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Date: Monday, 18/Sep/2017
D114: Best Practices • IL research
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Jurgita Rudžionienė
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Evaluating and Assessing “Against the Grain”: Applying Mixed Methods in Support of Critical Library Pedagogy

Carol A. Leibiger, Alan W. Aldrich

The Tortoise or the Hare: Undergraduates, Information Literacy, and the Slow Movement

Marietta Frank, Catherine Baldwin, Kimberly Bailey

Leveraging Partnerships to Assess Library Impact on Undergraduate Student Learning Via a Longitudinal Study

Leslin H. Charles

Leading Together: Harnessing the Community College Atmosphere to Impact Student Learning

Emily Brown, Susan Souza-Mort

Information Literacy Workshops at the Test of an Iterative Process

Cecile Touitou, Anita Beldiman Moore

D124: Papers • IL in the workplace
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Kanwal Ameen
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Implementing Library Strategies and Values as a Part of the Workplace Information Literacy

Marja Anneli Hjelt, Jarmo Kyösti Saarti

Enhancing the Quality of the Library Processes – Benchmarking Workplace Information Literacy, Numeracy and Communication Practices in Two European University Libraries

Jarmo Saarti, Núria Balagué

Information Literacy of Croatian Subject Indexers

Kristina Feldvari, Kornelija Petr Balog

Understanding the Academic Library as an Information Literacy Workplace

Danuta Nitecki

Defining Multilingual Information Literacy (MLIL) in the workplace: Implications for Academic Libraries in the US and Canada

Peggy Nzomo

D134: Papers • IL in higher education
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Pan Yantao
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Some Predictors of University Students’ Information Literacy

Danica Dolničar, Bojana Boh Podgornik

Where to Now? – New E-Learning Concepts and Co-Creation at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Andrew Cranfield, Thomas Jensen

Information Culture of Students in the Academic Environment – Finding One’s Way through Studies

Krista Lepik, Katrin Kannukene

Information Literacy and Learning in Higher Education: A Thought Experiment

Michael Flierl

Content of Information Literacy in South African Higher Education Institutions: a Case of the University of Fort Hare and Rhodes University

Mathew Moyo

Date: Tuesday, 19/Sep/2017
D214: Papers • IL in higher education
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Nicole Johnston
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Outcomes and Challenges of Offering an Information Literacy Compulsory Undergraduate Credit Course: A Mexican Case

Jesús Lau, José Luis Bonilla, Alberto Gárate

The Pulse of the “Heart of the University”: Exploring Higher Education Teacher–Librarian Partnership

Višnja Novosel, Ivana Batarelo Kokić, Terri L. Kurz

Reading Format Behaviors among College Freshmen: Buy, Borrow, or Access Online?

Diane Mizrachi

D224: Papers • IL Instruction
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Alan Winslow Aldrich
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Learning Information Literacy and Teaching: an Action Research Project

Sheila Webber, Pamela McKinney

Information Safety Education of Primary School Children in Libraries

Pavla Kovarova

School Librarians’ Attitude towards Teaching Information Literacy

Vincas Grigas, Anna Mierzecka, Roma Fedosejevaitė

Dare to Share the Silence: Tools & Practices of Contemplative Pedagogy in a Library Brain Booth

Marissa M Mourer, Katia G Karadjova

D234: Papers • IL and related concepts
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Olivier Le Deuff
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Intergenerational Learning Approaches and MIL

Heike vom Orde

ICT Access and Use by Teachers and Information Professionals: Perspectives and Constraints for the Development of Media and Information Literacy in Brazil

Gilda Olinto, Sonoe Sugahara, Nadia Bernuci

Information Literacy and Media Literacy: Practices of Information Value by Teenagers (at School)

Béatrice Micheau

Information Literacy for Developing Skills to Organize Advocacy Campaigns in Libraries, Based on an Interactive Communication Model Used in Vocational and Continuing Training

Ivanka Yankova, Dobrinka Stoykova, Rumelina Ilieva Vasileva, Silvia Stancheva

D244: Workshop • Teaching Source Evaluation in a Politically Polarized Moment
Location: Lamennais 4/5

Teaching Source Evaluation in a Politically Polarized Moment: Exploring Metacognitive Practices & Critical Pedagogies

