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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
LAVAUD LEGENDRE, BENEDICTEUniversités de Bordeaux, FranceNew Directions in Network Analysis
LECCARDI, CarmenUniversity of Milan-Bicocca, ItalySociology of Culture General Session II
Cultural Practices I  Session Chair
ESA Lecture Series (2) - Sociology Today  Session Chair
LEVY-VROELANT, ClaireUniversité Paris VIII Saint-Denis, France;
UMR Lavue CRH 7218
Using Public Spaces & Building the City I
LOPEZ-NARBONA, AnaUniversity of Malaga, SpainMeasuring Societal Transformations in Turbulent Times
LUTHRA, RENEEUNIVERSITY OF ESSEX, United KingdomEthnic Relations - Case Studies
Laakso, SenjaUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandPractices and Practice Theory
Laamanen, MikkoRoyal Holloway, University of London, United KingdomThe Present of Social Activism and Participatory Processes in Europe: Learning from the Past
Laborgne, Pia InariEIFER/KITSustainability, Mobility and Environmental Conflicts
Laermans, RudiUniversity of Leuven, BelgiumAusterity and Resistance I
European Identity (and) Politics II  Session Chair
Lafaut, DirkFree University of Brussels (VUB), BelgiumEthical Implications of a Sociological Approach to Health and Illness
Lagaert, SusanGhent University, BelgiumArts Participation
Lagerlöf, Karl Hannes BenjaminUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenSocial Movements and the Environment
Lagerspetz, MikkoÅbo Akademi University, FinlandCelebrating the Sacred: Politics, Holidays, and Family Rituals
Lages, Mauricio PiattiUniversity of São Paulo, BrazilSociology of Taste
Lagneaux, SéverineCatholic University of LouvainEmotions, Civic Action and Social Movements I
Lahti, AnnukkaUniversity of Jyväskylä, FinlandWomen's Sexual Lives and Subjectivities
JOINT SESSION: Emotions in Families and Intimate Life III: Friendship and Romantic Relations
Lahusen, ChristianUniversity of Siegen, GermanySocial Resilience and/or Resistance in the Unmaking of Europe
Lai, Chia-lingNational Taiwan Normal University, TaiwanCultural Spaces and Urbanity
Lai, RubyThe Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. (China)JOINT SESSION: Emotions in Families and Intimate Life III: Friendship and Romantic Relations
Parenting and Parent Child Relations I  Session Chair
Lainio, AnuUniversity of Surrey, United KingdomHigher Education: Students
Lainpelto, JackLund University, SwedenOccupations and Jobs
Lakatos, ZoltanBudapest University of Technology and Economics, HungarySocial Transformations Studies
Lake, AndaLatvian Academy of Culture, LatviaEuropean Identity (and) Politics I
Lakrintis, AthanasiosHarokopio University, GreeceSolidarities and Innovative Attempts to Cope with the Crisis
Lalioti, VarvaraPanteion University, GreeceSolidarities and Innovative Attempts to Cope with the Crisis
Lamamra, NadiaSFIVET, Switzerland;
Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Switzerland
Vocational Training and Education
Firms, Platforms and Work Organization
Lambelet, AlexandreEESP, Haute Ecole de Travail Social, Suisse OccidentalePartners for Welfare
Lammertink, NienkeMulier Institute / Radboud University, Netherlands, TheSport and Social Capital
Lamour, ChristianLuxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research, LuxembourgCitizenship, Social Boudaries and Cosmopoltanism
Lamprianou, IasonasUniversity of CyprusNew Directions in Network Analysis  Session Chair
Social Inequality in Education II
Lamura, GiovanniNational Institute of Health and Science on Ageing (INRCA), ItalyTechnology & Innovation II
Lan, Pei-ChiaNational Taiwan University, TaiwanCosmopolitanism, Consumption and Communication
Lancee, BramUniversity of AmsterdamEmployer Perceptions and Practices – Discrimination and Discourse
Landberg, Josefine Eva AnnaFree University of Brussels (VUB), BelgiumEmotions, Politics and the State II: Parties & Politics
Landrock, UtaUniversity of Kaiserslautern, GermanyInterviewer Effects and Measurement Errors
Lang, MelanieEdge Hill University, United KingdomYoung Sportsmen and Women: Frail Identities, Trying to fit in
Lange, JochenUniversity Siegen, GermanyChild Protection, Risk and Resilience/Children’s Use of New Media
Laou, StavroulaNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens, GreeceEmotions, Civic Action and Social Movements II
