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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
RADIN, ARIANNAUniversità di Torino, Italy;
University of Turin
Political Impact of Professionalism
JOINT SESSION: Valuable Health Care? Curing and Caring in the Shadow of the Social and Economic Crisis  Session Chair
Capitalism, Subjectivities, Solidarities: Theorizing Mental Illness in Times of Crisis  Session Chair
Discussing Mental Health and Illness: Making Sense of Mental Illness Diagnoses  Session Chair
General Call: Health Determinants  Session Chair
JOINT SESSION: European Health Policy and Ageing Societies: Challenges and Opportunities  Session Chair
General Call - Health Determinants: Hot Topics  Session Chair
Subjectivity in Professional Work  Session Chair
RIGAL, LaurentDepartement of Family Medicine - University Paris Sud - CESP INSERM U 1018Ethical Implications of a Sociological Approach to Health and Illness
RITTERSBERGER TILIC, HELGAMiddle EAst Technical University, METU, Ankara TurkeyGender at the Workplace
ROCHUT, JulieCnav, FranceRetirement Timing
RUDOLF, FlorenceInsa Strasbourg, FranceJOINT SESSION: Perceptions of Environmental Risks and Vulnerabilities Across Europe
Using Public Spaces & Building the City II
Rabiej-Sienicka, KatarzynaJagiellonian University, PolandThe Impact of Globalization on Working Conditions and Working Contexts
Rackow, KatjaUniversity of Vechta, GermanyMeasuring Solidarity Potentials and Constraints in Contemporary Europe
Radicioni, SilviaUniversity of Turin, ItalySexuality & Intimacy
Radomska, EwaJagiellonian University, PolandGeneral Session: Solidarity and Work in the South
Radonic, LjiljanaAustrian Academy of Sciences, AustriaAnti-Gypsyism and Representations of Roma
Anti-Gypsyism and Ethnic Identification of Roma  Session Chair
Radziwinowiczówna, AgnieszkaCentre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw, PolandAgeing & Migration I
Rae, Gavin JohnKozminski University, PolandSocial transformations: East and West
Raekstad, PaulUniversity of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The(Un)Making Capitalism
Rafanell, IreneUniversity of the West of Scotland, United KingdomEmotion in Organizations 1: Gender
Raffini, LucaUniversity of Genoa, ItalyTransitions from Education to Work
(De-)Politicization in the Neoliberal Era III
Ragkos, AthanasiosTechnological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia, GreeceMigration and the Environmental Crisis
Raithby, MicheleSwansea UniversitySexuality & Intimacy
Raivola, Vera Milja JohannaUniversity of Eastern Finland, FinlandCitizen Participation, Genomics and Bio-Banking: Subjectivities
Raizer, LeandroFederal University of Rio Grande do Sul, BrazilRenewable and Non-renewable Energies
Educational Changes
Ramajo Hernández, NatividadCentre d'Estudis Olimpics i del Esport Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, SpainSocial Media Use - Promises and Expectations
Ramis, Maria del MarUniversitat Autonoma de Barcelona, SpainUrban Forms of Crisis
Modernity (Modernities) in the Context of Neoliberalism II
Rapetti, ElisaUniversity of Milan, ItalyJOINT SESSION: (Un)Making Europe: Religion and Gender
Raposo, Hélder AntónioLisbon School of Health Technology, PortugalThe Pharmaceuticalisation of Performance: Consumption Practices Across Generations
The Pharmaceuticalisation of Performance: Consumption Practices Across Generations  Session Chair
Rashid, SamanMid Sweden University, SwedenRisk, Uncertainty and Inequality I
Rasmussen, Mary LouThe Australian National University, AustraliaSexism and Sexualities
Rasnaca, LigaUniversity of Latvia, LatviaPrecariat and Vulnerability of Careers
Ratiu, Dan EugenBabes-Bolyai University, RomaniaSubjectivities and Subjectivation in the Arts
The Power of (D)evaluation in the Arts  Session Chair
Everyday Life and the Arts: Practices, Interventions and Cultural Transmission  Session Chair
Ratniece, LuizeUniversitat Pompeu Fabra, SpainGender and Labour Markets
Rautajoki, HannaUniversity of Tampere, FinlandEurope, EU, (EU-)Scepticism and Nation-States
Ravazzini, LauraUniversity of Neuchatel;
FORS, University of Lausanne
Transformations and Solidarity: Ideas, Agents, Changes
Ravn, SigneUniversity of Melbourne, AustraliaWhose Side are we on? Ethics and Action in Qualitative Research
Sexism and Sexualities  Session Chair
Rawski, TomaszUniversity of Warsaw, PolandPolitics, Identity, and Emotions
Rawłuszko, MartaUniversity of Warsaw, PolandMainstreaming and EU Policy
Rebstein, BerndBayreuth University, GermanyDigitization and Mobility in Qualitative Research
Digitization and Mobility in Qualitative Research  Session Chair
Recchi, EttoreSCIENCES PO, FranceThe Transition of Quantitative Research in an Era of Digitalization
