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Workshops 8-9: Teaching innovations and the social work perspective of agency leadership, management, supervisory roles, and direct service tools in the digital age; Engaging students online
Thursday, 17/June/2021:
3:30pm - 5:00pm

Location: Parallel Session 4

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Teaching innovations and the social work perspective of agency leadership, management, supervisory roles, and direct service tools in the digital age.

Joyce Lee Taylor

Yale School of Medicine, United States of America

Social workers have an imperative role in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, and are more effective with new technology. As social workers are preparing for leadership positions they are interested in applying technology to their practice courses and fieldwork, and benefit from reflections from real-world experiences of agency leaders.

The presenter will describe teaching approaches with an advanced generalist perspective of a broad range of information technology in social work. There are advantages as well as ways of avoiding the pitfalls, related to client access, engagement, collaboration, documentation and court preparation, and ethical and risk management concerns, management of performance goals, efficiency and financial costs and cost-savings, staff satisfaction, and retention. Participants will receive a tour of a variety of high-tech tools that have been useful for student instruction in class and fieldwork: apps, case notes, real-time documentation, case management records, artificial intelligence, applied analytics, portals for teens, caregivers, and support teams, and ground-breaking artificial intelligence to support increased clinical understanding, assessment, and critical thinking for case decisions. The presentation is based on reflections from the applications of technology from various agencies in Florida and New England.

Engaging students online

Esther Stahl

University of Applied Sciences Merseburg, Germany

Teaching the art of working with people is already a challenging task. Doing so via digital tools seemed impossibly or at the least unattractive for most teaching staff in the field of Social Work. Now that a pandemic invited us to challenge our believe systems we find ourselves looking at our own video reflection, blank student screens and listening to the sound of Zoom silence.

In this 90 minutes workshop we will experience ways to engage students online. How do we get them to turn on their mics? How do we convey people skills through a laptop screen? How do we create content that has a lasting effect?

Even for the time a. c. (after covid) some of the tools and skills we and our students learn may be of use for our classes or in working together with partners in the field of Social Work. We will create ideas of how to make use of these new teaching and learning possibilities in our respective fields.

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