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Location: UP.4.211
University of Manchester Building: University Place, Fourth Floor Oxford Road
Date: Wednesday, 21/Aug/2019
RN14_01: Policy Discourses
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Ana Maria Lopez-Narbona, University of Malaga

Bringing Women on Board? ‘Women-Friendly' Welfare States and Gender Balance in Top Jobs

Helen Kowalewska

University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Fluidity And Consistency In Policy Discourses On Gender Equality

Oana-Elena Negrea

University of Bucharest, Romania

Gender Equality Standards In Debate In Time Of Economic And Political Restructuring

Sandra Valerie Constantin, Carola Togni

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES.SO), Switzerland

Light and shadow in gender inequality policies. The case of the Italian Affirmative Action

Fatima Farina3, Domenico Carbone1, Joselle Dagnes2

1: University of Eastern Piedmont Italy; 2: University of Turin Italy; 3: University of Urbino Carlo Bo Italy

RN14_02: Work History and women's progression
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Fatima Farina, University of Urbino Carlo Bo, ITALY

Sociological and Economic Reasons for the Decline In Market And Non-Market Work Among Females In Rural India

Amaresh Dubey1, Wendy Olsen2, Kunal Sen3

1: Jawaharlal Nehru University; 2: Mancheter University; 3: UNU WIDER

The Role of External Agents/Agencies in the Progression of Women in Employment: A Relational and Multilevel Perspective in the UK

Nosheen Jawaid Khan

Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Career Trajectories And Occupational Downgrading After Childbirth In The UK: What Are The Factors Associated With Women’s Careers Stalling?

Susan Harkness1, Magda Borkowska2, Alina Pelikh2

1: University of Bristol, United Kingdom; 2: University of Essex, United Kingdom

The Gendered Division of the Labour Market and Occupational Transitions in Austria

Bernd Liedl1, Nina-Sophie Fritsch2, Gerhard Paulinger1

1: University of Vienna, Austria; 2: Vienna University of Economics and Business

RN14_03: State Regulation of Equality
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Hazel Conley, University of the West of England

Gender (In)equality In Business And Countries' Welfare Systems - Discussion From A Comparative Research On Women’s Career Development Between Scandinavian Countries And Japan

Kuniko Ishiguro

Tokyo International University, Japan

Regulating Women’s Pay in Finland and the UK – From Equal Pay to the Gender Pay Gap

Hazel Conley1, Paula Koskinen-Sandberg2

1: University of the West of England, United Kingdom; 2: Tampere University, Finland

The Welfare Expropriation. A Case Study of Basque Country Welfare State from a Feminist Perspective

Jezabel Lucas García, Siro Bayón Calvo, Rogelio Gómez García

Universidad de Valladolid

Why Do Councils Introduce Knowledge-building Activities to Promote Equality in Public Procurement? An Analysis of Decision-making in Scottish Local Councils.

Katharina Sarter

University of South Wales, United Kingdom

RN14_04: Public Services and Gender Equality
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Orly Benjamin, Bar Ilan University

‘Participation, Influence and Voice’ – Exploring Public Participation as ‘Transformative’ in the Context of the Public Sector Equality Duty

Kate Julie Clayton-Hathway

Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

The Crisis in Care – Caring Against Crises: Professional Responses to Austerity Politics in Female Dominated Welfare Professions.

Rebecca Elizabeth Selberg1, Paula Mulinari2, Magnus Sandberg1

1: Lund University, Sweden; 2: Malmö University, Sweden

Gender budgeting in the Labor Market and in the Family - the case of Poland

Justyna Tomczyk

Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland

Date: Thursday, 22/Aug/2019
RN14_05: Work-life Balance and Care for a Better World
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Susan Eileen Cohen, University of Bristol

The Role of Gender, Occupational Status and Family Responsibilities for the Association of Work Related ICT Use and Blurring Boundaries Between Work and Private Life

Timothy Rinke, Ines Entgelmeier

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Work-life Balance Strategies among Hungariam Mompreneurs from Romania

Reka Geambasu

Babes-Bolyai University, Romania

Career Aspirations and Work-life Balance Strategies of Women in Protestant Ministry

