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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
TASTSOGLOU, EVANGELIASaint Mary's UniversityRefugees and Migrants into the Economic Crisis  Session Chair
TATSI, ANASTASIAMA Goldsmiths College -University of LondonGlobalisation, Liberalism and Economic Crisis: Experiencing Social Disasters
TERCAN, BinaliAbant Izzet Baysal University, TurkeyMass Migration and Refugee Crisis: Trends, Causes and Social Impacts II
TSAI, Hui-JuLoughborough University, United KingdomCultural Practices II
TSANGARIS, MICHAELUniversity of Piraeus, GreeceUrban Forms of Crisis
TZAVELLA, FOTEINIDepartment of Nursing, University of Peloponnese, GreeceUrban Forms of Crisis
Tabata, MayumiNational Taipei University, TaiwanTechnology and Innovation
Taddeo, GabriellaINDIRE, Italy;
INDIRE (National Institute of Documentation Innovation and Research in Education), Italy
Alternative Narratives in Contemporary Communication
Collective Emotions and Identity III
Youth cultures, consumption and social media II
Tadic, DoraUniversity of Edinburgh, United KingdomSexuality & Intimacy
Taghizadeh Larsson, AnnikaLinkoping university, SwedenTheoretical Concepts and Discussions
Active Ageing & Wellbeing
Tajima, NorioTakushoku University, JapanArts Consumption
Takas, EmmanouilPanteion University, GreecePolitical Discourse and Mediatization of Politics
Tanaka, HiromasaMeisei University, JapanVideography and Visual Research
Tangeland, TorvaldOslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, NorwayConsumption of Water and Energy
Tanner, PascalUniversity of Lausanne, SwitzerlandMethodological Challenges in Researching Religion
Tarabini, AinaAutonomous University of Barcelona, SpainTeachers and Professionalisation
Tarant, ZbyněkUniversity of West Bohemia, Czech RepublicRight-Wing Extremism and Islamist Extremism in Europe
Conceptualizing Racism and Discrimination  Session Chair
Tardos, RobertEotvos Lorand University/MTA-ELTE Peripato Research Group, HungaryRefugees and Migrants into the Economic Crisis
Tarkkala, HetaUniversity of Eastern Finland, FinlandHealth, Bio-Medicine & Social Context I
Scientific Careers and Practices III  Session Chair
Science, Technology, Innovation & Society II  Session Chair
Tarr, JenLondon School of Economics and Political Science, United KingdomVideography and Visual Research
Tartakovskaya, IrinaRussian Academy of Sciences, Russian FederationGender Relations in Post-Socialist Societies
Taru, MartiTallinn University, EstoniaJOINT SESSION: Policies for Supporting Young People at Risk
JOINT SESSION: Relationships Between Young Adults and Services  Session Chair
Tarum, HäliUniversity of Tartu, EstoniaInvesting in Welfare
Tasdemir, SergulGalatasaray University, TurkeyUnmaking Journalism: Change and Alternative
Tasheva, GallinaUniversity of Muenster, Germany(Un)Making The European Identity
Modernity (Modernities) in the Context of Neoliberalism I  Session Chair
Social Theory and Identity Politics  Session Chair
Tasset, CyprienEHESS, FranceNew Trends in Environmental Sociology II
Tassinari, AriannaUniversity of Warwick, United KingdomCrisis, Post-Crisis and Employment Relations (special session 2)
Tassis, ChrisanthosDemocritus University of ThraceChanging Structures and Responses in Crisis Baffled Countries
Tastsoglou, EvangeliaSaint Mary's University, Halifax, CASubjective Experiences and Emigration from Greece
Taverne, DidierSTS, FRANCEUsing Public Spaces & Building the City II
Taylor, JessicaIndependent ConsultantGeneral Issues in Qualitative Research II
Taylor, YvetteUniversity of Strathclyde, United KingdomYouth Transitions
Tchilingirian, Jordan SoukiasUniversity of Bath, United KingdomKey Topics in the Sociology of Knowledge V: Expertise & Politics
Teampau, Petruta MadalinaBabes-Bolyai University, RomaniaFeminist Politics
Teekens, ThomasErasmus School of History, Culture, and Communication, Netherlands, TheProfessional Developments and Reputations of Artists
Teixeira Lopes, JoãoUniversity of Porto, Faculty of Arts, PortugalRN KEYNOTE SESSION with João Teixeira Lopes: Urban Public Spaces and the Uses of Conflict
Teixeira, Mariana O. N.Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning (Cebrap), BrazilSocial Theory
Teixeira, RuteFaculty of Arts, University of Porto, PortugalSocial and Cognitive Effects of the Arts: Communication, Socialization and Empowerment
Teke-Llyod, ArmaganAbdullah Gul University, TurkeySexualities and Migration: Sexual Othering, Sexual Subjectivities
