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Session Overview
Date: Monday, 18/Sep/2017
Registration + Coffee • Palais du Grand large
Location: Lobby
Location: Auditorium Chateaubriand
S. Kurbanoglu; S. Spiranec; J. Boustany; IFLA representative
Keynote • Bonnie Cheuk
Location: Auditorium Chateaubriand
Chair: Joumana Boustany
45' speech, 15' discussion

Who Cares about Information Literacy in the Workplace?

Bonnie Cheuk

D111: Panel • Academic Reading Format International Study (ARFIS)
Location: Auditorium Chateaubriand
Chair: Diane Mizrachi
Chair: Serap Kurbanoğlu

Academic Reading Format International Study (ARFIS): A Discussion with the Researchers

Diane Mizrachi, Joumana Boustany, Serap Kurbanoglu, Alicia Salaz, Pan Yantao, Nicole Johnson, Polona Vilar, Elena Collina

D112: Papers • IL and Education
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Tibor Koltay
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Information Overload in a Disciplinary Context

Sirje Virkus, Sigrid Mandre, Elise Pals

Problems of Information Literacy Education in Universities. The Experience of Bulgaria

Evgeniya Stefanova Rusinova

Information Literacy for Heritage Education

Camille Capelle, Karel Soumagnac

Information Literacy within Serbian Higher Education Area with the Comparative Overview - Serbia, UK, USA and Australia

Ljiljana Markovic, Aleksandra Vranes, Milica Jelic Mariokov

D113: Workshop • Showcasing Information Literacy
Location: Lamennais 2

Showcasing Information Literacy: Library Events and Programs

Madeline Mundt, Rhoads Elliott Stevens, Lauren Ray

D114: Best Practices • IL research
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Jurgita Rudžionienė
15' presentation, 5' discussion

Evaluating and Assessing “Against the Grain”: Applying Mixed Methods in Support of Critical Library Pedagogy

Carol A. Leibiger, Alan W. Aldrich

The Tortoise or the Hare: Undergraduates, Information Literacy, and the Slow Movement

Marietta Frank, Catherine Baldwin, Kimberly Bailey

Leveraging Partnerships to Assess Library Impact on Undergraduate Student Learning Via a Longitudinal Study

Leslin H. Charles

Leading Together: Harnessing the Community College Atmosphere to Impact Student Learning

Emily Brown, Susan Souza-Mort

Information Literacy Workshops at the Test of an Iterative Process

Cecile Touitou, Anita Beldiman Moore

Lunch time
Location: Grand Large
D121: Panel • Copyright Literacy and the role of librarians as educators
Location: Auditorium Chateaubriand
Chair: Jane Secker

Developing Creative and Collaborative Approaches to Copyright Literacy: Experiences from the UK

Jane Secker, Chris Morrison

Copyright Literacy and the Role of Librarians as Educators: an International Symposium

Jane Secker, Chris Morrison, Ane Landøy, Tania Todorova, Serap Kurbanoglu, Laura Saunders, Tibor Koltay, Alicia Arias Coello, Angela Repanovici, Ana Lúcia Terra, Inga-Lill Nilsson

D122: Workshop • Informed Learning Design
Location: Lamennais 1

Informed Learning Design: Shaping Learning through Engagement with Information

Clarence Maybee, Michael Flierl

D123: Papers • IL in School Education
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Ola Pilerot
20' presentation, 5' discussion

A Performance-based Test for Assessing Students’ Online Inquiry Competences in Schools

Eero Sormunen, Roberto González-Ibáñez, Carita Kiili, Paavo Leppänen, Mirjamaija Mikkilä-Erdmann, Norbert Erdmann, María Escobar-Macaya

Collaboration and Empowerment in Transliteracy at School

Karine Aillerie, Anne Cordier, Anne Lehmans

Lower Secondary School Teachers’ Experiences of Developing Inquiry-Based Approaches in Information Literacy Instruction

Tuulikki Alamettälä, Eero Sormunen

Information and Media Education in the French School Context Today: a Challenge for School Leaders?