Laplante, BenoitInstitut national de la recherche scientifique, CanadaCouples, Cohabitation and Family Forms II
Larina, TatianaPeoples` Friendship University of Russia, Russian FederationSociology of Morality IV
Quantitative Research on Ethnocentrism and Migrant Integration
Larkins, CathUniversity of Central Lancashire, United KingdomNew Theories for Understanding Childhood I
Children’s Citizenship II
Children, Poverty and Austerity I  Session Chair
Larochelle, Dimitra LaurenceUniversity Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3, FranceTheatricalization in Contemporary TV Fiction
Larsen, Steen NepperDanish School of Education, DenmarkTheoretical Approaches to Education
Larsson Hult, KarinSHV, SwedenTeachers, Parents and Transitions
Larsson, BengtUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenChanging Environments and the Implications for Labour Relations
European Governance and Social Effects
European Industrial Relations: Representation, Representativeness and Social Dialogue
The Role of Actors and Sectors  Session Chair
Can Labour Voice be Oppressed?  Session Chair
Larsson, EmelieMid Sweden University, SwedenPublic Discourses and Media Representations of Risk II
Larsson, EricStockholm University, SwedenEducation and Social Standing
Las Heras, JonThe University of ManchesterResistance and Subversion in Spain
Laska-Formejster, AlicjaUniversity of Lodz Faculty of Economics and Sociology, PolandGeneral Call - Subjectivies and Dilemmas
Lass, IngaThe University of Melbourne, Australia, Bielefeld University, GermanyFamily Dissolution and Post-Divorce Families I
Gender Differences and Gender Relations II  Session Chair
Lassen, Aske JuulUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkActive Ageing Policies
Latcheva, RossalinaEuropean Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), AustriaExpectations and Attitudes
Expectations and Attitudes  Session Chair
Latinopoulou, MariaNational Technical University of Athens, GreeceChildren’s Everyday Lives I
Laub, Malte MichaelKing's College London, United KingdomGlobal Trumpism - The Resurgence of Fascism?
Lauber, JohannaRuhr-University Bochum, GermanyCrisis, Post-Crisis and Employment Relations (special session 2)
Lauder, HughUniversity of Bath, United KingdomPlace, Space & Cities
Launay, LydieUniversité Champollion Toulouse, FranceUrban Planning & Gentrification
Laurin, Emma ChristinaUppsala University, SwedenDiscussing Mental Health and Illness: Negotiating Stigma and Power
Lauristin, MarjuUniversity of Tartu, EstoniaTime Dimension and Generations
Social Transformations and Stratification Trends
Social Transformations Studies  Session Chair
Lauronen, TinaUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandSociology of Culture General Session II
Lavaud, Manon AliceRoskilde University, DenmarkChildren’s Identities I
Children’s Identities I  Session Chair
Lavía, CristinaUniversity of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), SpainScience, Technology & Education
Lazar, FlorinUniversity of Bucharest, RomaniaSubjectivity in Professional Work
Lazarevic, PatrickTU Dortmund University, GermanyHealth & Disability
Lazetic, PredragUniversity of Surrey, United KingdomHigher Education II
Lazzer, Gian PaoloCa' Foscari University of Venice, ItalyMarkets of Consumption
Food Retailing and Eating Out
Lažnjak, JasminkaFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of ZagrebScience Policy & National Research Systems I
LeGoff, Jean-MarieLines, Lives, University of Lausanne, SwitzerlandCouples, Cohabitation and Family Forms I
Leandros, NikosPanteion University, GreeceChanging Structures and Responses in Crisis Baffled Countries
Leaney, SarahUniversity of Brighton, United KingdomAusterity and Resistance II
Lebano, AdeleUniversity of Edinburgh, United KingdomFamilies in the Context of Economic Crisis and Poverty
Ledyaev, ValeriNational Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian FederationUrban Centers & Peripheries
Lee, Myoung-JinKorea University, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)Cultural Practices III
Lee, SeonokUniversity of British Columbia, CanadaMigrant, Multicultural and Transnational Families II
Lee, SunwooPalacký University in Olomouc, Czech RepublicLoneliness, social relations and health