Telegdi Csetri, ÁronBabes Bolyai University, RomaniaUrban Centers & Peripheries
Telesiene, AudroneKaunas University of Technology, LithuaniaJOINT SESSION: Decision Making and the Environment
Public Discourses and Media Representations of Risk I
Business Meeting  Session Chair
Social Theory and the Environment  Session Chair
Teli, MaurizioMadeira Interactive Technologies Institute, Portugal(Un)Making Capitalism 2: The Critique of Digital Capitalism's Political Economy
Science, Technology, Innovation & Society II
Temkina, Anna A.European University at St.Petersburg, Russian FederationNeoliberalism and Challenges to Medical Professionals I
Neoliberalism and Challenges to Medical Professionals I  Session Chair
Neoliberalism and Challenges to Medical Professionals II  Session Chair
Tena-Sánchez, JordiUniversitat Autònoma de BarcelonaMethodologies for Political Sociology
Terragni, LauraOslo and Akershus University College, NorwayMigrations and Health Inequalities in Europe II
Terraneo, MarcoUniversità di Milano-Bicocca, ItalyGeneral Call - Cross National Perspectives
General Call - Subjectivies and Dilemmas
Analysing the Relationship Between Migration, Health Conditions, Health Care Access and Utilization in a Time of Crisis  Session Chair
Terruhn, JessicaMassey University, New ZealandReinventing the City: Urban Resilience and Participation Processes I
Tertyshnikova, AnastasiaPeoples' Friendship University of Russia, Russian FederationQuantitative Research on Ethnocentrism and Migrant Integration
Tervonen-Gonçalves, LeenaUniversity of Tampere, FinlandInternational Organizations
Tesch-Römer, ClemensGerman Centre of Gerontology, GermanyVoluntary Work and Nonemployment
Testoni, InesUniversity of Padova, ItalyGrasping Change in Sexual Experiences: New Media, New Norms
Tetens, IngeDanish Technical University, DenmarkChildren’s Citizenship II
Thakur, JeutyJawaharlal Nehru University, IndiaObjectivity, Subjectivity and Reflexivity II
Thaler, AnitaIFZ - Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture, AustriaScience Policy & National Research Systems II
Thann-Bo-Morel, MarieUniversity of Reunion IslandFood and Society
Thanopoulou, MariaNATIONAL CENTRE FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, GreeceGlobalisation, Liberalism and Economic Crisis: Experiencing Social Disasters
Theine, HendrikWU Vienna University of Economics and Business, AustriaEU Fiscal Crisis and the Media
Thel, KarolinaAcademy of Fine Arts in Warsaw/ University of Warsaw, PolandUrban Inequalities, Conflicts and Mediations
Thelen, Lionel LéopoldEuropean Research Council (ERC), BelgiumMeet the Funders: Sociology at its best - Everything you want to know about the ERC Grants
Theodorakopoulou, IrineAgricultural Economics Research Institute, Athens, GreeceEnvironmental Behavior and Attitudes
Theodoridis, KonstantinosManchester Metropolitan University, United KingdomPhD Summer School: Discussions of the Papers
Consumption and Different Generations
Structural and Institutional Conditions of Consumption  Session Chair
Theodorou, EleniEuropean University Cyprus, CyprusChildren as Refugees and Migrants I
Theodosiadou, SofiaAristotle Univeristy of Thessaloniki;
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Department of Journalism and Mass Media
EU Fiscal Crisis and the Media
News Production: Practices in Post-Factual Times
Theofili, AlexandraHarokopio University, GreeceSolidarities and Innovative Attempts to Cope with the Crisis
Theofilopoulou, ValiaTrinity College Dublin, IrelandCollective Emotions and Identity II
Thibault, DelphineUMR MARBEC (IRD – Ifremer – Univ. Montpellier - CNRS), LMI ICEMASA, Department of Environmental Affairs, Cape Town, South AfricaSocial Theory and the Environment I
Thiel, ChristianUniversität Augsburg, GermanyChildren, Poverty and Austerity II
Thing, Lone FriisCopenhagen University, DenmarkYoung Sportsmen and Women: Frail Identities, Trying to fit in
Thomas, AnjaSciences Po Paris, FranceEurope, EU, (EU-)Scepticism and Nation-States
Thomas, NigelUniversity of Central Lancashire, United KingdomNew Theories for Understanding Childhood I
Business Meeting  Session Chair
Questioning Boundaries of Age and Place: Child Refugees in an Uncertain Europe  Session Chair
Thomas, StefanUniversity of Applied Science, Potsdam, GermanyParticipation and Observation
Thomassen, BjornRoskilde University, DenmarkPolitics, Identity, and Emotions
