics of Video Game Making and Playing
Location: GM.328
Chair: Mark R Johnson, University of Alberta

Marx At The Arcade: Videogames, Work, And Organising

Jamie Woodcock

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Rejecting Neoliberalism In Video Games

Christopher Edward McMahon

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Spatial Reasoning: Re-coding spaces for inclusive game making

Aphra Kerr, Joshua D. Savage

Maynooth University, Ireland

‘Unspeakable Inequalities’ in a Post-socialist Videogame Industry – Investigating Polish Game Workers’ Perspectives on Gender Inequalities

Anna Maria Ozimek

Tallinn University, Estonia

RS04_05: Men and Masculinities in a Changing Europe I: Caring Masculinities
Location: BS.3.17
Chair: Katarzyna Suwada, Nicolaus Copernicus University
Chair: Katarzyna Wojnicka, University of Gothenburg

Caring Masculinities. Constructing Masculinity and Care by Male Nurses

Urszula Kluczyńska

Collegium Da Vinci, Poland

Vulnerability and Caring Among Rural Men in Northern Sweden

Lisa Kristina Ridzén

Mid Sweden University, Sweden

“What I’ve learned is not to beat up my missus and kids”: Gender Equality and the Facilitation of Caring Masculinities through a Relationships Project.

Michael Ward

Swansea University, United Kingdom

RS05_05: Multi-local family life: Challenging normative constructions of the family
Location: GM.331
Chair: Lenka Formankova, Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences

Transnational Families of LGB Migrants: Negotiating Familyhood Across Different Socio-Institutional Contexts

Tanja Vuckovic Juros

University of Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

Transnational Connectedness; Ageing Migrants’ Physical and Virtual Connectedness to Family and Place

Obert Tawodzera, Louise Ryan, Majella Kilkey, Magdolna Lorinc

University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

The Spatiality of Doing Family in Multilocal Living Arrangements Through Nine Analytical Dimensions: between Barriers, Distance, Belonging and intermittent Coexistence

Cédric J. Duchêne-Lacroix

University of Basel, Switzerland

The Role Of Local Cultural-Normative Constructions Of Children And Their Best Interests In Shaping The Lived Experiences Of Shared Custody Arrangements In Belgium And Italy

Laura Merla, Sarah Murru, Berengère Nobels

UCLouvain, Belgium

RS08_05: Engaging with the migrant question across sectors
Location: GM.326
Chair: Anders Blok, University of Copenhagen

Service Contracting and the New Politics of Welfare Provision in China

Yuanyuan Qu, Regina Enjuto Martinez, Jude Howell

The London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

The Voices In The Plural Of Syrian Refugees Students: Groping (Un) Known Arenas

Lucas Freitas de Souza1,3, José Manuel Resende1,2

1: University of Évora; 2: CICS.NOVA; 3: Políticas Públicas e Dinâmicas Sociais

“Giving a Voice”: Negotiating Political Engagement between Civil Society Organizations and Young Immigrants in a Liberal Democratic Context

Rachel Waerniers, Lesley Hustinx

Ghent University, Belgium

On The Translation Of Citizen Needs Across Regimes Of Engagement - Co-Production In Cross-Sectorial Collaborations

Ane Grubb, Morten Frederiksen

Aalborg University, Denmark

RS10_05: Enacting Futures
Location: UP.2.217
Chair: Daniel Welch, University of Manchester

Re-imaging Domestic Futures as Collective Temporal Rhythms: A Critical Analysis of Smart Home Technologies.

Dale Southerton

University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Enacting Drone Futures: Socio-technical Imagineering of the Civilian Drone Industry

Domen Bajde, Alev Kuruoglu, Mikkel Nøjgaard, Jannek Sommer

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Epistemological Synergy: Futuring As Sustainable Enactment Through A Public Sociology

Maria Patsarika1, Scott Townsend2

1: The American College of Thessaloniki, Greece; 2: North Carolina State University, College of Design, USA

Future-Forging the Networks of Tomorrow: Building the Quantum Internet

Juljan Krause

University of Southampton, United Kingdom

RS11_05: (De)Constructing precariousness: Theoretical and policy considerations
Location: UP.3.212
Chair: Annalisa Murgia, University of Milan
Chair: Renato Miguel Carmo, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)

The Precarious Concept of Precarity

Joseph Choonara

University of Leicester, United Kingdom

One Council, Two Worlds: Diversity In Staff Experiences of Local Authority Restructuring

Laura Watt, Jill Rubery

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Appropriating and Performing – Student-Migrant-Workers' Strategies of Countering Precarization

Olivia Penelope Maury

University of Helsinki, Finland

Precariousness In Relation: Collective Sense-Making As Cruel Optimism?

Kendra Briken1, Eleanor Kirk2

1: University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom; 2: University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

RS12_05: Making Sense of Belonging: Nature, Culture and Space
Location: GM.334
Chair: Laura Centemeri, CNRS

Back To Simmel: A Renewed Approach To Third-Party Reproduction

Catarina Delaunay

CICS.NOVA – Interdisciplinary Centre for Social Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

In-between the Visual and the Subtle. From Simmel’s Concept of Spatial Boundaries to Contemporary State Bordering

Ulrike Kaden

Universität Leipzig & Macquarie University, Sydney

Nature and Culture : Simmelian Reading of the greening of cities and its functions.

Philippe Boudes

Agrocampus Ouest, France

RS13_05: Maintenance and re-invention in celebration
Location: BS.3.23
Chair: Ismo Juhani Kantola, University of Turku

Dressed for celebration

Vilde Haugrønning, Ingun Grimastad Klepp, Kirsi Laitala

Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

Re-Inventing the Slava Celebration: The Case of Serbian Immigrants in Sweden

Sabina Hadzibulic

Uppsala University, Sweden

"As Long-Lasting As Possible" Or "Until Death Do Us Part"? Humanist Weddings In Poland And Changing Attitudes Towards Love And Marriage Issues

Agata Rejowska

Jagiellonian University, Poland

To Feel or not to Feel like Christmas. Exploring the Festive Emotionality from a Life Course Perspective.

Ozana Cucu-Oancea

Institute of Sociology, Romania

RS16_05: Spatial Mobilities: Consequences for Social Status and Civic Engagement
Location: BS.4.05B
Chair: Gil Viry, University of Edinburgh
Chair: Knut Petzold, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

The Link Between Spatial and (Upward) Mobility of Higher Education Staff: Approaches for Identifying Causal Effects.

Silke Kohrs

Technical University Dortmund, Germany

Is Weekend Commuting Really Paying Off? A Panel Analysis of Germany

Nico Stawarz, Heiko Rüger, Thomas Skora

Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB), Germany

Returns and Non-returns of Internationally Mobile Students and Intergenerational Social Mobility: Friends or Foes?

Miloslav Bahna

Institute for Sociology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic

Does Weekend Commuting Hinder Civic Engagement? Findings From Germany

Heiko Rüger, Thomas Skora

Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB), Germany

MD08: An Alliance for Research, NOT a Research Alliance
Location: BS.G.36
Chair: Marta Soler, University of Barcelona
MD09: How Big Data Changes Sociology
Location: BS.G.26
Chair: Jolanta Perek-Białas, Jagiellonian University, Cracow and Warsaw School of Economics
MD10: Plan S and Open Access: What Kind of Reality Will it Make for Sociological Publication?
Location: BS.G.27
Chair: Sue Scott, Newcastle University
MD11: Author-Meets-Critics: Refugees, Civil Society and the State - by Ludger Pries
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Lena Margareta Näre, University of Helsinki
MD12: Disrupting Disciplinary Boundaries
Location: BS.G.34
Chair: Apostolos G. Papadopoulos, Harokopio University
JS_RN01_RN16_06: European Health Policy and Ageing Societies: Challenges and Opportunities
Location: BS.3.27
Chair: Edward Tolhurst, Staffordshire University
Chair: Angela Genova, Urbino Carlo Bo

Making Buildings for Social Care in Later Life: the Absent Presence of Building Users in Architectural Work

Sarah Nettleton1, Christina Buse2, Daryl Martin3

1: University of York, United Kingdom; 2: University of York, United Kingdom; 3: University of York, United Kingdom

Older Patients Discharged from Hospital to Community Care. Hospital Nurses and Community Nurses’ Experiences of the Quality of Transition

Heidi Gautun1, Jenny Billings2, Christopher Bratt3

1: OsloMet Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway; 2: University of Kent UK; 3: University of Kent UK

JS_RN05_RN24_06: Digitalization, Data and Everyday Life 1
Location: BS.4.06A
Chair: Harald Rohracher, Linköping University

Digital Health and Big Data. Analyzing Knowledge and Criticism in digitized Health Care Systems

Sarah Lenz

University of Basel, Switzerland

A Capital And Skills Perspective On The Social Use Of The Internet Of Things: Social Inequalities In The Advancing Network Society

Alex van der Zeeuw, Alexander van Deursen, Giedo Jansen

University of Twente, the Netherlands

Simply Complex? A Discourse Analysis On Future Living With The Internet Of Things

Helene Maria Teigen, Henry Mainsah

Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

Homo Interneticus - the Sociological Reality of the Mobile Online Life

Bogdan Nadolu, Delia Nadolu

West University of Timisoara, Romania

JS_RN09_RN17_06: The Gig Economy: Bright and Dark Sides of the Future Labour Market II
Location: BS.4.06B
Chair: Aarron Jason Jake Toal, Durham University

Ideologies Within New Employment Forms: Precariously Employed Youth From The UK And Greece

Gregoris Ioannou

University of Glasgow

Operating in Capitalist and Moral Economies: Freelancers’ Sympathy, Strategic Alliance and Resistance to Prejudice

Yiluyi Zeng

University of Warwick, United Kingdom

JS_RN11_RN13_06: Understanding change in relational processes in the context of wider networks over time
Location: BS.4.04A
Chair: Julie Brownlie, University of Edinburgh
Chair: Lynn Jamieson, University of Edinburgh

Being a Daughter in Transnational Family –everyday emotional negotiation of Japanese women in southeast London

Kaoru Takahashi

Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom

Being A Father And A Refugee: Encountering New Social Worlds As Part Of Fatherhood And Family ‘Integration’ In The UK.

Tina Miller1, Esther Dermott2

1: Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom; 2: University of Bristol. United Kingdom

Shared intimacies? A Longitudinal Analysis of Two Partners’ Networks of Emotional Closeness

Anna-Maija Castrén

University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Collectivity, Separation and Closeness. Intimacy and Emotions in Narratives of Parental Relations in Youth across Three Generations

Kristinn Hegna, Kristin Vasbø

Faculty of Educational Science, University of Oslo, Norway

RN01_06a: Culture, Values and Images in the Field of Ageing I
Location: UP.3.204
Chair: Lucie Galčanová, Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies

Reimagining Ageing: Wisdom Traditions and Contemporary Evidence

Ricca Edmondson

National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland

The Good Version Of What? Subjective Definitions Of Ageing Well And The Diverse Faces Of Ageing

Selma Kadi

Tuebingen University, Germany

Respecting the Elderly in Contemporary Russian Society

Elena Bogdanova1,2

1: European University at St.Peteresburg, Russian Federation; 2: Centre for Independent Social Research, Russian Federation

Cultures of Deservingness: a Boundary Work Perspective to the Precarious Position(s) of Ageing Migrants in Finland

Antero Olakivi1, Vanessa May2, Sirpa Wrede1

1: University of Helsinki, Finland; 2: University of Manchester, UK

RN01_06b: Formal and Informal care II: Care recipients - needs and access
Location: UP.3.205
Chair: Mareike Ariaans, University Mannheim
Chair: Regina Ilona Gerlich, Careum School of Health LTD

Reflexivity And The Need To Care In The Lives Of Older Men Living Alone

Miranda Leontowitsch1, Steve Stiehler2, Diana Baumgarten3

1: Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany; 2: Fachhochschule St Gallen, Switzerland; 3: TU Dortmund University, Germany

Doing Care in Rural Environment: interlinks between place, care arrangements strategies and social exclusion in Germany and Poland

Anna Urbaniak1, Josefine Heusinger2, Katrin Falk2

1: Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, Ireland; 2: Institute fuer Gerontologische Forschung, Germany

‘We Treat Them All the Same’: the Attitudes, Knowledge and Practices of Staff Concerning Old/er Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Residents (LGBT) in Care Homes

Paul Simpson1, Kathryn Almack2, Walthery Pierre3

1: Edge Hill University, United Kingdom; 2: University of Hertfordshire; 3: University of Oxford

RN02_06: Music Practices and Access
Location: GM.306
Chair: Tasos Zembylas, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

A Matter Of Habitus: Musical Repertoires Of Music Teachers In Chile.

Carlos Poblete-Lagos

Universidad de O'Higgins, Chile

Building Social Capital in a Port Town Neighborhood with Contemporary Art Projects and Classical Music Concerts.

Kaori Takahashi

Rikkyo University, Japan

Countering the Modern Japanese Self through Polish Art: Reflexive Reception of F. Chopin’s Music by Contemporary Japanese

Yasuko Shibata

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Japan

How Music Festivals Contribute To The Social-Ecological Transformation

Ina Kahle

Leuphana Univertity Lüneburg, Germany

RN04_06: Children in space and place
Location: GM.327
Chair: Daniel Stoecklin, University of Geneva
Time allocation: 15' presentation directly followed by 5' consecutive discussion on the paper presented, and at the end of the session 10' general discussion of all papers presented in the session.

The Children of Kypseli Square

Sofia Vlachou1, Baharan Andishmand2

1: Panteion University, Athens, Greece; 2: University of Amsterdam

Place Meaning for Children in the Forest Garden

Maria Jennie Hammarsten

Jönköping University Sweden, Sweden

Inside and Around Schools’ Toilets: Theorizing Boundaries Between Adults and Children

Pascale Garnier

University Paris 13, France

Why Emil Spend His Breaks at the Outskirts of the Schoolyard. Anthropological Perspectives on the Battles for Territories in the Schoolyard

Else Ladekjær

VIVE, Denmark

RN05_06a: Food and stratification
Location: BS.G.34
Chair: Jessica Paddock, University of Bristol

Healthiness And Food Practices Among Socio-Economically Disadvantaged: From Resources And Lifestyles Towards Navigating Contested Everyday Processes

Bente Halkier, Lotte Holm

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Position And Fish Consumption In Finland During 1985-2016

Antti Kalle Akseli Kähäri

University of Turku, Finland

Knowledge Production, Policymaking and Local Blurring of Food Production Practices

Rachel Reckinger

University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Between Distinctiveness and Standardisation. The Various Sensual Landscapes of Buying and Selling Fresh Produce in Berlin

Linda Hering1, Julia Fülling2

1: Technical University Berlin, Germany; 2: Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

RN05_06b: Politcal consumption
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Luke Yates, University of Manchester

Collective Action, Consumption Practices And Prefiguration In The Animalist Movement

Irène Courtin

Université de Genève, France

Alternative Food Organizations in Geneva: At the Interplay of Market and Democracy

Johanna Clara Huber, Jasmine Lorenzini

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Voluntary Simplicity in Consumer Capitalism

Renata Dopierała

University of Lodz, Poland

Are Political Attitudes Associated with Participation in Cultural Heritage? Lifestyles and Class Divisions in the UK And Continental Europe

Andrew Graham Miles2, Adrian Leguina1

1: University of Loughborough, United Kingdom; 2: University of Manchester, United Kingdom

RN05_06c: Sociology of taste
Location: BS.G.36
Chair: Anu Katainen, University of Helsinki

“This One At Least Means Something”: A Quantitative Approach On Studying Aesthetic Development Of Secondary School Pupils

Mathijs De Baere, John Lievens

UGent, Belgium

Is Popular Culture the “Least Cultural Denominator”? A Dual Network Approach to Analyzing Fiction Readership in Russia

Mikhail Sokolov, Nadezhda Sokolova

European university at Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Male and Female Nudity in Artistic Photography - Gendered Patterns in Explicit and Implicit Categorization

Michaël Berghman, Yu-Chin Ho, Koen van Eijck

Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Passionate Consumption: Becoming a Collector

Yu Ying Lee

Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Soup Kitchens of the Written Word? Digital Divides and Dilemmas Facing Public Libraries

Adrian Leguina, Sabina Mihelj, John Downey

Loughborough University, United Kingdom

RN06_06a: A Feminist Political Economy of Precarisation and Indebtedness
Location: GM.332
Chair: Anne Engelhardt, Kassel University
Chair: Gerardo Costabile Nicoletta, University of Naple Federico II

Bad Debts, Good Profits: A Feminist Political Economy of Distressed Debt Markets in Europe

Caroline Metz

Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, United Kingdom

Precarious Social Reproduction In Greece: Households, Utility indebtedness And Gendered Subjects

Aliki Koutlou

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Gendered Experiences of Debt and Labor in Greece and Turkey

Pelin Kilincarslan

Koç University, Turkey

The Italian Feminist Movement And The Challenge Of Intersectionality

Marta Panighel1, Alina Dambrosio Clementelli2

1: Università degli Studi di Genova, Italy; 2: Independent researcher

RN06_06b: Science Fiction and Alternatives to Trade Wars, Inequality and Transnational Production Networks
Location: GM.333
Chair: Julia Eder, Johannes Kepler University Linz
Chair: Julia Kristina Maisenbacher, University of Lausanne

The New Trade Wars. International Trade Theory as Social Science Fiction

Oreste Ventrone

Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy

It’s Not Democracy, It’s The Market!

Kevin Albertson

Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

How Inequalities Affect The Stability Of Urban Youths In Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia)

Julien Dutour

University of Versailles Saint Quentin, France

The Role of the State in the Genesis of Social Structure: the Resource-Integrational Model

Zoltán Vastagh

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

RN07_06: Sociology of Culture: Wine
Location: GM.335
Chair: Siobhan Kattago, University of Tartu

Wine, Women and Globalization: Borders, Barriers or (Cultural) Belongings?

