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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
Wachinger, MarieFreie Universität Berlin, GermanyEurope, Solidarity and the Problem of Social Integration II
Waechter, NataliaLudwig-Maximilian University MunichYouth cultures, consumption and social media II
Waerniers, RachelGhent University, BelgiumNaming and Framing Migrants and Refugees - Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion II
Wagana, PaskasSt. Augustine University of TanzaniaRethinking the Role of the State
Wagner, AikoBerlin Social Science Center (WZB)Methods and Methodologies in Risk Research
Wagner, AleksandraJagiellonian University, PolandRisks in Health and Social Care I
Social Theory and the Environment II
Social Theory and the Environment II  Session Chair
Participation and Environmental Conflicts  Session Chair
Wagner, ChristianeUNICAMP, BrazilROUNDTABLE: Media Narratives - Social Realities
Wagner, Gert G.German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)Methods and Methodologies in Risk Research
Wagner, GretaGoethe-University Frankfurt, GermanyEmotions, Civic Action and Social Movements II
Wahlen, StefanWageningen University and Research, Netherlands, TheSociology of Morality III
Food Practices, Thirft and Scarcity
The Sociology of Sustainable Food Consumption  Session Chair
Food Practices, Thirft and Scarcity  Session Chair
Wahn, I-LiangFeng Chia University, TaiwanFood and Sustainable Consumption
Wahrendorf, MortenUniversity of Düsseldorf, GermanyActive Ageing & Wellbeing
Walby, SylviaLancaster University, United KingdomRN KEYNOTE SESSION: The Gendered Future of Europe
Waldahl, Ragnhild HolmenNordland Research Institute, NorwayJOINT SESSION: Relationships Between Young Adults and Services
Walker, MarianneUniversity of Leicester, United KingdomJOINT SESSION: Re-thinking Market Capitalism: The Rise of Alternative Forms of Economic Exchange II
Walker, SarahGoldsmiths, University of London, United KingdomNaming and Framing Migrants and Refugees - Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion I
Wall, ErikaDepartment of health science, Mid Sweden University, SwedenCare
Wall, KarinInstituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa;
University of Lisbon - ICS
Cultural Understandings of Family
Family Dissolution and Post-Divorce Families II  Session Chair
Work-Family Balance and Work-Family Conflicts II  Session Chair
Fatherhood and Fathering Practices II
Walland, PaulUniversity of Southampton, United KingdomFirms, Platforms and Work Organization
Wallinder, YlvaUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenInsitutional Responses to the Vulnerabilities of Migrant Workforce
Wallkamm, MagdalenaHelmholtz Centre for Environmental Reserch, GermanySocial Theory and the Environment II
Walter, MichaelUniversity of Bremen, GermanyJOINT SESSION: Financialisation of the Everyday I
Wang, Jenn-HwanNational Chengchi University, TaiwanGrowth, Degrowth and Ecological Alternatives
Wang, Wen-ChuanTzu Chi University, TaiwanFamilies in the Context of Disability and Ill-Health
Waniek, KatarzynaUniversity of Lodz, Poland;
Katarzyna Waneik
Biographical Constructions of New Inequalities in Europe: Precariat, Capitalism and Solidarity I
General Session II - Identity and Biography  Session Chair
Wanka, AnnaGoethe-University Frankfurt, GermanyWork & Transition to Retirement
Warczok, TomaszPedagogical University of CracowEurope: Issues of Periphery and Protectionism
Ward, Dr. MarkDepartment of Health, IrelandVoluntary Work and Nonemployment
Ageing & Health
Warming, HanneRoskilde University, DenmarkNew Theories for Understanding Childhood I
New Theories for Understanding Childhood I  Session Chair
Warmińska, KatarzynaCracow University of Economics, PolandReligion and Rights
Warren, StellaUniversity of the West of England, Bristol, United KingdomMainstreaming and EU Policy
Feminist Politics
Gendered Careers and Job Quality  Session Chair
Warsewa, GuenterUniversity of Bremen, GermanyLocal Politics
Weber, EnzoInstitute for Employment Research, GermanyTranforming Labour (Market) Structures and Expectations
Weber, SabrinaPforzheim UniversityEuropean Industrial Relations: Representation, Representativeness and Social Dialogue
Weber, WiebkeUniversitat Pompeu Fabra, SpainIncreasing Comparability in Cross-National Research
Webman, EstherTel Aviv University, IsraelRight-Wing Extremism and Islamist Extremism in Europe
Weghmann, VeraUniversity of Nottingham, United KingdomIndustrial Relations and the Welfare State
Beyond Defeat and Austerity: Disrupting (the Critical Political Economy of) Neoliberal Europe  Session Chair
Weibl, GabrielComenius University, Slovak RepublicRisk, Uncertainty and Inequality I