Throne-Holst, HaraldOslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, NorwayEthical and Political Consumption
Thualagant, NicoleRoskilde University, DenmarkChildren’s Citizenship II
Thwaites Diken, Ebruİstinye University, Department of Sociology, TurkeyCreativity and Criticism
Thys, SarahGhent University, BelgiumTeachers, Parents and Transitions
Tibajev, AndreyLinköping University, SwedenNatives and Foreigners on the Labour Market
Tichit, ChristineCentre Maurice Halbwachs, INRA, CNRS, ENS, EHESS, Paris, FranceInstitutions and Relations in Food Consumption
Tidore, CamilloUniversity of Sassari, ItalyUrban Cultures and Identities
Tiedemann, NormaUniversity of Kassel, GermanyProgressive Politics and the Statist Left
Tiidenberg, KatrinAarhus University / Tallinn University, DenmarkSocial Media and Civic Participation
Tillmann, FrankGerman Youth Institute, GermanySocial Mobility I
Tilman, Alexandrauniversity of evry, France, IPSA Uco of AngersMedia Impact on General Opinion
Timmerman, ChristianeUniversity of Antwerp, BelgiumDrop-out of School
Timmons, StephenUniversity of Nottingham, United KingdomHealth, Bio-Medicine & Social Context I
Tinios, PlatonUniversity of Piraeus, GreeceGender and Austerity
Care Policies  Presenter
Tipaldou, SofiaPanteion University of Athens, SpainRadical Right-wing Populist Parties in Comparative Perspective I
Remaking of Europe's Borders: Far Right Parties and the Migration Crisis  Session Chair
Tirabeni, LiaUniversity of Turin, ItalyFirms, Platforms and Work Organization
Tirocchi, SimonaUniversity of Turin (Department of Philosophy and Sciences of Education);
University of Turin, Italy
Collective Emotions and Identity III
Youth cultures, consumption and social media II
Tisch, AnitaFederal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)Gendered Careers and Job Quality
Tistea, IoanaUniversity of Oulu, FinlandTransformations of European Welfare States II
Tittenbrun, JacekAdam Mickiewicz University, Poland100 Years Charles Wright Mills: Sociological Imagination Today - Elite / Middle Class / Vulnerable Groups
Tobiasz-Adamczyk, BeataDepartment of Medical Sociology, Jagiellonian University Medical College, PolandChronic Siseases and New Health Policies in the Capitalist Era II
Loneliness, social relations and health
Unemployment, precarious work, and health (care) from a comparative perspective: Contributions to the development of an institutional approach.
Tocia, MarianaOvidius University of Constanta, RomaniaPublic Service Media and its Old and New Challenges
Tocitu, AdelinaSRR, Radio ConstanțaPublic Service Media and its Old and New Challenges
Toft, Cammilla BundgaardUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkActive Ageing Policies
Tognetti Bordogna, MaraUniversità di Milano-Bicocca, ItalyGeneral Call - Cross National Perspectives
Toikka, ArhoUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandScience, Technology, and Innovation II
Toikka, EnnaUniversity of Turku, FinlandChildhood in Social Structure
Toledo, MarianaUniversidade de São Paulo (USP), Brazil;
Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de Goiás (IFG), Brazil
Social Theory and the Critique of Capitalism III
Tolgensbakk, IdaOslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, NorwayMethodologies in Youth Studies
Tolhurst, Edward JamesStaffordshire University, United KingdomTheoretical Concepts and Discussions
JOINT SESSION: European Health Policy and Ageing Societies: Challenges and Opportunities  Session Chair
Tolonen, Tarja-RiittaUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandEducational Horizons
Methodologies in Youth Studies  Session Chair
Digitization and Mobility in Qualitative Research
Tolvanen, AskoUniversity of Jyväskylä, FinlandNew Methodologies and Ethics of Research with Children II
Toma, ElisabetaUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaPortrayal of Old Age
Tomanovic, SmiljkaFaculty of Philosophy University of BelgradeFatherhood and Fathering Practices II  Session Chair
Transitions from Education to Work  Session Chair
Parenting and Parent Child Relations II
Tomei, GabrieleUniverity of Pisa, ItalyGeneral Session: Southern European Societies: Current Issues
Tomic-Koludrovic, IngaInstitute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Croatia, CroatiaSocial Transformations Studies
Modernity (Modernities) in the Context of Neoliberalism I
Tomás, CatarinaInstituto Politécnico de Lisboa and CICS.NOVA.UMINHO, PortugalChildren’s Citizenship II