Reckinger, RachelUniversité du Luxembourg, IPSE, FLSHASEConsumption and Health
Recubini, DarioUniversità degli studi "G. d'Annunzio" di Chieti-Pescara, ItalyJOINT SESSION: The European Refugee Crisis: Information Needs and Information Systems
Redmalm, DavidDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management, Uppsala University;
Department of Sociology, Uppsala University, Sweden
The Changing World of Work
Emotions, Morality and Normativity
Redondo, GiselaUniversitat de Barcelona, SpainVoice Opportunities and Alternative Forms of Representation and Cooperation
Redondo, GiselaUniversity of Cambridge, United KingdomUrban Forms of Crisis
Reestorff, Camilla MøhringAarhus University, DenmarkSocial and Cognitive Effects of the Arts: Communication, Socialization and Empowerment
Reginensi, Caterine OdileUniversidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense, Darcy Ribeiro, BrazilUrban Encounters & Everyday Life
Rehberg, Karl-SiegbertDresden University of Technology, Germany(Un)Making The European States
Reichle, NiklausUniversity of St.Gallen, Institute of Sociology, SwitzerlandAnalysing Populism
Reimer, ThordisUniversity of Hamburg, GermanyFatherhood and Fathering Practices II
Reinhard, Hans-JoachimUniversity of Applied Sciences Fulda, GermanyCare and Social Investment
Inequalities  Session Chair
Reinprecht, ChristophUniversity of Vienna, AustriaMethodological Challenges of Quality of Life Research in Europe
Reis, PaulaNew University of Lisbon - Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, IPRI-UNL, CICS.NOVA-UNL, PortugalRecognition of Education and Skills at the Labour Market
Reisel, LizaInstitute for Social Research, NorwayGender and Labour Markets
Reiter, JessicaDisaster Research Unit, Freie Universität Berlin, GermanyLinking Disaster Research and Conflict Theory
Reix, FabienUniversity of Bordeaux, FranceImages and Word
Remisiewicz, ŁukaszUniversity of Gdansk, PolandEmotions, Politics and the State I: State Institutions
Rendueles, CesarUniversidad Complutense de Madrid, SpainROUNDTABLE: Media in Society and Politics
Rentea, Georgiana-CristinaUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaParticipation and Reception
Subjectivity in Professional Work
Residori, CarolineUniversity of Luxembourg, LuxembourgInequalities and Marginalities
Rethymiotaki, HelenUniversity of Athens, GreeceCitizenship, Migration & Justice Systems in Transition
Subjectivities in Law under Crisis: Theory and Method  Session Chair
Reuschke, DarjaUniversity of Southampton, United KingdomFirms, Platforms and Work Organization
Reuter, JuliaUniversity of Cologne, GermanyScientific Careers and Practices II
Reutter, MartinaTechnical University of Munich, GermanyGender and Education I
Revilla, Juan CarlosUniversidad Complutense de MadridNew Directions in Network Analysis
(Un)Making Solidarities III
Reynolds, PaulEdge Hill University, United KingdomSexual Violence: Policies and Narratives
Reynolds, TraceyGreenwich University, UKCare
Migrant, Multicultural and Transnational Families III
Ribeiro, Ana Paula AlvesUniversidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, BrazilHeritage, Memories, Visual Cultures and Cultural Representations (Panel: Lusophone Sociology of the Arts, Part 1/3)
Ribeiro, RitaUniversity of Minho, PortugalEuropean Identity (and) Politics III
Ribera-Almandoz, OlatzUniversitat Pompeu Fabra, SpainResistance and Subversion in Spain
Beyond Defeat and Austerity: Disrupting (the Critical Political Economy of) Neoliberal Europe
Resistance and Subversion in Spain
Exploring the Limits of Solidarity Economies  Session Chair
Politics in Turbulent Times  Session Chair
Riccioni, IlariaFree University of Bozen, ItalySolidarities in the Arts
Richardson, WilliamUniversity of Exeter, United KingdomConsumption and the Body
Richter, RudolfUniversity of Vienna, AustriaIntergenerational Relationships and Kinship Networks I
Ricucci, RobertaUniversità di Torino, Italy;
University of Turin
Islam in Europe
Business Meeting  Session Chair
JOINT SESSION: Families, Gender Roles and Religions in Times of Neo-Liberalism: Different Traditions and New Challenges  Session Chair
JOINT SESSION: (Un)Making Europe: Religion and Gender  Session Chair
Religion, Migration and the Refugee Crisis  Session Chair
Ridel, DéborahUniversité d'Artois, France ; LEM UMR 9221Neoliberalism and Challenges to Medical Professionals II
Ridge, DamienUniversity of Westminster, United KingdomEducation: Mobility, Teachers, and Students
Rieder, IreneUniversity of Vienna, AustriaIntergenerational Relationships and Kinship Networks I
Parenting and Parent Child Relations I
Riener, GerhardGöttingen University, GermanyGender Differences and Gender Relations I
Rigou, MarinaPanteion University of Athens, GreeceTwitter, the New Political Communication Medium?
