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Session Overview
Date: Tuesday, 19/Sep/2017
Location: Lobby
Invited • S. Goldstein
Location: Auditorium Chateaubriand
Chair: Sonja Spiranec
30' speech, 15' discussion

Information Literacy and the Future of Work

Stéphane Goldstein

D211: Papers • IL Instruction
Location: Auditorium Chateaubriand
Chair: Susan Kovacs
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Professional Practice: Using Case Studies in Information Literacy Instruction Towards Career Readiness

Britt Foster

Shaping the Future Information Professionals: Searching for the Balance of Job Requirements in Libraries and Education

Radovan Vrana

Thinking about Journalists’ Place in Information and Media Literacy

Amandine Kervella, Céline Matuszak, Béatrice Micheau, Lucas Roxo

D212: Papers • IL in higher education
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Tomaz Bartol
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Information Grounds in the Eyes of the First-year Information Management Students

Sabina Barbara Cisek, Paloma Korycińska, Monika Krakowska

Information Literacy Quest. In Search of Graduate Employability

Vjeran Buselic, Mihaela Banek Zorica

D213: Special session • Research Data Literacy
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Gobinda Chowdhury
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Data Literacy of Charles University PhD Students: are They Prepared for Their Research Careers?

Barbora Drobikova, Adela Jarolimkova, Martin Soucek

Data Literacy: for a Mindful Management

Elena Collina, Rita Patregnani

Research Data Literacy in Slovenia

Polona Vilar, Vlasta Zabukovec

Data Literacy and Attitudes Towards the Management and Sharing of Research Data Among Academics and Doctoral Students at the University of Iceland

Ágústa Pálsdóttir

D214: Papers • IL in higher education
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Nicole Johnston
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Outcomes and Challenges of Offering an Information Literacy Compulsory Undergraduate Credit Course: A Mexican Case

Jesús Lau, José Luis Bonilla, Alberto Gárate

The Pulse of the “Heart of the University”: Exploring Higher Education Teacher–Librarian Partnership

Višnja Novosel, Ivana Batarelo Kokić, Terri L. Kurz

Reading Format Behaviors among College Freshmen: Buy, Borrow, or Access Online?

Diane Mizrachi

Coffee Break
Location: Grand Large
Location: Grand Large

The Role of Green Libraries in Environmental Sustainability: a Study on Approaches of Academic Library Directors

Müge Akbulut, Erdinç Alaca, Tubanur Büyükçolpan, Demet Soylu, Banu Fulya Yıldırım, Nilay Cevher, Serap Kurbanoğlu

European Information Science Education Project: Harmonizing Information Literacy Skills at the European Level

Kornelija Petr Balog, Tatjana Aparac Jelušić, Serap Kurbanoğlu

Study of the Information Search Behavior by Users of the Legal Area in the Library of the Tribunal Eleitoral de Rondônia, Brazil

Tábata Nunes Tavares Bonin, Fernando Bittencourt dos Santos

The Role of National Medical Library in the Support of Health Information Literacy in Lifelong Learning of Librarians in the Czech Republic

Helena Bouzková, Eva S. Lesenková

How NTNU University Library Promotes Academic Writing Skills: Redesigning the Online Information Literacy Tool VIKO

Marit Brodshaug, Anne Lillevoll Lorange, Anette Hellan Hoøen

Preparation for Teaching in the Academic Library: First Career vs. Second Career Librarians

Jacalyn Bryan

The Information Literacy of Users in the Context of Database Training

Alejandro de Campos Pinheiro, Fernando Bittencourt dos Santos, Monica M. Carvalho Gallotti

Outcome Assessment of Children’s Digital Literacy Instructions of Guangzhou Library, China

Siren Chen, Qiong Tang, Anqi She

Narrative Identity as Creative Art: Exploring Homelessness and Citizenship Through an Academic Community Engagement Course

Michael Courtney, Erika Jenns

Information Literacy Online: An Erasmus+ Project to Improve Students’ Competencies

Stefan Dreisiebner, Alexander Botte, Mate Juric

Information Literacy Competences: Finding, Using, and Managing Information by Nurses in a Specific Health District

Antonia María Fernández-Luque, Victor García-Navas, Olga Molina-Mérida

The Digital University Library as Knowledge Producing Resource and Educational Participant in Nordic Higher Education

Karen Harbo, Karin Jönsson, Anne Sissel Vedvik Tonning

The Present Situation and Consideration of Children' s Information Retrieval Education in Public Libraries,China

Zhuoya Liu

Feedback as a Vital Tool for Custom-tailored Information Literacy Courses for Doctoral Students and beyond

Michaela Morysková, Ludmila Tichá, Tereza Bártová

The Vision of the Reference Librarians in University Libraries in Brazil on the Informational Competence of Users of Digital Reference Services

Ana Roberta Sousa Mota

The Role of Publication Language in Evaluative Judgments: An Experiment and Eyetracking Study