Tonche, JulianaUniversity of Sao Paulo, BrazilPolitical Impact of Professionalism
Topal, Yelda ErdenMiddle East Technical University, Science and Technology Policy Studies, TurkeyJOINT SESSION: Financialisation of the Everyday I
Topan, Anamaria AurelianaUniversity of Innsbruck, AustriaJOINT SESSION: The European Refugee Crisis: Information Needs and Information Systems
Tophopven, SilkeInstitute for Employment ResearchGendered Careers and Job Quality
Tophoven, SilkeInstitute for Employment Research, GermanyChildhood in Social Structure
Topinka, DanielPalacky University, Czech RepublicA Global Discussion about Migration, Integration, Identity and Education II
Torbus, UrsulaUniversity of Silesia, PolandGender and Pay
Torres, SandraUppsala University, SwedenJOINT SESSION: Migrations and Health Inequalities in Europe
Theoretical Concepts and Discussions
Theoretical Concepts and Discussions  Session Chair
Totah, Ruba SalibaJGU University, Mainz, GermanySpaces of Possibility Between Utopian Arts and Challenges of Urban Futures
Toth, CosminUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaGeneral Call - Health Determinants: Hot Topics
Toth, GeorgianaCentre for Migration Studies (CeSMig), University of Bucharest ;
National Institute for Research and Development URBAN-INCERC Bucharest
Migration: Experiences and Perceptions
Migrants in Rural and Peripheral Areas of Europe I
Touri, MariaLeicester University,UK, Department of Mass Media and CommunicationNews Production: Practices in Post-Factual Times
Touri, MariaUniversity of Leicester, United Kingdom(Un-)Sustainable Consumption
Touri, ParaskeviPanteion University of Social and Political Sciences, GreeceSexual Violence and Education
Tołłoczko, BarbaraGraduate School for Social Research, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (Polish Academy of Sciences), PolandCultural Practices III
Trabut, LoïcInstitut National d'Etudes Démographiques, FranceAgeing & the Welfare State
Trajtenberg, Graciela MiriamThe Academic college of Tel Aviv Yaffo, IsraelVera Zolberg: Memory and the Arts
Tramountanis, AngeloNational Centre for Social Research (EKKE), GreeceExpectations and Attitudes
Trappmann, MarkInstitute of Employment Research (IAB), GermanyPoverty, Decommodification and Aid
Trappmann, VeraLeeds University Business SchoolBiographical Constructions of New Inequalities in Europe: Precariat, Capitalism and Solidarity I
Trappmann, VeraLeeds University, United KingdomPrecariat and Vulnerability of Careers
Trappolin, LucaUniversity of Padova (Italy), ItalyQueering Families in Europe
Trapsh, NikolaySouthern Federal University, Russian FederationProfessions in the European Market
Trbojević, Nemanja S.University of Novi Sad - Faculty of Philosophy, SerbiaEthnic Workers and Entrepreneurs
Treimane, AgneseLatvian Academy of Culture, LatviaSubjectivity in Professional Work
Tremblay-Boily, GuillaumeConcordia University, CanadaGeneral Session B
Trenz, Hans-JoergUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkTransformations of European Welfare States I
Transformations of European Welfare States I  Session Chair
Treskow, LauraCriminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony, GermanyExpectations and Attitudes
Tretjakova, VaidaLithuanian Social Research Centre, LithuaniaFamily Planning and Fertility II
Trevisan, Gabriela de PinaUniversity of Minho/Institute of Education. PortugalChildren, Poverty and Austerity II
Triantafyllopoulou, EleniHumboldt University of Berlin, GermanyTrust, Mistrust and the Risk of Marginalisation
Trifiletti, RossanaUniversity of Florence, ItalyMigration, Globalization and Emotion
Trimithiotis, DimitrisUniversity of Cyprus, CyprusEU Policies and the Media
Trinidad Jiménez, AlbertUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona, SpainGender and Pay
Troc, GabrielBabes-Bolyai University, RomaniaPost-Industrial Cities
Trochymiak, MateuszUniversity of Warsaw, PolandInformation Technologies and Society
Trotsuk, IrinaPeoples' Friendship University of Russia, Russian Federation;
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Solidarity and Trust
Food Poverty and Insecurity
Trubeta, SevastiFree University, GermanyAnalysing the Relationship Between Migration, Health Conditions, Health Care Access and Utilization in a Time of Crisis
Truninger, MonicaUniversity of Lisbon, PortugalJOINT SESSION: Consumption and the Green Transition for a Changing Europe
