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Workshops 18-19: Teacher stay in front of your blackboard!? Embedding Community Based and Engaged Learning in curricular practice: inspiring examples and useful tools
Friday, 18/June/2021:
12:30pm - 2:00pm

Location: Parallel Session 5

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Teacher stay in front of your blackboard!?

Maajke Callebert, Pieter Lievens

Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Belgium

*This contribution draws on a participatory observation, type action research, conducted in 2019-2020, a period of strong climate movements in Belgium. It draws on the experience of a Social Work Teacher participating in grassroots movements in dealing with local environmental issues. This is an amazing story of a 2-year process of legal action, strong social actions and frontline battles on tackling an unprecedented petrochemical investment (for plastics) by Ineos in the harbor of Antwerp.

* What conclusions can be drawn from this experience? What lessons needs to learned and how can social work and social work teaching bond with civic and grass roots movements at the frontlines to promote environmental justice or to combat systems of injustice and predatory capitalism (like mining, polluting factories or fossil fuel industry)? What can or should Social Work Education learn from indigenous perspectives in dealing with actors of an economic system and a political ideology that is destroying life on earth? Can or should Social Work (Education) embrace these struggles for justice around the world?

*This workshop has a strong emphasis on discussion. It aims to share interactions of teachers that have experience with legal action, social actions and frontline battles against companies or governments. This workshop invites you to exchange your practices in participatory research or other involvement in local environmental movements, being service users of collective and community action for more just and more sustainable choices in society. There will be special attention to making links with teaching social work and learning outcomes of students (like political and societal awareness). Also indirect effects on students and colleagues of visible participation of teachers among service users in legal action, strong social actions and (mediatised) frontline battles will be discussed.

Embedding Community Based and Engaged Learning in curricular practice: inspiring examples and useful tools

Geert Marrin, Sven Svensson

AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp, Belgium

In Community Based Learning the strengthening of academic competences, practice-based and experiential learning and reflection always go hand in hand (Cress 2005 ). This didactic concept is not a new educational approach and has a solid tradition in Anglo-Saxon countries, among others. Community Based Learning has been gaining ground in Europe in recent years.

With a view to stimulating active global citizenship among all its students, AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp places Community Based Learning at the heart of its new mission, vision and strategy. Community Based Learning is also a spearhead for AP in its policy on internationalisation. Finally, this socially oriented form of education is becoming increasingly embedded in the curricula, including the Social Work programme.

The structure of this 45-minute workshop is as follows:

- We will elaborate on Community Based Learning as a didactic concept. We place Community Based Learning on a continuum with embedding relevant examples from the professional field in lessons at one end and project-based ‘Community Engaged Learning’ at the other. Workshop participants learn to place their own educational practice on this continuum. (10 minutes)

- Using a number of inspiring examples, we will show how Community Engaged Learning - through extensive cooperation between university lecturers & students, social organisations and service users - produces social added value for vulnerable groups in our local community. We also show how Community Engaged Learning can actively contribute to educational innovation in the context of higher education through a focus on interdisciplinarity. (10 minutes)

- We provide participants with ideas and tools to further develop and anchor all kinds of forms of Community Based Learning in their curricula. Together with the workshop participants we reflect on the value of Community Based & Engaged Learning in higher education. (15 minutes)

- Finally, through this interactive workshop we are looking for connections between international good practices. In this way we hope to contribute to an international learning community aiming at the further development of Community Based & Engaged Learning as a dynamic educational approach. (10 minutes)

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