Anna-Mari Almila

University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

Symbolic and Social Boundaries in the Field of Natural Wine in Italy

Mario de Benedittis

Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

Towards A Cultural Sociology of the Global Grapevine: Understanding what Wine Labels and Globalization Reveal About Each Other

David Inglis

University of Helsinki, Finland

RN08_06: Crises and Conflicts in Society
Location: UP.4.214
Chair: Eugenia Petropoulou, University of Crete, Greece

Prevention of the Risk of Radicalization of the Second-generation of Islamic Migrants through Strategies of Communication

Alessio Ceccherelli1, Andrea Volterrani1, Domenica Fiordistella Iezzi1, Laura Di Pasquale1, Elisabetta Gola2

1: University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy; 2: University of Cagliari

Effects of Military Conflict on Combatants, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and their Relatives in Ukraine

Alberto Veira-Ramos1, Tetiana Liubyva2

1: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain; 2: Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

From 9/11 To Dorotea: A Story Of How The War On Terror Ended Up In A Rural Municipality In The North Of Sweden

Robin Andersson Malmros

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Value Consequences of the Armed Conflict

Musa Movlievich Yusupov

Chechen State University, Russian Federation

RN09_06: Morality, Sustainability and Responsibility
Location: BS.3.16
Chair: Sebastian Koos, University of Konstanz

Corporate Volunteering from the Perspective of Nonprofit Organizations – An Institutional Logics Lens

Julia Domnanovich

University of Vienna, Austria

Moving Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility Towards Sustainability: Evaluation Of The Social Impact of Businesses

Liviu-Catalin Mara1, Carmen Elboj Saso2

1: University Rovira and Virgili (Spain); 2: University of Zaragoza (Spain)

Sustainability as an Indicator in Trade Credit Insurance Risk Assessment

Audrey Terracher-Lipinski

Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

'Everyone should Know the Price of Our Water': Moralization and its Implications in Development Practices in Batken, Kyrgyzstan

Liga Rudzite

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

RN10_06a: Education and migration (2)
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Ece Cihan Ertem, Lund University

Experiences of migrant children at Primary schools in Paris and Brussels

Federico Zemborain


School Segregation and School-Home Proximity among Immigrant-Origin Youths: A Case Study in Bologna, Italy

Federica Santangelo, Giancarlo Gasperoni, Debora Mantovani

Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna, Italy

Feeling At Home In School. Migrant Youth’s Narratives On School Belonging In Flemish Secondary Education

Rut Van Caudenberg1,2

1: CeMIS, University of Antwerp, Belgium; 2: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Education as a Migration Pathway? Exploring the Narratives of Non-EU Students Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Denmark

Mette Ginnerskov-Dahlberg

Uppsala University, Sweden

RN10_06b: Curriculum design and development
Location: UP.3.211
Chair: Antigoni Alba Papakonstantinou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Re-imagineering Learning: Art-making As An Emergent Community Of Practice

Jo Trowsdale

University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Cultural Literacy in the English Curriculum: Amalgams of Cultural Conservatism and Enterprise Culture.

Ebru Soytemel, Eleni Stamou, Anton Popov

University of Aston - Centre for Critical Inquiry into Society and Culture (CCISC), United Kingdom

My Perfect Day In School

Mikkel Kjer, Chantal Nielsen

The Danish National Centre for Social Research, Denmark

RN11_06: Transnational Emotions and Migration Experiences
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Åsa Wettergren, University of Gothenburg

Emotional Transnationality: Multiple Pathways of Belonging and the Constitution of an Emotional Space

Yvonne Albrecht

FSU Jena, Germany

Predicting Migrant's Emotional Course: How Does Duration Of Stay Shape Experiences of Primary Emotions?

Coline Kuche

Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Germany

The Lived Experience of Inequality and Migration: Emotions and Meaning Making among Latvian Emigrants

Iveta Kesane

Latvian Academy of Culture, Latvia

Solidarity in Transnational Context: Refugee Representations of Hungarian Migrants Working in the German Refugee Reception System (RN11.6. Emotions of flight and migration)

Ildikó Zakariás1, Margit Feischmidt2

1: Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Centre for Social Sciences; 2: Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Centre for Social Sciences

RN12_06a: Sustainability and Environmental Conflicts
Location: BS.3.21
Chair: Magnani Natalia, University of Trento

Cittaslow Movement and Sustainability in Seferihisar (Turkey): The Perspective of Local Inhabitants

Nazli Beril Ozer Tekin

Okan University, Turkey

Challenging Dominant Understandings of Sustainability: Continuities and Change in Migrants' Sustainability Practices

Catherine Louise Walker, Tally Katz-Gerro, Sherilyn MacGregor

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Transdisciplinary Environmental Impact Assessment: resistances from the practitioners' perspective in Spain

Guadalupe Ortiz, Emilio Climent-Gil

University of Alicante, Spain

Fermento. Experiences of circular innovation in Aosta Valley

Claudio Marciano

University of Aosta Valley, Italy

The Energy Retrofit of Urban Buildings as a Socio-Spatial Challenge for Civil Society

Magnani Natalia1, Carrosio Giovanni2, Osti Giorgio2

1: University of Trento, Italy; 2: University of Trieste, Italy

RN12_06b: Science, Technology, and the Environment
Location: BS.3.22
Chair: Sophie Némoz, University of Bourgogne / Franche-Comté

Boundary Relations in the Field of Technology Development

Henriette Rutjes, Martin David, Alena Bleicher

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Germany

The Dramaturgy of Experts in Brazilian Regulatory Science: the Case of the National Technical Biosafety Commission

Julia Silvia Guivant1, Paulo Fonseca2

1: federal university of santa catarina, Brazil; 2: Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia

Moving Towards Environmentally Responsible Society: Risk Perception and Social Acceptability of Energy Technologies in Lithuania

Agnė Budžytė

Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

How Does The Nuclear Phase-Out Influence Nuclear Host Municipalities?

Yoichi Yuasa

Kanto-Gakuin University, Japan

RN13_06a: Family dissolution and post-divorce families II
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Detlev Lück, Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB)
Chair: Silvia Di Giuseppe, University of Lisbon (Institute of Social Sciences)

As Fair As It Can Be? Parental Divorce And Children´s Constructions of Fairness.

Raphaela Kogler, Marlies Zuccato-Doutlik, Ulrike Zartler

University of Vienna, Department of Sociology, Austria

Growing Up In Multiple Families: Children’s Perceptions And Definitions Of Post-Divorce Families.

Kim Bastaits, Inge Pasteels

PXL University College, Belgium

Men's Experiences of Gender (In)Equality as a Primary or Single Parent from the Perspective of Heterogenity of Masculinities

Živa Humer, Majda Hrženjak

The Peace Institute, Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, Slovenia

The Role of Professionals in the Negotiation of Joint Custody Arrangements in the Czech Republic

Petr Fučík

Masaryk University, Czech Republic

RN13_06b: Work-family balance and work-family conflicts II
Location: UP.2.219
Chair: Inga Laß, University of Melbourne
Chair: Karin Jarnkvist, Mid Sweden University

The Invisible Plot Between Work And Family: The Couple Dimension As Reconciliation Mediator

Maria Letizia Bosoni, Sara Mazzucchelli, Silvia Donato

Catholic University Of Milan Italy

Family Policy and Forms of Child Day-care in Selected European Countries

Vera Kucharova, Olga Nesporova

Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs, Prague, Czech Republic

Early Child-care Types and Parents’ Well-being and Work-Family Balance

Marieke Heers, Valérie-Anne Ryser

FORS, c/o University of Lausanne

The Association Between Childcare Use and Parental Mental Health Across Europe

Nikolett Somogyi1, Wim Van Lanker2, Sarah Van de Velde1

1: University of Antwerp, Belgium; 2: KU Leuven, Belgium

RN13_06c: Families in the context of economic problems and crises II
Location: UP.2.220
Chair: Pedro Romero-Balsas, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Chair: Agnieszka Maria Furmańska-Maruszak, Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland

Income Pooling and Relationship Quality of Cohabitating and Married Couples

Jan Klusáček

Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Precariousness and Inequality in Families with Children in Spain

Almudena Moreno1, Antonio Luis Pérez1, Anna Garriga2

1: University of Valladolid; 2: University of Pompeu Fabra

The Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty in Underprivileged families

Daniela Schiek

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Configuration Strategies of Social Bond in Greek Society. The Case of Family Bond.

Iakovos Pelekanos, Despoina Papadopoulou

Panteion University Athens, Greece

RN14_06: Opportunity Structures
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Susan Durbin, University of West of England

Job Quality and Equality in Public Procurement: Proposing an Analytical Model (JoQuEPP)

Orly Benjamin1, Katharina Sarter2

1: Bar Ilan University, Israel; 2: University of South Wales

The Risks and Opportunities from the Transformation of Work in Public Transport for Women Workers: Evidence from Five Cities in the Global South

Tessa Wright

Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

Class Experiences In The Household: Patterns Of Involvement Of Women From The Same Family Into Working Life

Elif Hacısalihoğlu

Trakya University, Turkey

Availability to Work and Job Search: An Analysis of Spanish Inactive Population from a Gender Perspective

Sofía Pérez de Guzmán1, Margarita Gallego1, Valentina Viego2

1: Universidad de Cádiz, Spain; 2: Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina

RN16_06a: Class, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities in Health
Location: UP.4.204
Chair: Lia Lombardi, Fondazione ISMU; University of Milan

Understanding Care: Vulnerabilities, Support e Interdependencies

Alba Artiaga Leiras3, María Teresa Martín Palomo1, Inmaculada Zambrano Álvarez2, José María Muñoz Terrón1

1: University of Almería, Spain; 2: University Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla, Spain; 3: University Complutense of Madrid, Spain

The Habituality of (Un)healthy Lifestyles: Milieu-Specific Socialization and the Stratified Obesity Pattern

Julian Schaap, Jeroen van der Waal, Willem de Koster

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, The

Perceptions Of Tobacco And Alcohol Consumption In Urban Areas of Madrid. Qualitative Research In Three Neighbourhoods In Madrid With Different Socioeconomic Statuses.

Ignacio de Loyola González Salgado1, Jesús Rivera Navarro1, Marta Gutiérrez Sastre1, Paloma Conde Espejo2, María Sandín Vázquez2, Manuel Franco Tejero2

1: Department of Sociology and Communication. Faculty of Social Science. University of Salamanca, Spain; 2: Faculty of Medicine. University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain.

Obesity and Inequality in Europe: A Multi-Level Analysis of 20 European Countries

Stefan Bastholm Andrade1, Kia Ditlevsen2

1: VIVE - The Danish Center for Social Science Research, Denmark; 2: University of Copenhagen

RN16_06b: Mental Health: Styding Traditional and innovative approaches
Location: UP.4.205
Chair: Bruce Macfarlane Cohen, University of Auckland

“It Is a Different World In Here”: Collective Identification Among Psychiatric Inpatients And The Negotiations Of Social Boundaries At An Open and Acute Ward

Malene Lue Kessing

University of Copenhagen, VIVE, Denmark

Revitalizing Disclosure: A grounded Theory Of Changing Beliefs In Mental Health

Johan Brugmans

Erasmus university, Netherlands, The

“No More Mechanical Restraint in This Ward”. An Ethnography of Change in Two Acute Psychiatric Wards

Luigi Gariglio1, Mario Cardano1, Raffaella Ferrero Camoletto1, Eleonora Rossero1, Giuseppe Maina1, Alessandra Algostino1, Vladimiro Zagrebelski2, Marta Caredda2, Cristina Pardini2, Maria Grazia Imperato3, Claudio Carezana3

1: University of Turin, Italy; 2: LDF Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin, Italy; 3: Dsm To1, Turin Italy

RN17_06a: Change in Work and Labour: Changing Environment and Context
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Bengt Larsson, University of Gothenburg

Old Company’s New Leaders: Employment Proposition for Millennial Leadership in Luxury Retail

Mark Gibbons, Joanna Karmowska

Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Reforming Small Occupations: Continuity and Change

Carmen Baumeler, Sonja Engelage, Alexandra Strebel

Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Switzerland

Employer Changes After Childbirth: Can Family Friendly Arrangements Bind Mothers?

Corinna Frodermann, Ann-Christin Bächmann

Institute for Employment Research, Germany

Analysis of Social Situation in Relation to the Car Manufacturing at Technological Zone, East Bohemia Region” (CEE)

Michal Tošner

University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

RN17_06b: Local, Sectoral, National, and European Labour Market Institutions and Processes in Flux
Location: UP.1.219
Chair: Barbara Bechter, Durham University

Index of Organisational (Un)friendly Flexibility in Five European Countries: Embeddedness of Organisational Practices in Economic and Institutional Environment

Miroljub Ignjatović, Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Labour Flexibility in the Swedish Building Sector

Rasmus Ahlstrand

Lund University, Sweden

The Fluid Nature of Recruitment and Selection Criteria in Skilled Occupations

Gerbrand Tholen

City, University of London, United Kingdom

Collective Actors’ Strategies for Wages at the Bottom End of the Wage Scale

Irene Dingeldey

University of Bremen, Germany, Institute Labour and Economy

RN18_06: Media, Patriarchy and Gender. Perspectives on (in)visible violence
Location: UP.4.209
Chair: Marisol Sandoval, City, University of London

Is This Just Ordinary Crime News? Reflecting On Media Representations Of Femicide In Four Italian Newspapers

Chiara Gius, Pina Lalli

University of Bologna, Italy

Media, Patriarchy and the (in)visible Violence

Anu Harju1, Noora Kotilainen2, Saara Särmä3

1: University of Helsinki, Finland; 2: University of Helsinki, Finland; 3: Finnish National Defence University, Finland

The new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the value systems about violence against women in Europe and North Africa

Pilar Rodriguez Martínez

Universidad de Almería, Spain

Political Economy of Newspapers Coverage of Maternal and Child Healthcare Issues in Nigeria

Raheemat Adeniran, Lai Oso

Lagos State University, Nigeria

RN19_06: The Current State of Cultural Professionalism
Location: BS.3.28
Chair: Christiane Schnell, Institut für Sozialforschung an der Goethe Universität Frankfurt

Invisible Professionals Doing Invisible Work: Professional Identity Construction in the Translation Industry

Emma Seddon

Newcastle University, United Kingdom

“Coaching for Happiness” An Emerging Professional Field.

Josep LLuis Condom Bosch, Anna Escobedo Caparros, Alberto Martin Perez, Pol Casanovas Caparros

Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

Designer Profession - Relational Contexts In Defining Dimensions Of A Professional Role. The Case Of Polish Designers.

Paulina Rojek-Adamek

Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland

Internships and Building a Career in Journalism

Fábio Henrique Pereira

University of Brasilia, Brazil

RN20_06: Situatedness and Data Collection II: Transcending the Boundaries of Situations
Location: UP.3.209
Chair: Katarina Jacobsson, Lund university

Transcending the Boundaries of Doing interviews

Uwe Flick

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Discourse Ethnography. On Analysing Structures That Transcend the Boundaries of Situated Action

Florian Elliker

University of St.Gallen, Switzerland

Changing Stories or Stories of Change? The Restructuring of ‘the Self’ Across Multiple Interviews with the Same Informant

Tea Torbenfeldt Bengtsson, Nichlas Permin Berger

VIVE - The Danish Center for Social Science Research, Denmark

Disentangled Drug Trajectories And Recursive Methods: How Young People Use Illegal Drugs During Transitions From Adolescence Into Adulthood

Lars Fynbo, Jeanette Østergaard

VIVE - The Danish Centre for Social Science Research, Denmark

RN22_06: Social Responses to Climate Change and Environmental Risks
Location: UP.3.212
Chair: Efim Fidrya, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Exploring the Role of Value Orientations in Climate Change Risk Perception across Europe

Aistė Balžekienė1, José M. Echavarren2

1: Kaunas university of technology, Kaunas, Lithuania; 2: University Pablo Olavide, Seville, Spain

Constructing and Borrowing Dutch Expertise in Miami: Traveling Ideas in Climate Change Risk Governance

Mitchell Timothy Kiefer

Maastricht University, University of Pittsburgh

Water, Water Everywhere, Nor Any Drop To Drink: Risk And Uncertainty in UK Water Risks

Martina McGuinness1, J.C. Morris2

1: University of Sheffield, United Kingdom; 2: Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany

RN23_06: Theorizing materialism and the human in sexuality
Location: BS.3.24
Chair: Diane Richardson, Newcastle University

Queer Materialism: Approaches from New and Historical Materialisms

Mathias Klitgård

University of Stavanger, Norway

Mapping Affective Capacities: Gender and Sexuality in Relationship and Sex Counselling Practices

Marjo Kolehmainen

Tampere University, Finland

New Materialist Feminist Perspectives on Sex Robots

Tanja Kubes

TU Munich, Germany

Artificial Intimacy: Making the Human / Making the Robotic

Mark Benjamin Bibbert

University of Kassel, Germany

RN24_06a: Science, Technology & Education
Location: UP.3.213
Chair: Ana Delicado, Instituto de Ciências Sociais ULisboa

Mind the Gap. Barriers in Computational Social Sciences Education and How to Deal with Them.

