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Author(s) Organisation(s) Session
HAMM, MarylouUniversité Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, Sciences Po Strasbourg, FranceProfessions in the European Market
HOLZEMER, LAURENCEUniversité Libre de Bruxelles, BelgiumFood Practices, Thirft and Scarcity
HUGREE, CédricCresppa-CSU (CNRS/Université Paris Lumière), FranceHigher Education in Society
HUMEAU, PierigUniversity of Limoges, France, GRESCOROUNDTABLE: School Divisions
Haanes, Gro GadeUniversity of Faroe Islands, Faroe IslandsHealth & Disability
Haanpaa, Leena HelinaUniversity of Turku, FinlandChildhood in Social Structure
Haapajärvi, LindaÉcole des hautes études en sciences sociales, FranceNaming and Framing Migrants and Refugees - Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion IV
Urban Space and Memory  Session Chair
Haase, Dwight NeilUnited Arab Emirates University, United Arab EmiratesHigher Education: Challenges and Strategies
Habibi, ElhamَUniversity of Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic ofMethodologies in Family Research
Hadjar, AndreasUniversity of Luxembourg, LuxembourgCivic Education
Hadjicostandi, JoannaUniversity of Texas Permian Basin, United States of AmericaRefugees and Migrants into the Economic Crisis
Hadziabdic, SinisaUniversity of Geneva, SwitzerlandTheoretical Perspectives in Economic Sociology
Hadzibulic, SabinaUppsala University, SwedenCelebrating the Sacred: Politics, Holidays, and Family Rituals
Hadzibulic, SabinaUppsala University, Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre, SwedenReligion, Migration and the Refugee Crisis
Haerpfer, ChristianWorld Values Survey AssociationValue Research in a Cross-National Perspective  Session Chair
Haertl, SabineTU München, GermanyGender and Consumption
Hafford-Letchfield, TrishMiddlesex UniversitySexuality & Intimacy
Hagen, Målfrid IreneØstfold University College, NorwayJOINT SESSION: Artful Sexualities and Sexualities of Art
Haindorfer, RaimundUniversity of Vienna, AustriaMethodological Challenges of Quality of Life Research in Europe
Haines-Doran, TomSOAS, University of London, United KingdomIndustrial Restructuring and Labour in Europe
Hajdarowicz, IngaJagiellonian University in KrakówDisaster, Conflict and Social Crisis (General Session I)
Mass Migration and Refugee Crisis: Trends, Causes and Social Impacts II
Hajdu, GaborCentre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences;
MTA-ELTE Peripato Comparative Social Dynamics Research Group, Hungary
New Trends in Environmental Sociology II
Hajdu, TamásResearch Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of SciencesNew Trends in Environmental Sociology II
Hajer, Minkeuniversità degli studi di Milano/Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands, TheCitizenship from Below: Social Movements as Forms of Resistance and Redefinition of Citizenship I
Hakovirta, MiaUniversity of Turku, FinlandCouples, Cohabitation and Family Forms I
Halawa, MateuszPolish Academy of Sciences, PolandSociology of Debt
Halilovic-Pastuovic, MajaTrinity College Dublin, IrelandEducational Systems: Comparisons and Transitions
Naming and Framing Migrants and Refugees - Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion IV
Halkier, BenteUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkFood Practices and Normativities
Institutions and Relations in Food Consumption  Session Chair
Hall, ElisabethUniversity of Faroe Islands, Faroe IslandsHealth & Disability
Haller, MaxUniversity of Graz, Austria(Un)Making European Citizenship
Halleröd, BjörnUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenAgeing & Health
Halonen, TerhiUniversity of Eastern Finland, FinlandYouth cultures, consumption and social media I
Halák, JanPalacký University in Olomouc, Czech RepublicLoneliness, social relations and health
