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Location: UP.3.210
University of Manchester Building: University Place, Third Floor Oxford Road
Date: Wednesday, 21/Aug/2019
RN10_01a: Aspiration, choice, selection in secondary education (1)
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Antigoni Alba Papakonstantinou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Change in Young People’s Educational Aspiration Profiles within Secondary Education

Mira Kalalahti, Janne Varjo

University of Helsinki, Finland

Out Of Reach And Out Of Control. Does Futility Culture, Futility And Self-efficacy Mediate School Composition Effects On Higher Education Enrollment?

Isis Vandelannote, Jannick Demanet

University Ghent, Belgium

Educational and Career Choice of Russian School-leavers

Elena Minina, Ekaterina Pavlenko

Higher School of Economics, Russian Federation

A Search for the Determinants of Educational Expectations of 10th Graders in Four European Cities: The Role of School SES Composition and Student Engagement

Laura Van den Broeck1, Kristjana Stella Blondal2, Eifred Markussen3, Marina Elias4

1: Ghent University, Belgium; 2: University of Iceland, Iceland; 3: Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU), Norway; 4: Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

RN10_02a: Aspiration, choice, selection in secondary education (2)
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Dinah Gross, University of Lausanne

Early Selective Grammar Schools And The Fragmentation Of The Hungarian Public Education Field: What Can Parents And Elementary Schools Do?

Eszter Berényi

ELTE University Budapest, Hungary

Effects of the Duration of Cram Schooling on High School Students’ Academic Achievement and Mental Health in Taiwan

Pin-Yin Kuan1, Ssu-Chin Peng2

1: Department of Sociology, National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan, Taiwan; 2: Department of Sociology, National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan, Taiwan

How Does Peer Academic Performance Affect Educational Aspiration?

Xiao Yuan

the Chinese university of Hongkong, Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)

Spending Choices Among 15years Old: The Role Of Family As A Financial Education Agent In Italy. Evidence From The PISA 2015 Survey

Emanuela Rinaldi1, Carlo Di Chiacchio2, Sabrina Greco2

1: University of Milano Bicocca, Italy; 2: Invalsi (ITALY)

RN10_03a: Grade retention and dropout
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Jannick Demanet, Ghent University

Comparing the Experiences of Youth at Risk of Dropping Out in Different Country Contexts

Dr Szilvia Schmitsek

The University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Grade Retention And Test Anxiety: A Multilevel Analysis Towards The Effects Of Retention Composition On Non-Cognitive Outcomes

Timo Van Canegem, Mieke Van Houtte, Jannick Demanet

CuDOS, Ghent University, Belgium

Diversity of School Dropouts. A Typological Approach

Kristjana Stella Blondal

University of Iceland

Students in Professional Programmes: Patterns of Higher Education Attendance

Elisabeth Hovdhaugen1, Håvard Helland2

1: NIFU, Norway; 2: SPS, OsloMet, Norway

RN10_04a: Teacher turnover
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Dinah Gross, University of Lausanne

The Distribution of Teachers in a Marketised School System. The Case of Sweden 1995-2016

Emil Bertilsson

Uppsala University, Sweden

Tracking Teacher Pride of Course! A Study On How Track Position And Subject Matter Influence The Feelings Of Pride In Belgian teachers.

Lorenz Dekeyser, Mieke Van Houtte, Peter Stevens

Universiteit Gent, Belgium

Leaving My Teaching Job Or Leaving My School?” – The Role Of SES Composition, Teachability Perceptions, Emotional Exhaustion And Self-efficacy

Ama Amitai, Lennart Van Eycken, Mieke Van Houtte

Ghent University, Belgium

Teacher Absence And Student Outcomes

Nicolai T. Borgen1, Simen Markussen2, Oddbjørn Raaum2

1: University of Oslo, Norway; 2: The Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research

Date: Thursday, 22/Aug/2019
RN10_05a: Education and migration (1)
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Jannick Demanet, Ghent University

The Complexities of Policy Landscape, Psychosocial Well-being and Academic Achievement of Young Unaccompanied Refugees in the UK

Harsha Nishadi Wilkinson

Independent researcher, United Kingdom

Understanding Learning through the Lens of Acculturation and school Belonging: Life Histories of Syrian Refugee Students in the UK.