Anna Baczko-Dombi1, Katarzyna Abramczuk1,4, Agata Komendant-Brodowska1, Wander Jager2, Benedikt Fecher3, Natalia Sokolovska3, Tom Spits2

1: University of Warsaw, Poland; 2: University of Groningen, University College, Groningen Center for Social Complexity Studies, Groningen, The Netherlands; 3: The Alexander von Humboldt Institute of Internet and Society (HIIG), Berlin, Germany; 4: National Information Processing Institute, Warsaw, Poland

The Global Nature of STEM Education Increases Minority Students’ Readiness to Work with the Outgroup

Aurel Diamond, Elyakim Kislev

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Opening a Space between Fields. How Actors in Politics, Industry, and Higher Education Shape an Emerging Field of Knowledge

Philippe Saner

University of Lucerne, Switzerland

School Bus: A sociotechnical Analysis

EmíliaRodrigues Araújo, Rita Ribeiro, Marcia Silva

University of Minho, Portugal

RN24_06b: Science and Technology (Open Session) II
Location: UP.3.214
Chair: Heta Tarkkala, University of Helsinki

Dating Apps and Platforms as Communities of Knowledge

Maria Valentina Stoicescu, Ramona Alexandra Hosszu

University of Bucharest, Romania

New Identities and Quality of Life in the Context of Biotechnology Development in Russia

Elena Bogomiagkova, Ekaterina Orekh

St.-Petersburg State University, Russian Federation

Risks of Disruptive Technological Advancements and their Potential Social Solutions

Ľubomír Šottník

Comenius university in Bratislava / Slovak academy of sciences, Slovak Republic

The Everyday Practices of Neoliberalism in Taiwan Higher Education

Ming-Te Peng

Goldsmiths, University of London

Theorizing Commensuration of Social Phenomena

Tuukka Kaidesoja

University of Helsinki, Finland

Traditional and New Information and Communication Technologies and social values in Europea Countries

Juan Sebastián Fernández-Prados, Pilar Rodríguez-Martínez, Alex Ainz-Galende

Universidad de Almería, Spain

Containing Superintelligence: Transhumanists And The Global Future Of Democracy

Apolline Taillandier

Sciences Po, France

RN25_06: Micro-foundations of protest
Location: GM.330
Chair: Mattias Wahlström, University of Gothenburg

Between A Sense Of Injustice And Lacking Self-efficacy. Biographical Conditions Of Social Mobilization Among Young People In Precarious Working And Living Conditions.

Alexandra Seehaus1, Vera Trappmann2, Denis Neumann1

1: Freie Universität Berlin, Germany; 2: Leeds University BUsiness School

Micromobilization and Mass Protest: The Case of the “Panama Papers Protests” in Iceland

Jon Gunnar Bernburg

University of Iceland, Iceland

Does Activists’ Mind Change? Differential Socialization of Political Commitment

Gian-Andrea Monsch, Florence Passy

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Consequences of Groups Style for Differential Participation

Hjalmar Bang Carlsen, Jonas Toubøl, Snorre Ralund

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

RN26_06: Child and youth welfare
Location: GM.307
Chair: Giuseppe Moro, Università di Bari Aldo Moro

Who Benefits From Child And Youth Welfare In Germany? An Analysis Of Social Inequalities Based On New Standardized Data

Tobias Sander1, Jan Weckwerth2

1: International University of Cooperative Education, Darmstadt and Berlin, Germany; 2: University of Göttingen, Germany

A modern-day Pied Piper? Migrants to Norway, the Child Welfare Services, and rumor

Anders Vassenden1, Gunn Vedøy2, Ayan Handulle1

1: University of Stavanger, Norway; 2: Norsk Lærerakademi, Norway

Not In Charge, But Affected: Open Youth Work And Young Refugees in Germany

Andreas Mairhofer

German Youth Institute, Germany

Sustainability Dilemmas of a Program to Combat Child Poverty

Márta Kiss1,2, Éva Perpék1,2

1: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Social Sciences; 2: Corvinus University of Budapest

RN27_06: Social Inequalities and Social Welfare
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Teresa Consoli, University of Catania
Chair: Matilde Masso, Universidade da Coruña

Multiple Discrimination: From Perceptions and Experiences to the Proposal of Anti-discrimination Policies

Mª Angeles Cea D'Ancona, Miguel S. Valles Martínez

Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Objective Life Conditions And Interethnic Relations/Representations Between Gypsies and Non-Gypsies In Santa Tecla Neighbourhood, Braga, Portugal

António Cardoso3,5, Manuel Carlos Silva1,2,4,5, Rui Cruz5

1: University of Minho, Portugal; 2: National University of Brazilia, Brasil; 3: Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo, Portugal; 4: Centro de Estudos Multidisciplinares Avançados (CEAM,PDSCI), Brasil; 5: Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais (CICS.Nova_UMinho)

Living standards inequality in the European Union between 2004 and 2016 : Multidimensional convergence and fragmentations

Pierre Blavier1, Frédéric Lebaron2

1: CNRS; 2: University of Paris Saclay

The Transformation of the Italian Third Sector Between Marketisation and New Politicization

Emanuele Polizzi

University of Milan Bicocca, Italy

RN28_06: Identities in sports
Location: BS.1.25
Chair: Przemyslaw Nosal, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

“Better Than Men!”: A Feminist Research on Boxing

Nezihe Başak Ergin

Giresun University, Turkey

Jewish identity of football fans: a comparative study of Ajax Amsterdam and Tottenham London supporters.

Bogna Wilczyńska

Jagiellonian University, Poland

Stigma, Health and Physically (In)active Bodies

Emma Seal, Matthew Nicholson, Erica Randle, Arthur Stukas, Paul O'Halloran

La Trobe University, Australia

Football Fans And The Gentrification Of Stadiums: The Case Of Turkey

Rahsan Inal1, Mehmet Sahin2

1: Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University, Turkey; 2: European University of Lefke, Northern Cyprus

RN29_06: Power and Authority Today
Location: GM.325
Chair: Csaba Szaló, Masaryk University

Putting Authority Center Stage Again in Sociological Theory

Evelien Tonkens, Menno Hurenkamp, Margo Trappenburg, Thomas Kampen

University of Humanistic Studies, Netherlands, The

Contemporary Governance and Rationalisation: Examining Institutional Reforms from a Weberian Perspective - An Example from Greece

Vasiliki Kantzara

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Greece

A Bhaskar-Cartwright Synthesis for Studying Political Process

Balthazar de la Banquise

Cornell University, United States of America

Populism, Political Disorientation and Reluctance to Confront Fascistization and Criminal Politics

Carlos Frade

University of Salford (Manchester), United Kingdom

RN30_06a: Youth culture
Location: GM.302
Chair: Dragan Stanojevic, Faculty of Philosophy Belgrade

“Ordinary life is so surprising that(*)”… : Youth formations in daily life. Goblin Game House in Istanbul

Saim Buğra Kurban, Ayça Oral

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

How Does The City Become A Place Of One’s Own? City Capital and Young People’s Different Relations to City Spaces

Tarja-Riitta Tolonen, Sinikka Aapola-Kari

University of Helsinki, Finland

Perceptions Of Culture and Cultural Practices Among Students in Georgia: Declared And Actual Engagement In Urban And Rural Settlements

Tamar Khoshtaria, Rati Shubladze

CRRC-Georgia, Georgia

Creating Co-operative Leadership As A Community Youth Worker To Challenge Power within corporations.

Brett Elizabeth Blake1, Yasaman Yaghubzad2

1: St. John's University, New York, United States of America; 2: University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland

RN30_06b: Housing transitions
Location: GM.303
Chair: Maria-Carmen Pantea, 'BBU

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Leaving the Parental Home Patterns among Young Europeans

Henna Johanna Isoniemi, Milla Heleena Salin, Jarkko Rasinkangas

University of Turku, Finland

Housing and Migration Intents in Post-Socialist Europe: the Case of Serbia

Tanja Andic

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA

Housing Transitions of Taiwanese Young Adults

Yung Han Chang

University of Kang Ning, Taiwan

Young Adults In The Swedish Periphery: Resources, Choices, And Outlooks For The Future

Anna Bennich-Björkman

Uppsala University, Sweden

RN31_06: Nationalism and Authoritarianism
Location: UP.4.213
Chair: Daniela Sime, University of Strathclye

Leaving hate behind – Neo-Nazis, Significant Others and disengagement

Christer Mattsson, Thomas Johansson

Univeristy of Gothenburg, Sweden

Will Europeans Overcome Antidemocratic, Populist Nationalism?

Ireneusz Krzeminski

Warsaw University, Poland

Construction of Alternative History: Discourse Analysis of the ‘Day of Honour’

László Péter Lipcsei

Department of Sociology and Social Policy,University of Debrecen, Hungary

Ethnically devided city: the case of Kosovska Mitrovica

Olivera, Slobodan Marković - Savić

University of Pristina, Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia

RN32_06a: Cities and Populism (URBPOP)
Location: GM.338
Chair: Monika De Frantz, Charles University Prague

Populism in the City: The Case of Ford Nation URBPOP

Daniel Silver1, Zack Taylor2, Fernando Calderón Figueroa1

1: University of Toronto, Canada; 2: University of Western Ontario, Canada

Spaces Of European Unease: Localism, Translocalism And Populist Reactions To Urban/Regional Shocks (URBPOP)_

Ian Richard Gordon

London School of Economics, United Kingdom

The New EU Urban Agenda: Mobilising the 'Right to the City' Top Down? (URBPOP)

Monika De Frantz

Charles University Prague, University of Vienna

Does Local Fragmentation Drive Populism? Trump and More

Terry Clark

University of Chicago, United States of America

Northern Exposure: Fear, Loathing and Hope in the North of England after Brexit (URBPOP)

Adrian Charles Favell

University of Leeds, United Kingdom

RN32_06b: Politics of Boundaries (SOSEM)
Location: GM.339
Chair: Gabriella Szabó, Centre for Social Sciences

Incivility as semiotic resource. Lessons from Hungary (SOSEM)

Gabriella Szabó

Centre for Social Sciences, Hungary

The Semiotic Resources of Left-wing Political Community Between 1990 and 2015. (SOSEM)

Marton Bene

Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary; Corvinus University of Budapest

Vertical to Horizontal to Central. Spatial Metaphors in Hungarian Politics since 1990 (SOSEM)

Balázs Kiss

MTA Centre for Social Sciences, Hungary

Changing Patterns of Negative Campaigning in Hungary (SOSEM)

Fruzsina Nábelek

Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

Visual political communication resources in Hungary, 1990-2015 (SOSEM)

Xénia Farkas

HAS Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Political Science; Corvinus University of Budapest, Doctoral School of Political Science

RN33_06a: Religion, Feminism and Sexism
Location: BS.3.14
Chair: Elisabetta Ruspini, University of Milano-Bicocca

Gender Role Identity: Migration, Ethnicity and Religious Affiliation

Alexandra Deliu, Mălina Voicu

Romanian Academy, Romania

Islam and Feminism in the North Caucasus: the Possibilities of Women’s Agency

Irina Kosterina

Heinrich Boell Foundation, Russian Federation

Reclaiming Muslim Female Body in Ecofeminist Theories of Embodiment

Rezvaneh Erfani Hossein Pour

University of Alberta, Canada

RN33_06b: Gender Struggles, Places and Bodies
Location: BS.3.15
Chair: Shalva Weil, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and UNISA

"I am a Human Being, a Body and an Emotion that Cannot be Oppressed": Druze Women in Israel and their Gender Struggle Strategies

Ebtesam Hassan Barakat

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Body in Transition: leisure Sports, Gender and Place among Palestinian women citizens of Israel.

Suzan Ben Dori

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Crafting Weight Stigma in Slimming Classes: a Case Study in Ireland

Jacqueline Anne Marie O Toole

Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland

Masquerading in Modern Tehran; the Case of Female Body

Mahsa Alami Fariman

Goldsmith, University of London, United Kingdom

RN34_06: Religious values in a globalized world
Location: BS.4.05A
Chair: Gladys Ganiel, Queen's University Belfast

Conversion to Tibetan Buddhism in Communist Poland, Exploration of Individual and Social Memory

Malwina Krajewska

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Middle Generation Religious Values and Patterns of their (Non)Transmission in Contemporary Lithuania

Milda Ališauskienė

Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

Occasional Religiosity: The Case of Participation in Anglican Religious Practices in Toronto, Canada

Sarah Kathleen Johnson

University of Notre Dame, United States

Religious Conversion and Cultural Transgression. Roma Pentecostals Integration (?) in Polish Carpathians

Maciej Witkowski1, Ewa Nowicka2

1: WSB University, Poland; 2: Collegium Civitas, Poland

RN35_06a: Re-thinking Migration: Conceptual Challenges and Innovative Perspectives I
Location: BS.G.26
Chair: Kenneth Horvath, University of Lucerne

Borders, Migration and Class in an Age of Crisis: Producing Immigrants and Workers

Tom Vickers

Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom

Constructing “Groupness” among Highly-Skilled International Migrants. An Analysis of Symbolic Boundary-Making in a Berlin City Magazine

Sören Carlson

Europa-Universität Flensburg, Germany

Protecting Non-Resident Citizens: The Changing Role of Church and State

Breda Gray

University of Limerick, Ireland

“Vulnerability” as Limitation for Political Citizenship

Mervi Leppäkorpi

University of Helsinki, Finland

RN35_06b: Migration, Social Justice, and Social Inclusion
Location: BS.G.27
Chair: Rina Manuela Contini, University of Chieti-Pescara

Ageing Immigrancy as a Category of Residual Inclusion –The Finnish Third Sector Organizations Standing in for the Public Welfare Services

Ulla Buchert

University of Helsinki, Finland

Migrant Advocacy Under Austerity: Transforming Solidarity in The Greek Refugee

Katherine Laura Pendakis

King's College University, Canada

Personal Networks, Social Support and Upward Mobility among Roma Migrants in France

David Cañarte1, Raffaele Vacca1, Tommaso Vitale2

1: Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law, University of Florida, United States of America; 2: Centre d’études européennes, Sciences Po, France

Asylum Seekers and the Context of Their Housing: Different Places, Different Integration Outcomes?

Lina Elisabeth Sandström

Örebro University, Sweden

RN35_06c: Migration and Integration Reconsidered II
Location: BS.G.33
Chair: Kaja Skowronska, Université de Nantes

Assimilation Theory As A Theory Of South-To-North Migrant Incorporation: Analyzing The Contrasting Characteristics Of North-To-South Migration And Laying The Groundwork For A General Theory Of Migrant Incorporation

Caroline Maria Schöpf1,2, Matthew M. Chew1

1: Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong; 2: Max Weber Foundation, Germany

Acculturation of Slavic Migrants in Poland. Socio-Legal Study

Jan Bazyli Klakla

Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland

Exploring Migrants’ Legal Consciousness: a Case of African Migrants in Lithuania

Ramunė Miežanskienė

Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Value Consensus and Feelings of Welcome Amongst Refugees: Evidence from a Prospective Panel Study

Lukas Marian Fuchs

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

RN36_06: Political field: Politicians, institutions and masses
Location: GM.304
Chair: Marju Lauristin, University of Tartu

Patriotisms of the Polish Politicians – Continuity and Change. A Qualitative Study

Piotr Binder

Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, VAT Registration No. 525-21-00-471, Poland

The Polish Space of Opinion on Russia: Origins and Structures

Andrzej Marek Turkowski

University of Warsaw, Poland

The Rise of Illiberal Democracy in Poland: A Neo-Polanyian Interpretation.

Maciej Kassner

Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland

Constituting a Political Field in Russia: An Empirical Analysis

Liudmila Philippova, Sergey Patrushev, Tamara Pavlova

Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Federation

RN37_06a: Urban movements: Resistance and solidarity
Location: BS.3.19
Chair: Natalia Martini, Jagiellonian University

Urban Grassroots Movements in the Illiberal State. Reconsidering the effects of post-socialist transformations in Hungary

Gergely Olt, Áron Buzogány, Szabina Kerényi

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

Commonifying From Inside The State? The Case Of “La Comunificadora” And The Promotion Of Alternatives To Capitalism

Vera Vidal

UOC, Spain

Urban Resistance And The Creation Of Political Subjectivities: From Struggles Against Eviction To Everyday Life Continuities

Patricia Pereira, Madalena Corte-Real

CICS.NOVA, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Contesting urban regeneration in Lisbon. Insights from the ROCK project.

Mafalda Corrêa Nunes, Roberto Falanga

Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Portugal

RN37_06b: Neighbourhoods and neighbouring as a conceptual and empirical challenge 2
Location: BS.3.20
Chair: Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, Jagiellonian University

Including Neighbourhood Selection in a Neighbourhood Effects Model

Agata A. Troost, Maarten van Ham, Heleen J. Janssen

Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Bottom-up Neighborhood Rebranding: Community Building Or Loss Of Place Identity?

Maria Tartari1, Alessandro Gerosa2

1: IULM, Italy; 2: Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

The New Normal Of The Urban And Its Shadows: Residents’ Perspectives From Istanbul And Leeds On Belonging And Place Attachment

Z. Ruya Yuksel

The Graduate Center, CUNY, United States of America

RS01_06: Gender, Identity and the Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Video Game Culture(s)
Location: GM.328
Chair: Aphra Kerr, Maynooth University

Engaging Women In Games. The Stakes Of Diversity Challenges In French Esports Institutionalization

Samuel Vansyngel

University Paris 13, France

[Cos]Playing with Videogames: Identity and Performance in Cosplay

Garry Crawford, David Hancock

University of Salford, United Kingdom

Disability and Mental Health as a Video Game Live Streamer

Mark R Johnson

University of Alberta, United Kingdom

‘Where are all the female gamers?’ – Female Gamers and Competitive Gaming in Esports

Ying-Ying Law

Staffordshire University, United Kingdom

Two Perspectives On Gaming Among Senior Citizens

Damian Gałuszka

Jagiellonian University, Poland

RS02_06: Getting surrogate offsprings
Location: UP.4.210
Chair: Consuelo Corradi, Lumsa University

Beliefs and Ideologies Regarding Filiation and Family Models: Attitudes and Behaviours against Surrogate Gestation

María José Rodríguez-Jaume, Diana Jareño-Ruiz, María José González-Río

University of Alicante, Spain

How To Get A Baby? An Analysis Of Spanish Gestational Surrogacy Online Services.

Chaime Marcuello-Servos, Paz Olaciregui-Rodríguez


Over-Razionalization Of Procreative Projects. Surrogacy Read Through The Theory Of Narcissistic Societies

Daniela Bandelli

LUMSA, Italy

RS04_06: Men and Masculinities in a Changing Europe II: Antifeminism and toxic masculinity
Location: BS.3.17
Chair: Katarzyna Wojnicka, University of Gothenburg
Chair: Katarzyna Suwada, Nicolaus Copernicus University

Men’s Rights Activism in Italy: between anti-feminism and anti-sexism

Manolo Farci1, Nicola Righetti2

1: University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy; 2: University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy

Perpetrators’s Narratives And Global Political Virilism

Cristina Oddone

University of Strasbourg, France

Sex Robots And Toxic Masculinity – Intimacy With Non-Humans Or Escape From The Society.