Hamjediers, MaikHumboldt-University of Berlin, GermanyFamily Planning and Fertility II
Hamori, AdamEducational Authority, HungaryHigher Education: Students
JOINT SESSION: Capitalism, Solidarities and Religion: The Market as Religion and Religions in the Market
Hampshire, JamesUniversity of Sussex, United KingdomGovernment Policies’ Impact on Migrants’ Labour Market Positions
Hansen, Anders RhigerAalborg University, DenmarkConsumption of Water and Energy
Hansen, ThomasNOVA, Norwegian Social Research, Oslo and Akershus University College, NorwayJOINT SESSION: Advanced Quantitative Analysis in Ageing Research
Hansson, LenaUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenGender and Consumption
Hanzlik, JanUniversity of Economics in Prague, Czech RepublicGender and Professions
Haragus, MihaelaBabes-Bolyai University, RomaniaIntergenerational Relationships and Kinship Networks II
Intergenerational Relationships and Kinship Networks I
Haragus, Paul TeodorBabes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, RomaniaIntergenerational Relationships and Kinship Networks I
Hardoy, InésInstitute for Social Research, NorwayGender and Labour Markets
Hare, PhilippaUniversity Siegen, GermanyChild Protection, Risk and Resilience/Children’s Use of New Media
Harju, AnuAalto University School of Business, FinlandEmotion, Law and Organization
Harjunen, HanneleUniversity of Jyväskylä, FinlandHealth, Body-Weight and Everyday Life: Studying Subjectivities Through Time I
Harjuniemi, Timo JuhaniUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandEU Fiscal Crisis and the Media
Harling, MartinUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenROUNDTABLE: Choosing School
Harma, VuokkoNuorisotutkimusverkosto, FinlandMobility and Regionality
Harnett, ToveLund University, SwedenActive Ageing & Wellbeing
Ageism & Discrimination
Hartley, KathyUniversity of Salford, United KingdomJOINT SESSION: Valuable Health Care? Curing and Caring in the Shadow of the Social and Economic Crisis
Harvey, DavidCity University of New York, United States of AmericaOpening Ceremony 1: Opening Plenary - (Un)Making Capitalism
Harvey, WilliamUniversity of Manchester, United KingdomProgressive Politics and the Statist Left
Harzendorf, Marc-DirkMartin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, GermanyModernity (Modernities) in the Context of Neoliberalism I
Hasdemir, TugbaGazi University, TurkeyMedia Coverage of Migration and Solidarity Networks
Haslam, CherylLoughborough University, United KingdomAgeism & Discrimination
Hasmanova Marhankova, JaroslavaUniversity of West Bohemia, Czech RepublicSexualities, Health, Technologies
Motherhood and Mothering Practices  Session Chair
Hasselgren, CarolineUniversity of Gothenburg, SwedenAgeing & Health
Hatipoglu Aydin, DuyguYalova University, TurkeyDigital Labour, Value Creation and Knowledge Labour
Hatos, AdrianUniversity of Oradea, RomaniaTheoretical Approaches to Education
Haubner, TineFriedrich-Schiller-University Jena, GermanySocial Theory and the Critique of Capitalism I
Havekost, StephanieSamaritan International, GermanyVulnerability in Times of Socio-Economic Crisis: Recent Developments, Conceptual Issues and Innovative Approaches
Havermans, NeleUniversity of Leuven, BelgiumSchool Choice
Havlicek, JakubPalacky University, Czech RepublicReligion and Education
Haynes, PaulRoyal Holloway University of London, United KingdomTheories of Consumption
Hazelton, Michael JohnThe University of Newcastle, AustraliaCapitalism, Subjectivities, Solidarities: Theorizing Mental Illness in Times of Crisis
Hašková, HanaInstitute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech RepublicFamily Planning and Fertility I
Work-Family Balance and Work-Family Conflicts I  Session Chair