Weicht, BernhardUniversity of Innsbruck, AustriaTheoretical Concepts and Discussions
Sexuality & Intimacy
Sexuality & Intimacy  Session Chair
Business Meeting  Session Chair
Weijden, Inge van derLeiden UniversityBusiness Meeting  Session Chair
Weil, ShalvaHebrew University, IsraelEthnic Relations and Memory
Femicide In Europe  Session Chair
Weisdorf, MattiAarhus University, DenmarkSexualities and Masculinities
Welbers, LydiaUniversity of Bremen, GermanyWomen's Movements and Organizations
JOINT SESSION: Financialisation of the Everyday I
Welch, Daniel JamesUniversity of Manchester, United KingdomPractices and Practice Theory
Rethinking Sustainable Consumption
Welch, RosieMonash University, AustraliaHealth, Body-Weight and Everyday Life: Studying Subjectivities Through Time III
Welz, FrankESA President (Innsbruck Univ.), AustriaESA Lecture Series (2) - Sociology Today
Special Evening Plenary: (Un)Making Europe  Session Chair
Author Meets Critics: Claus Offe's book “Europe Entrapped"  Session Chair
Past Presidents Meeting  Session Chair
Wenzig, ClaudiaInstitute for Employment Research, GermanyChildhood in Social Structure
Wernli, BorisFORS, Switzerland;
University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Gender Differences and Gender Relations II
Weryński, PiotrSilesian University of Technology, PolandChanging Discourses and Role of Intellectuals
West, RobinUniversity of Essex, United KingdomEnvironmental Justice
Westberg, Niklas MatsHalmstad University, SwedenHealth and Disability: Health Policy for Autism
Western, TomIndependent scholar, Athens, Greece, GreeceLiterature, Music and Memory
Westheuser, LinusScuola Normale Superiore, Florence, ItalyRemaking of Europe's Borders: Far Right Parties and the Migration Crisis
Wettergren, ÅsaUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenTheorizing Affect and Emotion I
Emotion, Law and Organization
JOINT SESSION: Emotions in Families and Intimate Life III: Friendship and Romantic Relations  Session Chair
Wetzel, MartinUniversity of Cologne, GermanyHealth & Disability
Whelan, GayleInstitute of Cultural Capital, United KingdomCurrent Developments at Museums
Whetstone, SarahBradley University, Illinois, United States of AmericaWorlds of Care
Whittle, RebeccaUniversity of Lancaster, Lancaster Environment Centre, UKEnvironmental Behavior and Attitudes
Wiborg, OyvindUniversity of Oslo, NorwaySocial Inequality in Education II
Wiborg, ØyvindOslo and Akershus university college, Norway;
University of Oslo, Norway
Parents Involvement and Schooling
Wicher, MagdalenaIFZ - Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture, AustriaScience Policy & National Research Systems II
Wicht, AlexandraUniversity of Siegen, GermanyLabour Market Trajectories of the Descendants of Immigrants in Europe
Wide, ElisabethUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandGender and the Global Care Chain
Wiegel, HanneWageningen University, Netherlands, TheRefugees between open Reception and Social Closure: Xenophobic Rejection and showing Solidarity in Civil Society and Social Movements in the EU
Wiersma, LailaUniversity of Amsterdam, Netherlands, TheRN20 Keynote session: Mixing and Merging Methods
Wiesboeck, LauraUniversity of Vienna, AustriaEmployer Perceptions and Practices – Discrimination and Discourse
Wiesemann, JuttaUniversity Siegen, GermanyChild Protection, Risk and Resilience/Children’s Use of New Media
Wieser, AliceETH ZürichFood and Sustainable Consumption
Wieser, BernhardAlpen Adria University, Austria;
Inter-University Centre, for Technology, Work and Culture
Technology & Innovation II
Health, Bio-Medicine & Social Context I  Session Chair
Wieviorka, MichelEHESS / FMSH, FranceESA Lecture Series (1) - The Future of Sociological Research
Wigger, AngelaRadboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands, TheOPEN SESSION: Collective Experiences of Sexism and Racism in Academia
Revealing the Global Competitiveness Delusions in EU Economic Governance
Business Meeting  Session Chair
Theorising and Conceptualising Neoliberalism and its Authoritarian Traits  Session Chair
Wigselius, Filip Oskar TeodorStockholm University, SwedenInequalities
Wikström, EvaUmeå University, SwedenLabour Market Trajectories of the Descendants of Immigrants in Europe
Wiktor-Mach, DobroslawaCracow University of Economics, PolandInternational Organizations
Wilderom, RensUniversity of Amsterdam, Netherlands, TheInstitutionalization and Innovation in Cultural Industries
Wilkinson, EmilyOverseas Development Institute, United KingdomMass Migration and Refugee Crisis: Trends, Causes and Social Impacts I
Wille, FabienURePSSS EA 7369 (Unité de Recherche Pluridisciplinaire Sport Santé Société), University of Lille 2, FranceJOINT SESSION: Sports, Bodies, Genders and Sexualities II
