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Date: Monday, 18/Sep/2017
D113: Workshop • Showcasing Information Literacy
Location: Lamennais 2

Showcasing Information Literacy: Library Events and Programs

Madeline Mundt, Rhoads Elliott Stevens, Lauren Ray

D123: Papers • IL in School Education
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Ola Pilerot
20' presentation, 5' discussion

A Performance-based Test for Assessing Students’ Online Inquiry Competences in Schools

Eero Sormunen, Roberto González-Ibáñez, Carita Kiili, Paavo Leppänen, Mirjamaija Mikkilä-Erdmann, Norbert Erdmann, María Escobar-Macaya

Collaboration and Empowerment in Transliteracy at School

Karine Aillerie, Anne Cordier, Anne Lehmans

Lower Secondary School Teachers’ Experiences of Developing Inquiry-Based Approaches in Information Literacy Instruction

Tuulikki Alamettälä, Eero Sormunen

Information and Media Education in the French School Context Today: a Challenge for School Leaders?

Susan Kovacs, Yolande Maury, Timimi Ismail

Towards a Curriculum in Information-Documentation for All French Secondary Students

Valérie Glass, Magali Bon

D133: Papers • IL and Law
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Jane Secker
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Copyright Literacy among the Literacies in Hungary

Tibor Koltay, Ferenc Jávorszky, Péter Murányi

Copyright Literacy in Spanish Libraries, Archives and Museums

Alicia Arias-Coello, José Simón-Martín

Copyright Literacy in the Academic Field: Analysis of the Differences between Faculty, Students and Librarians

Juan-Carlos Fernández-Molina, Enrique Muriel-Torrado

Intellectual Property Training of Library and Information Management Bachelor’s Students

Tereza Stoyanova Trencheva, Tania Yordanova Todorova, Elisaveta Dimitrova Tsvetkova

Exploring the Need for Intellectual Property Information Literacy for Business and STEM Disciplines

Janis L. Tyhurst

Date: Tuesday, 19/Sep/2017
D213: Special session • Research Data Literacy
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Gobinda Chowdhury
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Data Literacy of Charles University PhD Students: are They Prepared for Their Research Careers?

Barbora Drobikova, Adela Jarolimkova, Martin Soucek

Data Literacy: for a Mindful Management

Elena Collina, Rita Patregnani

Research Data Literacy in Slovenia

Polona Vilar, Vlasta Zabukovec

Data Literacy and Attitudes Towards the Management and Sharing of Research Data Among Academics and Doctoral Students at the University of Iceland

Ágústa Pálsdóttir

D223: Special session • Research Data Literacy
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Yurdagül Ünal
15' presentation, discussion at the end.

Data Literacy Survey Implementation at ULSIT

Tania Yordanova Todorova, Rositza Dobreva Krasteva, Elisaveta Dimitrova Tsvetkova

Research Data Literacy and Management Skills of Pakistani Researchers

Kanwal Ameen, Muhammad Rafiq

Data Literacy and Research Data Management in the Netherlands

Iwan Wopereis, Saskia Brand-Gruwel

Research data management: Experiences of scholars in Finland

Heidi Enwald, Terttu Kortelainen, Maija-Leena Huotari

Data Literacy and Research Data Management: the Croatian State of Affairs

Sonja Špiranec, Denis Kos

D233: Special session • Research Data Literacy
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Serap Kurbanoğlu
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Data Literacy and Research Data Management in Poland. Raising Awareness

Zuzanna Wiorogórska, Jędrzej Leśniewski, Ewa Rozkosz

Research Data Management among Researchers at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

Paulette Angela Kerr, Jessica Lewis

How to Mediate Train-the-Trainer Competency in the Field of Research Data Literacy: A Report from Practice

René Martin Schneider

Data Literacy Perceptions and Research Data Management Practices by Researchers in Japan

Ui Ikeuchi, Takashi Harada, Sho Sato, Yukinori Okabe, Hiroshi Itsumura

Data Literacy Education Design Based on Needs of Graduates in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ming Wu, Hui Hu

Data Literacy and Data Research Management: Rresults From a Portuguese Survey Among Researchers and Academics

Ana Lúcia Terra, Ana Alice Baptista, Carla Teixeira Lopes, Cristina Ribeiro, Fernanda Martins, Gabriel David, Irene Rodrigues, José Borbinha, Maria Manuel Borges, Maria Manuela Pinto, Paulo Fialho

Data Literacy as Requirements for China’s Library and Information Profession: A Preliminary Research on Recruitment Data

Jing Zhang, Qianli Lin, Peng Xiao

D243: Special session • Research Data Literacy
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Geoffrey Lee Walton
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Data Literacy and Research Data Management Practices of Researchers in Turkey

Serap Kurbanoğlu, Yurdagül Ünal

Research Data Reshaping Cultural Society: Case of the Lebanese University

Gladys Saade, Dalal Rahme

Data Literacy and Research Data Management at the University of Vilnius

Jurgita Rudžionienė

Data Literacy in Spanish Universities

Alicia Arias-Coello, Clara Simon-Blas, Pablo Arranz-Val, José Simón-Martín

Research Data Management: Practices, Skills and Training Needs of University Researchers in the UK