Healy, Amy ErbeMary Immaculate College, UL, IrelandJOINT SESSION: Families, Gender Roles and Religions in Times of Neo-Liberalism: Different Traditions and New Challenges
Heaney, Jonathan G.Queen's University Belfast, United KingdomTheorizing Affect and Emotion II
Theorizing Affect and Emotion I  Session Chair
Collective Emotions and Identity IV  Session Chair
Hebrok, MarieSIFO Consumption Research Norway, NorwaySocial and Environmental Sustainability
Heidenstrøm, NinaOslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, NorwayConsumption of Water and Energy
Critical Infrastructure Risks and Emergent Responses
JOINT SESSION: Consumption and the Green Transition for a Changing Europe  Session Chair
Heikkilä, Riie Lotta SolveigUniversity of Tampere, FinlandSociology of Taste
Food Retailing and Eating Out  Session Chair
Heikkilä, RiieUniversity of Tampere, FinlandSociology of Culture General Session II
Heine, FredericUniversity of Warwick, United KingdomBanking on the Future, Sovereign Debt Crisis and Alternatives
Heinskou, Marie BruvikAalborg University, DenmarkSexual Violence and Education
Heinz, JanaTechnische Universität München, GermanyHigher Education: Challenges and Strategies
Heiskala, RistoUniversity of Tampere, FinlandSocial Theory
Helba, CynthiaWestat, USAFemicide In Europe
Helland, HåvardOslo and Akershus university college, NorwayParents Involvement and Schooling
Helén, IlpoUniversity of Eastern Finland, FinlandHealth, Bio-Medicine & Social Context I
Hembruff, Jesse GlennKing's College London, United KingdomRevealing the Global Competitiveness Delusions in EU Economic Governance
Hemming, KarenGerman Youth Institute, GermanyMobility and Regionality
Social Mobility I
Hennig, Linda EstherUniversity of Münster, GermanySocial Mobility I
Henriksson, Heidi EmiliaÅbo Akademi University, FinlandCivic Education
Herbrik, RegineLeuphana University Lüneburg, GermanyTheoretical Perspectives in the Sociology of Knowledge 1: Communicative Constructivism
Herbrik, RegineInstitute of Sociology and Cultural Organization (ISKO) Leuphana University Lueneburg, GermanyJOINT SESSION: Artful Sexualities and Sexualities of Art
Hermane, AgneseLatvian Academy of Culture, LatviaSubjectivity in Professional Work
Hermansen, ÅsmundFafo, NorwayRetirement Timing
Herr, BenjaminUniversity of Vienna, AustriaVoice Opportunities and Alternative Forms of Representation and Cooperation
Herudziński, TomaszWarsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW, PolandPost-Industrial Cities
Herzog, BennoUniversity of Valencia, SpainEurope, Solidarity and the Problem of Social Integration I
Social Theory and the Critique of Capitalism II  Session Chair
Social Theory  Session Chair
Heyder, MonikaEIFER/KITSustainability, Mobility and Environmental Conflicts
Heß, MoritzTechnical University DortmundMethods and Methodologies in Risk Research
Hilário, Ana PatríciaInstituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa, PortugalGender Diversity
Hinton-Smith, TamsinUniversity of Sussex, United KingdomFamilies from Children's Perspective
Hinz, SarahFriedrich-Schiller-University Jena, GermanyDamaged lives. Precarious Work
Hirseland, AndreasInstitut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung Nürnberg, GermanyChildren, Poverty and Austerity II
Hirsh, DavidGoldsmiths, University of London, United KingdomTheorizing Antisemitism
Antisemitism – Case Studies  Session Chair
Hirvi-Ijäs, MariaCupore, Center for Cultural Policy Research, FinlandSociological Perspectives on Cultural Policy
Hjärpe, TeresLund University, SwedenDigitalization and New Technologies
Key Topics in the Sociology of Knowledge IV: The Study of Sociological Knowledge
Hlebec, ValentinaUniverity of Ljubljana, SloveniaCare Policies
Ho, Szu YingCity University of New York, United States of AmericaGender and Pay