A. M. Salaz, Teresa MacGregor, Priya Thomas

New in Media Education: Wikididactics

Ganna Onkovych

Supporting Research Data Management: Challenges and Approach from an Academic Health Library Perspective

Nele S Pauwels, Myriam Mertens, Renaat Peleman, Ann De Meulemeester

Understanding Professional Competence of Librarians in Information Literacy

Syed Rahmat Ullah Shah, Elena Maceviciute

Why Information Literacy Competencies are Key Skills for Future Portuguese Librarians

Tatiana Sanches, Teresa Costa

Co-Design : Integrating Information Literacy into Your Disciplinary Course

Michael Stoepel, Tatevik Zargaryan, Livia Piotto, Christine Furno, Krasimir Spasov

Teaching Science with the I-LEARN Model

Hamideh Talafian, Delia Neuman, Allen Grant, Vera Lee, Mary Jean Tecce DeCarlo

Research Progress of Chinese Online Health Information Behavior from 2012 to 2016

Jiyun Wei

Why not Take a Scientific Approach to Teaching Information Literacy Skills?

Annie Zeidman-Karpinski

The Concept, Standard and Education of Critical Information Literacy

Jing Zhang, Jiaping Lin

Co-Authoring Networks in Information Literacy in Brazil

Marianna Zattar, Nysia Oliveira de Sá, Cristiana Siqueira

D221: Papers • IL in the workplace
Location: Auditorium Chateaubriand
Chair: Loriene Roy
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Workplace Information Literacy: Co-designed Information Experience-Centered Systems and Practices

Mary M. Somerville, Robin L. Imhof, Christine S. Bruce, Elham Sayyad Abdi

Information Literacy Practices in Scholarly Workplaces as Information Ecologies

Jela Steinerová

Measure of Healthcare Professionals’ Behavioral Outcomes using a Social Learning Theory

Rubina Bhatti, Salman Bin Naeem

Information Specialists Promote Workplace Information Literacy – a Case Study of the Health Care Libraries’ Expertise and Roles in a Working Life Project

Johanna Lahtinen, Sanna Talja

D222: Papers • IL and democracy
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Paul Sturges
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Elements, Links, and Relationships in the Design of a National Information Literacy Policy

Egbert Sanchez Vanderkast

How Does Neoliberalism Shape Information Literacy and How Might the Current Crisis in the Neoliberal System Reshape Information Literacy?

Bill Johnston

Parliamentarians’ Perceptions and Utilization of Information in the Social Media Environment

Ali Saif Al-Aufi, Nabhan Harith Alharrasi

Libraries as a Support of Informed Citizens – the Balancing Act between Libraries Good Quality and Austerity Measures

Petra Düren, Ane Landoy, Jarmo Saarti

D223: Special session • Research Data Literacy
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Yurdagül Ünal
15' presentation, discussion at the end.

Data Literacy Survey Implementation at ULSIT

Tania Yordanova Todorova, Rositza Dobreva Krasteva, Elisaveta Dimitrova Tsvetkova

Research Data Literacy and Management Skills of Pakistani Researchers

Kanwal Ameen, Muhammad Rafiq

Data Literacy and Research Data Management in the Netherlands

Iwan Wopereis, Saskia Brand-Gruwel

Research data management: Experiences of scholars in Finland

Heidi Enwald, Terttu Kortelainen, Maija-Leena Huotari

Data Literacy and Research Data Management: the Croatian State of Affairs

Sonja Špiranec, Denis Kos

D224: Papers • IL Instruction
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Alan Winslow Aldrich
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Learning Information Literacy and Teaching: an Action Research Project

Sheila Webber, Pamela McKinney

Information Safety Education of Primary School Children in Libraries

Pavla Kovarova

School Librarians’ Attitude towards Teaching Information Literacy

Vincas Grigas, Anna Mierzecka, Roma Fedosejevaitė

Dare to Share the Silence: Tools & Practices of Contemplative Pedagogy in a Library Brain Booth

Marissa M Mourer, Katia G Karadjova

Lunch time
Location: Grand Large
D231: Papers • IL in the workplace
Location: Auditorium Chateaubriand
Chair: Kornelija Petr Balog
20' presentation, 5' discussion

On The Move: Transitioning from Higher Education into Insurance Work

Charles Inskip, Sophia Donaldson

Financial Literacy Competencies of Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya

Joyce Wangui Kinyanjui, Dennis Ngong Ocholla

Information Literacy Across the University and Workplace Reality

Angela Repanovici, Ane Landoy, Natalia Cheradin, Silvia Ghinculov

The Role of Information Culture on Workplace Information Literacy

Gunilla Widén, Muhaimin Karim

D232: Special session • Science Literacy
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Stéphane Goldstein
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Report of Results from a Survey of Science Literacy in Developing Countries