JOINT SESSION: Advanced Quantitative Analysis in Ageing Research
Lee, Trenton JamesUniversity of Westminster, United KingdomSocial Media Exploitation, Communicative Capitalism and Alternatives
Lee, Wan-PingNational Chi-Nan University, TaiwanFamilies in the Context of Disability and Ill-Health
Lee, YuyingYuan Ze University, TaiwanMarkets of Consumption
Legarreta, MatxalenUniversity of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, SpainMotherhood and Mothering Practices
Fatherhood and Fathering Practices III
Legewie, Nicolas MartinDeutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW Berlin), GermanyVideography and Visual Research
Labour Market Trajectories of the Descendants of Immigrants in Europe  Session Chair
Leguina, AdrianUniversity of Manchester, United KingdomCultural Stratification
Legut, Agnieszka EwaPedagogical University of Cracow, PolandRefugees between open Reception and Social Closure: Xenophobic Rejection and showing Solidarity in Civil Society and Social Movements in the EU
Lehr, AlexRadboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands, TheThe Role of Actors and Sectors
Trade Union Formation and Organisation
New and Old Forms of Industrial Conflicts and Collective Representation  Session Chair
Trade Union Formation and Organisation  Session Chair
Lehtonen, Jukka PekkaUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandYouth Transitions
Lehtonen, MarkkuGSPR, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, FranceScience Policy & National Research Systems II
Lehtonen, Turo-KimmoUniversity of Tampere, FinlandRisks in Health and Social Care II
Leila, OumeddourCenter for employment studies CEETTranforming Labour (Market) Structures and Expectations
Leimegger, MarkusWhite Cross Bozen, ItalyVulnerability in Times of Socio-Economic Crisis: Recent Developments, Conceptual Issues and Innovative Approaches
Leinonen, Emilia AnnaUniversity of Jyvaskyla, FinlandCare
Leite Cabral, Maria da LuzEscola Superior Saúde Alcoitão, Portugal(De-)Politicization in the Neoliberal Era V
Leledakis, KanakisPanteion University of Social and Political Sciences, GreeceThe Impact of Crisis on Various Institutions
General Session: Solidarity and Work in the South  Session Chair
Lemaire, XavierUniversity College London, United KingdomRenewable Energy Systems
Lemos, Rutefaculty of arts and humanities of university of Porto, PortugalInequality and Marginalisation
Lempiäinen, Kirsti MariaUniversity of Lapland, FinlandGender at the Workplace
Leni, MariaHellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, GreeceCultural Heritage and Memory
Lenz, IlseRuhr-University Bochum, GermanyGender, Politics and Power
Masculinities  Session Chair
Lenz, SarahGoethe University Frankfurt, GermanyMarkets and Morality
Monies, Risk and Finance  Session Chair
Leonard, MadeleineQueen's University, Belfast, United KingdomChildren’s Everyday Lives I
Children’s Everyday Lives I  Session Chair
Leonard, Mariel McKoneUniversity of Mannheim, GermanyFemicide In Europe
Leonardi, EmanueleUniversity of Coimbra, PortugalAccumulation by Dispossession and the Possibilities for Hope
Social Theory and the Environment I  Presenter
Leonardi, MatildeFondazione IRCCS Istituto Neurologico Carlo BestaGeneral Call - Old and New Objects
Leonora, Anna MariaUniversity of Catania, ItalyDiversity and Schooling
Religion, Migration and the Refugee Crisis
Leppäkorpi, Mervi ElisabethUniversity of Eastern Finland, FinlandNaming and Framing Migrants and Refugees - Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion I
Leshem, RotemTel-Aviv University, IsraelCollective Emotions and Identity II
Collective Emotions and Identity III  Session Chair
Leszczyńska, KatarzynaAGH University Science and Technology, PolandJOINT SESSION: (Un)Making Europe: Religion and Gender
Lewandowski, JakubInstitute for Agricultural and Forest Environment, Polish Academy of Sciences, PolandJOINT SESSION: Perceptions of Environmental Risks and Vulnerabilities Across Europe
León, Francisco J.Universitat de GironaMethodologies for Political Sociology
Li, XunfeiTaiwan National Chengchi University, TaiwanSchool Tracking and Selectivity
Li, YouHeidelberg University, Germany;
Max-Weber-Institut für Soziologie, University Heidelberg, Germany
Parenting and Parent Child Relations II
Religion and Rights