Hodder, AndyUniversity of Birmingham, United KingdomSocial Media Use - Promises and Expectations
Hodkinson, PaulUniversity of Surrey, United KingdomFatherhood and Fathering Practices I
Work-Family Balance and Work-Family Conflicts II  Session Chair
Hoettemann, MichaelPhilipps-University Marburg, GermanyAntisemitism and Racism in the Media
Hof, Helena BrigitteWaseda University, GermanyGlobal Socialization and Citizenship
Hofmann-Lun, IreneGerman Youth Institute, GermanySocial Inequality in Education II
Hofmann, JuliaUniversity of Vienna, AustriaInsitutional Responses to the Vulnerabilities of Migrant Workforce
(Re)Doing Europe: the Making and Breaking of Transnational Solidarity Networks in Times of Economic Crisis
Hofäcker, DirkUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, GermanyActive Ageing Policies
Intergenerational Relations and Policies  Session Chair
JOINT SESSION: How do Increasing Childlessness and Limited Family Support Affect Older Adults?  Session Chair
Business Meeting  Session Chair
Holdsworth, ElizabethLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, United KingdomCitizen Participation, Genomics and Bio-Banking: Process I
Holley, PeterUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandCosmopolitanism and Minorities
Transnational Actors and Diasporas  Session Chair
Local and Transnational Issues in a Global World  Session Chair
Holm, LotteUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkThe Sociology of Sustainable Food Consumption
Holmes, MaryUniversity of Edinburgh, United KingdomEmotions, Morality and Normativity
Collective Emotions and Identity II  Session Chair
Holmes, TorikLancaster University, United KingdomSocial Theory
Holmqvist, MikaelStockholm University, Sweden100 Years Charles Wright Mills: Sociological Imagination Today - Elite / Middle Class / Vulnerable Groups
Holmwood, JohnUniversity of Nottingham, United KingdomSocial Theory and the Critique of Capitalism I
ESA Discussions: Assessing Sociology - Research and Impact Assessments and their Implications
Holubek, StefanUniversity of Bremen, GermanyBiographical Constructions of New Inequalities in Europe: Precariat, Capitalism and Solidarity II
Homanen, RiikkaUniversity of Tampere, FinlandInfertility and Reproductive Technologies
Figuring Migrants and Migration
Intergenerational Relationships and Kinship Networks I  Session Chair
Hommel, ElodieENS de Lyon, France;
Centre Max Weber, France
Developments in Particular Domains of the Arts
Honegger, CarolineEESP, Haute Ecole de Travail Social, Suisse OccidentalePartners for Welfare
Horn, LauraRoskilde Universitet(Un)Making Capitalism 2: The Critique of Digital Capitalism's Political Economy  Session Chair
Revealing the Global Competitiveness Delusions in EU Economic Governance  Session Chair
Academic Freedom Under Threat in Europe  Session Chair
RN (Research Network) Council Meeting  Session Chair
Horolets, AnnaUniversity of Gdańsk, PolandNaming and Framing Migrants and Refugees - Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion III
Horta, AnaUniversidade de Lisboa, PortugalScience, Technology, and Innovation I
Renewable and Non-renewable Energies  Session Chair
Horvath, AgostonEducational Authority, HungaryHigher Education: Students
Horzsa, GergelyCorvinus University of Budapest, HungaryTechnology and Innovation
Hossu, Iulia-ElenaCentre for Population Studies - UBB Cluj, Romania; ROMANIAN INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH ON NATIONAL MINORITIES, RomaniaImages and Word
Houni, Pia MariaFinnish Institute of Occupational Health, FinlandSolidarities in the Arts
Houtman, DickKU Leuven, BelgiumReligion, Integration and Solidarity
Hovedskov, RasmusUniversity of Sheffield, United KingdomIndustrial Restructuring and Labour in Europe