Gobinda Chowdhury, Geoff Walton, Maryam Bugaje

Date: Wednesday, 20/Sep/2017
D313: Pecha Kucha
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Ane Landoy
7' presentation, 5' discussion

Information Needs, Information Behaviour, and Scholarly Information Literacy amongst PhD Students: an Interview-Based Study

Christina Johansson, Marco Schirone

Perceived Information Literacy Skills among LIS Students Enrolled in Public Sector Universities of Pakistan

Bashir Ahmed, Rubina Bhatti, Salman bin Naeem

Public Libraries at the Digital-Information Literacy Crossroads

Jasmina Ninkov

Scatter of Information Literacy Related Information in Scopus and Web of Science According to Power Laws

Tomaz Bartol, Karmen Stopar

Workplace Information Literacy: Competency of Library Professional at University Libraries in Karachi, Pakistan

Muhmmad Yousuf Ali, Khawaja Mustafa

Written Reflections for Student Workers: High-Impact Practices at Work

Rhoads Elliott Stevens, Madeline Mundt

D323: Papers • IL Research
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Jesús Lau
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Evaluating Information Literacy Activity at a National Level: an Introductory Study

John Crawford

Exploring Information Literacy through the Lens of Activity Theory

Hazel Hall, Peter Cruickshank, Bruce Ryan

A Method Combining Deductive and Inductive Principles to Define Work-Related Digital Media Literacy Competences

Valèria Ligurgo, Thibault Philippette, Pierre Fastrez, Anne-Sophie Collard, Jerry Jacques

Complex and Multivariable: Methodology of Exploring Digital Literacy and Training Needs within the Polish SME Sector

Justyna Jasiewicz, Anna Mierzecka, Małgorzata Kisilowska

Prediction of Academic Performance of the University Students through their Use of Library Electronic Resources and their Self-efficacy

Tariq Mahmood Chohan, Rubina Bhatti, Salman Bin Naeem

D333: Papers • IL and related concepts
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Karine Aillerie
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Measures of Self-Efficacy among Healthcare Professionals to Perform the Different Tasks Involved in Conducting Internet Search

Salman Bin Naeem, Dr. Rubina Bhatti

Information Literacy and Information Accessibility – Distinctive Features of Information Security

Stoyan Georgiev Denchev, Irena Yordanova Peteva

A Tale of Two Journals: Information Literacy Discourse as Seen Through a Decade of Communications in Information Literacy and the Journal of Information Literacy

Christopher V. Hollister, Emma Coonan, Stewart Brower, Robert Alan Schroeder

D343: Best practices • IL Education
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Serap Kurbanoğlu
15' presentation, 5' discussion

What We Stand to Gain: Librarians Leading Collaborative Assignment Design

Kacy Lundstrom, Rachel Wishkoski, Erin Davis

Reaching Out to a Wider Audience: Meeting the Needs of Distance Learning Students

Jana Rimanova, Hana Landova, Kristyna Paulova

Information Literacy Presented in a Blended Learning Environment

Mona Wernbro, Liza Nordfeldt

Flipped Learning’s Use of Information Literacy Classroom in Academic Libraries. A Case Study of Northeast Normal University Library

Ziyu Ning, Chunlei Wang

To Embed Information Literacy in Courses in the School of Architecture – a Collaborative Project Between Librarians and Faculty Staff

Ika Jorum

Information Literacy and Open Educational Resources (OER)

Harrie van der Meer

Date: Thursday, 21/Sep/2017
D413: Best practices • IL in different contexts
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Joumana Boustany
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Information Literacy in the Framework of a Network ICT Project in Cuba

Grizly Meneses Placeres, Manuel Osvaldo Machado Rivero, Amed Abel Leiva Mederos, Deymis Tamayo Rueda, Didiosky Benitez Erice

Information Literacy in Inclusive Education: A Team Teaching concept at the TU Dortmund University by German studies and special education

Ingo K. Bosse, Gudrun Marci-Boehncke

Information Literacy and Professional Development of Students Graduating from Library Studies in Bulgaria: the Impact of the Indicators for Intelligent Growth in Modern Society of Knowledge

Ivanka Yankova, Silviya Stantcheva, Kamelia Nusheva, Tzvetelina Dimitrova, Irena Peteva

Digitization Projects of the University Library Belgrade as Propellants in Researchers’ Information Literacy Skills Enhancement

Aleksandar Jerkov, Milena Kostic, Vasilije Milnovic

D423: Workshop • Before You Teach! Assessment Basics: Why, What, & How
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Esther Grassian

Before You Teach! Assessment Basics: Why, What, & How

Esther Grassian

D433: Best practices • IL in different contexts
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Ágústa Pálsdóttir
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Information Behavior by users of a prison library: a descriptive study

Maria Jeane Santos Melo, Fernando Bittencourt dos Santos, Janaina Ferreira Fialho

Presenting Information Visually: An Essential Skill for Workplace

Olga Hart

Digitization of a Scoring Rubric for Information Literacy

Jos van Helvoort, Stefan Tax

Context is Queen - Connecting Information Literacy to a National Qualification Framework for Higher Education

Astrid Kilvik, Liv Inger Lamøy

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