Liakaki, SotiriaIndependent Researcher, GreeceLinking Disaster Research and Conflict Theory
Lialiouti, ZinoviaPanteion University, GreeceRemaking of Europe's Borders: Far Right Parties and the Migration Crisis
Liani, SerenaSapienza Università di Roma, ItalyInterviewer Effects and Measurement Errors
Lianos, MichalisUniversity of Normandy - Rouen, France(Un)Making Subjectivities
Meet the Editors: How to Write A Journal Article and Get It Published
Lidegran, IdaUppsala University, SwedenSchool Choice
Lidskog, RolfOrebro University, SwedenNatural Disasters and the Role of Technologies
Liebhart, ChristinaUniversity of Vienna, AustriaGender Relations in Academic Institutions
Liebst, Lasse SuonperäUniversity of CopenhagenSexual Violence and Education
Lietzmann, TorstenInstitute for Employment Research, GermanyChildhood in Social Structure
Lieutaud, MarionLondon School of Economics and Political Science, United KingdomGendering Methodology: Narratives, Indicators and Statistics
Lievens, JohnUGent, BelgiumArts Participation
Liikkanen, MirjaStatistics Finland, FinlandThe Arts in the Context of Neoliberalism
Lilja, MonaUniversity of Gothenburg Karlstad University, SwedenEmotions, Civic Action and Social Movements I
Lillqvist, EllaAalto University School of Business, FinlandEmotion, Law and Organization
Lillrank, AnnikaUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandAnalysing the Relationship Between Migration, Health Conditions, Health Care Access and Utilization in a Time of Crisis
Lima, Maria JoãoISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL), PortugalEveryday Life and the Arts: Practices, Interventions and Cultural Transmission
Lin, Mei-LingNational Open University, Taiwan, TaiwanRegulatory Mechanisms and Changing Patterns of Labour Mobility
Lindberg, Helen Sophie AndreaLinnaeus University, SwedenPolitics, Identity, and Emotions
Lindblom, TaruUniversity of TurkuFood Retailing and Eating Out
Lindroos, NooraUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandDiscussing Mental Health and Illness: Making Sense of Mental Illness Diagnoses
Lindstrøm, Maria DuclosUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkEconomic Policies and Deregulation
Linkova, MarcelaInstitute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech RepublicScientific Careers and Practices I
Science Policy & National Research Systems I  Session Chair
Science, Technology, Innovation & Society I  Session Chair
Lipasova, AlexandraNational Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian FederationFatherhood and Fathering Practices III
Work-Family Balance and Work-Family Conflicts III  Session Chair
Lipcsei, László PéterUniversity of Debrecen, HungaryRight-Wing Populism and Nationalism
Lisdero, Pedro MatíasCONICET, Argentine RepublicDigital Labour, Value Creation and Knowledge Labour
Litmanen, TapioUniversity of Jyväskylä, FinlandCurrent Research in Risk Perceptions and Understandings
Littler, JoCity, University of London, UK, United KingdomAuthor Meets Critics: Jo Littler’s book “Against Meritocracy: Culture, Power and Mythos of Mobility”
Liu, JunUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkChanging Political Landscapes: Entrepreneurship and Social Media
Liu, RuiLund University, SwedenConsumption and Health
Liu, Yu-chengNanhua University, TaiwanSocial Theory and the Critique of Capitalism III
Liubimau, SiarheiEuropean Humanities University, LithuaniaPolitical Impact of Professionalism
Liubyva, TetianaInstitute of Sociology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, UkraineGeneral Session A
Disaster, Conflict and Social Crisis (General Session II)
Liz, OliverUniversity of Leeds, United KingdomRegulatory Mechanisms and Changing Patterns of Labour Mobility
Ljungdahl, JensDepartment of social science, Mid Sweden University, SwedenCare
Lo, ChristianNord University, Norway;
Nordland Research Institute
Welfare in Interaction
Investing in Welfare  Session Chair
Lobera, JosepUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid, SpainChanging Political Landscapes: Entrepreneurship and Social Media
Loch, DietmarUniversity of Lille1, FranceRadical Right-wing Populist Parties in Comparative Perspective I
Radical Right-wing Populist Parties in Comparative Perspective I  Session Chair
Loeppky, RodneyYork University, CanadaGlobal Trumpism - The Resurgence of Fascism?