Grzegorz Kubiński

Pedagogical University, Poland

Normative Sexuality as a Proof of Manhood? (Re)construction of Normative (Hetero)sexuality of Porn and Sex Addicts in the Czech Republic

Barbora Vesela

Charles University, Czech Republic

RS05_06: Multi-local family life: Children’s experiences
Location: GM.331
Chair: Laura Merla, UCLouvain

Home Without Family? Young Migrants’ Experiences of Home, Place and Relationships in the City of Brussels.

Shannon Damery

University of Liège, Belgium

Transnational Families’ “Habitus”: A Research On Generations Of Italians Living In Belgium

Marta Scocco, Isabella Crespi

University of Macerata, Italy

Merging the Separated: Odor as a Medium of Cohesion and Belonging in Multi-local Families

Tino Schlinzig

Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

RS08_06: Ways forward: Advancing the theory of sociology of engagements
Location: GM.326
Chair: Veikko Eranti, Tampere University
Chair: Eeva Kristiina Luhtakallio, University of Tampere

Interoperation, Exploration, Serendipity: On the ‘Machine Readable’ Grammar(s) of Commonality in a Data-Driven World

Andrew Staver Hoffman

Data Ecologies Lab, University of Washington, United States of America

Politicization, Depoliticization, and Grammars of Commonality. Addressing Plurality in Politics

Eeva Kristiina Luhtakallio1, Veikko Eranti2, Tuukka Ylä-Anttila3

1: Tampere University, Finland; 2: Tampere University, Finland; 3: Tampere University, Finland

Proto-jurisdictional Engagements: Rethinking Change in Professional Authority via Pragmatic Sociology

Anders Blok

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Public Justification as Agonistic Pluralism

Veikko Eranti1, Taina Meriluoto1, Ville-Pekka Sorsa2

1: Tampere University, Finland; 2: University of Helsinki, Finland

RS10_06: Practising Medical Futures
Location: UP.2.217
Chair: Giuliana Mandich, University of Cagliari

"It will be better than before": The Practices of Future Hope in the Constituting of Personalized Medicine

Agate Nira Krausz

Ben-Gurion University, Israel

Experiencing The Chronicity of Illness in Switzerland: Women Negotiating The Future of Their Long-Term Conditions

Luna De Araújo

University of Geneva, Switzerland

The Narratives of the Future in Fertility Decision: Theoretical and Empirical Insights from Europe

Giacomo Bazzani, Daniele Vignoli, Raffaele Guetto, Alessandra Minello, Elena Pirani

University of Florence, Italy

Imagined Futures Of AI In Healthcare: The Cure For All Diseases?

David Kampmann1,2

1: London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom; 2: University of Oxford, United Kingdom

RS11_06: ‘Precarious families’
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Renato Miguel Carmo, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)
Chair: Annalisa Murgia, University of Milan

The Gendered Experience of Fixed-Term Employment: Putting the Consequences of Precarious Employment in Context of Gender and Household

Nils Teichler1, Nicolas Morgenroth2, Brigitte Schels1,3

1: Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Germany; 2: Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), Germany; 3: Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU), Germany

Working Families And Precarious Life

Ieva Dryzaite

Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

Precarious Working Lives, Precarious Family And Social Lives? A Qualitative Study Investigating The Interrelationship Of Life Spheres.

Kim Bosmans

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Precariousness in the Memoirs of the Unemployed. Boundaries, Strategies and Trajectories.

Pawel Kubicki1, Lukasz Grzegorz Posluszny1,2

1: Warsaw School of Economics, Poland; 2: Wroclaw Univeristy, Poland

RS12_06: Social Spheres and Its Boundaries: From the Secrecy to the Public
Location: GM.334
Chair: José Manuel Resende, Évora University

Family Secrecy in the Information Age: A Re-Examination of Simmel’s ‘The Sociology of Secrecy and Secret Societies’

Katy Barbier-Greenland1, Deborah Dempsey2

1: Swinburne University, Netherlands; 2: Swinburne University, Australia

Simmel’s Formal Sociology and the Analysis of Mass Society

Martti Siisiäinen

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

The Fruitfulness of Simmel’s Legacy in the Analysis of Contemporary Conflicts

Michael Nollert

University of Fribourg, Switzerland

The Politics Of Everyday Life: Simmel And The Public

Jean-Stéphane Borja

Aix-Marseille Université, France

RS13_06: From margins to the focus. Metamorphoses of celebration
Location: BS.3.23
Chair: Ozana Cucu-Oancea, Institute of Sociology

Cannabis Festivals: Social Protest or a Celebration of Cannabis Culture?

Kostas Skliamis

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Afterparties: Exploring Festive Sociability in Deviant Leisure Spaces and Times

Karenza Moore

University of Salford, United Kingdom

The X-Rust Organization – 25 Years Of Purism

Soile Marjaana Rajamäki

University on Turku, Finland

Bullying, Pulling and having a Ride in Transgressive Techno parties. And how to deal with it.

Ismo Juhani Kantola

University of Turku, Finland

RS14_06: Knowledge, Communication and Imagination
Location: BS.3.25
Chair: Sasa Bosancic, University of Augsburg

Emplacing the Canonization Process of Urban Models: Richard Florida’s Creative Class Theory and the City of Toronto

Noga Keidar

University of Toronto, Canada

Startup Pitches - a Global Communicative Genre in Economy?

Lars Jannik Karlson Mojem

Technical University Berlin, Germany

Social Illusions as a Challenge for Modern Sociology of Knowledge

Mariusz Zemlo

University of Bialystok, Poland

RS15_06: Democratic Deficit and Judicial Rower: The Context for Justice
Location: UP.4.206
Chair: Jacek Maria Kurczewski, University of Warsaw
Chair: Emmanuel Lazega, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris - Sciences Po

The Interaction Between The Legal System And The Other Areas Of Human Action

Giovanna Truda

University of Salerno, Italy

Totalitarian Law as Legacy of the Past and Present-Day Authoritarian Tendencies in Post-Communist Countries.

Malgorzata Fuszara

University of Warsaw, Poland

Constitutional Democracy in US

Barry Sullivan

Loyola University Chicago, United States of America

Democratic Decay in a Seemingly Consolidated Democracy of CEE

Radosław Markowski

Uniwersytet SWPS, Poland

CB4: Coffee Break
JS_RN05_RN24_07: Digitalization, Data and Everyday Life 2
Location: BS.4.06A
Chair: Arne Dulsrud, Oslo Metropolitan University

Making Sense of Algorithmic Bias in Communities of Knowledge

Ramona Alexandra Hosszu1, Maria Stoicescu2, Mihai Botezatu3

1: University of Bucharest, Romania; 2: University of Bucharest, Romania; 3: Romanian-American University, Romania

Virtual Rings and Hate Networks on Facebook

Mara Maretti1, Vanessa Russo2

1: Dep. of Legal and Social Science - Università di Chieti-Pescara (IT); 2: Dep. of Legal and Social Science - Università di Chieti-Pescara (IT)

Degrees of Deceptions: Faking of and in the Credential Society

Eva Hartmann

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

'The Medicine World Needs Great Data, and Finland's Got It': a Qualitative Study

Mwenza Thandiwe Blell1, Riikka Homanen2

1: Newcastle University, United Kingdom; 2: Helsingin Yliopisto, Suomi

JS_RN09_RN17_07: The Gig Economy: Bright and Dark Sides of the Future Labour Market III
Location: BS.4.06B
Chair: Alberto Veira-Ramos, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Chair: Bernd Brandl, Durham University

Peer Surveillance In Aesthetic Labour

Laura Vonk

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

Superconductr: Artistic Interventions in Digital Platform Labour

Matthias Kispert

University of Westminster, United Kingdom

Cultural Ideals of Gigwork in Popular Management Literature

Juhana Venäläinen

University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Embodied Precariat And Digital Control In The ‘Gig Economy’. The Mobile Labour Of Food Delivery Bicycle Couriers

Cosmin Popan

Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

JS_RN11_RN13_07: Creating 'community' or social division?
Location: BS.4.04A
Chair: Lynn Jamieson, University of Edinburgh
Chair: Julie Brownlie, University of Edinburgh

“It’s a tiger instinct - that’s my baby!”: Responsibility, Emotion and Affect in Families’ Educational Activism.

Nathan Fretwell, John Barker

Middlesex University, United Kingdom

Talking Politics or Biting your Tongue?: Brexit, Emotions and Everyday Family Life

Katherine Davies

The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

“I Don’t Mind They Are Friends But I Wouldn’t Let My Child Go To Their House”: Emotions and Subjectivity Negotiation among Families in Socially Diverse Schools

Manuela Mendoza Horvitz

UCL - Institute of Education, United Kingdom

JS_RN13_RN35_07: Relatives at a distance: Interrelations and doing of migrants' families
Location: BS.1.25
Chair: Kenneth Horvath, University of Lucerne

Doing Family Across Borders: Role of Routine Practices, Traditions and Feasts in Lithuania

Vida Česnuitytė1,2

1: Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania; 2: Vilnius University, Lithuania

Familial Displays Across Borders: The Case of Lithuanian Parents-Children Living Separately

Irena Juozeliuniene, Irma Budginaite Mackine, Ginte Martinkene

Vilnius university, Lithuania

Closeness Despite Distance? Parent-Child Relationships in Europe

Ronny König, Bettina Isengard, Marc Szydlik

University of Zurich, Switzerland

Questions of Belonging across Borders: Continuity and Change in Transnational Family Memories

Anna Schnitzer

University of Zurich, Switzerland

JS_RN35_RN37_07: Diverse cities and neighbourhoods and their dynamics of change
Location: BS.3.23
Chair: Patricia Pereira, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Measuring the Role of Ethnic Diversity and Out-Group Size in Dutch Neighborhoods: A Mediating Effect of Neighborhood Cohesion on Fear of Crime

Iris Glas1, Roel Jennissen2, Godfried Engbersen1

1: Erasmus University Rotterdam; 2: The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy

Interethnic Contact and Social Cohesion in Twelve Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods in Four European Cities.

Rui F. Carvalho

Brown University, United States

Fearless City Suburbs: Collaboration, Distance work, and the Shaping of Local Integration Policy Fields

Maria Jose Zapata Campos, Patrik Zapata

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Being Egyptian-Austrian and Viennese? The City, the Nation and Narrative Constructions of Belonging of Young Muslims in Zurich and Vienna.

Christoph Novak

University of Vienna, Austria

RN01_07a: Culture, Values and Images in the Field of Ageing II
Location: UP.3.204
Chair: Lucie Galčanová, Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies

Media Representations of Old Age in Slovenia: What the Old-age Exclusion Lens Offers

Otto Gerdina1, Sandra Torres2

1: Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; 2: Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Sweden

Future Scenarios Of Living When Old – Comparative Views From Finland And The USA

Ulla-Maija Koivula1, Amanda Woodward2

1: Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland; 2: Michigan State University, USA

Meaning in Later Life – Belonging and Believing in Non-religious Contexts

Jenni Spännäri

University of Helsinki, Finland

RN01_07b: Formal and informal care III: Consequences of care giving and receiving
Location: UP.3.205
Chair: Mareike Ariaans, University Mannheim
Chair: Regina Ilona Gerlich, Careum School of Health LTD

User Fees Of Home Care Services Pose A Risk Of Poverty And Care Deprivation For Older People With Low Income

Katja Maaria Ilmarinen1, Lina van Aerschot2

1: Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland; 2: University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Family Care and Its Impact on Women’s and Men’s Retirement Decisions in Germany

Ulrike Ehrlich, Daniela Klaus, Nadiya Kelle

German Centre of Gerontology (DZA), Germany

Informal Caregivers and the Impacts of Images of Aging. Insights and Reflections from a Qualitative Study

Marén Schorch

University of Siegen, Germany

RN02_07: Arts Organisation and Strategies
Location: GM.306

From Diva to Democracy: An Assessment of Arts Organizational Governance Structures

Constance DeVereaux

University of Connecticut, United States of America

Leadership Strategies in Amateur Arts. The Example of Latvian Nationwide Song and Dance Celebration Tradition.

Anda Lake, Agnese Hermane

Latvian Academy of Culture, Latvia

The Construction of the Field of Light Art

Manuel Garcia-Ruiz

University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal

Art Organisations of a New Era - A Media Analysis of the Changes in State Funding and Leadership of Orchestras, Art Museums and Theaters in Finland.

Hanna Maija Päivikki Ojamo

University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland

RN04_07a: Belonging and Migration
Location: GM.327
Chair: Vicky Johnson, Goldsmiths, University of London
Time allocation: 15' presentation directly followed by 5' consecutive discussion on the paper presented, and at the end of the session 10' general discussion of all papers presented in the session.

The Interactional Construction Of Migrant Children’s “Belonging”

Claudio Baraldi

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Young People Migrating In Ethiopia And Nepal: Editing Social Norms While Still Wanting To Belong

Vicky Johnson

Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom

Fluid Boundaries, Fixed Borders and Belonging? Homes Of Asylum Seeking Young Children In Finland

Elina Paju

University of Helsinki, Finland

RN04_07b: Lived experiences of generational relations
Location: GM.328
Chair: Federico Farini, University of Northampton
Time allocation: 8' presentation directly followed by 2' consecutive discussion on the paper presented, and at the end of the session 10' general discussion of all papers presented in the session.

The Role of Social Stratification In The Childhood Life Of Generation Z

Elena Kolosova

Russian State Children's Library, Russian Federation

Being a Grandchild: Meanings, Practices, and Experiences with Grandchildhood

Adéla Souralová

Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Coming Of Age With Asthma: Chronic Illness As Accelerator In Acquiring Autonomy?

Aline Chassagne, Veronika Duprat-Kushtanina

University of Besançon, France, LASA

Institutionalized Childhood as Barrier to Fitting in while Transitioning to Adulthood

Maria Roth, Imola Antal, Agnes David-Kacso, Eva Laszlo Bodrogi

Babes-Bolyai University, Romania

Studying Parental Mediation of Children’s Internet Use as a 'Tangible' Part of Socialization: An Eight-Years Perspective on Barriers versus Belonging

Veronika Kalmus

University of Tartu, Estonia

How do Family Relations Alter the Relationship Between Parent-to-Child Physical Violence and Adolescent-to-Parent Physical Violence?

Laura Beckmann

Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony, Germany

Partecipate to Planning: Children Thinking Together for Urban Design

Antonella Berritto, Rocco Mazza

Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy

Exploring Children’s Experiences, Barriers and Boundaries in the City and (Re)Imagining Children’s Places

Eunice Castro Seixas1, Benedita Portugal Melo2, Catarina Tomás3, Maria Fernandes-Jesus4, Paulo Castro Seixas5

1: University of Lisbon, ISEG, CSG, Portugal; 2: University of Lisbon, Instituto de Educação, Portugal; 3: Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa; CICS.NOVA.FCSH NOVA, Portugal; 4: Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), CIS-IUL, Portugal; 5: University of Lisbon, CAPP, ISCSP, Portugal

RN05_07a: Consumption and the family
Location: BS.G.34
Chair: Lydia Martens, Keele University

Past Familial Experiences And The Interrelationships Between Consumers’ Individual and Relational Selves Over Time

Katerina Karanika1, Margaret Hogg2

1: University of Exeter, United Kingdom; 2: Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Household Expenditure And Stage Of Family Life Cycle: An Empirical Study Of Italian Households

Simona Diliberto, Michele Tumminello, Fabio Massimo Lo Verde

University of Palermo, Italy

From A Grandfather Butcher To A Vegetarian Granddaughter: Practices Transformations Across Three Generations In Food And Mobility

Amélie Anciaux

UCLouvain, Belgium

Navigating Symbolic Pollution in Family Care Assemblages Though Symbolic Boundary Work

Jacqui O'Riordan1, Carol ME Kelleher1, Deirdre O' Loughlin2

1: University College Cork, Ireland; 2: University of Limerick, Ireland

RN05_07b: Sustainable consumption and consumer behaviour
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Margit Keller, University of Tartu

Differences In Willingness To Change Consumption Patterns Between Consumer Groups When The Global Temperature Is Increasing

Torvald Tangelad

Oslo Metropolitan University/SIFO, Norway

Saving The World With Meat Alternatives: Social Media Voices Between Material Change and Cultural Continuity

Malte B Rödl

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Transformative Practices and Socio-Cultural Change: The Case of Sustainable Food Consumption and Cultures

Atle Wehn Hegnes1, Virginie Amilien2

1: Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Norway; 2: Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

Exploration of the Sociological and Cognitive-Affective Factors, And Medias on Unsustainable Consumer Behaviour

Johanna Maksimainen, Terhi-Anna Wilska

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Exploring The Temporal Ordering, Sequencing And Synchronization Of British Residential Energy Demand

Máté Lőrincz

University of Reading, United Kingdom

RN05_07c: Music and taste
Location: BS.G.36
Chair: Riie Heikkilä, Tampere University

“Isn’t Opera Where They Sing ‘I Love You, I Love You, I Love You’ Or ‘I Am Dying, I Am Dying, I Die Now’ And It Takes Them 10 Minutes To Do So?”: Operatic Institutions And Practices Of Inclusion

Mikko Laamanen1, Benedetta Cappellini1, Virpi Näsänen2

1: Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom; 2: Hanken School of Economics, Finland

A Feast for Melomaniacs: Embodiment of Cultural Capital and Implicit Fandom in Opera Festival Audiences

Roberta Bartoletti1, Laura Gemini1, Stefano Brilli2

1: Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo; 2: Università IUAV di Venezia, Italy

Walling off Collective Effervescence: A Study into the Boundary Maintenance of Dutch Music Concerts

Femke Vandenberg

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

Worse than Screaming Frogs or a Warm Blanket? The Impact of Repeated Listening on How People Experience Music

Koen van Eijck, Janna Michael

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, The

RN06_07a: Resisting Authoritarian Neoliberalism
Location: GM.332
Chair: Aliki Koutlou, University of Manchester
Chair: Nikolai Huke, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Political Economy, Social Strain, and Alternatives to Austerity and Neoliberalism

David Bailey1, Paul Christopher Lewis1, Saori Shibata2

1: University of Birmingham, United Kingdom; 2: Leiden University, Netherlands

Extinction Rebellion and Civil Disobedience

Oscar Berglund

University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Allied Against Austerity – A Network Analysis Of Transnational Cooperation Among Anti-austerity Initiatives In Europe

Bernd Bonfert

Roskilde University, Denmark

Establishment Populism and the Politics of Internal Devaluation: The Case of Croatia

Mislav Zitko, Jelena Ostojic

University of Zagreb, Croatia

RN06_07b: Prefiguring Real Life Utopias in Dystopian Times
Location: GM.333
Chair: Owen Worth, University of Limerick
Chair: Julia Eder, Johannes Kepler University Linz

Property as a Fiduciary Relationship and the Extension of Economic Democracy: What Role for Basic Income?

