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Session Overview
Workshop 28: The Child´s Right to Be Heard – Listening to Children’s Voices in Child Protection Practices
Friday, 18/June/2021:
5:15pm - 6:15pm

Location: Parallel Session 3

Dr. Asgeir Falch-Eriksen
Prof. Karmen Toros

Session Abstract

The idea of the workshop is to have a discussion on how the child’s right to a freedom of expression works during what has been dubbed street-level practice in Child Protection Services (CPS). We aim to introduce an upcoming open access book (published in early spring 2021 on Routledge). The book will use the right of expression in administrative and judicial proceedings, which is a right granted a child through the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Article 12, as a point of departure to explain what practices of the CPS must look like to uphold and enforce the rights of the child. The rights of a child that is subjected to detrimental care depends upon professional practitioners knowing how to enforce them. Research literature documents extensively and across countries how Art.12 is implemented either with a lack of hearing the voice of the child, or having a proforma/tokenistic approach to listening to the child throughout CPS-practices. This book will move one step further. Professional practices within CPS must be able to justify how Art.12 is enforced no matter where that practice is located in the course of any child protection case. Art.12 is comprehensive to CPS-practices as a child affected by any type of CPS-practice must be provided “the opportunity to be heard” in any administrative practice. As there is a lack of any detailed research-based knowledge on how to enforce Art.12 throughout CPS-practices, it is correspondingly hard to justify that the child has de facto rights. This book will be a step to remedy the lack of literature on professional rights-based practice pertaining to Art.12. The book will also seek to contribute to the ongoing research-agenda combining an interest in developing knowledge-based professionalism in social work pertaining to the rights of the child.

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