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Poster session 4
Time: 27/Aug/2019: 1:30pm-3:00pm · Location: Jubileumzaal

Pupillary response to beep sound reflects emotion: Emotion estimation method using probe stimulus

Kengo Shimizu1, Satoshi Nakakoga1, Junya Muramatsu2, Takashi Kitagawa3, Tetsuto Minami1,4, Shigeki Nakauchi1

1Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology; 2TOYOTA Central R&D Labs., Inc. System & Electronics Engineering Dept.II; 3TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, R&D Engineering Management Div.; 4Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS), Toyohashi University of Technology

Recently, estimation of emotional states using physiological response has become more important. Previous studies reported that pupillary dilatation response (PDR) was induced when viewing emotionally arousing pictures. However, the estimation method by the pupillary response so far is directly linked to the timing of emotion elicitation such as the onset of emotional pictures. Other recent studies have reported that brain activity to deviant sound is enhanced to negative emotions. If the similar phenomenon is found in pupillary responses, estimation of emotional states become possible using pupillary responses to auditory stimuli. In this study, we investigated pupillary responses to auditory oddball tasks in each emotion state elicited by emotional pictures (positive, negative, and neutral). Our results showed that PDR to beep sound in negative and positive emotional states was more dilated compared to neutral, and PDR to beep sound in negative emotional states was induced earlier compared to other emotional states. In addition, the emotion-dependent PDR was not related to the difference between standard and oddball sounds. Taken together, our study suggested that it is possible to estimate the emotional states from the amplitude and the latency of pupil activity by using beep sounds.

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