David Casassas1, Jordi Mundó2

1: University of Barcelona, Spain; 2: University of Barcelona, Spain

Good Societies

Laura Shanti Basu

Utrecht University, Netherlands, The

“I Just Want More Time To Do Stuff I Enjoy”: Understanding Push-Pull Factors And Trade-Offs In Transitions To Reduced Hour Working Schedules

Ursula Balderson1, Brendan Burchell1, Daiga Kamerāde2, Hugo Lidmark1, Adam Coutts1, Senhu Wang1

1: University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; 2: University of Salford, United Kingdom

Modernizing Agents: Intellectual Property Experts and Their Subjectivities in Modern Day Turkey

Ferhunde Dilara Demir

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, United States of America

RN07_07a: Sociology of Culture: Cultural production
Location: GM.334
Chair: Predrag Cveticanin, University of Nis

The Avant-garde Meets the People. How Cultural Hub WORM has become an Experimental Community Center

Janna Michael, Evert Bisschop Boele

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, The

Fielding Cultural Resistance: Understanding the Making of Kurdish Publishing in Turkey

Gokhan Mulayim

Boston University, USA

Narrating Humiliation in Entertaining Way: The Convergence of Hedonism and Nationalism in Chinese Television Dramas

Zhuojun Huang

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)

Learning to Do Business: How Second-Generation Chinese Capitalists are Reproduced through Cultural Production

Xiao Mei

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China, People's Republic of

RN07_07b: Sociology of Culture: Cosmopolitanism and heritage
Location: GM.335
Chair: David Inglis, University of Helsinki

Practices of Cosmopolitanism and new Forms of Political Participation: Individualization and Belonging

Ilenya Camozzi1, Carmen Leccardi2

1: University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy; 2: University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

‘Citizen of Nowhere’: Cosmopolitan Belonging and the Accusation of Rootlessness

Irene Skovgaard-Smith

Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom

Re-defining Heritage and Making Sense of Brexit in the European City of Culture

Anton Popov

Aston University, United Kingdom

'Cosmopolitan Memory' Revisited: Examining the Boundaries of the Utilization of Memory in Political Rhetoric

Tracy Adams

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

RN08_07: Resilience: Concepts and Perspectives
Location: UP.4.214
Chair: Antti Edward Silvast, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

How (not) to Develop Resilient Societies? – Conceptual and Empirical Remarks on the Social Aspects of Resilience

Peter Balogh

University of Szeged, Hungary

Security Targets for Critical Infrastructures

Jennifer Hartmann, Agnetha Schuchardt, Thomas Kox

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Infrastructure Resilience and Energy Systems Integration

Antti Silvast2, Simone Abram1

1: Durham University, United Kingdom; 2: Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Strengthening Resilience of German Emergency Responders

Agnetha Schuchardt, Sophie Kroeling

Freie University Berlin, Germany

RN09_07a: The Study of Labour and Labour Markets
Location: BS.3.16
Chair: Sebastian Koos, University of Konstanz

A Turntable Towards Entrepreneurship? Examining the Influence of Migration upon Romanian Returnees’ Entrepreneurial Practices

Alin Croitoru1,2

1: Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania; 2: University of Bucharest (CeSMig), Romania

Youth Employment in the IT Sector in Cluj-Napoca - Using the Perspective of Employers and Lecturers

Kinga Székely

Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

Flexible Work: Tracing the Ambiguity of a Concept

Jacob Boult

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

The Degradation of the Labour Market in Southern Italy, Resulting in Precariousness and Exploitation

Fabio Mostaccio, Domenica Farinella

University of Messina, Italy

Theorizing Labor Markets in Economic Sociology. A German Perspective

Simon Weingärtner

Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg, Germany

RN09_07b: Theoretical Perspectives in Economic Sociology I
Location: BS.3.17
Chair: Philip Balsiger, University of Neuchatel

The Coupling of Money Grids - On The Political Dimensions of Money from a Relationist Perspective

Aaron Sahr

Hamburg Institute for Social Research, Germany

The Sociology of Economics Revisited: From Performativity to Utilization Studies

Jan Sparsam

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany

New Economic Sociology Linked to Mechanism Approach

Andra Maurer

University, Germany

Work Alienation: Theoretical Reflections on Hidden Dimension of Current Market Societies

Daniel Gerbery

Comenius University, Faculty of Arts, Slovak Republic

RN10_07a: Social inequality in higher education
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Bernadette Brereton, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Elite Pathways in the Meritocratic Sub-System of Chilean Higher Education

Pablo Lillo Cea

Uppsala University, Sweden

Accessibility of Higher Education: 8 Dimensions of Accessibility.

Inne Vandyck, Inge Pasteels

PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Belgium

Stratification in Unitary Higher Education Systems: the Case of Progression to Postgraduate Study in the UK

Jose Luis Mateos Gonzalez, Paul Wakeling

University of York, United Kingdom

Diversity Management, the Social Dimension and the Covering up of Social Inequalities in Austrian Higher Education Institutions

Bernadette Müller Kmet

University of Innsbruck, Austria

RN10_07b: Social inequality in primary and secondary education
Location: UP.3.211
Chair: Dinah Gross, University of Lausanne

Student Enrolment in Upper Secondary Education within Ethnically and Socioeconomically Heterogeneous municipalities in southern Stockholm, Sweden

Håkan Forsberg

Uppsala University, Sweden

The Effects of National Performance Standards on Educational Poverty – Findings from a Fixed Effects Approach with PISA Data

Janna Teltemann1, Reinhard Schunck2

1: University of Hildesheim, Germany; 2: GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Does It Make Sense to Measure the Inequality of Opportunity in Education? Comparing Inequality of Opportunity to Inequality of Outcome in Adolescents’ Reading Achievement Across 37 Countries and Over Time

Anna Gromada, Yekaterina Chzhen, Gwyther Rees

UNICEF Office of Research - Innocenti, Italy

The Social Space of Swedish Preschools: A Bourdieusian Analysis of Families’ Preschool Enrolment in a Marketised Welfare State

Jennifer Charlotte Waddling, Håkan Forsberg

Uppsala University, Sweden

RN11_07: Populism Symposium
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Gavin Brent Sullivan, Coventry University

Emotional Dynamics of Right- and Left-Wing Populism

Mikko Salmela1, Christian von Scheve2

1: University of Helsinki, Finland; 2: Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Social Sharing of Emotions in Populist Online Communication

Philipp Wunderlich

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Shame and Pride: Affective Polarization in Polish Right-wing Media Coverage of the 2019 European Parliament Elections and the 2019 Polish Parliamentary Elections

Ruta Kazlauskaite, Mikko Salmela

University of Helsinki, Finland

RN12_07a: Environmental Sociology and Sustainable Development
Location: BS.3.21
Chair: Peter Oosterveer, Wageningen University

Sustainable Development and Populism

Christian Kroll

Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany

Citizens and Consumers in Sustainability Transformation: The Case of the Zero Waste Movement

Xinyu Zhan, Marlyne Sahakian

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Identification Of Sustainability Goals: Application Of A Decision Support Tool To A Dual-purpose Chicken Case Study

Felix Zoll1, Diehl Katharina2, Siebert Rosemarie1

1: Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research; 2: University of Potsdam

Transitions in the Making: Novel Practices in Food Consumption Unravelled

Mari Niva1, Senja Laakso1, Minna Kaljonen2

1: University of Helsinki, Finland; 2: Finnish Environment Institute, Finland

RN12_07b: Biological Diversity and Nature Conservation
Location: BS.3.22
Chair: Çigdem Adem, Ankara Rivers Study Group

Assessing The Nature And Importance Of Biodiversity: Discourses, Impact Evaluation And Compensation Schemes In Colombia

Robin Dianoux1,2

1: NASP / University of Milan, Italy; 2: GSPR / EHESS, France

Problem Setting and Problem Solving in the Case of Olive Quick Decline Syndrome in Apulia, Italy

Christian Colella, Roberto Carradore, Andrea Cerroni

University of Milano Bicocca, Italy

Proposing a New Approach in Explaining and Predicting Public Support for Protected Areas

Nikoleta Jones1,3, James McGinlay1, Chrisovaladis Malesios2, Andreas Kontoleon3

1: Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom; 2: Aston University, Business School, Birmingham; 3: Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge

Turning Nature Into An Asset: Corporate Rent-Seeking Strategies

Les Levidow

Open University, United Kingdom

RN13_07a: Family planning and fertility I
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Baptiste Coulmont, Université Paris 8
Chair: Vaida Tretjakova, Lithuanian Social Research Centre

Postponing Children: Social Practices and Ethics of Reproduction

Lynn Jamieson, Adele Lebano

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Childbearing Postponement And Increasing Use Of Assisted Reproduction

Jirina Kocourkova, Anna Stastna, Ludek Sidlo, Boris Burcin

Charles University, Czech Republic

One-child Families in the Context of the Two-child Family Norm

Radka Dudova1, Hana Haskova2, Kristyna Pospisilova3, Jana Klimova Chaloupkova4

1: Czech Academy od Sciences, Czech Republic; 2: Czech Academy od Sciences, Czech Republic; 3: Czech Academy od Sciences, Czech Republic; 4: Czech Academy od Sciences, Czech Republic

The Reasons of Remaining Childless in the Narratives of Women

Gražina Rapolienė, Margarita Gedvilaitė – Kordušienė

Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Lithuania

RN13_07b: Work-family balance and work-family conflicts III
Location: UP.2.219
Chair: Karin Jarnkvist, Mid Sweden University
Chair: Gert Thielemans, Universiteit Antwerpen

Motherhood and Fatherhood in the 21st Century - In Search of Orientation and a Consistent New Gender Order

Detlev Lück, Anna Dechant, Kerstin Ruckdeschel, Sabine Diabaté

Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB), Germany

Designing Individual Parental Leave for Fathers-Promoting Gender Equality

Elin Christine Kvande, Berit Brandth

Norwegian University of Science and Technolgy, Norway

Work-Family Balance Policies And Gender Role Attitudes: Evidence From European Countries

Isabella Crespi1, Sabine Israel2, Vera Lomazzi3

1: University of Macerata, Italy; 2: GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences , Cologne, Germany; 3: GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences , Cologne, Germany

RN14_07: Restructuring Labour Markets and Welfare States for Gender Equality
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Eve Ewington, Lancaster University

Hegemonic Coupling Theory: Parsing Out Gender and Labor Biases to Better Analyze Stalled Progress

Erik Lawrence Bond

Miyazaki International College, Japan

Measuring Gender Equality: Bringing Social Reproduction Back On A Par With Economic Production

Caitlin Schmid

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Women’s Progression In Medical Careers Parallel Worsening Work Conditions. A Case of Gender Paradox? Findings from Italy.

Camilla Gaiaschi

University of Milan, Italy

Becoming Men and Woman in Precarious Conditions of Young Adults in Poland

Agata Krasowska, Aleksandra Drabina-Różewicz

University of Wroclaw, Poland

RN16_07a: Mental Health and inequality
Location: UP.4.204
Chair: Luigi Gariglio, University of Turin

Men’s Experiences Of Help-Seeking For Mental Distress

Alexandra Yvonne Vickery

University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Ethnic Minorities, Mental Illness Stigma and Health Care: Stigma as Deflection

Dharmi Kapadia

The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

“Life Stories And Mental Health Of Unemployed People Over 45 Years Old. Longitudinal Study”

Júlia Herrera Belzunces

University of Barcelona, Spain

Group-Focused Enmity, Knowledge And Acquaintanceship: How Do They Influence Stigma Towards People With Schizophrenia?

Elisabeth Hackl, Robert Moosbrugger

Johannes Kepler Universität, Austria

RN16_07b: Social Inequalities
Location: UP.4.205
Chair: Piet Bracke, Ghent University

The Secret Drama at the Patient’s Bedside—Refusal of Treatment Because of the Practitioner’s Ethnic Identity

Yael Keshet1, Ariela Popper-Giveon2

1: Western Galilee College, Israel; 2: David Yellin Academic College, Jerusalem

Corruption, Population Health and Migrant-related Health Inequalities. A Multilevel Study of 35 European Countries

Katrijn Delaruelle

Ghent University, Belgium

Never and Under Cancer Screeners among Women Living in Switzerland: How are inequalities shaped over time?

Vladimir Jolidon1, Stéphane Cullati1,2, Claudine Burton-Jeangros1

1: Institute of Sociological Research, University of Geneva, Switzerland; 2: Department of General Internal Medicine, Rehabilitation and Geriatrics, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Cervical Cancer (over-)Screening In Belgium: Cross Sectional Trends In Social Inequalities

Vincent De Prez

Ghent University, Belgium

RN16_07c: Migration and Health
Location: UP.4.206
Chair: Francesca Sirna, CNRS EHESS

Patriarchal Cultural Models And Migrant Women's Sexual And Reproductive Health.

Giovanni Delli Zotti, Ornella Urpis

University of Trieste, Italy

Equality and Equity in Norway's Health Policy

Lydia Mehrara

Nord University, Norway

Multidimensional Determinants of Migrant Women Health. A case study on female Moldovans in Italy

Francesca Alice Vianello, Federica Zaccagnini

University of Padua, Italy

Patriarchal Cultural Models And Migrant Women's Sexual And Reproductive Health.

Ornella Urpis, Giovanni Delli Zotti

University of Trieste, Italy

RN17_07a: Trade Unions and Employers' Organizations
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Valeria Pulignano, KU Leuven

Employers’ Organizations And Their Policies And Discourses Since the 1970s – The Dutch Case

Saskia Boumans

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

Court Ban on Strike Action and Its Possible Consequences for Trade Unions

Katarzyna Rakowska

University of Warsaw, Poland

Firms Resistance to Unionism and its Determinants: Evidence from a Field Experiment

Patrick Nüß1,2

1: Kiel University, Germany; 2: Hans-Böckler-Foundation

Public Service trade Unions and Employment Relations in a Context of Crisis. The Case of NHS Midwifery.

Cecile Guillaume1, Gill Kirton2

1: University of Roehampton, United Kingdom; 2: Queen Mary University of London

RN17_07b: Collective Bargaining and Labour Market Regulations
Location: UP.1.219
Chair: Ylva Ulfsdotter Eriksson, University of Gothenburg

The Sectoral Variegated Impact of Internal Devaluation and the Reconfiguration of Collective Bargaining in Portugal

Paulo Marques1, Maria da Paz Campos Lima2, Ana Costa1, Nuno Teles3

1: ISCTE-IUL and DINÂMIA'CET-IUL; 2: DINÂMIA'CET-IUL; 3: Universidade Federal da Bahia

Precarious Journalists and Collective Bargaining

Jožica Čehovin Zajc

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Struggles of White-collar and Blue-collar Workers in the Electromechanical Sector: A Case Study of Collective Bargaining Process in Turkey

Basak Bozkurt Ozturk

Bahcesehir University, Turkey

Can In-work Poverty be Reduced by Investing in Occupational Welfare? Multi-level Approach on In-work Poverty in Europe

Laura Kristiina Järvi, Lauri Juhani Mäkinen

University of Turku, Finland

RN18_07: Labour and Employment in Platform Capitalism
Location: UP.4.209
Chair: Romina Surugiu, University of Bucharest

Airbnb And The Platform City: An Ambiguous Overlap Between Digital Workers And Citizens.

Lou Therese Elisabeth Brandner, Stefania Parisi

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Changing Nature of Work and Workplaces in “Digital Capitalism”: The Emergence and Growth of Coworking Spaces

Adem Yesilyurt

Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Platform Cooperativism and Social Change.

Marisol Sandoval

City, University of London, United Kingdom

Three Interpretive Lenses on the Role of Subjectivity in Platform Capitalism

Tatiana Mazali1, Emiliana Armano2, Maurizio Teli3

1: Politecnico di Torino, Italy; 2: Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy; 3: Aalborg University, Denmark

RN19_07: Architecture as/of a Profession
Location: BS.3.28
Chair: Mirko Noordegraaf, Utrecht University

Working As An Architect, Surviving Architecture: The Grand And The Mundane

Melahat Sahin-Dikmen

University of Westminster, United Kingdom

New Risks, New Distinctions. Architecture in the Age of Digitalization

Thomas Schmidt-Lux, Alina Wandelt

University of Leipzig, Germany

The Knowledge Practices Of Mid-Career Architects: Building A Career And Responding To The Internationalisation Of Professional Activities

Venetsiya Dimitrova

HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany

RN20_07: Situatedness and Data Collection III: Comparing and Extending (Ethnographic) Cases
Location: UP.3.209
Chair: Christoph Maeder, University of Teacher Education Zürich

Pushing the boundaries of Ethnography: doing Comparative, Collaborative and Continuing Ethnography

Gerben Moerman, Christian Bröer, Gerlieke Veltkamp, Archana Ramanujam, Carolien Bouw, Loes Verplanke

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

Distinguishing the Typical From the Idiosyncratic. On the Adequacy of Using Ethnographic Case Studies as Pars Pro Toto Representations of Society.

