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Session Overview
Date: Monday, 18/Sep/2017
D112: Papers • IL and Education
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Tibor Koltay
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Information Overload in a Disciplinary Context

Sirje Virkus, Sigrid Mandre, Elise Pals

Problems of Information Literacy Education in Universities. The Experience of Bulgaria

Evgeniya Stefanova Rusinova

Information Literacy for Heritage Education

Camille Capelle, Karel Soumagnac

Information Literacy within Serbian Higher Education Area with the Comparative Overview - Serbia, UK, USA and Australia

Ljiljana Markovic, Aleksandra Vranes, Milica Jelic Mariokov

D122: Workshop • Informed Learning Design
Location: Lamennais 1

Informed Learning Design: Shaping Learning through Engagement with Information

Clarence Maybee, Michael Flierl

D132: Papers • Information seeking and information behavior
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Jos van Helvoort
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Developing Information Literacy Skills in Dependent and Disadvantaged Circumstances: a Transitional Approach in the Digital Health Context

Steven Buchanan, Cara Jardine, Ian Ruthven

Evidence of the Effectiveness of a Digital Tool to Guide Health Services Information Seeking in the Young

Ilaria Montagni, Christophe Tzourio

Seeking Serendipity: the Art of Finding the Unsought in Professional Music

Iwan Wopereis, Michiel Braam

Scholarly Information Seeking Patterns of Academic Engineers and Technologists

Alia Arshad, Kanwal Ameen

Search Engine Literacy

Olivier Le Deuff

Date: Tuesday, 19/Sep/2017
D212: Papers • IL in higher education
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Tomaz Bartol
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Information Grounds in the Eyes of the First-year Information Management Students

Sabina Barbara Cisek, Paloma Korycińska, Monika Krakowska

Information Literacy Quest. In Search of Graduate Employability

Vjeran Buselic, Mihaela Banek Zorica

D222: Papers • IL and democracy
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Paul Sturges
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Elements, Links, and Relationships in the Design of a National Information Literacy Policy

Egbert Sanchez Vanderkast

How Does Neoliberalism Shape Information Literacy and How Might the Current Crisis in the Neoliberal System Reshape Information Literacy?

Bill Johnston

Parliamentarians’ Perceptions and Utilization of Information in the Social Media Environment

Ali Saif Al-Aufi, Nabhan Harith Alharrasi

Libraries as a Support of Informed Citizens – the Balancing Act between Libraries Good Quality and Austerity Measures

Petra Düren, Ane Landoy, Jarmo Saarti

D232: Special session • Science Literacy
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Stéphane Goldstein
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Report of Results from a Survey of Science Literacy in Developing Countries

Robert Davies

Lifelong Research – Practical and Vital Aspects of a Visionary Concept

Laszlo Z. Karvalics

Researchers Meeting Students and Communities: a Win-Win Agreement for Science and Society

Paola De Castro, ISS School-Work Alternating System Working Group, CASA Project team, E-Bug Partner Group Italy

Senior Citizens Science Literacy and Health Self-Efficacy

Ágústa Pálsdóttir

Integrating Citizen Science Elements into the Information Safety Lessons

Kristýna Kalmárová

The Impact of Health Literacy Education on Womens’ Perceptions and Understanding of Maternal Health in a Kochi Urban Slum – the First Project Funded by a New NGO

Priyanka Idicula, Amy Davies, Rob Davies, Allison Frances Wren

D242: Papers • IL and Education
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Delia Neuman
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Threshold Concepts and Information Experience in IL Professional Education: Curriculum for Transformative Online Learning

Virginia M. Tucker

Developing Information Literacy in Interdisciplinary Classrooms: Engaging with Diverse Literacies

Kristen Nicole Schuster, Kristine Nicole Stewart

Acquiring Stock Market Literacy

Terri L. Kurz, Ivana Batarelo Kokić, Višnja Novosel

Digital Competence of Future Teachers

Jadranka Lasić-Lazić, Krešimir Pavlina, Ana Pongrac Pavlina

Date: Wednesday, 20/Sep/2017
D312: Pecha Kucha
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Denis Kos
7' presentation, 5' discussion

#estasOn Cyberliteracy Campaign a Digital Skills Acquisition Project to Pomote People’s Empowerment

Anna Bröll, Anna Cabré, Pilar Roura

Children’s Information Literacy: a Suggested Framework for Primary Schools in Pakistan