Willems, BarbaraUniversity Ghent, BelgiumGeneral Call - Cross National Perspectives
Williams, OliUniversity of Bath and NIHR CLAHRC WestHealth, Body-Weight and Everyday Life: Studying Subjectivities Through Time I
Williams, OliUniversity of Leicester, SAPPHIRE GroupElite Sports: Inclusive or Exclusive?  Session Chair
RN KEYNOTE SESSION: Sociology of Sport as a Professional Project  Session Chair
Young Sportsmen and Women: Frail Identities, Trying to fit in  Session Chair
Willis, PaulUniversity of BristolSexuality & Intimacy
Sexuality & Intimacy
Wilska, Terhi-AnnaUniversity of Jyväskylä, FinlandConsumption and Different Generations
Wilson, KerryInstitute of Cultural Capital, United KingdomCurrent Developments at Museums
Winiarska, AleksandraInstitute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw, PolandReinventing the City: Urban Resilience and Participation Processes I
Winiecka, KatarzynaUniversity of Bialystok, PolandEconomic Policies and Deregulation
Winkel, HeidemarieUniversity of Bielefeld, GermanyTheoretical Approaches and Applications
Perspectives on Secularisation and Public Religion  Session Chair
Winkelmann, MarkusKIT, GermanyCorporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Wippert, Pia-MariaUniversity of Potsdam, GermanyGeneral Call - Health Determinants: Hot Topics
Wittek, RafaelUniversity of Groningen, Netherlands, TheRN KEYNOTE SESSION: Explaining Social Cooperation. From Experimental Research to Big Data Analysis
Wittock, NathanUniversity of Ghent, BelgiumHealth, Bio-Medicine & Social Context II
Wladyniak, LudmilaCharles University, Czech RepublicImages and Word
Wodak, RuthLancaster University, Vienna UniversityThe Emotional Dynamics of Right- and Left-Wing Political Populism
The Structural Transformation of Europe's Public Sphere in the Age of Extremes
Wojakowski, DariuszUniversity of Rzeszow, PolandEuropeanization, Modernization and Social Transformations
Wojakowski, DemetriuszUniversity of Warsaw, PolandLocal and International Aspects of Social Developments
Wolf, MarcusUniversity of Bremen, GermanyFinancial Education and Literacy
Wolf, Margarita VerenaUniversity of Vienna, AustriaLabour Market Trajectories of the Descendants of Immigrants in Europe
Value Research in a Cross-National Perspective
Wollinger, Gina RosaCriminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony, GermanyGeneral Issues in Qualitative Research I
Wong, Catherine Mei LingUniversity of Luxembourg, LuxembourgReinventing the City: Urban Resilience and Participation Processes I
Woodiwiss, JoUniversity of Huddersfield, United KingdomSexual Violence: Policies and Narratives
Sexual Violence and Education  Session Chair
Woodward, Alison E.Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium(De-)Politicization in the Neoliberal Era I
Local Politics  Session Chair
Worek, BarbaraJagiellonian University in Krakow, PolandSchool Tracking and Selectivity
Employment, Unemployment and Underemployment I
Woroniecka, GrażynaUniversity of Warsaw, PolandChanging Discourses and Role of Intellectuals
Wouters, ThomasUniversity of Leuven, BelgiumSchool Choice
Wozniak, BarbaraDepartment of Medical Sociology, Jagiellonian University Medical College, PolandChronic Siseases and New Health Policies in the Capitalist Era II
Unemployment, precarious work, and health (care) from a comparative perspective: Contributions to the development of an institutional approach.
Wołek, ArturJesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow, PolandLocal and International Aspects of Social Developments
Wrede-Jäntti, MatildaFinnish Youth Research Network, FinlandDigitization and Mobility in Qualitative Research
Wright, David ValentineUniversity of Brighton, United KingdomWork
Active Ageing Policies  Session Chair
Wright, TessaQueen Mary University of London, United KingdomGender and the State
Feminist Politics  Session Chair
Wu, JingUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenAgeing & Health
Wu, Yi-jungUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, United States of AmericaGendered Careers and Job Quality
Wundrak, RixtaUniversity of Bremen, GermanyKey Topics in the Sociology of Knowledge III: Discourses, Affectivity & Subjectivities
Key Topics in the Sociology of Knowledge VI: World Views & Politics  Session Chair
Wysmulek, IlonaInsitute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, PolandSocial Transformations and Stratification Trends
Wysmulek, JakubInstitute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, PolandAnti-Immigrant & Anti-Refugee Resentment
Wästerfors, DavidLund University, SwedenEthnography I
Participation and Observation  Session Chair
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