Niklaus Reichle

University of St.Gallen, Institut of Sociology, Switzerland

Qualities of Practising Cross-Jurisdictional Comparison

Inge Kryger Pedersen

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Elephant In The Room: Reflections On ‘Comparison’ From An International Study Of Childhood Publics

Christos Varvantakis, Melissa Nolas, Vinnarasan Aruldoss

Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom

RN22_07: Risk, Uncertainty and Inequality
Location: UP.3.212
Chair: Jeremy Dixon, University of Bath

Risk Concepts and Inequalities: From Risk Class to Dangerous Class?

Maria Grazia Galantino

Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

„It Was a Struggle, And I Didn’t Even Know To What End.“ Uncertainty In The Conduct Of Life Of Young Middle-class Members In Germany

Stefan Holubek

University of Bremen, Germany

Investigating Precariat: Labour Market Uncertainty and Class Based Voting

Paula Ivanková

Comenius University in Bratislava/Institute for Sociology of SAS, Slovak Republic

Managing Precarity And Mastering Contingency In Academic Careers

Maria Keil

TU Darmstadt, Germany

RN23_07: Interrogating monogamy
Location: BS.3.24
Chair: Ana-Cristina Santos, Centre for Social Studies - UC

Bisexual Feminism, Anti-Monogamy and the Politics of Erotic Autonomy

Christian Klesse

Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Compulsary Monogamy in the Law and in the Courthouse

Leehee Rothschild

Manchester Metropolitan University, Israel

Many Loves, New Challenges? Exploring Affective Consensual Non-Monogamies in Italy.

Nicole Braida1,2

1: Università degli studi di Torino, Italy; 2: Università degli studi di Milano, Italy

Alternative Family Life in Canada: Case Studies of Five Polyamorous Families

Charity Smith

Alice Salomon Hochschule, Berlin Germany

RN24_07: Energy, climate change & sustainability
Location: UP.3.213
Chair: Bernhard Wieser, TU Graz

Towards a Smart Grid for All? Processes of Social Exclusion in the Transformation of Electricity Grids

Ekaterina Tarasova1, Anna Wallsten2, Harald Rohracher1

1: Linköping University, Sweden; 2: The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI)

Seeing is Believing: Citizen’s Engagement with the Science of Climate Change

Ana Delicado1, Giuseppe Pellegrini2, Roberto Falanga1, Jussara Rowland1

1: Instituto de Ciências Sociais ULisboa, Portugal; 2: Observa

Exnovation, Innovation, and Surprises in the German Energy Transition: What role for Real-world Experiments?

Martin David1, Matthias Gross1,2

1: Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Leipzig, Germany; 2: University of Jena, Germany

Climate Change and Cosmovisions in Environmental Assesment Processes in Chile and South America

Cristian Parker

Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile

RN25_07: Theory of contentious politics
Location: GM.330
Chair: Katerina Vrablikova, University of Bath

Rethinking Demobilisation: Concepts, causal logic, and the case of Russia's For Fair Elections movement

Michael C Zeller

Central European University, Hungary

The Catalan Revolt and the Populist Moment: Exploring the Convergence

David Murillo

Ramon Llull University, Spain

Postindustrial Revolution: Yellow Vests as "the People" and the Transformation of European Democracies

Michalis Lianos

University of Rouen, France

The Political Economy of Revolution: Karl Polanyi in Tahrir Square

Hany Khaled Zayed

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States of America

RN26_07: Attitudes to and perceptions of welfare
Location: GM.307
Chair: Felix Wilke, German Statutory Pension

Does Support for Redistribution Vary Over the Life-Cycle? A Pseudo-Pannel Approach

Amilcar Moreira1, Mikkel Barslund2, Luis Manso1

1: Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal; 2: Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium

Welfare as a Right, Gift, or Transaction

Melissa Sebrechts, Thomas Kampen

University of Humanistic Studies, Netherlands, The

A Neoliberal Framework For The Italian Welfare Changes

Cecilia Ficcadenti

University of Rome - Sapienza, Italy

The Sectoral Boundaries and Power in the Governance of Welfare – A Sociological Analysis of the State Funding to the Third Sector Organizations in Finland

Veera Emilia Kankainen

University of Helsinki, Finland

RN27_07: Educational Policies in Southern Europe
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Manuel Fernández-Esquinas, CSIC - Institute for Advanced Social Studies
Chair: Ana Romão, Military Academy

Neoliberal Policies and Education Models in Europe: Possibilities, Boundaries and Barriers of the “Competence Society”

Elena Gremigni

University of Pisa, Italy

Management Of HEIs: A Holistic Approach In The Context Of Greece

Sofia Mastrokoukou1, Irene Fafaliou2

1: University of Milano Bicocca, Italy; 2: University of Piraeus

Drama and Theatre in Education: Theoretical Considerations and Policies in Southern European countries Countries

Eleni Nina Pazarzi1, Iliana Pazarzi2

1: University ofPiraeus Greece; 2: OkypousTheater Company

Mapping the Institutional Quality of Innovation Systems: A methodological outline and its implications for southern European countries

Paula Espinosa Soriano

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), Spain

RN29_07: Religion,Secularity and Global Modernity
Location: GM.325
Chair: Hubert Knoblauch, TU Berlin

A Nietzsche-Inspired Historical-Genealogical Approach? The Contemporary Relevance of Weber's Mode of Questioning for Social Theory

Cesare Silla

University of Urbin, Italy

Islam, Christianity and the Development of Machine Capitalism: The Weber Hypothesis Revisited

Mark Gould

Haverford College, United States of America

The Secularisation Debate(s) Revisited

Daniel Chernilo

University Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile

Politics of Being-With in the Global Modernity

Gallina Tasheva

University of Muenster, Germany

RN30_07a: Gender and digital space
Location: GM.302
Chair: Julia Zimmermann, Deutsches Jugendinstitut/ German Youth Institute

Young Online Heroes? Differences Between Girls’ And Boys’ Bystander Strategies In Dealing With Observed Digital Violence

Ulrike Zartler, Christiane Atzmüller

University of Vienna, Austria

“Your Mother Has Been on the Street for Too Long… That's Why You Were Born”: Gender Stereotypes and Gendered Slurs in Cyberbullying Role Playing

Cristina Calvi, Enrico Maria Piras, Ludovica Rubini

Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy

Umwelt: Exploring and Experiencing Trans Kids' Lives via Video Gaming

Jennifer A Marchbank, Ann Travers, Nadine Boulay, Sharalyn Jordan

Simon Fraser University, Canada

Partnerlessness And Anti-Liberal Ideology In The Online Discourse Of Marginalized Male Youth

Artti Ilari Kellokumpu

University of Helsinki, Finland

RN30_07b: Future aspirations
Location: GM.303
Chair: Valentina Cuzzocrea, University of Cagliari

The Art of Getting By. A comparative ethnography of young people future orientations in Italy

Lorenzo Domaneschi

University of Milan, Italy

Young Women’s Thoughts about the Future: Comparing across Cohorts and Historical Periods

Ann Nilsen

University of Bergen, Norway

Aspirations and Boundaries in the Transition to Higher Education: Self-selection and Self-exclusion in Youth

Carlos Palma Amestoy

University of Bristol, United Kingdom

“Worthwhile” Futures

Angus McVittie

Newcastle University, United Kingdom

RN31_07: Anti-Muslim Resentment and Racism
Location: UP.4.213
Chair: Heiko Beyer, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Attitudes and Prejudice towards Islam and Muslims among Croatian Students

Luka Jurković, Ksenija Klasnić, Davorka Matić

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia

‘When People Complain of the Darkness, We Should Light a Candle’: Muslims, Racism and Everyday Life

Joanne Britton

Sheffield University, United Kingdom

Anti-Muslim Racism And 'Intersectional Stereotyping' In Germany's Contemporary Media Discourse On Migration

Iris Wigger

Loughborough University, United Kingdom

The Link between Anti-Muslim Sentiment and Racism

Christopher Bratt

University of Kent, United Kingdom

RN32_07a: Examining Populism (I)
Location: GM.338
Chair: Carlo Ruzza, University of Trento

The Populist Radical Right in Europe: A "Populist Post-Fascism"?

Dietmar Loch

Université de Lille, France

Mapping Varieties of Populism in the United States and Europe

Kristinn Mar (Arsaelsson), Peter Ramand

University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States of America

The Impact Of Populist Attitudes On Electoral Behaviour. The Case Of The Czech Republic and Germany

Tomáš Dvořák

Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Islamic Populism and Popular Attitudes toward Syrian Asylum Seekers in Turkey

Kerem Morgul1, Osman Savaskan2

1: University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States of America; 2: Marmara University, Turkey

RN32_07b: Discursive Articulations of the Social
Location: GM.339
Chair: Ov Cristian Norocel, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Mediated Misogyny: the communicative politics of #BoycottGillette

Edward James Pertwee

London School of Economics, United Kingdom

Communicating Mobilisation and Resistance: The Rhetorical Dimension of Radical Movements and Protest across Periods of 'Newness'

Giorgos Charalambous

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Anti-Muslim Racism In Israeli And German Public Discourses: Manifestations On Local, National And International Levels.

Anja Schmidt-Kleinert

Philipps-University Marburg, Germany

The Social Renegotiation of German Conceptions of Asylum and Human Rights in Response to the “Migrant Crises” of 1992/3 and 2015/6

Julius Maximilian Rogenhofer

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

RN33_07a: Gender Equality, Work and Families
Location: BS.3.14
Chair: Lena Margareta Näre, University of Helsinki

Between Opportunities And Inequalities : A Qualitative Study Of The Lived Experiences Of Extra-European "Dependent" Women With Study Projects In The Belgian Context

Sarah Smit1,2

1: Université Catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain); 2: Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique (F.R.S.-FNRS)

Gender Equality Perceptions of the Turkish Second Generation in Six European Countries

Willem George Groenewold, Helga de Valk

Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), Netherlands,The

Mapping Attitudes Towards Gender Equality in Denmark, Sweden and Norway

Ditte Shamshiri-Petersen

Aalborg University, Denmark

Work and Family Reconciliation in Turkey: Women as a Vulnerable Group

Simla Serim

Bogazici University, Social Policy Forum, Turkey

RN33_07b: Anti-Gender Strategies and Right-Wing Populism
Location: BS.3.15
Chair: Lise Widding Isaksen, University of Bergen, Norway

Emancipation of Far-Right Women

Aleksandra Sygnowska

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Gender Equality as the New Scapegoat for Political Parties and Conservative Movements in search of a new Political Consensus - A Romanian Case Study

Oana Băluță

University of Bucharest, Romania

Retraditionalization And Militarization Of Masculinity As Practices Of Reproducing Hegemonic Masculinity: The Experience Of Polish Migrants In The Polish Catholic Mission In England

Katarzyna Leszczyńska

AGH University Science and Technology, Poland

Sex and Gender Equality in the Europe of Anti-Gender Movements: What Challenges for Feminism?

Mar Venegas1, Alícia Villar2

1: University of Granada, Spain; 2: University of Valencia, Spain

RN34_07: Managing religious rights in multicultural societies II
Location: BS.4.05A
Chair: Sinisa Zrinscak, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law

Identity Constructions and Religious Boundary Making among Muslim, Christian and Non-believing Urban Youngsters in Belgium

Ariadne Driezen

University of Antwerp, Belgium

Religious and social capitals as tools for developing an European Islam. New challenges for Muslim Second Generations in Southern European countries

Roberta Ricucci

University of Turin, Italy

The Influence Of The Denominational Background On the Intentions Of Those Involved in Higher Education And International Mobility In Hungary And Transylvania (Romania).

Márton Tamás Csanády

Károli Gáspár University, Hungary

Does Being Russian Means Being Orthodox?: Representations Of The State Identity Discourse In The Russian Orthodox Believer’s Narratives About Their Religiosity

Galina Novikova

International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC), University of Giessen, Germany

RN35_07a: Re-thinking Migration: Conceptual Challenges and Innovative Perspectives II
Location: BS.G.26
Chair: Sören Carlson, Europa-Universität Flensburg

Senses of Time and Processes of Citizenisation in Institutional Encounters Between Social Service Workers and Migrant Service-Users in the Immigrant Services of Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Hanna Kara

University of Helsinki, Finland

Xenophobia as a Social Order Catch-22

Ana Maria Lopez-Narbona1, Christian Davenport2

1: University of Malaga, Spain; 2: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, US

How border deaths challenge belonging: A case study from Southern Italy

Daniela Stauffacher1,2

1: University of Zurich Switzerland; 2: EHESS, Paris

RN35_07b: Intersectional Migration Orders
Location: BS.G.27
Chair: Dilek Cindoglu, Hbku

Doing Equality and Migration in Finnish Parliament Plenary Sessions, 2008-2016

Rusten Menard

University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

‘Losers of neoliberalism’: Everyday racism against Syrian refugees in Turkey

Dogus Simsek

Koc University, Turkey

Masculinity on a spectrum: The Meaning Of Success And International Migration Among Punjabi Sikh Men

Diditi Mitra

Brookdale Community College, United States of America

“Commodity-Refugees” of the Global Age: A Comparative Analysis of Iranian and Afghan Refugees in Turkey

Hakan Topates, Aslican Kalfa-Topates

Pamukkale University-Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Turkey

RN35_07c: Migration and the Labour Market
Location: BS.G.33
Chair: Gordana Dragomir Vuksanovic, Novi Sad Business School

Transient Wishes: Labour Market Aspirations of Highly Educated Refugees in Malmö and Munich

Katarina Mozetič

University of Oslo, Norway

Migration Trajectories, Social Networks and Employment Rates

Michael Eve

University of Eastern Piedmont, Italy

Identity, Belonging and Economic Outcomes in England and Wales

Ivelina Hristova

London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom

Female Agency in Semi-Legality – Life Strategies of Serbian Women in France and Germany

Dunja Poleti Cosic

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia

RN36_07: (Dis)Trust and cultural and political changes
Location: GM.304
Chair: Zenonas Norkus, Vilnius University, Faculty of Philosophy

The Drop in the Level of Trust in Society: the Trend of Globalization or Increased Cultural Degradation?

Natalia Orekhovskaya

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation

You Can’t Be Too Careful - The Origins of Generalized (Dis)trust in Slovakia

Marianna Mrva

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic

Willingness To Pay For Superpower

Vladimir V. Karacharovskiy

National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation

Civic, Artistic, Activist, Militant and Military Reactions to Neo-liberal Transformations

Raphaela von Weichs, Monika Salzbrunn, Federica Moretti

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

RN37_07a: (Un)making urban development
Location: BS.3.19
Chair: Joao Carlos Martins, University of Lisbon

Development Plans In French Rural Municipalities: Social Interactions Between Private Developers And Planning Authorities

Camille Le Bivic1, Romain Melot2, Laurent Devisme3

1: AgroParisTech, INRA-SADAPT, France; 2: INRA-SADAPT, France; 3: ENSAN, AAU-CRENAU, France

The Social Side of Anti-Sprawl Strategies: a Comparative Analysis of Minneapolis, Denver, and Portland

Gabriele Manella, Tommaso Rimondi

Università di Bologna - Alma Mater Studiorum, Italy

From Social Services to Urban Planning: Accessibility for People with Disabilities – The Case of Municipal Professionalization

Mariela Yabo

Ben-Gurion University, Israel

Planning For Sustainable Cities By Crossing Boundaries – Exploring How Conflicts Of Interest Are Managed By Integrating Different Types Of Knowledge In Urban Planning.

Hannah Saldert

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

RN37_07b: Inequalities in urban space
Location: BS.3.20

Social Status, Social Structure and Space - Social Inequality in Germany and its Consequences for the People

Jan Goebel1, Joerg Dittmann2

1: DIW Berlin Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP); 2: University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

The Effect of Urban Transformation on Senior Citizens’ Social and Economic Capital: The Case of Istanbul

Zuhal Güler1, Betül Duman2, Mustafa Otrar3, Murat Şentürk4

1: Abant İzzet Baysal University, Turkey; 2: Yıldız Teknik University, Turkey; 3: Ministry of National Education; 4: Istanbul University

All City and no Play: Tackling Urban Inequality Through the Study of Child (Un)Friendly Public Spaces

Lígia Ferro1, Inês Barbosa1, João Teixeira Lopes1, Eunice Castro Seixas2

1: University of Porto / Institute of Sociology, FLUP, Portugal; 2: University of Lisbon, SOCIUS/CSG, ISEG

The Right to the City: Mass Tourism and the challenges for Public Spaces

Alexander Araya Lopez

Ca' Foscari, University of Venice, Italy

RS02_07: Motherhood and narratives
Location: UP.4.210
Chair: Chaime Marcuello-Servos, UNIVERSIDAD DE ZARAGOZA

“Mother Nature” and the Nature of Motherhood. Sociological Analysis of Two Contemporary Narratives

Antonio Camorrino

University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Feminism and the Contradictions of Motherhood

Consuelo Corradi

Lumsa University, Italy

Surrogacy debate in Malta

Marceline Naudi, Gisella Orsini

University of Malta, Malta

Surrogate motherhood in Mexico

Daniela Cerva, Manuela Pizaña

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos, MEXICO, Mexico

RS03_07: Maritime Economy
Location: UP.3.214
Chair: Frank Sowa, Nuremberg Tech Georg Simon Ohm

Barriers of Growth – Experts’ Views on the Stagnating Aquaculture Sector in Germany

Tobias Lasner, Antje Gimpel

Thünen-Institute, Germany

The Ups and Downs of the Szczecin Shipyard in the 21st century – the Memories of its Former Workers

Agnieszka Kolodziej-Durnas

University of Szczecin, Poland

Companies Of The Maritime Economy. Insights On Corporate Visions And Strategies Towards Sustainability

Ulrike Kronfeld-Goharani

Kiel University, Germany

Rights Based Management and the Perception of the Stakeholders on the "Limits to Privatization"

Manuel Pacheco Coelho1, Luis Cá2

1: SOCIUS; ISEG/University of Lisbon, Portugal; 2: ISEG/University of Lisbon, Portugal

RS04_07: Men and Masculinities in a Changing Europe III: Constructing masculinities today
Location: BS.3.27
Chair: Katarzyna Wojnicka, University of Gothenburg
Chair: Katarzyna Suwada, Nicolaus Copernicus University

Considering the Parameters of Transnational Bachelorhood

Ulf Mellström1, Erik Andreas Henriksson1, Andrea Priori2

1: Karlstad University, Sweden; 2: Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany

'Performing Masculinity in the context of the ‘Refugee Crisis': African Men negotiating Gender Relations in Sicily'

Marco Palillo

London School of Economics, United Kingdom

Gender Differences: from `Old Boys´ to new boys in Germany

Götz Lechner

Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories, Germany

RS05_07: Multi-local family life: Work-family balance and attachment to place(s)
Location: GM.331
Chair: Cédric J. Duchêne-Lacroix, University of Basel
Chair: Majella Kilkey, Univ of Sheffield

Childcare Arrangements in Context of Transnational Families

Lenka Formankova

Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Place Attachment And Employers Ties Of Multi-local Knowledge Workers – The Case Of Stuttgart, Germany

Lisa Stadtler

ILS - Research Institute for Regional and Urban development, Germany

Economic Migration - Divides or Connects Families?