Robert Davies

Lifelong Research – Practical and Vital Aspects of a Visionary Concept

Laszlo Z. Karvalics

Researchers Meeting Students and Communities: a Win-Win Agreement for Science and Society

Paola De Castro, ISS School-Work Alternating System Working Group, CASA Project team, E-Bug Partner Group Italy

Senior Citizens Science Literacy and Health Self-Efficacy

Ágústa Pálsdóttir

Integrating Citizen Science Elements into the Information Safety Lessons

Kristýna Kalmárová

The Impact of Health Literacy Education on Womens’ Perceptions and Understanding of Maternal Health in a Kochi Urban Slum – the First Project Funded by a New NGO

Priyanka Idicula, Amy Davies, Rob Davies, Allison Frances Wren

D233: Special session • Research Data Literacy
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Serap Kurbanoğlu
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Data Literacy and Research Data Management in Poland. Raising Awareness

Zuzanna Wiorogórska, Jędrzej Leśniewski, Ewa Rozkosz

Research Data Management among Researchers at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica

Paulette Angela Kerr, Jessica Lewis

How to Mediate Train-the-Trainer Competency in the Field of Research Data Literacy: A Report from Practice

René Martin Schneider

Data Literacy Perceptions and Research Data Management Practices by Researchers in Japan

Ui Ikeuchi, Takashi Harada, Sho Sato, Yukinori Okabe, Hiroshi Itsumura

Data Literacy Education Design Based on Needs of Graduates in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ming Wu, Hui Hu

Data Literacy and Data Research Management: Rresults From a Portuguese Survey Among Researchers and Academics

Ana Lúcia Terra, Ana Alice Baptista, Carla Teixeira Lopes, Cristina Ribeiro, Fernanda Martins, Gabriel David, Irene Rodrigues, José Borbinha, Maria Manuel Borges, Maria Manuela Pinto, Paulo Fialho

Data Literacy as Requirements for China’s Library and Information Profession: A Preliminary Research on Recruitment Data

Jing Zhang, Qianli Lin, Peng Xiao

D234: Papers • IL and related concepts
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Olivier Le Deuff
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Intergenerational Learning Approaches and MIL

Heike vom Orde

ICT Access and Use by Teachers and Information Professionals: Perspectives and Constraints for the Development of Media and Information Literacy in Brazil

Gilda Olinto, Sonoe Sugahara, Nadia Bernuci

Information Literacy and Media Literacy: Practices of Information Value by Teenagers (at School)

Béatrice Micheau

Information Literacy for Developing Skills to Organize Advocacy Campaigns in Libraries, Based on an Interactive Communication Model Used in Vocational and Continuing Training

Ivanka Yankova, Dobrinka Stoykova, Rumelina Ilieva Vasileva, Silvia Stancheva

Coffee Break
Location: Grand Large
D241: Papers • IL in the workplace
Location: Auditorium Chateaubriand
Chair: Bill Johnston
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Social Living Labs for Informed Learning: An Innovative Approach to Information Literacy for the Changing Workplace

Hilary Eva Mary Hughes, Marcus Foth, Michael Dezuanni, Kerry Mallan

Information Literacy in Distributed Digital Work

Jose Apolinario Teixeira, Helena Karsten

Information Literacy of Lawyers in Their Working Environment

Dejana Golenko, Ljiljana Siber

Civil Commitment and the Role of Public Librarians

Hilary Yerbury, Maureen Henninger

D242: Papers • IL and Education
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Delia Neuman
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Threshold Concepts and Information Experience in IL Professional Education: Curriculum for Transformative Online Learning

Virginia M. Tucker

Developing Information Literacy in Interdisciplinary Classrooms: Engaging with Diverse Literacies

Kristen Nicole Schuster, Kristine Nicole Stewart

Acquiring Stock Market Literacy

Terri L. Kurz, Ivana Batarelo Kokić, Višnja Novosel

Digital Competence of Future Teachers

Jadranka Lasić-Lazić, Krešimir Pavlina, Ana Pongrac Pavlina

D243: Special session • Research Data Literacy
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Geoffrey Lee Walton
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Data Literacy and Research Data Management Practices of Researchers in Turkey

Serap Kurbanoğlu, Yurdagül Ünal

Research Data Reshaping Cultural Society: Case of the Lebanese University

Gladys Saade, Dalal Rahme

Data Literacy and Research Data Management at the University of Vilnius

Jurgita Rudžionienė

Data Literacy in Spanish Universities

Alicia Arias-Coello, Clara Simon-Blas, Pablo Arranz-Val, José Simón-Martín

Research Data Management: Practices, Skills and Training Needs of University Researchers in the UK

Gobinda Chowdhury, Geoff Walton, Maryam Bugaje

D244: Workshop • Teaching Source Evaluation in a Politically Polarized Moment
Location: Lamennais 4/5

Teaching Source Evaluation in a Politically Polarized Moment: Exploring Metacognitive Practices & Critical Pedagogies

Andrea P Baer

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