Trunko, RalfCyberForum e.V.Sustainability, Mobility and Environmental Conflicts
Tsai, Po-FangTaipei Medical University, TaiwanSocial Theory
Tsaousis, IoannisUniversity of Crete, GreeceScientific Careers and Practices III
Tsaoussi, AspasiaAristotle University of ThessalonikiSocial and Economic Rights at Risk: The Response of the Legal System  Session Chair
Tsavdaroglou, CharalamposAristotle University of Thessaloniki, GreeceBringing Marxism in Social Movement Research? How to Study Capitalism from a Critical Standpoint
ROUNDTABLE: Immigration Related Activism
Tseng, Chih-HuaNational Taiwan University, TaiwanHousing Policies, Actors and Processes II
Tseng, Pei-ChingUniversity of Bedfordshire, United KingdomAnalysing the Relationship Between Migration, Health Conditions, Health Care Access and Utilization in a Time of Crisis
Tseng, Sheng-WenNational Taiwan Ocean University, TaiwanGrowth, Degrowth and Ecological Alternatives
Tsiganou, JoannaNATIONAL CENTRE FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH, GreeceGlobalisation, Liberalism and Economic Crisis: Experiencing Social Disasters
Globalisation, Liberalism and Economic Crisis: Experiencing Social Disasters  Session Chair
Tsigdinos, StefanosNational Technical University of Athens, GreeceChildren’s Everyday Lives I
Tsigilis, NikolaosAristotle University of Thessaloniki, GreeceSociological Perspectives on Cultural Policy
Tsilipakos, LeonidasAston University, United KingdomTheorizing Affect and Emotion I
Tsingou, EleniCopenhagen Business School, DenmarkInfertility and Reproductive Technologies
Intergenerational Relationships and Kinship Networks III  Session Chair
Tsuladze, Lia {Lika}Tbilisi State University/Center for Social Sciences, GeorgiaEuropeanization: Perceptions and Discourses
Tucci, IngridLEST-CNRSLabour Market Trajectories of the Descendants of Immigrants in Europe  Session Chair
Tudisca, ValentinaThe National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Research on Population and Social Policies, ItalyParticipation and Observation
Tufiș, Paula AndreeaDepartment of Sociology and Social Work, University of BucharestMigration and Education II
Tuma, RenéTU Berlin, GermanyTheoretical Perspectives in Sociology of Knowledge 2: Theoretical Positions
Business Meeting  Session Chair
Theoretical Perspectives in the Sociology of Knowledge 1: Communicative Constructivism  Session Chair
Key Topics in the Sociology of Knowledge III: Discourses, Affectivity & Subjectivities  Session Chair
Tunçbilek, Şeyda SevdeGazi University, TurkeyGender, corporeality and the body
Tuominen, JaakkoUniversity of Tampere, FinlandSocial Mobility I
Tuorto, DarioUniversity of Bologna, ItalyOpen Stream I
Tupasela, AaroUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkHealth, Bio-Medicine & Social Context I
Health, Bio-Medicine & Social Context II  Session Chair
Science, Technology & Education  Session Chair
Turba, HannuUniversity of Kassel, GermanyJOINT SESSION: Relationships Between Young Adults and Services
JOINT SESSION: Youth Guarantee and Activation Policies  Session Chair
Tursz, AnneCermes3, France;
INSERM, France
Family problems and Family Interventions
Turtiainen, JussiFinnish Institute of Occupational Health, FinlandDiscussing Mental Health and Illness: Making Sense of Mental Illness Diagnoses
Twumasi, RicardoRobert Gordon University, United KingdomAgeism & Discrimination
Tyrala, RadoslawAGH University of Science and Technology, PolandRisks in Health and Social Care II
Tyurina, Irina O.Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian FederationSocial Transformations and Stratification Trends
Tzanetakis, MeropiUniversity of Vienna, AustriaTechnology and Innovation
Tzanetakos, ProdromosPanteion University, GreeceLiving the City & the Neighbourhood
Tzivra, GeorgiaUniversity of Piraeus, GreeceEducation and Culture
Tóth, GergelyMTA-ELTE Peripato Comparative Social Dynamics Research Group, Hungary,Europe, Solidarity and the Problem of Social Integration II
Törrönen, JukkaStockholm University, SwedenEmotions, Politics and the State II: Parties & Politics
Török, EmőkeKároli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, HungarySport-clubs: Tools for Social Integration?
ter Haar, MarianKenniscentrum Sport, Netherlands, TheSport-clubs: Tools for Social Integration?
Țoc, SebastianResearch Institute for Quality of Life, Romanian Academy, RomaniaEducation and Social Standing
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