Riska, Elianne K.University of Helsinki, FinlandGender in Contemporary Professionalism
Riso, BrígidaUniversity Institute of Lisbon (CIES-IUL), PortugalCitizen Participation, Genomics and Bio-Banking: Process I
Ristić, DušanUniversity of Novi Sad, SerbiaKey Topics in the Sociology of Knowledge II: Power and Discourse
Key Topics in the Sociology of Knowledge IV: The Study of Sociological Knowledge  Session Chair
Ritter, Christian SimonNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyReligiously Active Migrants in an “(Un)Making” Europe?  Session Chair
Riva de Monti, MarcelaUniversidad Politecnica de Madrid, SpainUrban Planning & Gentrification
Rivera Ugarte, Victoria SoledadUniversity of Bristol, United KingdomWelfare Policies - Changes and Challenges
Rivero, CarlosValencia University, SpainMeasuring Societal Transformations in Turbulent Times
Roach Anleu, SharynFlinders University, AustraliaEmotion, Law and Organization
Roberge, JonathanINRS, CanadaMatchings and Intermediations in Arts Production and Distribution
Roberti, GeraldinaUniversity of L'Aquila, ItalyConsumption and Different Generations
Roberts, KenUniversity of Liverpool, United KingdomSolidarity and Trust
Robertson, AlexaStockholm University, SwedenROUNDTABLE: Media Narratives - Social Realities
Robinson, Elizabeth A.Suffolk University, United States of AmericaA Global Discussion about Migration, Integration, Identity and Education I
Robinson, LauraSanta Clara University, United States of AmericaSocial Inequality in Education II
Collective Emotions and Identity III
Combining Methods
Robinson, VictoriaUniversity of York, United KingdomGender in Imagery and in Everyday Practices
Robles, Felicia AnnamariaUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, ItalyFamily Dissolution and Post-Divorce Families I
Robnik, TanjaLMU München, GermanyHealth, Body-Weight and Everyday Life: Studying Subjectivities Through Time II
Roboz, ÁgnesCorvinus University of Budapest, HungaryNew Trends in Environmental Sociology I
Participation, Citizenship and Environmental Democracy
Rocha, Maria CustódiaUniversity of Minho, PortugalEthnic Relations - Case Studies
Roche, Catherine LouiseUniversity of Westminster, United KingdomEmbodied Perceptions, Knowing and Subjectivities
Roche, Zach JohnThe University of Limerick, IrelandSociology of Debt
Rodrigues, Carla F.University of Amsterdam, AISSR, The Netherlands;
Eduardo Mondlane University, Department of Sociology, Mozambique
The Pharmaceuticalisation of Performance: Consumption Practices Across Generations
Rodrigues, MargaridaJoint Research Centre, European Commission, SpainRecognition of Education and Skills at the Labour Market
Rodrigues, RicardoEuropean Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, AustriaCare Policies
Rodriguez-Blazquez, CarmenNational Centre of Epidemiology and CIBERNED; Institute of Health Carlos III (CNE; ISCIII). Madrid, SpainGender in Imagery and in Everyday Practices
Rodriguez, Juan-PabloUniversity of Bristol, United KingdomSocial Theory and the Critique of Capitalism II
Rodriguez, VicenteSpanish National Research Council, SpainActive Ageing & Wellbeing
Rodríguez Díaz, José AntonioUniversity of Barcelona, SpainEmotions and Capitalism II
Rodríguez Giralt, IsraelInternet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) - Open University of Catalonia, SpainVulnerability in Times of Socio-Economic Crisis: Recent Developments, Conceptual Issues and Innovative Approaches
Rodríguez Polo, MarioPalacký University Olomouc, Czech RepublicCitizenship from Below: Social Movements as Forms of Resistance and Redefinition of Citizenship II
Anti-Immigrant & Anti-Refugee Resentment
Rodróguez-Guzmán, CarmenUniversity of Jaen, SpainUrban Segregations: Territories & Actors
Roets, GrietGhent University, Belgium;
Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy Ghent University Belgium
Children, Poverty and Austerity I
Migrations and Health Inequalities in Europe III
Business Meeting  Session Chair
Questioning Boundaries of Age and Place: Child Refugees in an Uncertain Europe  Session Chair
Children’s Everyday Lives II  Session Chair
Rogero-Garcia, JesusUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid, SpainWork-Family Balance and Work-Family Conflicts III
