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Session Overview
7-RT202: Is There a Moral Imperative for Development Researchers to Act as Advocates?
Thursday, 08/July/2021:
11:00am - 12:15pm

Session Chair: Adinda Ceelen, International Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands, The
Session Chair: Prof. Arjun Singh Bedi, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, The

Session Abstract

Our understanding of international development is rapidly changing. We are dealing with multiple systemic crises such as climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and growing inequality. Meanwhile the decolonization debate and shifting communication landscapes present fundamental challenges to the role of researchers and how they communicate knowledge.

This event will zoom in on the topic of development research and communication within the context of transformation processes and change. It will dive into the topic of scholar-activism and impact-oriented research. Our multi-stakeholder panelists will share key insights from different stakeholder and disciplinary perspectives on the topic of research communication and knowledge exchange, before we dive into a group discussion on practical challenges, good practices and lessons learned.

The session will be chaired by Prof. Arjun Bedi (Deputy Rector Research Affairs, ISS).

This roundtable is convened by Adinda Ceelen (Knowledge Broker & Research Communications Advisor, ISS) and Chris Jordan (Communications and Impact Manager, Global Development Institute-UMAN) who co-convene the EADI Working Group on Research Communication.


Confirmed speakers:

Prof. Dirk-Jan Koch - Chief Science Officer at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Speaking on the policy-academia nexus within which development researchers sometimes find themselves in the role of advocates. He will also touch upon existing feedback loops between research and policy-making and ways forward.

Prof. Adriano Nuvunga - Executive Director of the Center for Democracy and Development, Mozambique

Speaking on the practitioner-academia nexus to discuss how researchers can contribute to the work of NGOs and vice versa. Drawing on lessons from the practitioner arena to learn how NGOs communicate and advocate their work.

Dr. Kristen Cheney - Associate Professor in Children and Youth Studies at the ISS

Engaging in research for advocacy and change such that research can be designed and shared to bring about changes in policy and practice. She will also address some of the key skills, methods and approaches that are needed.

Dr. Lata Narayanaswamy - Associate Professor in the Politics of Global Development, University of Leeds

Sharing lessons for development research communication from the decolonization debate and how to be mindful when speaking about “knowledge transfer” within this context.

Dr. Tobias Denskus - Associate Professor in Development Studies at Malmo University

Sharing expert insights and perspectives on digital communication and how to use Twitter in the policy arena.


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