Markéta Švarcová, Romana Marková Volejníčková

Institut of Sociology of Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic

RS10_07: Negotiating Futures
Location: UP.2.217
Chair: Daniel Welch, University of Manchester

Futures Guidance - Agency for Making Futures

Leena Jokinen, Matti Minkkinen

University of Turku, Finland

Negotiating the Future of Security: The Berlin Future Security Lab (FSL)

Lars Gerhold, Roman Peperhove, Hagen Tischer, Helga Jäckel

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Exploring the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in a Changing Society: A Method for Rich Scenario Narratives and Participatory Critical Analysis.

Claire Hoolohan, Alice Larkin, Carly McLachlan

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Reserach, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Activating Imaginaries of the Future in Local Development Processes in European Rural Regions.

Sune Stoustrup

Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space, Germany

RS11_07: Young workers under precarious conditions
Location: UP.4.212
Chair: Annalisa Murgia, University of Milan
Chair: Renato Miguel Carmo, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)

Portraits of Young Workers: for a Sociological Understanding of Precariousness

Renato Miguel Carmo1, Ana Rita Matias2

1: Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Portugal; 2: Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade Lisboa, Portugal

Trapped in Precariousness? State Dependence of Employment Precariousness among Young People in Germany

Kerstin Jahn

Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Germany

Living with Precarity in Germany and Poland. Comparing the experiences of Young Workers

Vera Trappmann1, Adam Mrozowicki2

1: Leeds University Business School, United Kingdom; 2: University of Wrocław

Being Artist in Milan: Young Women Between Entrepreneurship and Precariousness

Emanuela Naclerio

University of Milan, Italy, University of Turin, Italy

RS12_07: Beyond the Social: Life, Spirituality and Individuality
Location: GM.326
Chair: Pedro Jorge Caetano, New Lisbon University

Religious Identity and the Law of the Individual: The Search for the Authentic Self

Thomas Sealy

University of Bristol, United Kingdom

From Modernity To The Postsecular: Georg Simmel On Religion and Spirituality

Michal Warchala

Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland

Life-Capital after Simmel and Freud

Barbara Anna Markowska

Collegium Civitas, Poland

RS14_07: Sociology of Sociological Knowledge
Location: BS.3.25
Chair: René Tuma, TU Berlin

‘Just Enough Research’: User Research as the Adaptation and Production of Social Knowledge

Seweryn Rudnicki

AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

On The Boundaries Of "Sociological Methods"

Lisa Kressin

University of Lucerne, Switzerland

The Academic and Political Institutionalization of Sociology in the German Democratic Republic

Barbara Grüning

Milan Bicocca, Italy

RS15_07: Democratic Deficit and the Rule of Law
Location: UP.2.220
Chair: Malgorzata Fuszara, University of Warsaw
Chair: Grazyna Skapska, Jagiellonian University

Neither "Rule of Law" nor "Civil and Social State"? A modern legal challenge in Europe.

Georgios Karalis

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

European Integration and Legislative Approximation: The Case of Ukraine

Lesia Shevchenko1, Olha Zelinska2

1: Open Society Foundation, NGO, Ukraine; 2: Graduate School for Social Research, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Rule of Law in Poland. The Difficult Process of Societal Maturation

Grazyna Skapska

Jagiellonian University, Poland

Democratic Deficit in the Post-Communist Rule of Law

Jacek Maria Kurczewski

University of Warsaw, Poland

RN01_08: Health in Old Age
Location: UP.3.204
Chair: Jenni Spännäri, University of Helsinki

Grey Divorce and Health of Older Adults in Europe

Martina Štípková

University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic

Overcoming Vulnerability and Achieving Wellbeing among Older Migrants and Natives in Switzerland

Oana Ciobanu, Marie Baeriswyl

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Health and Social Needs of Polish Women in the Subsequent Phases of Aging

Zofia Antonina Slonska

Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Institute of Cardiology, Poland

Long Term Consequences Of Accommodation Histories On Later Life Health Within Different European Contexts

Christian Deindl, Morten Wahrendorf

Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf, Germany

RN02_08: Boundaries for Artists and Audiences
Location: GM.306
Chair: Graciela Trajtenberg, The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yafo

Theater 21 And Inclusive Art Center: Downtown – “Placeless Spaces” in Warsaw

Bogna Kietlińska

University of Warsaw, Poland

Who (What) Is An Artist? Israeli Visual Artists' Status

Graciela Trajtenberg

The Academic College of Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

“If You Show an Italian film, Serve Italian Wine”: (Re)constructing Authenticity Through Film-going Experience

Jan Hanzlik

Charles University, University of Economics in Prague

Art Intelligentsia: On Acting and Power in a Contemporary Western Theatre

Tova Gamliel

Bar Ilan University, Israel

RN03_08: Biography and Identities
Location: GM.328
Chair: Lyudmila Nurse, University of Oxford

"I Get Along Better with Whites than with Blacks." Discursive Imprisonment and Ways out for Third Generation of „Others“ in European Space. Czech-Slovak Roma Mothers Narrating their Way to Upbring the Early School Children

Katerina Sidiropulu Janku, Jana Obrovska

Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Boundaries Un/Making By Young Refugees In Urban Spaces

Abdul Rauf

Bielefeld University, Germany

To Become or Not to Become a Parent? How Childless/Childfree Men Experience Their Life Trajectories

Hana Maříková

Institute of Sociology, Czech Republic

The Racialised - not being Polish, not being White, not being European

Bolaji Balogun

University of Leeds, United Kingdom

RN04_08: Boundaries and Generationing
Location: GM.327
Chair: Randi Dyblie Nilsen, NTNU
Time allocation: 15' presentation directly followed by 5' consecutive discussion on the paper presented, and at the end of the session 10' general discussion of all papers presented in the session.

No Diapers, Not a Baby Anymore! Constructing “Babyhood” as an Age Boundary while Toilet Training

Victoria Chantseva

University Paris 13, France

Symbolic Boundaries Of Time: Exploring The Production Of Temporal Socialisation

Stine Karen Nissen

Aarhus University, Denmark

Childhood in Germany – The View of Refugee Children

Alexandra König, Jessica Schwittek

University Duisburg-Essen, Germany

RN05_08: Special session: Advancing Practice Theoretical Applications in the Sociology of Consumption?: Debating Childhood and Markets: Infants, Parents and the Business of Child Caring
Location: BS.G.34
Chair: Monica Truninger, University of Lisbon
Book presentation (Lydia Martens) and discussion.
RN06_08: Capitalist Crises, Elites, Experts and the Role of the State
Location: GM.332
Chair: Bernd Bonfert, Roskilde University
Chair: Laura Shanti Basu, Utrecht University

On The Political Value Of The Concept Of Elites Under Capitalism

Marie Kathryn Moran

Equality Studies, UCD, Ireland

Configuring Contemporary Neoliberalism in Unusual Ways: A Comparative Study of the New Business Elite in India and Turkey

Esra Elif Nartok

The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

The Disciplinary Ways of BEPS-Related Technical Assistance: a Critical Analysis of the Integration of Developing Countries in the BEPS Inclusive Framework.

Cassandra Vet

University of Antwerp, Belgium

RN07_08: Sociology of Culture: Theory
Location: GM.335
Chair: Anna-Mari Almila, University of the Arts London

Against Culture: Sharing, Sameness And Belonging

Joost Van Loon

Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany

Beyond Diversity: A Critical View from and on the Sociology of Culture

Lisa Gaupp

Leuphana University of Lueneburg, Germany

Theorising Aesthetic Value Judgements: In the Moment and Over Time

Simon Stewart

University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Affect-Mood-Meaning: Theoretical Reflections on the Constitution and Analysis of Culture in the 21st Century

Andreas Schellewald

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

RN08_08: Disaster Management Policy
Location: UP.4.214
Chair: Antti Edward Silvast, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Tourism and Disaster – Effects and Causes of the “Himalayan Tsunami”

Daniel F. Lorenz, Cordula Dittmer

Disaster Research Unit (DRU), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Legionella, vulnerabilities and mistrust - a Portuguese case

João Guerra

University of Lisbon, Portugal

Inter-organizational Institutional Learning of Public Authorities and Security Organizations on the Example of the „Refugee Crisis“

Patricia M. Schütte1, Jana-Andrea Frommer2, Malte Schönefeld1, Andreas Werner2, Frank Fiedrich1, Gustav Zoller2

1: University of Wuppertal, Germany; 2: German Police University, Germany

The Organizational Conflicts Impacting the Emergency Medical Services in Mass Gatherings: A Case Study of the Hajj.

Abdulhadi A. AL Ruwaithi

University of Delaware, United States of America

RN09_08: Theoretical Perspectives in Economic Sociology II
Location: BS.3.16
Chair: Andra Maurer, University

"Versuchsstation des Weltuntergangs": Viennese Origins of the Debate on Capitalist Decline in Schumpeter, Polanyi and Hayek

Alexander Ebner

Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Markets, Liquid Modernity, and the Crisis of Moral Embeddeness

Filippo Reale

Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany

What is Value in the Higher Education Industry: Commodification, Assetization and Enclosing Universities’ Future

Janja Komljenovic

Lancaster University, United Kingdom

Pricing Activities: Bridgeing the Performativity - Coordination Divide in Economic Sociology

Jonas Bååth

Linnaeus University, Sweden

RN10_08: Perceptions and beliefs of the future
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Antigoni Alba Papakonstantinou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Young People And Visions Of The Future: The Role Of Cultural Capital

Ciro Cangiano, Rosalba Sarnataro

University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Educational Strategies Among Danish Disadvantaged Youth – Cautious or Carefree?

Louise Høyer Bom, Jens-Peter Thomsen

VIVE - The Danish Center for Social Science Research, Denmark

RN11_08: Emotions in National and European Politics
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Christian von Scheve, Freie Universität Berlin

The Contrasting Emotional Bases Of Political Populism: Comparing Brazil’s 2013 Protests And The United Kingdom’s 2016 Brexit Vote

Gavin Brent Sullivan

Coventry University, United Kingdom

How to Research Polish Contexts and Effects of Group Ressentiment?

Piotr Werynski

Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Managing Feelings Within European Institutions? The Case Of Emotion Work In European Union Politics

Rosa Sanchez Salgado, Alice Vogel

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

RN12_08: Environmental Justice
Location: BS.G.36
Chair: Luísa Schmidt, University of Lisbon

Enacting Hope: Transition Narratives in the Climate Justice Movement.

Ewoud Vandepitte

Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium

Energy Transition, Climate Change and the Portuguese Public: Insights from an Energy Justice Lens

Ana Horta, Luísa Schmidt, João Carlos Sousa

University of Lisbon, Portugal

Nature’s Neoliberalisation and Accumulation by Dispossession in Karaburun Peninsula, Turkey

Yağmur Özcan Cive, Adile Arslan Avar

Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey

RN13_08: Family planning and fertility II
Location: UP.1.219
Chair: Anna-Maija Castrén, University of Eastern Finland
Chair: Detlev Lück, Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB)

Family Planning and Unplanned Postponement of Childbearing

Anna Stastna, Jitka Slabá, Jiřina Kocourková

Charles University, Czech Republic

Becoming a Mother in Adolescence: The Role of Social Inequality, Sexuality Education and Men

Vaida Tretjakova, Lina Šumskaitė, Rūta Ubarevičienė, Gintarė Pociūtė-Sereikienė

Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Lithuania

Defying the Norm of Ideal Parenthood – Single Mothers by Choice

Eija Mirjami Sevón

University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Prenatal Feminization Of Parenthood: An (Online-)Ethnography Of German Birth-Preparation Classes And Pregnancy Forums

Nicole Zillien1, Marion Müller2, Julia Gerstewitz1

1: University of Giessen, Germany; 2: University of Tübingen, Germany

RN14_08: Policy Practices
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Ana Maria Lopez-Narbona, University of Malaga

Gender Aspects of Welfare Receipt in Germany: Determinants, Exit Routes and Recidivism

Torsten Lietzmann, Katrin Hohmeyer

Institute for Employment Research, Germany

Explaining Policy Preferences: Women And Coalitions In The Labour Market

Lorenzo Cattani

University of Bologna, Italy

Single Parent Mothers - Abandoned And Controlled; A Comparative Intersectional Study Of The Impact of State Welfare and Employment Policies In The UK And Sweden.

Susan Eileen Cohen1, Tove Samzelius2

1: University of Bristol, United Kingdom; 2: Malmö University

Women In Science. Research Collaboration In Italian Academia From A Gender Perspective.

Elisa Bellotti1, Dominika Czerniawska-Szejda1, Luigi Guadalupi2

1: University of Manchester; 2: IRAT CNR

RN15_08: Local Experiences of Globalization
Location: BS.4.04A
Chair: Marco Caselli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

The Educative Relation In Globalization. French Teachers Abroad And Educators In France.

Sylvain Beck

GEMASS (CNRS/Sorbonne, Paris), IRTS Normandie

The Global Hair Trade and the Production and Circulation of Femininities

Riitta Högbacka

University of Helsinki, Finland

Explaining The Backlash

Menno Hurenkamp, Iris Middendorp

University of Humanistic Studies, Netherlands, The

From A Liquid Modernity To A Solid Community Work

Giuseppina Rossi

University of Milano Bicocca, Italy

RN16_08: Mental Health: Discourses on depressions and other forms of suffering
Location: UP.2.220
Chair: Bruce Macfarlane Cohen, University of Auckland

Help Seeking in Mental Distress: the Role of Institutional and Sociocultural Contexts in Spain

Sigita Doblytė

University of Oviedo, Spain

Determinants of Social Distance towards Schizophrenia, Depression, and Alcoholism

Robert Moosbrugger, Elisabeth Hackl

Johannes Kepler University, Austria

Networks of Depression – a Biographical Narrative Interview Analysis

Domonkos Sik

University Eötvös Loránd, Hungary

RN17_08: Development of the Sociology of Work in Europe
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Valeria Pulignano, KU Leuven
Book presentation: Meet the authors

Development of the Sociology of Work in Europe: theories, methods, politics.

Robert Stewart

Grenoble Ecole de Management, United Kingdom

Labour Sociology in Italy: Resisting Erosion Through Transformation and Dynamism

Valeria Pulignano

KU Leuven, Belgium

Swedish Sciology of Work

Bengt Furåker

Dept. of Sociology and Work Science,University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Toward a Sociology of Work in the UK

Carol Stephenson

Northumbria University, United Kingdom

RN18_08: Neoliberalism and the Political Economy of Culture Today
Location: UP.4.209
Chair: Marisol Sandoval, City, University of London

Chicago Boys 2.0: The Expansion of Universities as New Imperialism in Higher Education

Thomas Allmer

University of Stirling, United Kingdom

Risk Factors in Google’s SEC 10-K Filings: Financialisation, Markets and Public Interest

Paško Bilić1, Toni Prug2

1: Institute for Development and International Relations, Croatia; 2: Independent researcher

Challenging the Primacy of 'the Digital' and Examining the Role of 'the Neoliberal' in the Practice and Study of Journalism Today

Isabel Awad

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, The

Freelance Work in Media Industries: A Comparative Analysis of the UK and Turkey

Ezgi Kaya Hayatsever

Ankara University, Turkey

RN19_08: Clinic in Change
Location: BS.3.28
Chair: Teresa Carvalho, University of Aveiro

Prudential Professionalism and Social Innovations: Shifting Relationships

Florent Champy

National Centre for Scientific Research, France

Professionalism as Social Closure or Self-Techniques: the Sociological Implication of CanMEDS in medical education

Po-Fang Tsai

Graduate Institute of Humanities in Medicine, TMU, Taiwan

Barriers To Clinical Academic Careers For Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals In The UK

Diane Trusson1, Emma Rowley1, Louise Bramley2

1: University of Nottingham, United Kingdom; 2: Nottingham University Hospitals, United Kingdom

RN20_08: Collaborative Data Collection/Future of Qualitative Research
Location: UP.3.209
Chair: Gerben Moerman, University of Amsterdam
Chair: Florian Elliker, University of St.Gallen

Collaborative Online Interpretation

Isabel Steinhardt

University of Kassel, Germany

Supporting Data Collection Techniques in Qualitative Longitudinal Research

Paula Pustulka, Marta Buler

SWPS University, Poland

RN21_08: The Emergence of new data sources - Critical reflection
Location: GM.326
Chair: Jochen Mayerl, Chemnitz University of Technology

Assessing Wearable Sensor Data For Small Group Research. A Benchmarking And Validation Study.