Howell, SimonUniversity of Cape Town, South AfricaUrban Inequalities, Conflicts and Mediations
Hristova, Svetlana HristoforovaSouth-West University, BulgariaPart I Belonging and Online Participation; Part II Distributed Papers
Hrubos, IldikoCorvinus University of Budapest, HungaryROUNDTABLE: Higher Education
Hrženjak, MajdaPeace Institute, SloveniaGender and Age
Hsu, ChiehUniversity of Heidelberg, GermanyMigrant, Multicultural and Transnational Families II
Hu, XiaomanHeidelberg University, GermanyParenting and Parent Child Relations II
Hu, YangLancaster University, UKChildren and Intergenerational Relations
Huang, Ya-ChingNational Taiwan University, TaiwanSport and Social Capital
Hudson, Maria HelenUniversity of Essex, United KingdomMechanisms of Ethno-Migrant Inequality Production at Work
Mechanisms of Ethno-Migrant Inequality Production at Work
Huinink, JohannesUniversity of Bremen, GermanyCouples, Cohabitation and Family Forms II
Measuring Societal Transformations in Turbulent Times
Huisman, MartijnVrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands;
VU University Medical Centre Amsterdam
Ageing & Migration II
Huke, NikolaiUniversity of TübingenBeyond Defeat and Austerity: Disrupting (the Critical Political Economy of) Neoliberal Europe
Humeau, PierigUniversity of Limoges, France, GRESCOParenting and Parent Child Relations II
Humer, ŽivaPeace Institute, Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, SloveniaParents
Humphris, RachelUniversity of Birmingham, United KingdomNaming and Framing Migrants and Refugees - Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion IV
Hunkler, ChristianMax Planck Institute for Social Law & Social Policy, GermanySchool Choice
Wealth, Income Distribution and Social Inequality  Session Chair
Hunt, GeoffreyAarhus University, DenmarkThe Transition of Quantitative Research in an Era of Digitalization
Hurst, SamiaInstitut éthique histoire et humaintités, Université de Genève, SwitzerlandMaking Publics and Building Solidarities in 21th Century Public Health
Husemann, Katharina C.Royal Holloway, University of London, United KingdomTheories of Consumption
Hustinx, LesleyUniversity of Ghent, BelgiumCouples, Cohabitation and Family Forms I
Health, Bio-Medicine & Social Context II
Naming and Framing Migrants and Refugees - Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion II
Husu, Hanna-MariThe University of Jyväskylä, FinlandSocial Exclusion
Husz, IldikoHungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Social Sciences, HungaryChildren, Poverty and Austerity II
Hvinden, BjornOslo and Akershus University College, NorwayEurope, Solidarity and the Problem of Social Integration II
Hylmö, AndersLund University, SwedenScientific Careers and Practices III
Hyslop, Ian KelvinUnivesity of Auckland, New ZealandChildren, Poverty and Austerity I
Hyz, Alina BTechnological Education Institute Of Piraeus, GreeceCorporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Hámos, DalmaUniversity of Pécs, HungaryAgeing & Migration I
Häikiö, LiisaUniversity of Tampere, FinlandRisks in Health and Social Care II
Högbacka, Riitta AnneliUniversity of Helsinki, FinlandGender and the Global Care Chain
Hövermann, AndreasUniversity of Bielefeld, GermanyTheoretical Perspectives in Economic Sociology
Høeg, DiddeSteno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, DenmarkFamilies from Children's Perspective
Hülür, HimmetAbant İzzet Baysal University, TurkeyPublic Service Media and its Old and New Challenges
Hürtgen, StefanieUniversity of Salzburg, AustriaIndustrial Restructuring and Labour in Europe
Hărăguș, Paul-TeodorBabeș-Bolyai University, RomaniaYouth Aspirations II
huefken, volkerHeinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, GermanyInterviewer Effects and Measurement Errors
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