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Session Overview
Workshop 29: Listening to Professionals' Voices as to Develop Tools for Assessing and Determining the Best Interest of Children
Friday, 18/June/2021:
5:15pm - 6:15pm

Location: Parallel Session 4

Prof. Christos Panagiotopoulos
Dr. Anna Plevri
Dr. Ioanna Katsounari

Session Abstract

Protecting vulnerable children is always a challenging and difficult task at the same time. Many of the challenges stem from the nature of the difficulties that children come across in their life and especially from the duration of time they have been exposed to. At the same time, we come across problems due to lack of working protocols amongst agencies, lack of common understanding on how we determine and assess children best interest. In particular, the last parameter occurs as agencies and consequently professionals do not work neither within a common framework nor they use tools as to determine and assess best interest of a child. Therefore, this study, commissioned by the Ombudsman of Children in Cyprus, explored through the focus-groups with all involved agencies (governmental and non-governmental) a) the understanding of the determination and assessment of a child by all involved agencies in Cyprus b) procedures that are currently in use in order to guarantee children’s best interest and finally c) suggested a methodology on how to develop tools for ensuring the best interest of the child. Results of the study indicated gaps in working together synergies, lack of common understanding amongst professionals on how to ensure children’s best interest and need for setting up a common framework. Therefore, in this workshop, experiences and good practices will be shared and discussed focusing in particular on children’s involvement on decision making and on the use of tools that define and assess children’s quality of life.

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