Rogers, ChrissieUniversity of BradfordEarly Childhood and Education
Roginsky, SandrineUCL (université catholique de louvain), BelgiumEU Policies and the Media
Rohracher, HaraldLinköping University, SwedenEnergy, Climate Change & Sustainability
Business Meeting  Session Chair
Science Policy & National Research Systems II  Session Chair
Information Technologies and Society  Session Chair
Roithner, ThomasUniversity of ViennaRevealing the Global Competitiveness Delusions in EU Economic Governance
Rojo-Perez, FerminaResearch Group on Ageing (GIE-CSIC); Institute of Economics, Geography and Demography (IEGD); Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Madrid, SpainGender in Imagery and in Everyday Practices
Rojo-Pérez, FerminaSpanish National Research Council, SpainActive Ageing & Wellbeing
Roka, OlgaDepartment of Special Education, University of Thessaly, GreeceChronic Siseases and New Health Policies in the Capitalist Era II
Unemployment, precarious work, and health (care) from a comparative perspective: Contributions to the development of an institutional approach.
Rokka, JoonasEMLYON Business SchoolLeisure and Digital Consumption
Romanos, EduardoUniversidad Complutense de MadridInnovative Strategies Versus Political and Economic Targets  Session Chair
Romanova, ReginaNational Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian FederationJOINT SESSION: Economic Crises and Social Resilience
Romea Martínez, Ana CristinaUniversidad de Zaragoza, SpainOlder People and Elder Care
Family Planning and Fertility I  Session Chair
Romero-Balsas, PedroUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid, SpainWork-Family Balance and Work-Family Conflicts III
Romeu Gordo, LauraDeutsches Zentrum für Altersfragen (DZA), Germany;
DZA, German Center of Gerontology, Germany
Work & Transition to Retirement
Work & Transition to Retirement
Romito, MarcoUniversity of Milano-Bicocca, ItalyHigher Education II
Romão, AnaMilitary Academy;
Military Academy Research Center;
Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais
General Session: Southern European Societies: Current Issues
The Impact of Crisis on Various Institutions  Session Chair
Rona, DanielCorvinus University, HungaryRADHISCEE: Radical Right Discourses in Central and Eastern Europe
Roncevic, BorutSchool of Advanced Social Studies, SloveniaSocial transformations: East and West
Rondelez, EliseDepartement of Sociology Ghent University BelgiumMigrations and Health Inequalities in Europe III
Ronge, BastianHumboldt University Berlin, Germany(Un)Making Solidarities I
Roos, Gun MikaelaOslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Consumption Research Norway, NorwayFood Practices and Normativities
Roose, HenkUniversiteit Gent, Belgium;
Ghent University, Belgium
Radical Right-wing Populist Parties in Comparative Perspective II
Arts and Cultural Consumption
Roose, WillemGhent University, BelgiumArts and Cultural Consumption
Rosa, HartmutUniversity of Jena, GermanyClosing Ceremony 1: Closing Plenary - (Un)Making Subjectivities
Rosado, David PascoalMilitary Academy;
Universidade Europeia;
Military Academy Research Center
General Session: Southern European Societies: Current Issues
Rosca, LuminitaUniversity of Bucharest, Romania, ICUB - The Research Institut of University of Bucharest, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, SPARTA CenterNews Production in an International Perspective
Rosen, RachelUniversity College London, United KingdomQuestioning Boundaries of Age and Place: Child Refugees in an Uncertain Europe
Rosenhek, ZeevOpen University of Israel, IsraelJOINT SESSION: Financialisation of the Everyday II
Financial Education and Literacy  Session Chair
Rosenstein, EmilieUniversity of Geneva, SwitzerlandWorlds of Care
Rosich, GerardHelsinki, Finland(Un)Making The European Identity
Ross, EmilyUniversity of Edinburgh, United KingdomHealth, Bio-Medicine & Social Context II
Family Planning and Fertility I
Rostgaard, TineKORA, DenmarkAgeing & the Welfare State  Presenter
Health & Disability
Care and Social Investment  Session Chair
Roth, MariaBabes-Bolyai University, Cluj, RomaniaChildren’s Citizenship II
Youth Aspirations II
Roth, MariaBBU Cluj-Napoca, Romania, RomaniaHigher Education: Students