Andrea P Baer

Date: Wednesday, 20/Sep/2017
D314: Papers • IL Instruction
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Yolande Maury
20' presentation, 5' discussion

International Students’ Expectations of Information Literacy Instruction

Nicole Johnston, Meggan Houlihan, Jodi Neindorf

Creating a Nation of Online Trainers: The Design for Learning (D4L) Model

Loriene Roy, Arden Kirkland, Rae-Anne Montague

Identifying Good Practices in Information Literacy Education; Creating a Multi-lingual, Multi-cultural MOOC

Lyn Robinson, David Bawden

D324: Papers • IL in the workplace
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Paola De Castro
20' presentation, 5' discussion

From Studio Space and Makerspace to Workplace: Adapting instruction and outreach to fit the needs of Practitioners from the Arts to Engineering.

Rebecca Zuege Kuglitsch, Alexander Watkins

From Transfer to Transition: Scaffolding Instruction Librarian Learning through an Open Access Publishing Assignment

Alison Hicks

Information Literacy in a Post-Truth World: Machines, Lies and New Library Services at My Workplace

Adam Sofronijevic, Aleksandar Jerkov

The Role of Sense of Coherence in Knowledge Sharing

Jannica Heinström, Farhan Ahmad

Information Practices and Library Perceptions of International Graduate Students in the United States

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe

D334: Papers • IL in higher education
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Polona Vilar
20' presentation, 5' discussion

A Model of Collaboration Building between Teaching Faculty and Librarians at Earlham College in the United States: Viewed from Educational Development and Relationship Marketing

Tayo Nagasawa

Information Culture and CETYS University WASC Accreditation: The Library as Stakeholder

Ruben F. Martinez-Rocha, Jesus Lau, Eduardo Diaz

Awareness and Use of Massive Open Online Courses as a Lifelong Learning tool for Academic Librarians in Ogun state, Nigeria

Opeyemi Deborah Soyemi, Yemisi Tomilola Babalola

The Impact of Creativity on Information Literacy Instruction

Zachary Newell

D344: Doctoral forum
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Sirje Virkus
10' presentation, 10' discussion

Librarians' Understanding of Information Literacy in Academic Libraries in Bulgaria: a Case Study

Katia G. Karadjova

Information Literacy for Elderly People: Bridging the Digital Gap

Iva Zadrazilova

The "Real World" Relevance of Information Literacy

Karen F. Kaufmann

Evaluate Information: Using Web 2.0 Tools to Support Critical Thinking Development Through Literacies on Post-Secondary Students

Florent Michelot

Information Literacy in Turkish Education System

Özlem Şenyurt

Information Literacy in the Workplace: A Conceptual Approach

Tuba Yildirim

A Different Tribe? Teachers and School Librarians Working Together in Five Finnish Schools

Anu Ojaranta

Date: Thursday, 21/Sep/2017
D414: Papers • IL and related concepts
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Theo JD Bothma
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Alternatives to Being Information Literate

Isto Huvila

The Pedagogy of Information Literacy: Using I-LEARN to Teach

Delia Neuman, Hamideh Talafian, Allen Grant, Vera Lee, Mary Jean Tecce DeCarlo

Information Skills which Teachers would Like to Teach and Which Students would Like to Learn: the Survey of Information Literacy in Senior High School

Kazuyuki Sunaga

D424: Papers • IL and related concepts
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Lyn Robinson
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Environmental Literacy of Academic Librarians

Müge Akbulut, Erdinç Alaca, Tubanur Büyükçolpan, Demet Soylu, Banu Fulya Yıldırım, Nilay Cevher, Serap Kurbanoğlu

Medical Students’ Information Literacy Self-efficacy: Longitudinal Study-protocol Covering a whole Medical Curriculum

Ann De Meulemeester, Heidi Buysse, Renaat Peleman

Workplace Information Literacy Needs: More than the Ability to Google

Gillian Christina Oliver, Sirje Virkus, Katherine Howard

Information Literacy Vis-a-Vis Epidemic of Distrust

Helena Lipková, Hana Landova, Adela Jarolimkova

D434: Workshop • Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom and Beyond
Location: Lamennais 4/5

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom and Beyond: Intersectionality and Critical Information Literacy

Juliann Couture, Sharon Ladenson

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