Susan Kovacs, Yolande Maury, Timimi Ismail

Towards a Curriculum in Information-Documentation for All French Secondary Students

Valérie Glass, Magali Bon

D124: Papers • IL in the workplace
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Kanwal Ameen
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Implementing Library Strategies and Values as a Part of the Workplace Information Literacy

Marja Anneli Hjelt, Jarmo Kyösti Saarti

Enhancing the Quality of the Library Processes – Benchmarking Workplace Information Literacy, Numeracy and Communication Practices in Two European University Libraries

Jarmo Saarti, Núria Balagué

Information Literacy of Croatian Subject Indexers

Kristina Feldvari, Kornelija Petr Balog

Understanding the Academic Library as an Information Literacy Workplace

Danuta Nitecki

Defining Multilingual Information Literacy (MLIL) in the workplace: Implications for Academic Libraries in the US and Canada

Peggy Nzomo

Coffee Break
Location: Grand Large
D131: Papers • IL for different groups
Location: Auditorium Chateaubriand
Chair: Sheila Webber
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Digital Literacy Practices of Young Children in Informal Learning Spaces

Sirje Virkus, Damiana Koutsomiha, Emmanouel Garoufallou

Social Responsibility of Society for Elderly People in Information Globalization

Anna Ivanovna Yudina, Marina Vyacheslavovna Mezhova

Social Media and Information Literacy: Investigating the Perceptions of Undergraduate Students

Ali Al-Aufi, Hamed Al-Azri, Nehad Al-Hadi

Required Skills for Teachers: Information Literacy at the Top

Tatiana Sanches

Children's Literacy is Important, but what about Adult Reading Literacy?

Vlasta Zabukovec, Polona Vilar

D132: Papers • Information seeking and information behavior
Location: Lamennais 1
Chair: Jos van Helvoort
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Developing Information Literacy Skills in Dependent and Disadvantaged Circumstances: a Transitional Approach in the Digital Health Context

Steven Buchanan, Cara Jardine, Ian Ruthven

Evidence of the Effectiveness of a Digital Tool to Guide Health Services Information Seeking in the Young

Ilaria Montagni, Christophe Tzourio

Seeking Serendipity: the Art of Finding the Unsought in Professional Music

Iwan Wopereis, Michiel Braam

Scholarly Information Seeking Patterns of Academic Engineers and Technologists

Alia Arshad, Kanwal Ameen

Search Engine Literacy

Olivier Le Deuff

D133: Papers • IL and Law
Location: Lamennais 2
Chair: Jane Secker
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Copyright Literacy among the Literacies in Hungary

Tibor Koltay, Ferenc Jávorszky, Péter Murányi

Copyright Literacy in Spanish Libraries, Archives and Museums

Alicia Arias-Coello, José Simón-Martín

Copyright Literacy in the Academic Field: Analysis of the Differences between Faculty, Students and Librarians

Juan-Carlos Fernández-Molina, Enrique Muriel-Torrado

Intellectual Property Training of Library and Information Management Bachelor’s Students

Tereza Stoyanova Trencheva, Tania Yordanova Todorova, Elisaveta Dimitrova Tsvetkova

Exploring the Need for Intellectual Property Information Literacy for Business and STEM Disciplines

Janis L. Tyhurst

D134: Papers • IL in higher education
Location: Lamennais 4/5
Chair: Pan Yantao
20' presentation, 5' discussion

Some Predictors of University Students’ Information Literacy

Danica Dolničar, Bojana Boh Podgornik

Where to Now? – New E-Learning Concepts and Co-Creation at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Andrew Cranfield, Thomas Jensen

Information Culture of Students in the Academic Environment – Finding One’s Way through Studies

Krista Lepik, Katrin Kannukene

Information Literacy and Learning in Higher Education: A Thought Experiment

Michael Flierl

Content of Information Literacy in South African Higher Education Institutions: a Case of the University of Fort Hare and Rhodes University

Mathew Moyo

Welcome reception
Location: Grand Large

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