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Location: BS.3.26
Manchester Metropolitan University Building: Business School, Third Floor, North Atrium Oxford Road
Date: Wednesday, 21/Aug/2019
RN11_01a: Theorizing Emotion
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Jonathan G. Heaney, Queen's University Belfast

Emotion and Utopian Imagination

Jordan McKenzie

University of Wollongong, Australia

Emotions in Social Interactions: Human Feelings and the Interaction Order

Maja Sawicka

University of Warsaw, Poland

From Alienation To Shame, And Back Again

Lorenzo Bruni

University of Perugia, Italy

Emotions, Boundaries, and Societal Divides: A Critical Examination from a Communication-theoretical Point of View

Robin Kurilla

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

RN11_02a: Emotions in Intimate Relationships and Emotional Reflexivity
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Maja Sawicka, University of Warsaw

Future Building, Gender and Emotional Reflexivity: Navigations of Agency and Social Change in Non-Conventional Relationships

Mary Holmes1, Lynn Jamieson1, Kristin Natalier2

1: University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom; 2: Flinders University, Australia

Love, Couple Relations and Emotions in Pop-rock Songs in Romania, Today: Specificity and `Globality`

Mona Mihaela Corina Simu

Research Institute for the Quality of Life, Romania

The Emotional Researcher: Emotions and Ethnographic Fieldwork in Ethical Non-Monogamy Communities in Belgium

Katrien De Graeve

Ghent University, Belgium

Methodologically Feeling - The Process Of Entering A New Area Of Research Through The Lens Of Emotion Sociology

Cecilia Nordquist

Uppsala University, Sweden

RN11_03a: Mobilisation, Resistance and Emotion
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Yvonne Albrecht, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

The Strategic Use of Emotions in Recruitment Strategies of Armed Groups: The Case of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)

Larissa Daria Meier

Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

Storytelling and Emotional Engagement in Social Communication: the Italian Donation Campaigns.

Gea Ducci

University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy

Emotions and Collective Action: Managing Fear in Recent Romanian Social Movements

George Ionut Simion

University of Bucharest, Romania

Ordinary Appropriations Of Politics Through Jokes. Germany 1938-1944.

Alexandra Oeser

Université Paris Nanterre, France

RN11_04a: Desire for Happiness
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Jordan McKenzie, University of Wollongong

Recipes for Happiness: Moral Orientation of Action and Emotion

Alberto Martín Pérez, José A. Rodríguez Díaz, Aitor D. Aguayo

University of Barcelona, Spain

Conceptualizing Happiness: Social Behavior Strategies In The Process Of Identification

Giedre Plepyte-Davidaviciene

Lithuanian Social Research Center, Lithuania

Emotions and Society in the Digital Age: Revisiting the Postemotional Society Thesis

Andrew Kirton

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Date: Thursday, 22/Aug/2019
RN11_05a: Emotions in Welfare and Care
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Mary Holmes, University of Edinburgh

Respecifying ‘Worry’: How Clients Manage the ‘Subjective Side’ of Welfare Service-Seeking

Marie Flinkfeldt

Umeå University, Sweden

Care(ful) Relationships: Supporting Children in Secure Care

Katie Ellis, Penny Curtis

University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Messing with the Emotions of the Other: Exploring Affective Intergenerational Encounters at a Residential Care Institution for Young People

Hanne Warming

Roskilde University, Denmark

RN11_06: Transnational Emotions and Migration Experiences
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Åsa Wettergren, University of Gothenburg

Emotional Transnationality: Multiple Pathways of Belonging and the Constitution of an Emotional Space

Yvonne Albrecht

FSU Jena, Germany

Predicting Migrant's Emotional Course: How Does Duration Of Stay Shape Experiences of Primary Emotions?

Coline Kuche

Georg-August Universität Göttingen, Germany

The Lived Experience of Inequality and Migration: Emotions and Meaning Making among Latvian Emigrants

Iveta Kesane

Latvian Academy of Culture, Latvia

Solidarity in Transnational Context: Refugee Representations of Hungarian Migrants Working in the German Refugee Reception System (RN11.6. Emotions of flight and migration)

Ildikó Zakariás1, Margit Feischmidt2

1: Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Centre for Social Sciences; 2: Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Centre for Social Sciences

RN11_07: Populism Symposium
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Gavin Brent Sullivan, Coventry University

Emotional Dynamics of Right- and Left-Wing Populism

Mikko Salmela1, Christian von Scheve2

1: University of Helsinki, Finland; 2: Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Social Sharing of Emotions in Populist Online Communication

Philipp Wunderlich

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Shame and Pride: Affective Polarization in Polish Right-wing Media Coverage of the 2019 European Parliament Elections and the 2019 Polish Parliamentary Elections

Ruta Kazlauskaite, Mikko Salmela

University of Helsinki, Finland

Date: Friday, 23/Aug/2019
RN11_09: Emotion Management in Intercultural Contexts
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Jonathan G. Heaney, Queen's University Belfast

‘It Could Have Been Me’: Cultural Sensitivity and Social Workers’ Identification With Migrant Clients Who Resemble Themselves

Maria G. Volckmar-Eeg

University of Stavanger, Norway

Affective Aspects of the Transnational Migration from Central Asia in Russia

Vera Peshkova

Institute of Sociology of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Love as Means of Reproduction

Elisabeth Wide

University of Helsinki, Finland

RN11_10: The Nation, the State and Emotion
Location: BS.3.26
Chair: Monika Verbalyte, Freie Universität Berlin

Embodied Nationalism: Nations, States, Emotions

Jonathan G. Heaney

Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

Emotion, Routinized Charisma and the Entrepreneurial City-State

Roy Coleman

university of liverpool, United Kingdom

Enlightened Bourgeoisie: Therapeutic Discourse, Democracy and Nationalism in the Israeli Public Television

Rotem Leshem

Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Affective Narratives of Vulnerability: Iran’s Economic Sanctions and the Emotional Politics of Social Media

Sara Tafakori

London School of Economics, United Kingdom

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