Jumana A. Al-Waeli

Institute of Education- UCL, United Kingdom

Stuck In The "In-Between”? High-achieving Roma And The Costs Of Social Mobility.

Judit Durst1,2, Ábel Bereményi3

1: HAS, Institute for Minority Studies; 2: UCL, United Kingdom; 3: UAB, Spain

Muslim Home Schoolers InThe UK: Narratives Of Risk And Radicalisation

Martin Myers1, Kalwant Bhopal2

1: University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom; 2: University of Birmingham

RN10_06a: Education and migration (2)
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Ece Cihan Ertem, Lund University

Experiences of migrant children at Primary schools in Paris and Brussels

Federico Zemborain


School Segregation and School-Home Proximity among Immigrant-Origin Youths: A Case Study in Bologna, Italy

Federica Santangelo, Giancarlo Gasperoni, Debora Mantovani

Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna, Italy

Feeling At Home In School. Migrant Youth’s Narratives On School Belonging In Flemish Secondary Education

Rut Van Caudenberg1,2

1: CeMIS, University of Antwerp, Belgium; 2: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Education as a Migration Pathway? Exploring the Narratives of Non-EU Students Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Denmark

Mette Ginnerskov-Dahlberg

Uppsala University, Sweden

RN10_07a: Social inequality in higher education
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Bernadette Brereton, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Elite Pathways in the Meritocratic Sub-System of Chilean Higher Education

Pablo Lillo Cea

Uppsala University, Sweden

Accessibility of Higher Education: 8 Dimensions of Accessibility.

Inne Vandyck, Inge Pasteels

PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Belgium

Stratification in Unitary Higher Education Systems: the Case of Progression to Postgraduate Study in the UK

Jose Luis Mateos Gonzalez, Paul Wakeling

University of York, United Kingdom

Diversity Management, the Social Dimension and the Covering up of Social Inequalities in Austrian Higher Education Institutions

Bernadette Müller Kmet

University of Innsbruck, Austria

Date: Friday, 23/Aug/2019
RN10_09a: Inclusion and participation
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Jannick Demanet, Ghent University

How Enriching Are Widening Participation Tutoring Programmes ?

Marta Dos Santos Silva1, Agnès Van Zanten2

1: SCIENCES PO, France; 2: SCIENCES PO, France

What Matters When Promoting Social Inclusion in Urban School?

Sirpa Lappalainen1, Sonja Kosunen2, Sara Juvonen2, Heidi Vartiainen2, Venla Bernelius2

1: University of Eastern Finland, Finland; 2: University of Helsinki, Finland

Breaking Through the Symbolic Battlefield of Education in Turkey

Yıldırım Şentürk

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey

RN10_10a: Social inequality in education - General considerations
Location: UP.3.210
Chair: Adriana Aubert, University of Barcelona

Educational Institutionalisation as Secularization. A Comparative-Historical Analysis of the Educational Secularization in Austria, Germany and Sweden.

Simon Gordt

University of Hildesheim, Germany

How Do Characteristics of Education Systems Shape Educational Inequalities? Results of a Systematic Review

Laura Zapfe, Christiane Gross

Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, Germany

Academic Governance and the Field of Higher Education

Agnete Vabø1, Moa Maria Cecilia Lindqvist2, Mikael Börjesson2

1: Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway; 2: Uppsala university, Sweden

Multidimensional Social classification Applied to the Analysis of Educational Spaces

Ylva Bergström, Emil Bertilsson, Mikael Börjesson

Uppsala, Sweden

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