Loja, EmaInstitute of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lisbon, PortugalWelfare Policies - Changes and Challenges
Loktieva, IrynaThe Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, UkrainePrecariat and Vulnerability of Careers
Lomazzi, VeraGesis – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, GermanyLabour Markets and Welfare States in Transition: Barriers and Opportunities for Work-Family Reconciliation and Gender Equality
Lombardi, LiaISMU Foundation, University of MilanGeneral Call: Gender Perspective on Public Health
Forced Migration, Health, Policy: Challenges for Europe  Session Chair
Lombardo, ElisaUniversity of Catania, ItalyROUNDTABLE: Urban Protests
Lombi, LindaUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, ItalyChronic Siseases and New Health Policies in the Capitalist Era II
Lomonosova, MarinaSt.-Petersburg State University, Russian FederationInfertility and Reproductive Technologies
Lopes, AlexandraUniversity of Porto, PortugalCare and Social Investment
Inequality and Marginalisation
Care Policies  Session Chair
Lopes, Ana CatarinaNewcastle UniversityGender and Pay  Session Chair
Lopes, AnaNewcastle UniversityFeminist Politics
Lopes, Daniel SeabraSchool of Economics and Management of the University of Lisbon, PortugalMonies, Risk and Finance
Lopes, HelgaMilitary Academy;
Military Academy Research Center
General Session: Southern European Societies: Current Issues
Lopes, João TeixeiraUniversity of Porto, Institute of Sociology, PortugalMigrations of scholars in Europe. Westward and Eastward II
Lopes, MónicaCentre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, PortugalWelfare Policies - Changes and Challenges
Lopes, Noémia MendesEgas Moniz _ Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde I;
Centro de Investigação Interdisciplinar (CiiEM), Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz;
Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (CIES-IUL), Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)
The Pharmaceuticalisation of Performance: Consumption Practices Across Generations  Session Chair
The Pharmaceuticalisation of Performance: Consumption Practices Across Generations
Lopes, RicardoInstituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL) / DINAMIA'CET-IUL, PortugalHeritage, Memories, Visual Cultures and Cultural Representations (Panel: Lusophone Sociology of the Arts, Part 1/3)
Lord, CarolynneLancaster University, United KingdomTechnology & Innovation I
Lorek, KerstinFriedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, GermanyMeasuring Solidarity Potentials and Constraints in Contemporary Europe
Lorenz, Daniel F.Freie Universität Berlin, GermanyMass Migration and Refugee Crisis: Trends, Causes and Social Impacts I
Vulnerability in Times of Socio-Economic Crisis: Recent Developments, Conceptual Issues and Innovative Approaches  Session Chair
Linking Disaster Research and Conflict Theory
Lorenzen, Jule-MarieFreie Universität BerlinBiographical Constructions of New Inequalities in Europe: Precariat, Capitalism and Solidarity I
Lorenzo, JavierUniversidad Carlos IIIEuropean Identity and Mobility
Lorig, PhilippUniversity of Leipzig, GermanySubjectivities in Law under Crisis: Theory and Method
Los, Iwo TomaszThe University of Warsaw, PolandSociology of Morality III
Loukidou, KaterinaNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens, GreeceSocial Solidarity Economy in Southern Europe in Times of Crisis
Louveau, ChristineUniversité d'Evry Val d'Essonne, FranceImages and Word
Urban Transformation  Session Chair
Loveland, MaritNTNU, NorwayNew Methodologies and Ethics of Research with Children II
Lovering, Ian AlexanderUniveristy of Sussex, United KingdomUnravelling the Political Economy of Technocracy and Expertise
Lowton, KarenUniversity of Sussex, United KingdomEthical Implications of a Sociological Approach to Health and Illness
General Call - Subjectivies and Dilemmas  Session Chair
General Call - Cross National Perspectives  Session Chair