Emőke Török, Emese Biró

Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Hungary

Actual Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing: A Preliminary Overview For The UK

Pierre Walthery1, Heejung Chung2

1: University of Oxford, United Kingdom; 2: University of Kent, United Kingdom

RN14_06: Opportunity Structures
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Susan Durbin, University of West of England

Job Quality and Equality in Public Procurement: Proposing an Analytical Model (JoQuEPP)

Orly Benjamin1, Katharina Sarter2

1: Bar Ilan University, Israel; 2: University of South Wales

The Risks and Opportunities from the Transformation of Work in Public Transport for Women Workers: Evidence from Five Cities in the Global South

Tessa Wright

Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom

Class Experiences In The Household: Patterns Of Involvement Of Women From The Same Family Into Working Life

Elif Hacısalihoğlu

Trakya University, Turkey

Availability to Work and Job Search: An Analysis of Spanish Inactive Population from a Gender Perspective

Sofía Pérez de Guzmán1, Margarita Gallego1, Valentina Viego2

1: Universidad de Cádiz, Spain; 2: Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina

RN14_07: Restructuring Labour Markets and Welfare States for Gender Equality
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Eve Ewington, Lancaster University

Hegemonic Coupling Theory: Parsing Out Gender and Labor Biases to Better Analyze Stalled Progress

Erik Lawrence Bond

Miyazaki International College, Japan

Measuring Gender Equality: Bringing Social Reproduction Back On A Par With Economic Production

Caitlin Schmid

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Women’s Progression In Medical Careers Parallel Worsening Work Conditions. A Case of Gender Paradox? Findings from Italy.

Camilla Gaiaschi

University of Milan, Italy

Becoming Men and Woman in Precarious Conditions of Young Adults in Poland

Agata Krasowska, Aleksandra Drabina-Różewicz

University of Wroclaw, Poland

RN14_08: Policy Practices
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Ana Maria Lopez-Narbona, University of Malaga

Gender Aspects of Welfare Receipt in Germany: Determinants, Exit Routes and Recidivism

Torsten Lietzmann, Katrin Hohmeyer

Institute for Employment Research, Germany

Explaining Policy Preferences: Women And Coalitions In The Labour Market

Lorenzo Cattani

University of Bologna, Italy

Single Parent Mothers - Abandoned And Controlled; A Comparative Intersectional Study Of The Impact of State Welfare and Employment Policies In The UK And Sweden.

Susan Eileen Cohen1, Tove Samzelius2

1: University of Bristol, United Kingdom; 2: Malmö University

Women In Science. Research Collaboration In Italian Academia From A Gender Perspective.

Elisa Bellotti1, Dominika Czerniawska-Szejda1, Luigi Guadalupi2

1: University of Manchester; 2: IRAT CNR

RN14_BM: RN14 Business Meeting
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Hazel Conley, University of the West of England
Chair: Orly Benjamin, Bar Ilan University
Date: Friday, 23/Aug/2019
RN14_09a: Gender and the Aging Workforce
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Katharina Sarter, University of South Wales

Gendered Pathways of Social Exclusion – A Life Course Perspective on Exclusion from Social Relations in Later Life, and its Consequences for Health and Wellbeing

Anna Wanka

University of Vienna, Austria

South Asian British Muslim women and their later working lives in Greater Manchester

Sajia Ferdous

Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

RN14_10a: Resistance is everywhere
Location: UP.4.211
Chair: Orly Benjamin, Bar Ilan University

La Plataforma de Estibadoras de Algeciras. History of a fight

Empar Aguado-Bloise

Universitat de Valencia, Spain

The Battle over Kindergarten Teachers’ Wages: Outsider-Driven Deinstitutionalization of a Gendered Labour Market Practice

Paula Hannele Koskinen Sandberg

Tampere University, Finland

Young Female Trade Unionists’ Perspectives on Self-Organisation: Collective Contradictions

Eve Ewington1, Susan Durbin2

1: Lancaster University, United Kingdom; 2: University of the West of England, United Kingdom

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