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Poster session 4
Time: 27/Aug/2019: 1:30pm-3:00pm · Location: Jubileumzaal

Visual search for chromatic composition of art paintings by chimpanzees

Tomoko Imura1, Shigeki Nakauchi2, Nobu Shirai3, Masaki Tomonaga4

1Japan Women's University, Japan; 2Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan; 3Niigata University, Japan; 4Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University, Japan

Previous studies showed that when humans were asked to choose the most preferable one among four images of unfamiliar paintings: original (0 deg) and three hue-rotated images (90, 180, and 270 deg), they preferred to choose the original images regardless of the categories of art paintings (Nascimento et al., 2017; Kondo et al., 2017). Although such preferences seem to be shaped by human-specific cultural and developmental experiences, there may be some biological basis. We examined the ability to discriminate chromatic composition of art paintings for chimpanzees. We measured chimpanzees’ sensitivities for colour hues of art paintings using a visual search task. 6 chimpanzees (aged in 18-42 years, 1 male) were asked to select an original coloured image or 90 deg hue-rotated image from the six hue-inverted images presented on the display. These images had equal luminance and mean chromaticity. 24 paintings of three categories(abstract, poster, and flower)were used as visual stimuli. Results showed that the original images were easier to be detected than the hue-rotated images regardless of the category. The advantage for visual processing of the original images may be shared by primate species.

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