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Location: UP.2.218
University of Manchester Building: University Place, Second Floor Oxford Road
Date: Wednesday, 21/Aug/2019
RN13_01a: Family forms and their change in historical time or across the life-course I
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Detlev Lück, Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB)
Chair: Marion Fischer-Neumann, University of Hamburg

Family Inclusiveness: Its Relation With Cumulative Advantages in the Life Course

Marlene Sapin1, Eric D Widmer2

1: University of Geneva, Switzerland; 2: University of Lausane, FORS & NCCR LIVES, Switzerland

Feeling Trapped in Singlehood: Experiences and Challenges of Single People in Israel

Libby Bear, Shira Offer

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Becoming a Family out of Wedlock: Finnish Mothers’ Perspective

Vaula Tuomaala

University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Changing Conceptions: Understandings Of Belonging, Genetics, Family And Kin Relationships Over Time In Lesbian Parent Families

Kathryn Almack

University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

RN13_02a: Family forms and their change in historical time or across the life-course II
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Eric D Widmer, university of Geneva
Chair: Kim Bastaits, PXL University College

How Many Relationships Can Fit in One? Analysing Siblings’ Relationships

Andreia Barbas, Sílvia Portugal

Faculty of Economics - University of Coimbra, Portugal

Single Mothers In Lithuania: Employment, Social Class And Mothering Practices

Deimante Kuconyte-Budeliene

Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Lithuania

Transition From Employment To Inactivity Among Mothers In European Countries

Aleksandra Lipasova

Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Spain

Family Arrangements And Residential Emancipation Trajectories Of Young Catalans From A Subjective Life Satisfaction Perspective

Anna Escobedo, Josep Lluís Condom, Aitor Dominguez Aguayo

University of Barcelona, Spain

RN13_03a: Multi-local, multicultural and transnational families
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Irena Juozeliuniene, Vilnius University
Chair: Ronny König, University of Zurich

The Significance of Studying ‘In-Between’ Spaces in Family Life

Vanessa May

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Similarities and Differences: The Case of Hungarian-Serbian Mixed Marriages

Tibor Ladancsik

University of Debrecen, Hungary

Symbolic Capital and Gender Relations: a Case Study of Transnational Marriages between Mexicans and Eastern Europeans

Ingrid Ots

Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico

Parents of Refugee Youth: Utilizing and Transforming their Social and Cultural Capital Within the Icelandic Education System

Eva Hardardottir, Berglind Rós Magnúsdóttir

University of Iceland, Iceland

RN13_04a: Marriage and cohabitation
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Sigtona Halrynjo, Institute for Social Research
Chair: Marta Vohlídalová, Institute of Sociology Academy of Sciences of the Czech Rep.

Childbearing and Marriage: Investigating the Importance of Context for Meaning Making of First-time Marriage

Karin Jarnkvist

Mid Sweden University, Sweden

Gender, Homeownership and Marriage: A case study of Hong Kong

Pui-chi YIP, Susanne Y P Choi

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)

"Evolution Of Homosexual Marriages And Their Breaks"

José Manuel Jiménez Cabello, Diego Becerril Ruiz

Universidad de Granada Spain

Date: Thursday, 22/Aug/2019
RN13_05a: Family dissolution and post-divorce families I
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Baptiste Coulmont, Université Paris 8
Chair: Morena Tartari, University of Padova

Does Fathers’ Involvement in Childcare and Housework Affect Couples’ Relationship Stability?

Helen Norman, Mark Elliot, Colette Fagan

University of Manchester, United Kingdom

The Role of Emotions in Defining High Conflict Divorce

Inge Pasteels

PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Belgium

Who Cares? The Effect Of Post-Separation Life Course And Labor Force Dynamics On Co-Parenting

Elke Claessens, Dimitri Mortelmans

University of Antwerp, Belgium

Long-term Trends of Remarriage in Lithuania

Ernesta Platukyte

Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania

RN13_06a: Family dissolution and post-divorce families II
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Detlev Lück, Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB)
Chair: Silvia Di Giuseppe, University of Lisbon (Institute of Social Sciences)

As Fair As It Can Be? Parental Divorce And Children´s Constructions of Fairness.