Jörg Müller1, Julio Meneses1, Anne Laure Humbert2, Elisabeth Anna Guenther3

1: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain; 2: Oxford Brookes, UK; 3: Universität Klagenfurt, Austria

The Applicability of Big Data for Studying Human Socio-Spatial Interactions and Integration: A Systematic Literature Review

Kerli Müürisepp, Olle Järv

University of Helsinki, Finland

RN22_08: Risk Governance and Emergency Preparedness
Location: UP.3.212
Chair: Aiste Balzekiene, Kaunas university of technology

Simulations and All-Hazard Preparedness Against the Threat of Global Pandemics

Elisa Pieri

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Turning a Blind Eye to Risk and Resilience: Images of Crisis, Transformation and Emergency Preparedness

Fabienne Seifert, Marén Schorch

University of Siegen, Germany

The Critical Potential Of Ignorance: (Re)Writing Expertise Reports On The Brétigny Derailment (France)

Florent Castagnino

Telecom ParisTech, France

Governing (through) Anticipation, Vigilance, Affect

Mikael Linnell

Mid Sweden University, Sweden

RN23_08: Relationship practices and the everyday
Location: BS.3.24
Chair: Christian Klesse, Manchester Metropolitan University

Researching LGBTQ Parenthood: Conceptual and Methodological Tensions

Jacqui Gabb1, Katherine Allen2

1: The Open University, United Kingdom; 2: Virginia Tech, USA

Heteronormativity and Openness about Same-Sex Coupledom

Dora Jandric

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

LGBTIQ break-ups in Finland

Annukka Lahti1, Marjo Kolehmainen2

1: University of Jyväskylä, Finland; 2: University of Tampere, Finland

Paradoxical Family Practices: LGBTQ+ Youth, Mental Health and Wellbeing

Elizabeth McDermott1, Jacqui Gabb2, Rachael Eastham3, Ali Hanbury4

1: Lancaster University, United Kingdom; 2: Open University; 3: Lancaster University; 4: The Proud Trust

RN24_08: Health, bio-medicine & social context
Location: UP.3.213
Chair: Aaro Tupasela, University of Helsinki

“The Window of Opportunity is Closing” - Chronic Urgency in the Promotion of Biomedicine

Heta Tarkkala, Karoliina Snell

University of Helsinki, Finland

The Perfectibility of the Self: on the Promises of Digital Health Technologies

Bernhard Wieser

TU Graz, Austria

The Impact Of Implantable Smart Heart Devices On The Daily Life Of Their Carriers: Regaining A Sense Of Control Through The Formation Of A Technoscientific Illness Identity

Jetske Charlotte Erisman, Kevin De Sabbata

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

Towards a Sociology of Transfusion: European Politics of Blood Beyond Procurement

Nathan Wittock, Piet Bracke, Lesley Hustinx

Department of Sociology, Ghent University, Belgium

RN25_08: Discourse and social movements
Location: GM.330
Chair: Lorenzo Bosi, Scuola Normale Superiore

Racist Riots and Antifascist Activism – A Biographical Approach to the Production of Meaning in Social Movements

Dimitra Barbara Kostimpas

LMU Munich, Germany

Emergence of Anti-gender Campaigns in Czechia and Poland

Eva Svatonova

Aarhus University, Denmark

History Retweeting. Renegotiating The "Fascism-Antifascism" Dichotomy In The Italian Twittersphere

Elena Pavan1, Andrea Rapini2

1: University of Trento, Italy; 2: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Feminist Strikes In Barcelona: An Ongoing Dispute Of Contentious Discursive Practices

Tayrine Dias

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain

RN26_08: Global changes and international comparison
Location: GM.307
Chair: Janne Paulsen Breimo, Nord University

Social Justice through Affirmative Action Policy in BRICS Countries: A Global Perspective

Joy Prakash Chowdhuri

Shri Venkateshwara University, Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India

Evolving Welfare Policies in Fighting and Preventing Violence Against Women in the Euro-Mediterranean context

Stellamarina Donato

LUMSA University, Italy

Understanding Inclusion Policies and Practises in Post-Socialist EU countries

Ingrid Fylling1, Loreni Baciu2

1: Nord University, Norway; 2: West University, Romania

Decollectivization Of Social Risks: Welfare State Reform Revisited

Evelien Tonkens, Margo Trappenburg

University of Humanistic Studies, Netherlands, The

RN27_08: Aspects of Southern European Societies
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Foteini Tzavella, University of Peloponnese
Chair: Sokratis Koniordos, University of the Peloponnese

Education-“Quality”-Assessment: The Greek case

Eleni Ioannou Tsiknakou

Panteion University of Athens, Greece

Corporate Governance in the Contemporary Corporation

Despoina Caminis1, Victoria Pekka-Economou1, Georgia Pazarzi2,3


For a Theory of “Paramafia”. When Non-Mafiosi Act as Mafiosi

Luca Bonzanni

Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

The Social Construction Of Healthy Times And Spaces In A Mediterranean City

Pablo de-Gracia-Soriano1, María Jiménez-Delgado2, Diana Jareño-Ruiz2, Antonio Jiménez-Delgado2

1: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain; 2: Universidad de Alicante, Spain

Determinants of indebtedness in Southern European countries

Matilde Massó, Nazaret Abalde

University of A Coruña, Spain

RN28_08: Gender and football
Location: BS.1.25
Chair: Alessandro Porrovecchio, University of the Littoral Opal Coast

How Do Women Perform Their Roles as Women and Fans in the Stands? The Similarities and Differences Between Various Sectors of Football Stadiums

Honorata Jakubowska1, Dominik Antonowicz2, Radosław Kossakowski3

1: Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland; 2: Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland; 3: University of Gdańsk, Poland

Gender And Football: A New Age For Media Coverage of Women's Sport And Future Research Agendas

Stacey Pope

Durham University, United Kingdom

RN29_08: Reason, Recognition and Ideology Critique
Location: GM.325
Chair: Mikael Carleheden, University of Copenhagen

Modernity And The Critique Of Ideology

Angelos Mouzakitis

Univeristy of Crete, Greece, Greece

Sociology, Reason, and the Critique of Eurocentrism

Patrick Joseph O'Mahony

University College Cork, Ireland

(In)visibilization: a Critical Theory

Benno Herzog

University of Valencia, Spain

The Guiding Role of Scientifically Grounded Ideology for Social Conflict Resolution (in the Context of Catalan Crisis)

Natalia Yurievna Matveeva

Russian Transport University (MIIT), Russian Federation

RN30_08: Transitions and social change
Location: GM.337
Chair: Airi-Alina Allaste, Tallinn University

Open-ended Transitions: Changing Metaphors for a New Age

Rachel Thomson1, Jeanette Østergaard2

1: University of Sussex, United Kingdom; 2: VIVE - The Danish Center for Social Science Research, Denmark

Changing Youth Life Course. Decision-Making Process In Times Of Discontinuity

Ralph Chan

University of Vienna, Austria

The Role Of Leisure Activities On Gender (A)Typical Occupational Aspirations – Discussing The Causal Structure

Julia Zimmermann

Deutsches Jugendinstitut (German Youth Institute), Germany

Young Returning Migrants as Actors of Social Changes in Slovakia

Roman Hofreiter

Matej Bel University, Slovak Republic

RN31_08: Antisemitism in Context
Location: UP.4.213
Chair: Karin Stoegner, University of Vienna

The Reception of the so-called migration crisis in Poland: between Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Gypsism

Krzysztof Jaskulowski

University SWPS, Poland

Antisemitisms in the 21st century – Sweden And Denmark As Exceptional Cases, Or Forerunners for a General Trend?

Lars Dencik

Roskilde University, Sweden

Antisemitism And Racism In The Populist Era. The Italian Case.

Claudia Gina Hassan

University of Rome Tor Vergata Italy, Universiy of Castell Sant'Angelo Italy

Evil twins? Anti-globalization movement and Antisemitism revisited

Holger Knothe

IUBH Nürnberg, Germany

RN32_08: Governmentality and Society (II)
Location: GM.338
Chair: Alberta Giorgi, University of Bergamo

Classification Struggles in Post-socialist Serbia: Elite Discourse on Personal Socio-economic Success

Tamara Petrović Trifunović

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Theorizing Justifications in Political Rhetoric in the EU and beyond

Hanna Rautajoki

Tampere University, Finland

World Politics on Migration and Inequalities in the EU

Mustafa Aksakal

Bielefeld University, Germany

Coalition Building And Distortion: New Evidence About Legislative Networks In Ukraine, 1993-2018

Tymofii Brik1, Tymofiy Mylovanov1,2, Dmytro Ostapchuk3, Oleksandr Nadelnyuk4

1: Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine; 2: Pittsburgh University; 3: DataRobot; 4: VoxUkraine

RN33_08: Everyday Sexism, Abuse and Violence
Location: BS.G.27
Chair: Adéla Souralová, Masaryk University

Deception And Abuse: Manifold Instances Of Proxemic Violence Against Sub-Saharan And Eastern-European Women-immigrants In Sicily

Ignazia Bartholini, Rafaela Hilário Pascoal

University of Palermo, Italy

Gendered War Memories: The Case of Croatia

Anita Dremel

University of Osijek, Croatia

Writing against Violence(s): Cultural Difference and Sexism in the Narratives of Immigrant Divorced Mothers from Turkey in Germany

Çiçek Uygun

Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany

RN34_08: Identities, values and religious attitudes I
Location: BS.4.05A
Chair: Christophe Monnot, University of Strasbourg

A Case of Polish Immigrants in Vienna/Austria: The Role of Religiosity for Feelings of Belonging to the New Society and for Immigrants’ Well-being.

Ina Teresa Wilczewska

University of Vienna, Austria

“We Are A Family”: Boundary-making Behavior Of Muslim Converts In Switzerland

Amir Sheikhzadegan

University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Once a Lutheran, Always a Lutheran? Religion and Civic Life in the Age of the “Nones”

Chaeyoon Lim1, Dingeman Wiertz2

1: University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States of America; 2: University College London

Religion As An Explanatory Variable? Religion, National Identity, And Politics

Sinisa Zrinscak

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law, Croatia

RN35_08: Migration in Public Perception and Discourse
Location: BS.G.26
Chair: Janine Dahinden, University of Neuchâtel

Gender Differences in Stereotypical Attitudes and Social Distance Toward Migrant Workers

Riva Ziv

Ashkelon Academic College, Israel

Does Migration Affect Notions About Justice?

Ingrid Grosse

Dalarna University, Sweden

Social Trust and Fear of Refugees

Jozef Zagrapan

Institute for Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic

Global Social Inequalities Localised: Refugees Between Civic Engagement and Populism

Kyoko Shinozaki1, Ruth Abramowski1,2, Dženeta Karabegović1, Lena Stöllinger1, Anna Winkler1

1: University of Salzburg, Austria; 2: University of Bremen, Germany

RN36_08: Integration and country borders
Location: GM.304
Chair: Peeter Vihalemm, University of Tartu

Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States: Striving Together or Falling Apart?

Daria Maltseva, Rustam Kamalov

National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation

Visual Representations of Polish-German Border After 2007

Przemysław Rura, Łukasz Rogowski

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

The Role of Community-Oriented Policing Implementation in Integrating Post-Conflict Societies: Experiences from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Katarzyna Struzińska, Janina Czapska

Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland

Concepts of Social-Spatial transformation: Practices of Debordering and Debordering in German-Polish Border Regions.

Vivien Sommer1, Maciej Frąckowiak2

1: Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space, Germany; 2: Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland

RN37_08: Spatial segregation in cities
Location: BS.G.33
Chair: M. Victoria Gómez, University Carlos III Madrid

Methodological Considerations for Exploring Marginalized Urban Experiences: A Qualitative Geospatial Approach

Natalia Martini

Jagiellonian University, Poland

“That thing they call a ghetto”: Distinctions in a Stigmatized Neighborhood in Copenhagen

Christian Sandbjerg Hansen

Aarhus University, Denmark

Profits of Trans/locality? Spatial Segregation and Practices of Organizing Resources in Times of Translocal Mobility and Communication

Daniela Krüger, Robert George Vief, Henrik Schultze, Talja Blokland

Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany

The Politics Of Territorial Stigmatization

Troels Schultz Larsen1, Kristian Nagel Delica2

1: Roskilde University, Denmark; 2: Roskilde University, Denamrk

RN01_BM: RN01 Business Meeting
Location: UP.3.204
Chair: Dirk Hofaecker, University of Duisburg-Essen
Chair: Edward Tolhurst, Staffordshire University
RN02_BM: RN02 Business Meeting
Location: GM.306
Chair: Sari Karttunen, Center for Cultural Policy Research CUPORE
RN03_BM: RN03 Business Meeting
Location: GM.328
Chair: Kaja Kazmierska, University of Lodz
Chair: Lyudmila Nurse, University of Oxford
RN04_BM: RN04 Business Meeting
Location: GM.327
Chair: Lucía del Moral-Espín, University of Cadiz
Chair: Cath Larkins, University of Central Lancashire
RN05_BM: RN05 Business Meeting
Location: BS.G.34
Chair: Terhi-Anna Wilska, University of Jyväskylä
Chair: Stefan Wahlen, Wageningen University
RN06_BM: RN06 Business Meeting
Location: GM.332
Chair: Angela Wigger, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Chair: David J. Bailey, University of Birmingham
RN07_BM: RN07 Business Meeting
Location: GM.335
Chair: Joost Van Loon, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
Chair: Anna-Mari Almila, University of the Arts London
RN08_BM: RN08 Business Meeting
Location: UP.4.214
Chair: Antti Edward Silvast, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Chair: Eugenia Petropoulou, University of Crete, Greece
RN09_BM: RN09 Business Meeting
Location: BS.3.16
Chair: Sebastian Koos, University of Konstanz
Chair: Alberto Veira-Ramos, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
RN10_BM: RN10 Business Meeting
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Mieke Van Houtte, Ghent University
Chair: Bernadette Brereton, Dundalk Institute of Technology
RN11_BM: RN11 Business Meeting
Location: BS.G.35
Chair: Jonathan G. Heaney, Queen's University Belfast
Chair: Monika Verbalyte, Freie Universität Berlin
RN12_BM: RN12 Business Meeting
Location: BS.G.36
Chair: Matthias Gross, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Chair: Audrone Telešienė, Kaunas University of Technology
RN13_BM: RN13 Business Meeting
Location: UP.1.219
Chair: Detlev Lück, Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB)
Chair: Vida Česnuitytė, Mykolas Romeris University & Vilnius University
RN14_BM: RN14 Business Meeting
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Hazel Conley, University of the West of England
Chair: Orly Benjamin, Bar Ilan University
RN15_BM: RN15 Business Meeting
Location: BS.4.04A
Chair: Marco Caselli, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Chair: Peter Holley, University of Helsinki
RN16_BM: RN16 Business Meeting
Location: UP.2.220
Chair: Jonathan Peter Gabe, Royal Holloway, University of London
Chair: Angela Genova, Urbino Carlo Bo
RN17_BM: RN17 Business Meeting
Location: UP.1.218
Chair: Bernd Brandl, Durham University
Chair: Valeria Pulignano, KU Leuven
RN18_BM: RN18 Business Meeting
Location: UP.4.209
Chair: Peter Golding, Northumbria University
RN19_BM: RN19 Business Meeting
Location: BS.3.28
Chair: Christiane Schnell, Institut für Sozialforschung an der Goethe Universität Frankfurt
Chair: Helena Hirvonen, University of Eastern Finland
RN20_BM: RN20 Business Meeting/Future of Qualitative Research
Location: UP.3.209
Chair: Florian Elliker, University of St.Gallen
RN21_BM: RN21 Business Meeting
Location: GM.326
Chair: Wolfgang Aschauer, University of Salzburg
Chair: Jolanta Perek-Białas, Jagiellonian University, Cracow and Warsaw School of Economics
RN22_BM: RN22 Business Meeting
Location: UP.3.212
Chair: Aiste Balzekiene, Kaunas university of technology
Chair: Patrick Brown, University of Amsterdam
RN23_BM: RN23 Business Meeting
Location: BS.3.24
Chair: Chiara Bertone, University of Eastern Piedmont
RN24_BM: RN24 Business Meeting
Location: UP.3.213
Chair: Harald Rohracher, Linköping University
Chair: Fabienne Crettaz von Roten, University of Lausanne
RN25_BM: RN25 Business Meeting
Location: GM.330
Chair: Lorenzo Bosi, Scuola Normale Superiore
Chair: Katerina Vrablikova, University of Bath
RN26_BM: RN26 Business Meeting
Location: GM.307
Chair: Janne Paulsen Breimo, Nord University
Chair: Hannu Turba, University of Kassel
RN27_BM: RN27 Business Meeting
Location: BS.4.04B
Chair: Eleni Nina Pazarzi, UNIVERSITY OF PIRAEUS
Chair: Manuel Fernández-Esquinas, CSIC - Institute for Advanced Social Studies
RN28_BM: RN28 Business Meeting
Location: BS.1.25
Chair: Honorata Jakubowska, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland
Chair: Alessandro Porrovecchio, University of the Littoral Opal Coast
RN29_BM: RN29 Business Meeting
Location: GM.325
Chair: Craig Browne, University of Sydney
Chair: Hubert Knoblauch, TU Berlin
RN30_BM: RN30 Business Meeting
Location: GM.337
Chair: Sanna Aaltonen, University of Eastern Finland
Chair: Carlo Genova, University of Turin
RN31_BM: RN31 Business Meeting
Location: UP.4.213
Chair: Karin Stoegner, University of Vienna
RN32_BM: RN32 Business Meeting
Location: GM.338
Chair: Ov Cristian Norocel, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Chair: Pauline Cullen, Maynooth University
RN33_BM: RN33 Business Meeting
Location: BS.G.27
Chair: Lise Widding Isaksen, University of Bergen, Norway
Chair: Consuelo Corradi, Lumsa University
RN34_BM: RN34 Business Meeting
Location: BS.4.05A
Chair: Roberta Ricucci, University of Turin
Chair: Sinisa Zrinscak, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law
RN35_BM: RN35 Business Meeting
Location: BS.G.26
Chair: Kenneth Horvath, University of Lucerne
RN36_BM: RN36 Business Meeting
Location: GM.304
Chair: Elena Danilova, Institute of Sociology, FCTAS, Russian Academy of Sciences
Chair: Matej Makarovič, School of Advanced Social Studies
RN37_BM: RN37 Business Meeting
Location: BS.G.33
Chair: Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, Jagiellonian University
Chair: M. Victoria Gómez, University Carlos III Madrid

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