Syeda Hina Batool, Sheila Webber

Dominant Traits of the Information Behavior of Vietnamese Immigrants in the Czech Republic: Influences on Building Their Information Landscapes – Preliminary Paper

Petra Cernohlavkova, Helena Lipková

Information Literacy for Scientific Organizations: Progress by International Co-operation

Paul Nieuwenhuysen

Information Literacy in Portuguese University Context: a Necessary Intervention

Carlos Lopes, Tatiana Sanches, Maria da Luz Antunes, Isabel Andrade, Julio Alonso Arevalo

Information literacy in Street Lighting Industry: Content curation with

Gilbert Charles Faure

D322: Best practices • IL Education
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Laszlo Z. Karvalics
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Referencing in Scientific Practice: a Course for PhD. Students at BUT

Hana Janeckova

Partners in Class: A Needs-Based Approach to High School Curricular Support at the National Library of Technology in Prague

Olga Martinová, Pavlína Tvrdá

Information Literacy and Knowledge Management in a UAE University Library

Judith Mavodza

A Finnish Academic Libraries’ Perspective on the Information Literacy Framework

Kati Syvälahti, Janika Asplund

Content Curation for Information Literacy and Knowledge Management in Research settings

Gilbert Charles Faure

Library Sidekicks: Training Student Employees as Peer Instructors

Jessica Helen Long, Jennifer Hicks, Gina Maida

D332: Best practices • IL in different contexts
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Heidi Päivyt Karoliina Enwald
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Governance and Information Literacy at German Universities

Fabian Franke

Libraries and Privacy: the Birth of an Online Course

Monique Schoutsen

Setting up a MOOC for Information Literacy Instruction

Steven Laporte, Lieselot Verryckt

How does Continuing Professional Development Programmes contribute to Workplace Literacy? Successful Frameworks at Singapore Management University (SMU) Libraries

Rajendra Munoo

Don’t Get Faked Out by the News: Becoming an Informed Citizen

Lesley S. J. Farmer

D342: Papers • IL in different contexts
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: John Nganga Gathegi
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Recognizing the Influence of Disciplinarity on Student Inquiry

Clarence Maybee, Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel

A Study on How to Equip Students with Scientific Communication Skills

Nihal Menzi Çetin, Buket Akkoyunlu

Information Horizons of Croatian Physicians

Kornelija Petr Balog, Ivana Turk

Food Logging: a Practice-Based Exploration of an Information Literacy Landscape

Pamela Ann McKinney, Andrew Cox, Goodale Paula

Information Literacy Dimensions in a Consortium-Type Structure: Train the Trainer in National Projects from Romanian Academic Environment

Ivona Olariu, Angela Repanovici

Date: Thursday, 21/Sep/2017
D412: Best practices • IL in higher education
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Information Literacy and Education: Teaching ILS at the University of Botswana Library

Rose T. Kgosiemang

Measuring the Importance of Information Literacy Education in Academic Libraries from Students’ Perspective: A Comparative Study among the University of Tsukuba, Fudan University and the National Taiwan Normal University

Qianxiu Liu, Hiroshi Itsumura, Patrick Lo

Mathematics Should Never Be Studied Alone: Tales of Creating a Library Space for Peer Tutoring to Improve Scientific Literacy

Annie Zeidman-Karpinski, Genevieve Schaack

Professional Development for IL Practitioners: A Case Study

Kim Frail, Trish Rosseel, Carla Peck

D422: Best practices • IL in higher education
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Angela Repanovici
15' presentation, 5' discussion

When School is Work: Learning Goals for Education PhD Students

Lindsay Michelle Roberts

Peer Point: Looking Back on Five Years of Engaging Student-to-Student Support

Vincent Maria Alfons Janssen

Librarians of the World Unite and Take Over: Information Literacy in the Post-Truth World!

Mariann Løkse

Information Literacy in the Service of Research Excellence. Some General Considerations and the Example of the “Promotion plus” Programme at Bonn University

Ulrich Meyer-Doerpinghaus

D432: Papers • IL and higher education
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Almuth Gastinger
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Assessing a Library’s Support for Overlooked Components of a University’s Learning Culture

Jon Hufford

Government Information Regulatory Regimes: a Challenge for Information Literacy in Organisations

Maureen Constance Henninger, Christopher Colwell

Help Wanted: Effectively Articulating and Assessing Information Literacy Skills for Employers and Job Seekers

Loriene Roy, Elizabeth Hallmark

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