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Location: Merikoski
Date: Monday, 24/Sep/2018
P04: Information Seeking and Information Behaviour
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Heidi Päivyt Karoliina Enwald

Serendipity in High School Students’ Information Acquisition

Jannica Heinström, Eero Sormunen, Teemu Mikkonen

Information Seeking Behavior of Primary Teachers in Estonia: An Exploratory Study

Sirje Virkus, Marit Mathiesen

Teacher’s Resistances to Mobile Learning in Turkey and Spain: What Similarities? What Differences?

Tugba Mutlu, Cristina Aliagas

P05: Information Seeking and Information Behaviour
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Jannica Heinström

Using Open Badges to Foster Information Literacy: An Action Research Approach

Sirje Virkus

Biographical Space, Digital Death and Information Literacy Skills: Current Issues

Paula Ochôa, Leonor Gaspar Pinto

Epistemic vs Non-epistemic Criteria to Assess Wikipedia Articles: Evolution of Young People’s Perceptions

Sahut Gilles, Josiane Mothe

P06: IL Across Disciplines
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Eero Sormunen

Print or Electronic Course Readings: Implications for Library Space and Information Literacy Programmes

Almuth Gastinger, Ane Landøy

Do We Need (Digital) Archeology Literacy?

Mihaela Banek Zorica, Rajna Sosic Klindzic, Sanja Potkonjak

Date: Tuesday, 25/Sep/2018
P13: IL and Health and Well-being
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Noora Hirvonen

Differences in Health Information Literacy Competencies among Older Adults, Elderly and Younger Citizens

Isto Huvila, Heidi Enwald, Noora Hirvonen, Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt

Collaborative Knowledge Building to Enhance Information Literacy in Health Education

Tuula Nygård, Laura Palmgren-Neuvonen, Noora Hirvonen, Anna-Maija Huhta, Maija-Leena Huotari

Which Approaches and Methods are Most Appropriate for Exploring Health Information Behavior?

Marianne Paimre

Understanding Health Literacy through the Lens of Phronesis: The Case of Coronary Artery Disease Patients

Venkata Ratnadeep Suri, Shaheen Majid, Schubert Foo, Hannah Trinity Dumaual-Sibal, Yun-Ke Chang

Workplace Information Literacy of Croatian Fitness and Conditioning Personal Trainers

Kristina Feldvari, Kornelija Petr Balog, Sanjica Faletar Tanacković

P14: IL and Health and Well-being
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Laura Hannele Palmgren-Neuvonen

Developing Health Information Literacy in Disadvantaged and Dependent Circumstances: The Everyday Role of Family Nurses

Steven Buchanan, Emma Nicol

Young People’s Digital Safety and Wellbeing: Findings from the Philippines and Qatar

Virgilio G Medina Jr, Ross J. Todd

Finnish School Health Education Viewed through an Information Literacy Lens

Noora Hirvonen, Laura Palmgren-Neuvonen, Tuula Nygård, Anna-Maija Huhta, Maija-Leena Huotari

Health Information Literacy Practices of Young Bloggers: A Nexus Analytical Study

Anna-Maija Huhta, Noora Hirvonen, Maija-Leena Huotari

BP05: IL for Different Groups
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Jarmo Saarti

Developing Best Practices for International Student Information Literacy Instruction

Sean Stone, M. Sara Lowe

Building Bridges: Using Information Literacy to Support High School to University Transitions

Zoe Jarocki

Towards Digital Literacy: The Case of Adult Users at Lithuanian Public Libraries

Jurgita Rudžionienė

Date: Wednesday, 26/Sep/2018
P19: IL and Active Citizenship
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Andrew Whitworth

Multi-literacies and Social Sustainability

Egbert John Sanchez Vanderkast

Unique or Ubiquitous? Information Literacy Instruction Outside Higher Education

Miriam Matteson, Beate Gersch

Digital Competence for Digital Citizenship: an Emerging Agenda for Students, Academics and Libraries in Partnership

Konstantina Martzoukou, Crystal Fulton

Character Building in Children’s Online Information Behaviours: Applying a Virtue Epistemology Perspective to Information Literacy

David McMenemy, Steven Buchanan

P20: IL and Active Citizenship
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe

Relationship between Media Literacy and Civic Participation among Young Adults in Latvia

Agnese Davidsone, Vineta Silkane

Effects of New Public Management (NPM) and Austerity in European Public and Academic Libraries

Petra Düren, Stéphane Goldstein, Ane Landøy, Angela Repanovici, Jarmo Saarti

Usability of Social Network Analysis in Assessing Libraries’ Community Roles. Proof of Concept

Helena Lipkova, Tomáš Diviak, Adéla Jarolímková, Barbora Drobikova, Hana Landova

Four Spaces of Civic Literacy Education: A Literature Review

Jos van Helvoort

BP08: IL and Active Citizenship
Location: Merikoski

Teaching Critical Information and Media Literacy through the Black Power Movement and Documentary Film

Viola Huang

The Hague Fact Checking Factory; Towards Civic Literacy

Fenneke Mink, Jos van Helvoort

Navigating the Maze: Collaborating with Teachers to Meet Information Literacy Challenges

Olga Martinová, Pavlína Tassanyi

Date: Thursday, 27/Sep/2018
P27: IL and Libraries
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Ágústa Pálsdóttir

Information Literacy in Portuguese School Libraries: a longitudinal study of master degree dissertations

Ana Novo, Glória Bastos

Information Literacy as a Material Culture? Ordinary Practices of Knowledge in Academic Libraries

Béatrice Micheau

Copyright Literacy Skills of LIS Students in Norway

Almuth Gastinger, Ane Landøy

BP10: IL, Libraries, the Public Sphere
Location: Merikoski
Chair: Zachary Newell

An Educational Program on Research Competence Offered by a Faculty Library

Anne-Lise Van der Meulen, Paul Buschmann

Copyright Law and Copyright Literacy in Germany

Fabian Franke

The Delphi Model: Transforming Flemish Libraries into User-oriented Points of Information

Patrick Vanden Berghe

Playing for Knowledge

Anna Callejón Mateu

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