Raphaela Kogler, Marlies Zuccato-Doutlik, Ulrike Zartler

University of Vienna, Department of Sociology, Austria

Growing Up In Multiple Families: Children’s Perceptions And Definitions Of Post-Divorce Families.

Kim Bastaits, Inge Pasteels

PXL University College, Belgium

Men's Experiences of Gender (In)Equality as a Primary or Single Parent from the Perspective of Heterogenity of Masculinities

Živa Humer, Majda Hrženjak

The Peace Institute, Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, Slovenia

The Role of Professionals in the Negotiation of Joint Custody Arrangements in the Czech Republic

Petr Fučík

Masaryk University, Czech Republic

RN13_07a: Family planning and fertility I
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Baptiste Coulmont, Université Paris 8
Chair: Vaida Tretjakova, Lithuanian Social Research Centre

Postponing Children: Social Practices and Ethics of Reproduction

Lynn Jamieson, Adele Lebano

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Childbearing Postponement And Increasing Use Of Assisted Reproduction

Jirina Kocourkova, Anna Stastna, Ludek Sidlo, Boris Burcin

Charles University, Czech Republic

One-child Families in the Context of the Two-child Family Norm

Radka Dudova1, Hana Haskova2, Kristyna Pospisilova3, Jana Klimova Chaloupkova4

1: Czech Academy od Sciences, Czech Republic; 2: Czech Academy od Sciences, Czech Republic; 3: Czech Academy od Sciences, Czech Republic; 4: Czech Academy od Sciences, Czech Republic

The Reasons of Remaining Childless in the Narratives of Women

Gražina Rapolienė, Margarita Gedvilaitė – Kordušienė

Lithuanian Social Research Centre, Lithuania

RN10_08: Perceptions and beliefs of the future
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Antigoni Alba Papakonstantinou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Young People And Visions Of The Future: The Role Of Cultural Capital

Ciro Cangiano, Rosalba Sarnataro

University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Educational Strategies Among Danish Disadvantaged Youth – Cautious or Carefree?

Louise Høyer Bom, Jens-Peter Thomsen

VIVE - The Danish Center for Social Science Research, Denmark

RN10_BM: RN10 Business Meeting
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Mieke Van Houtte, Ghent University
Chair: Bernadette Brereton, Dundalk Institute of Technology
Date: Friday, 23/Aug/2019
RN13_09a: Family planning and fertility III
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Kimmo Juhani Jokinen, University of Jyväskylä
Chair: Radka Dudova, Czech Academy od Sciences

From Childhood to Adulthood? Ethnic and Socio-Cultural Patterns and Results of Having Children at a Young Age

Kinga Dóra Szabó-Tóth

University of Miskolc, Hungary

Heterogeneous Causal Effects of Early Fertility Timing on Mid-life Mental Health: Evidence from the 1970 British Cohort Study

Martin O'Flaherty, Sara Kalucza

University of Queensland, Australia

Pasts, Presents, Futures: Exploring Young People’s Contraceptive Work in Sweden

Marie Johanna Larsson

Lund University, Sweden

Parity Specific Fertility Transitions in Europe

Ralina Panova

Federal Institute for Population Research, Germany

RN13_10a: Fertility and reproductive technologies
Location: UP.2.218
Chair: Catherine McNamee, Queen's University Belfast
Chair: Kathryn Almack, University of Hertfordshire

Increasing Rates Of Caesarean Section Influence The Current Generations Emotionally

Inés Brock

MEU Multiversität - Studienzentrum der Diploma, Germany

Sperm Donation, Fertility Treatments and the Constitution of Single Mothers by Choice

Zohar Lechtman

Independent Researcher and Consultant, Zohar Lechtman, practitioner, Israel

Procreative Boundaries: Gay Men Navigating Surrogacy

Wendy Norton

De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom

Parental Desires and Intentions of Czech Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Men and Women

Marta Vohlídalová, Hana Maříková

Institute of Sociology Academy of Sciences of the Czech Rep., Czech Republic

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