General Call - Old and New Objects  Session Chair
Chronic Siseases and New Health Policies in the Capitalist Era II  Session Chair
Loyning, TrondUniversity College of Southeast Norway, NorwayFinance and Banking
Lucarelli, StefanoUniversity of Bergamo, ItalyAccumulation by Dispossession and the Possibilities for Hope
Lucchesi, DarioUniversity of Padua, ItalyROUNDTABLE: Media in Society and Politics
Luczaj, KamilUniversity of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, PolandSociology of Taste
Ludovici, AnnaInstitute of Geography and Spatial Planning - University of Lisbon, PortugalMigrants and(in) the City
Ludwig-Dehm, Sarah M.Pennsylvania State University, United States of AmericaExpectations and Attitudes
Lueck, DetlevFederal Institute for Population Research, GermanyFamily Planning and Fertility I
Business Meeting  Session Chair
JOINT SESSION: Emotions in Families and Intimate Life II: Separation and Crisis  Session Chair
Infertility and Reproductive Technologies  Session Chair
Methodologies in Family Research  Session Chair
Luedicke, MariusCity, University of London, United KingdomConsumption, Inequalities and Exclusions
Luger, AlbertCarinthia University of Applied Sciences, AustriaSocial and Political Participation
Luhtakallio, EevaUniversity of Tampere, Finland;
University of Tampere, Faculty of Social Sciences FI, Finland
(De-)Politicization in the Neoliberal Era I
Meet the Editors: How to Write A Journal Article and Get It Published
Lukoyanov, AlexanderNational Research University Higher School of Economics, Russian FederationLiving the City & the Neighbourhood
Lund, ArwidLund University, SwedenCommunication Theory and Social Change
Lundberg, KjetilUni Research, NorwayMarginalization and Poverty I
Marginalization and Poverty II  Session Chair
Lunde, Bente VibeckeNord University, NorwayDiscussing Mental Health and Illness: Evaluating MI care: Between Interpretation and Coercion
Luoma, EmmaUniversity of Tampere, FinlandFood and Society
Luppi, MatteoCollegio Carlo Alberto, University of Turin, ItalyIntergenerational Relations and Policies
Lustosa Queiroz, Marcos ViníciusUniversidade de Brasília, BrazilEthnic Relations and Memory
Luzny, DusanPalacky University, Czech RepublicA Global Discussion about Migration, Integration, Identity and Education II
Lyberaki, AntigonePanteion University of Political and Social Sciences, GreeceGender and Austerity  Presenter
Lychkovska, OksanaOdessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, UkraineTheatricalization and Digital Representations
Lánský, OndřejThe Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic100 Years Charles Wright Mills: Sociological Imagination Today - Theoretical Questions / Commitment
Lämsä, TiinaUniversity of Jyväskylä, FinlandNew Methodologies and Ethics of Research with Children II
Léonard, MoulinINEDTranforming Labour (Market) Structures and Expectations
López Gómez, DanielInternet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) - Open University of Catalonia, SpainVulnerability in Times of Socio-Economic Crisis: Recent Developments, Conceptual Issues and Innovative Approaches
López-Andreu, MartíUniversity of HuddersfieldGender and Pay
Lövheim, HugoUmeå University, SwedenThe Oldest Old
Lübke, ChristianeUniversität Duisburg-Essen, GermanyJOINT SESSION: Sport and Refugees: First Steps Towards Integration?
Lüth, Ralf M.University of Kassel, Germany, GermanyMeasuring Enduring and Emerging Social Inequalities in Europe
JOINT SESSION: Relationships Between Young Adults and Services
le Grand, EliasStockholm University, SwedenYouth cultures, consumption and social media II
le Masson, VirginieOverseas Development Institute, United KingdomMass Migration and Refugee Crisis: Trends, Causes and Social Impacts I
lodetti, patrizioUniversity of Milan, ItalyIntergenerational Relationships and Kinship Networks III
lähteenmaa, jaanaUniversity of Tampere, FinlandJOINT SESSION: Youth Guarantee and Activation Policies
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