Roth, SteffenLa Rochelle Business School, France(Un)Making Capitalism 1: Rediscovering and Critically Rethinking Capitalism
Rothfuß, EberhardUniversity of Bayreuth, GermanyModernity (Modernities) in the Context of Neoliberalism II
Reinventing the City: Urban Resilience and Participation Processes II
Roudometof, VictorUniversity of Cyprus, CyprusAuthor Meets Critics: Victor Roudometof’s book “Glocalization: A Critical Introduction”
Cosmopolitanism, Consumption and Communication  Session Chair
Roussos, KonstantinosDepartment of Government,University of Essex, United KingdomPhD Summer School: Discussions of the Papers
Reinventing the City: Urban Resilience and Participation Processes
Roventa-Frumusani, DanielaUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaPolitical Discourse and Mediatization of Politics
Rovira Sancho, GuiomarUniversidad Autonoma Metropolitana, MexicoDigital Activism and (Alternative) Media
Rovisco, MariaUniversity of Leicester, United KingdomROUNDTABLE: Economic and Political Crisis
Rozgonyi, KrisztinaUniversity of Vienna, AustriaCultural Heritage and Memory
Rozhdestvenskaya, ElenaHSE, Russian FederationDifferent Voices and Memories in (Un)making Europe
Rubin, AndreaCatholic University of Milan, ItalyScience and the Public
Rudnicki, SewerynAGH University of Science and TechnologyScience, Technology, Innovation & Society I
Key Topics in the Sociology of Knowledge IV: The Study of Sociological Knowledge
Rueger, HeikoFederal Institute for Population Research, GermanyGender Differences and Gender Relations II
Rughinis, CosimaUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaPortrayal of Old Age
The Oldest Old  Session Chair
Rungius, MadeleineUniversity of Liverpool, United KingdomEmotions, Morality and Normativity
Ruspini, ElisabettaUniversity of Milano-BicoccaMasculinities  Session Chair
Rusu, Ioana-AlexandraUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaKey Topics in the Sociology of Knowledge II: Power and Discourse
Rusu, Mihai StelianLucian Blaga University of Sibiu, RomaniaCelebrating the Sacred: Politics, Holidays, and Family Rituals
Business Meeting  Session Chair
Celebrating Identity: Community-Building, Rituals of Belonging, and Diasporic Experiences  Session Chair
Celebrating Togetherness: Music, Dance, and Sport Festivals  Session Chair
Rutkowska, ZosiaINSTYTUT PRACY I SPRAW SOCJALNYCH (IPiSS)Care and Social Investment
Ruzza, CarloUniversity of Trento, ItalyImpact of European Populist Parties Success on EU-Level CSOs
(De-)Politicization in the Neoliberal Era II  Session Chair
Impact of European Populist Parties Success on EU-Level CSOs  Session Chair
Radical Right-wing Populist Parties in Comparative Perspective II  Session Chair
(Post-)Secular Subjectivities in European Societies II  Session Chair
Ruzzeddu, MassimilianoUniversità Niccolò Cusano di Roma, ItalySocial Theory and Identity Politics
Ryan, Majka MonikaUniversity of Limerick, IrelandWelfare Policies - Changes and Challenges
Ryan, TheresaDublin Institute of Technology, IrelandCelebrating Identity: Community-Building, Rituals of Belonging, and Diasporic Experiences
Rypi, AnnaLund University, SwedenPlace, Space & Cities
Ryser, Valerie-AnneFORS, SwitzerlandCouples, Cohabitation and Family Forms I
Rzadtki, LeaLeuphana University, Lüneburg, GermanyROUNDTABLE: Immigration Related Activism
Régnier, FaustineALISS UR1303, INRA, Université Paris-SaclayConsumption and the Body
Consumption and Health
Róin, ÁsaUniversity of the Faroe Islands, Faroe IslandsIntergenerational Relations and Policies
Rössel, JörgUniversity of Zurich, SwitzerlandTransnational Actors and Diasporas
Figuring Migrants and Migration
Arts Participation
Røyrvik, Emil AndréNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway(Un)Making Capitalism 1: Rediscovering and Critically Rethinking Capitalism
Rüger, HeikoFederal Institute for Population Reserach, GermanyFamily Planning and Fertility II
Răcătău, Ionela-MariaBabes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaFiguring Migrants and Migration
requeijo, paulaUNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE DE MADRID, SpainTheatricalization and Digital Representations
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